A Basket Case for Michaels: My Journey to Find the Perfect Basket

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Scoping Out the Selection of Baskets at My Go-To Arts & Crafts Store

As an avid crafter and DIYer, Michaels is one of my absolute favorite stores to browse for inspiration and supplies. During a recent trip, I found myself wandering the aisles aimlessly until I stumbled upon the baskets section. I was immediately intrigued by the variety of baskets available at Michaels.

From small, delicate baskets perfect for holding office supplies or jewelry to oversized, sturdy baskets ideal for toys or laundry, Michaels truly offers baskets in every size imaginable. They haveround baskets, square baskets, rectangular baskets – any shape you could possibly need. The range of sizes allows you to find the perfect basket to suit your organizational needs, whether you need contained storage for small trinkets or a large vessel for hefty items.

In addition to the array of sizes, I was impressed by the diverse range of materials used to make the baskets at Michaels. They offer traditional wicker baskets made from natural rattan as well as contemporary baskets made from materials like metal, cotton rope, and jute. For the more crafty consumer, Michaels even sells unfinished wood and wire baskets that you can customize yourself at home. With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find a material and aesthetic that fits your personal style.

Beyond the standard basket materials, I was thrilled to discover the unique, themed baskets that Michaels carries, especially for specific seasons and holidays. Their Christmas collection featured sturdy red baskets trimmed with faux fur that would be perfect for holding gifts or festive decor. And their spring assortment included pastel colored baskets with butterfly appliques and embroidery ideal for an Easter basket or floral display. They really do offer baskets suitable for any occasion or purpose.

Pricing – A Basket For Every Budget

Given the vast selection of basket styles at Michaels, I wasn’t surprised to see prices ranging from a couple dollars for small, basic baskets to over $50 for large, intricate baskets. No matter your budget or needs, you can find an affordable basket option at Michaels.

The small to medium sized baskets made of natural materials like rattan and jute tend to range from $5-$20 based on size and design. These are great for general home storage or small gifts. For those willing to splurge a little more, Michaels has beautiful decorative baskets with embellishments and linings that cost $20-$40. And at the top end for gift-giving or making a statement, Michaels offers hand-woven, ornate baskets made from higher-end materials for $40-$60.

I really appreciated that even their collection of budget-friendly baskets looked great and didn’t feel cheap. With weekly coupons and sales, you can almost always find a basket in your price point at Michaels. For example, I was eying a $15 medium-sized seagrass basket to use in my bathroom. With a 20% off coupon, I scored it for only $12 – a steal!

Eco-Friendly Finds

In recent years, I’ve tried to be more conscious about sustainability and buying products made from recycled or natural materials. I was pleased to uncover several eco-friendly options among Michaels’ baskets.

They have an array of baskets made from sustainable and biodegradable materials like rattan, bamboo, wild grass, banana leaves, and water hyacinth. I especially loved their line of baskets crafted by artisans from Ghana out of Bolga Market baskets, which are hand-woven from wild elephant grass. Knowing these beautiful baskets support fair trade craftsmanship makes them even more special.

For the crafty consumer, another great green find is Michaels’ selection of recycled plastic bottle baskets. These are crafted in Mexico by transforming and weaving old plastic bottles, giving them new life. The plastic bottle baskets came in fun, vibrant colors like lime green and teal blue that would cheer up any space.

Whether you love natural fibers or upcycled materials, Michaels makes it easy to buy sustainably with their eco-basket finds. Using one of these baskets is a simple way to be kinder to the planet.

Major Sales Spotted!

Beyond being impressed with the variety of baskets, I was also excited to see lots of them on sale during my trip to Michaels! They offer sales and specials year-round both online and in stores.

The baskets section had brightly colored signs shouting out deals like Buy One, Get One 50% Off on all storage baskets under $30. I took advantage of that deal to score two lidded wicker baskets for my bathroom.

Another great find was the Buy Two, Get One Free offer they had on all seasonal baskets, which helped me stock up on festive themed baskets for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the Fourth of July. To maximize my savings, I always check the weekly ad on their website before shopping and look for any basket coupons or promo codes I can use.

