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At Michaels, creativity is at the heart of everything we do. For over 75 years, we’ve been helping makers and DIYers unlock their creative potential. This is the story of how our little arts and crafts shop grew into North America’s largest specialty retail chain – and an iconic brand beloved by generations.

Back in 1943, a young man named Michael Dupey was Honorably Discharged from the Army Air Corps. With some savings and a dream, Michael rented a small storefront in Dallas, Texas and opened a shop selling picture frames and framing supplies.

As a creative soul and avid arts enthusiast, Michael longed to help others embrace their artistic talents. He carefully curated a selection of arts, crafts, and framing materials – items that allowed customers to create, design, and make their visions into reality.

Word of Michael’s shop spread quickly. More and more customers came seeking quality supplies, inspired ideas, and Michael’s contagious passion for arts and crafts. Within five years Michael’s had expanded to a few storefronts in Dallas and Houston. By the 1950s, the shops were rebranded under the name Michaels – an arts and crafts paradise growing more popular each day!

Growth and Evolution with a Creative Spark

The 1960s and 70s brought incredible growth under Michael’s leadership. New product categories like yarn, kids crafts, and faux flowers were introduced. Classes and workshops helped foster community and share skills. By the 80s, Michaels boasted over 100 stores and millions in annual sales.

Yet we never lost sight of Michael’s original vision – empowering creativity in each person who walked through our doors. Every decision was guided by a commitment to provide quality, value, inspiration, and knowledge.

Today, Michaels has grown to over 1,200 stores across the U.S. and Canada. We carry over 40,000 products across arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall decor, baking and more. Over 40 million customers shop with us annually.

It’s an amazing journey that our over 45,000 talented team members take immense pride in! No matter how large we grow, that personal, human touch instilled by our founder stays at the core of who we are. Michaels stores are communities where creators connect and creativity comes alive.

Led By a Team of Passionate Experts

While Michael Dupey passed away in 1991, his spirit lives on through our leadership team. This group of dedicated professionals brings decades of retail experience along with a personal passion for arts, crafts and creative living.

Our CEO Mark Cosby previously served as President of Office Depot and Director at The Home Depot. His extensive background in omni-channel retail has helped position Michaels for continued innovation and growth. Yet Mark is also a maker at heart who loves photography, DIY projects and spending time in our stores interacting with customers and team members.

J. Kristofer Galashan, Chief Commercial Officer, is another industry veteran who’s been with Michaels since 2006. Kris’ deep institutional knowledge is invaluable – as is his enthusiasm for supporting makers of all ages realize their creative dreams.

Michaels leaders are infusing innovation into retail while preserving an inclusive, community-focused culture. As Chief Marketing Officer Heidi O’Neill says:

“We believe that creativity lives in everyone, that making makes your soul happy, and that life’s better when you’re inspired to make. Staying true to these ideals has allowed Michaels to foster lasting customer relationships and meaningful experiences for decades.”

United by Shared Values

At Michaels, we’re bonded together by shared values that define our culture and infuse meaning into our work.

Passion is at the top of the list. Our team members have a genuine excitement for arts, crafts, and creativity that’s absolutely contagious! This passion motivates us to keep learning, improving, and spreading inspiration.

We also value community, inclusivity and belonging. Our stores serve as creative havens welcoming makers from all walks of life. We seek diversity in ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds to foster a enriching environment where everyone can thrive.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged at all levels. Every individual has opportunities to grow and contribute new thinking. By valuing fresh concepts and out-of-the-box ideas, our culture stays energized and adaptive.

Finally, Michaels team members take immense pride in their work and our brand. When you love what you do and feel your work has purpose, it shows. This pride is the driving force that sustains our growth and success.

We may have over 45,000 employees globally, but shared values unite us as one Michaels family!

The Pieces for Your Creative Pursuits

Walk into any Michaels store or visit michaels.onl and you’ll find everything your next project needs. With an ever-evolving product mix, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for creative living!

Art Supplies are a huge component of our offerings with paints, canvases, drawing tools, easels, printmaking materials, and more for artists of all skill levels. We also offer custom framing along with ready-made frames, wall decor, and prints to show off finished pieces.

Our Crafts selection is massive, including categories like yarn, kids crafts, beads, jewelry making, sewing, floral, paint-by-number, and general craft supplies like glue, tapes, styrofoam. DIY your heart out!

Baking and cooking have emerged as hot trends that Michaels proudly supports. We provide every baking pan, decorating tip, cake topper and candy making supply imaginable!

