A Rainbow of Options: Exploring the Amazing Ribbon Selection at Michaels

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Ribbon is one of those simple crafting supplies that can add so much to DIY projects. A touch of ribbon transforms boring gifts into exciting presents, takes gift wrapping to the next level, and adds delightful detail to everything from clothes to home decor. But with so many options available, how do you choose? That’s where Michaels comes in. With its incredible selection, Michaels is a ribbon lover’s paradise. Come explore the rainbow of ribbon choices at America’s favorite craft store.

Something for Every Project

The first thing that strikes you about the ribbon at Michaels is the sheer variety. There are literally thousands of options, suitable for any craft, season, or theme imaginable. Paper, fabric, wired, sheer, satin, grosgrain – you name it, they’ve got it. There are even specialty ribbons like raffia, burlap, sequin ribbons, and ribbon made of natural fibers like jute and linen. Whether you need ribbon for floral arranging, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, clothing embellishments, party decor, or any other project, you’ll find what you need in the ribbon aisles at Michaels.

Colors, Prints and More

Beyond the variety of ribbon types, there’s also a kaleidoscopic array of colors, prints, and patterns. Of course you’ll find all the basics, from solids to stripes, dots, and classic patterns like gingham and floral. But there are also plenty of fun, funky, and modern options too, like ombre, tie-dye, glitter, holographic, and even glow in the dark ribbons!

Michaels also offers licensed ribbons featuring your favorite characters and themes. So if you’re looking for ribbon with Disney princesses, superheroes, unicorns, or trendy tropical motifs, they’ve got you covered. They even have college and professional sports team ribbons so you can craft with team spirit!

Holidays and Seasons

Part of what makes Michaels ribbon selection so special is that they carry options tailored to holidays, seasons, and timely themes. Around the major holidays you’ll find everything from traditional Christmas plaids and prints to trendy boho ribbons perfect for gift wrapping.

For other seasonal crafting there are sunny spring florals, nautical themes for summer, and autumnal maple leaves, pumpkins, and more. You can always find ribbon to coordinate with the current season or occasion. Even smaller occasions are represented in the ribbon aisles, so you can easily locate patriotic ribbons for the 4th of July, love and heart motifs for Valentine’s Day, and colors to match a wedding palette.

Satin, Grosgrain, and Beyond

For crafters and DIYers, it’s important to find not just pretty ribbons, but ones suitable for your particular project. Michaels offers all the ribbon varieties to meet specialized needs, like satin ribbon for luxurious hair bows, stiff grosgrain for trims, or wired ribbon for decorative floral edges.

Some other ribbon types found at Michaels include:

  • Sheer Ribbons – Gorgeous for wrapping gifts or floral projects, available in diverse colors and patterns.
  • Burlap – Rustic country appeal, perfect for wreaths, other farmhouse decor.
  • Sequin Ribbon – Add some shine and sparkle to your handmade fashions or accessories.
  • Raffia – Natural fiber ribbon with beachy, summery vibe. Great for gift wrapping.
  • Silk Ribbon – Elegant silk in various widths, ideal for extra luxurious hair accessories, millinery, gift embellishment.

Yardage and Pre-cut Lengths

Another great thing about Michaels ribbon is that you have the choice between buying it by the yard or in pre-cut lengths. This allows you to purchase precisely the amount you need.

For big projects like upholstery, headbands, or apparel, you’ll want to choose from the wide selection of ribbons available by the yard. This lets you customize the exact ribbon lengths your project requires.

For smaller uses, like gift wrapping or handmade flowers, the pre-cut ribbon lengths offer convenience. You can quickly grab a multi-pack of 1 yard lengths in an array of colors and patterns. Michaels carries pre-cut ribbons in standard lengths like 1/2 yard, 1 yard, and 2 yards.

Affordable Quality

Given the enormous selection, you might worry that ribbon at Michaels comes with a premium price. Thankfully that’s not the case – their everyday ribbon prices are quite affordable for the quality. By sticking to sales, coupons, and buying in bulk when possible, you can keep costs down even further.

Consider signing up for the Michaels rewards program to receive coupons and notifications about sales. And if you have a big project in mind, watch for Michaels sales on spools of ribbon by the yard, where you can stock up.

On the whole, Michaels ribbons are a great value when you consider the diversity of premium options, especially compared to small specialty shops. Plus if you’re ever unsatisfied with a ribbon purchase, just keep your receipt and you can do an easy return or exchange.

Inspirational Ideas

Searching through a sea of ribbon choices can feel overwhelming at times. Fortunately, Michaels offers plenty of support to spark your creativity and provide project inspiration.