Some of the best deals can be found during their special sales like curating seasonal sales and framing sales where you can get 40-60% off baskets. Their Labor Day Clearance last year is when I found large storage baskets for just $5 each – an unbelievable bargain! By timing it right, you can stock up and save big on baskets at Michaels.

Online Shopping – Convenient Basket Delivery

One great service Michaels offers is the ability to buy any of their baskets online and have them conveniently shipped to you. Browsing their website opens up even more options with hundreds of baskets to choose from. And they often run online-only sales that you can take advantage of from the comfort of home.

I prefer buying my baskets online from Michaels for several reasons. First, it allows me to carefully evaluate each basket by reading customer reviews, seeing multiple angles and images, and taking exact measurements. Second, it saves me time by avoiding a trip to the store and long check out lines. And finally, I love having baskets shipped right to my door, especially large or heavy ones.

Michaels offers standard shipping and express shipping on baskets, though some exclusions apply for oversized items. Standard shipping starts at just $8.99, while express shipping ensures your baskets arrive within 3 days. I’m willing to pay a little extra for express when I’m trying to quickly decorate for a party or holiday. Overall, for convenience and selection, shopping online is the best way to buy baskets from Michaels.

Customer Favorites – Top Rated Basket Picks

I like to read through customer reviews before making any purchase, and that’s especially true for a bigger investment like baskets. After researching the options at Michaels, a few clear favorites emerged based on consistently positive feedback.

The Natural Woven Banana Leaf Nesting Baskets were raved about for their stylish design, quality sturdy feel, and perfect nesting capabilities for organized storage. The Textured Metal Handle Baskets also got glowing reviews for adding a modern farmhouse vibe. And for budget finds, customers loved the Essential Home Wicker Stacking Baskets for the cute strap handle design and space-saving nesting ability.

When it comes to gift-giving, the braided rope handled Picnic Basket with an insulated wine holder scored big points for both style and function. Meanwhile, the Vintage Wash Small Nesting Baskets in neutral linen and wood tones earned praise as a thoughtful and affordable gift set for any occasion.

Considering so many positive experiences with these basket styles and the hundreds of 5-star ratings, I feel confident selecting from these customer favorite options next time I’m at Michaels. Their taste is clearly top-notch!

Gift Giving On A Basket Budget

One thing Michaels really excels at is providing high-quality, attractive baskets at affordable prices that work beautifully for gifts. I found so many festive or decorative baskets priced reasonably between $10-$25 that would make delightful gifts.

Their exclusive Celebrate It Occasional Baskets Collection has intricately designed baskets with ribbons, embellishments, and colors perfect for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or holidays. Or for a housewarming gift, they have a line of Essential Home baskets ideal for organizing any home.

I also love using their Farmhouse Mini Crates and Berry Boxes to create pretty gift basket arrangements. Filling them with gourmet food items, bath bombs, or other treats makes for a Pinterest-worthy gift presentation without spending a fortune.

Beyond ready-made baskets, Michaels has all the DIY supplies to create personalized, affordable gift baskets through their classes and Make It With Michaels program. With clever use of filler, tissue, cellophane, and ribbon, you can craft artisan gift baskets on a budget.

Caring For Michaels Baskets

Once I bring a beautiful new basket home from Michaels, I want it to last for many years. Depending on the material, there are some easy care tips to help maintain baskets in good condition.

For natural fiber baskets like rattan, seagrass, or bamboo, it’s important to keep them dry to prevent mold growth. Avoid setting them in damp areas and allow to fully air dry if exposed to moisture before storing.

For baskets with handles, occasionally removing the handles allows you to fully clean the entire basket, including hard to reach areas. Use a soft brush to remove dust and debris from woven baskets.

Spot clean stains in fabric baskets using a small amount of mild detergent and a damp sponge. For tougher odors in wicker baskets, place a piece of charcoal inside to naturally absorb smells.

With proper care and storage away from direct sunlight, the baskets from Michaels can be enjoyed for many years. By following these tips, I feel prepared to clean and maintain my new baskets.