For seasonal and themed projects, we have aisles dedicated to Holidays, Weddings, Home Decor, Party Supplies and more. Plus, our in-store classes teach specialized skills for occasions from Mother’s Day to Halloween.

At Michaels, maker products meet value pricing. We leverage our purchasing power to offer brand name supplies at affordable costs along with quality store brands. Our coupons, sales events, and loyalty rewards help crafters create on a budget!

And most importantly – our team members are always here to impart expert advice and creative ideas they genuinely love sharing. Let us help spark your next masterpiece!

Creativity Takes Courage

As Michaels has grown over the decades, our fundamental approach has stayed consistent. We don’t just sell products – we support the makers who use them. We take immense pride in empowering creative exploration, self-expression and hands-on learning.

We are believers that creativity takes courage. It means moving past fear of failure or judgment to simply make for the joy of it. We strive to make Michaels feel like a safe, welcoming place for that creative journey.

Our stores are carefully designed to engage the senses and spark ideas. Product placement, visual displays and decor themes prompt inspiration for your next project. Signage offers friendly tips and how-tos. Our classes provide a low-pressure environment for trying new skills with the guidance of patient experts.

We also understand frustration-free shopping is essential for makers with limited time. Our store team members undergo extensive product knowledge training so they can swiftly assist with project needs. We offer conveniences like buy online, pick up in store. And tools like curbside pickup, same day delivery, and customizable online projects help save you time.

The Michaels retail experience balances creativity with care – empowering builders of all skill levels. As one happy shopper described:

“Whether I come in bursting with inspiration or completely stumped, the staff always help me find what I need to create something beautiful. Michaels stores feel like my home away from home!”

Made With Love

Who are the creative spirits walking through our doors each day? In many ways, the Michaels customer base reflects the incredible diversity of makers themselves. But common threads unite our shoppers:

  • A passion for arts, crafts, and hands-on creation
  • A desire to DIY versus buy ready-made
  • Interest in learning new skills and techniques
  • Enjoyment of the entire creative process, not just the end product
  • Appreciation for quality supplies that enhance projects
  • Happiness found in making with their own two hands!

We serve crafters across all ages and demographics. Parents and kids bonding over family craft night. Retirees exploring new hobbies. Professionals decompressing through their favorite creative outlet. College students decorating their first apartments. Friends crafting together over wine and conversation.

And for many, time spent making at Michaels isn’t just about the project – it’s about disconnecting from technology to create community. As customer Amanda S. shared:

“I love taking painting classes at Michaels because they bring people together. Total strangers end up chatting and laughing like old friends by the end!”

Our goal is to support makers wherever they are on their creative journey – and make every shopping trip feel like coming home.

Giving Back to Our Communities

Michaels has grown from a single store in Texas to an international retail chain. But our community roots still run deep. We believe creative living has the power to make an impact – and we take seriously our responsibility to foster this change.

Giving back is embedded in our culture through initiatives like Michaels Gives Back supporting arts education, maker spaces for veterans, recycling rewards for customers, and millions in donations to community organizations.

Our stores partner with local schools, libraries, and nonprofit groups on projects providing hands-on learning, entrepreneurship programs, therapy through art and more. During times of crisis, we’ve rallied to raise funds, donate supplies, and spread hope through creativity.

Fostering community relationships based on shared values is core to who we are. We also strive to be ethical, inclusive stewards of our resources – caring for our team members, suppliers, customers and environment.

As one Michaels store manager who volunteers running community art classes said:

“I believe when you instill the love of creativity in someone, you help them become more resilient, confident, and empowered in every aspect of life. That’s the impact I’m proud to be part of.”

The Story Continues

Michael Dupey never could have dreamed what his little frame shop would grow into decades later. But we think he would be proud.

Proud of an iconic retail brand that stays true to the simple goal of enriching lives through creativity. Proud of over 45,000 caring team members committed to customer service with a personal touch. And proud to have inspired millions to embrace their creative potential through the years.

As Michaels celebrates over 75 years in business, our passion burns brighter than ever. We can’t wait to continue serving creative communities and helping makers enjoy the fruits of their talents.

There are always new frontiers of innovation, growth and impact to explore. But no matter where the future leads, creativity will always be at our core. We hope your unique creative journey leads you to our doors – and to wherever your inspiration takes you.

So come join the Michaels family! Let your creativity shine with inspiration from the nation’s largest arts and crafts retailer. Visit any one of our over 1,200 stores or shop online 24/7 at michaels.onl. Follow us @MichaelsStores on your favorite social media to get ideas, deals and become part of our maker community. Let’s create something amazing together!