Check out their in-store ribbon idea books displaying gorgeous crafts, gift wraps, clothing accents, and more. You can also browse tons of ribbon project tutorials and ideas online through the Michaels website and blog.

The Michaels app even lets you access crafty inspiration on the go. When you find a ribbon you love, you can easily search for coordinating projects to help you put that ribbon to use in creative ways.

Ribbon by the Roll

For avid crafters taking on big ribbon projects – or small business owners like florists, gift basket makers, and clothing designers – Michaels offers select ribbons by the jumbo roll.

Buying ribbon this way allows big savings, with bulk ribbon prices ranging from 20% to 50% less per yard compared to buying individual yards or lengths. Michaels carries their most popular all-purpose satin ribbon on huge 200 yard rolls at an affordable price.

Ribbon by the roll ensures you always have your go-to ribbon colors on hand in your studio or workshop. Share the savings by splitting bulk rolls with crafty friends!

An In-Store Experience

While Michaels does offer ribbon selections online, there’s something even more magical about exploring the ribbon aisles in person. Seeing and feeling all the textures, patterns, and colors allows you to make the best selection.

The staff at Michaels stores are always happy to help you find the perfect ribbons for your needs. Don’t be shy to ask for assistance locating specific ribbon types, getting creative ideas, or reaching those hard-to-grab rolls on high shelves!

Trying out samples in-store helps guarantee you’ll love your ribbon purchase. You can hold different ribbons side by side to compare sheens, test wired ribbons to shape bows, or match colors to a paint swatch or garment.

Visiting a Michaels store lets you take advantage of ribbon specials or sales only available onsite. And nothing beats walking out with your shiny new ribbons in hand, ready to begin your crafty endeavor.

Ribbon Galore Online

For convenience, Michaels does offer their full spectrum of ribbon choices online too. Browsing online gives you the ability to filter ribbons in different ways, like by color, material, width, or theme. You can see multiple images of each ribbon style and read reviews from fellow crafters.

Ordering ribbons from Michaels online is quick and easy. Ribbons ship fast, usually within 3-5 business days. Orders over $59 qualify for free shipping. Returns are accepted for unused ribbon as long as you have the packing slip.

The online ribbon selection allows you to add unique options to your stash even if you don’t live near a Michaels store. However, one advantage of purchasing in person is getting to see and feel ribbons before buying. If texture or sheen is important, you may want to buy key ribbons at a local store.

Sustainable Options

In addition to all the variety, Michaels offers eco-conscious shoppers ribbon choices made from recycled materials and sustainable practices. This includes ribbons made from recycled polyester, ones produced using renewable energy, and recycled paper ribbons.

Specific sustainable ribbons to look for:

  • Recycled Poly Satin Ribbon – Made from post-consumer water bottles.
  • Jute Ribbon – Biodegradable natural fiber.
  • Paper Ribbon – Options made from recycled paper or sustainable forests.
  • Raffia Ribbon – Natural and biodegradable.

Choosing sustainable ribbons allows you to craft and wrap gifts guilt-free. Michaels makes it easy to identify eco-friendly ribbons by tagging them online and on store displays.

Quality You Can Count On

Withlow-cost ribbons available at some discount stores, you may wonder if Michaels ribbon is higher quality to justify the price difference. Based on testing, the answer is absolutely. The ribbon at Michaels keeps its color vibrancy even after use and laundering. Edges don’t fray, fabrics don’t wrinkle or lose their shape. Michaels ribbon simply lasts longer and performs better.

For special projects using hours of handiwork, Michaels ribbon gives you confidence the end result will reflect quality. And if any ribbon doesn’t meet expectations, just keep the packaging and return it.

Extra Touches

Beyond the basics, Michaels offers accent ribbons, trims, and accessories to take your projects up a creative notch. Some examples:

  • Ribbon with decorative edges – picot, scalloped, lace
  • Metallic ribbon borders – perfect finishing touch
  • Patterned ribbon tabs – instantly transform plain ribbons
  • Ribbon flowers, leaves, butterflies – ready-made embellishments
  • Ribbon streamers and curls – dimensional accents

Visit the trim aisle to find ribbon-specific attachments like ribbon clamps and clips, ideal for clothing. And don’t miss the massive selection of ribbon-friendly accessories, from beautiful bows to flows, rosettes, and more.

With Michaels, it’s easy to find those special finishing touches to really make your ribbon crafts stand out.

Something For Everyone

Finding the perfect ribbon for your project doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. At Michaels, the options are almost endless.

Whether you seek fine silks, chunky burlap, satin for hair bows, or licensed Disney ribbons, they’ve got you covered. Visit Michaels online or in-store and get ready for a truly expansive ribbon experience!

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