DIY Basket Supplies For All

Beyond ready-made baskets, one of my favorite sections at Michaels is their extensive supplies for basket making and other DIY projects. They really cater to both beginner and advanced basket makers.

For newbies like me, they have complete beginner basket weaving kits that provide step-by-step instructions, pre-cut basket materials, and all the tools you need. For more advanced makers, they sell individual basket weaving reeds, stakes, and handles by the yard so you can customize your own designs.

I also loved their wide selection of unique embellishments like beads, feathers, and stones to take your basket décor to the next level. And their assortment of basket filler like plastic eggs, shredded paper, and Easter grass ensures your homemade gift baskets look professionally styled.

Whether you’re an experienced basket maker or looking to try it for the first time, Michaels is a one-stop shop for all the materials and inspiration. After browsing their inventory, I feel fully equipped to finally try my hand at creating beautiful, personalized baskets this year.

Risk-Free Returns For Indecisive Shoppers

When investing in higher priced baskets, the ability to easily return them offers great peace of mind. That’s why I was delighted to discover Michaels offers a very generous return policy on all baskets and products.

For any reason at all, you can return basket purchases within 90 days in original condition with a receipt. They even allow returns without a receipt; with just your ID and original payment method you can exchange or get a merchandise credit. This makes it so low risk if you need to swap out a basket for a different size, shape or color.

I never feel pressured to make a decision on the spot when basket shopping at Michaels. Knowing I have up to 3 months to live with a basket and can exchange it if it’s not working out gives me confidence in my purchase. Especially for more decorative or themed baskets, the flexibility to return takes the pressure off and makes Michaels my top choice.

Baskets Shipped To Your Doorstep

One huge time saver offered at Michaels is the ability to buy baskets online and have them conveniently shipped to your home. Since some of their baskets are quite large and not always kept stocked in store, I appreciate being able to order them online and avoid the hassle of transport.

Ordering online opens up their entire basket inventory to conveniently browse at home. You can filter by size, shape, color, price and read reviews before purchasing. Once your order is placed, your baskets will be carefully shipped in protective packaging.

Standard shipping is very reasonable at $8.99 and takes 5-7 business days. I recommend this affordable option for most smaller baskets. They also offer express shipping for just a bit more to receive your order within 2-3 days. This guarantee comes in handy when ordering large baskets or when needing something faster for an upcoming event.

While I love leisurely browsing for baskets in the store, I tend to actually purchase them online for the wider selection, convenience, and shipping perks. It transforms how easily I can incorporate beautiful new baskets into my home decor.

Reviews Make Online Basket Shopping A Breeze

When it comes to buying baskets online, customer reviews can provide valuable insight to guide your purchasing choices. Michaels makes it easy to access hundreds of detailed reviews for each of their baskets before adding to cart.

Reading first-hand experiences from other Michaels shoppers helps confirm important factors like the feel and durability of materials, accurate size and capacity descriptions, ease of assembly for unfinished baskets, and the quality of seasonal or holiday themed designs.

Helpful reviews can also spotlight drawbacks to a particular basket, like handles that easily detach or finishing that scratches off too easily. I appreciate when reviewers upload photos showcasing how they’re using their new baskets at home.

Of course, reviews highlighting creative ways to style baskets or fill them with gifts inspire ideas for my own projects. By only buying baskets with consistently positive feedback, I can feel confident my online order will meet expectations and complement my home. Reviews really make online basket shopping nearly as good as seeing them in person!

Loyalty Perks For Michaels Basket Lovers

As a loyal Michaels shopper, I was thrilled to join their Rewards program and receive additional discounts on all my favorite products, including baskets. The free program offers perks like monthly coupons, early access to sales, and bonus reward points on every purchase.

One benefit I love is earning points on every basket I buy that translate into dollar off reward certificates. Since I tend to purchase frequently from Michaels for both gifts and my crafting projects, these rewards really add up. I can easily earn enough points to regularly get $5 or $10 off future basket purchases.

The more points I accumulate as a Rewards member, the bigger my savings. Once you reach silver or gold status by earning 2,500 or 15,000 lifetime points respectively, you get 20% off total basket purchases. Exclusive coupons and gifts offered only to loyal customers are another nice perk!

Given my Michaels obsession, signing up for their loyalty program was a no brainer. It makes enjoying their vast basket selection even more budget friendly!

Fun Finds Anytime With Frequent Restocking

One frustration I’ve experienced shopping other stores is finding a great product, but being unable to purchase more later once it sells out. I’m delighted this hasn’t been an issue for the most part when buying baskets at Michaels.

Thanks to their rapid restocking and release of new basket designs, I can generally find what I want in store or online. When I fell in love with their floral embroidered spring baskets, I worried they’d be gone by the time I went to buy more. But Michaels had already restocked them in different colors.

Based on social media sneak peeks and email alerts, I’ve learned about upcoming basket collections releasing months in advance. For instance, I got excited for holiday designs seeing their Halloween and Christmas baskets featured online as early as July!

While most big box stores get just 1 or 2 major seasonal shipments, Michaels continually introduces new arrivals. This means more opportunities to discover baskets I’ll love without the fear of constantly selling out. Their commitment to keeping popular items regularly stocked gives me confidence I can always fulfill my basket needs and creative ambitions.

Strategic Use of Coupons Stretches My Budget

Between their weekly coupons and sitewide sales, there are always great opportunities to save on beautiful baskets at Michaels. I love strategically stacking discounts to get the very best deal possible.

One of my favorite tricks is to use the 20% off entire purchase coupon on a day when they’re already running a Buy One, Get One 50% Off basket sale. This allows me to get two baskets for just 70% of the original combined price.

I also watch for coupons offering 40-50% off one regular priced item. When I have my eye on a higher end decorative basket priced $50+, using this coupon brings it down to $25-30. That’s quite reasonable for an intricately designed showstopper piece.

By matching the right coupons to the best ongoing sales, I’ve scored baskets 60-70% off. And don’t forget – you can use Michaels coupons on top of sale prices both in stores and online for maximum savings. Planning my basket purchases around their promotions allows me to build an amazing collection without overspending.

Weekend Classes Offer A Break from Baskets

While I could spend every free minute shopping for baskets at Michaels, sometimes a mental break recharges my creativity. I was thrilled to discover they offer free hands-on crafting classes most weekends that move beyond baskets to explore other fun DIY projects.

Past basket-free classes have covered topics like macrame planter hanging, tie-dye techniques, beginner needle felting, and painting custom signs. Moving my hands through an immersive new activity always sparks fresh inspiration.

Michaels also offers paid workshops if you want more in-depth instruction in areas like calligraphy, wreath making, or modern watercolors. I recently signed up for their Framed Sign Making workshop and had a blast learning unique distressing and staining techniques to create farmhouse chic masterpieces.

Stepping away from my basket obsession to expand my creative horizons through Michaels’ classes helps reenergize my passion. I always return to browsing their basket selection with renewed excitement and a boosted mood!

Locating That Dream Basket In Stock

Stumbling upon the most perfect basket only to find it’s out of stock at your local Michaels is utterly heartbreaking. Luckily, Michaels makes it easy to hunt down that dream basket with their user-friendly website.

Once I’ve spotted my holy grail basket in store or online, I simply enter the item number or product name into the search bar. It pulls up real-time inventory data and lets me check availability by zip code.

If it’s out of stock nearby, I can expand the product search radius and see if any Michaels within a reasonable driving distance has it. The website even shares exactly how many are currently in stock at each location – so helpful to ensure they won’t sell out before you arrive.

Beyond local availability, I can order online for delivery or in-store pickup from a Michaels store in another region shipping my coveted basket straight to my doorstep!

Knowing I have the power to track down virtually any basket carried at Michaels gives me the confidence to dream big without limits. No matter how specific your basket vision is, their website makes it totally attainable.

After obsessively exploring the astonishing assortment of baskets available at Michaels, I walked away equally amazed and inspired. From the diversity of styles, materials and prices to the sheer range of sizes and designs, Michaels offers a basket for literally every purpose imaginable. Whether you seek storage solutions, gift-giving ideas, or seasonal decor, Michaels can undoubtedly provide the ideal basket to suit your needs. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to uncover more basket magic!

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