Add Worldly Bohemian Style to Your Space with These Dreamy Rug Designs

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Bohemian décor is having a major moment lately, and for good reason. With their free-spirited patterns and exotic allure, bohemian rugs provide an easy way to infuse any room with wanderlust-worthy character and global inspiration.

Bohemian rugs get their name from their roots in Bohemian cultures like Morocco and Turkey which prize artistic, nonconformist ideals. Known for their vibrant dyes, ornate motifs and artisanal construction, authentic bohemian carpets capture the carefree, creative spirit of traditional handcrafted textiles.

While historically associated with far-flung lands, the boho aesthetic has taken hold worldwide. These days you can find bohemian rugs lending laid-back grandeur to homes from Brooklyn to Brisbane.

Looking to add some bohemian flair to your floors? In this post, we’ll share:

  • The top 5 bohemian rug styles making waves
  • Tips for choosing the perfect bohemian rug for your space
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about styling and caring for bohemian rugs

So come on a magic carpet ride as we explore everything you need to know to find your dream boho rug!

The Top 5 Bohemian Rug Styles

1. Moroccan

Transport yourself to the bustling bazaars of Marrakech with an authentic Moroccan rug. These stunners are renowned for their saturated palette and kaleidoscopic geometric patterns.

Traditional Moroccan motifs include octagons, diamonds, zig zags and ikat stripes, often against a ruby red field. You’ll also see abstracted takes on floral designs like the eight-point Anemone star.

Moroccan rugs are woven from wool in mesmerizing configurations. Some bear the distinctive look of Boucherouite rugs which utilize recycled cotton and synthetic fabrics for an extra bohemian vibe.

With their dazzling hues and intricate geometry, Moroccan rugs bring exotic flair to any spot. Drape one in your entry to wow guests, or layer atop a jute rug in your bedroom for a pop of spice.

2. Turkish

Hailing from ancient weaving traditions, Turkish rugs are prized for their florid motifs and superb craftsmanship. Regal Turkish carpets frequently display ornate garden themes with gracefully swirling vines and intricate botanical detailing.

The Turkish color palette favors earthy tones like cobalt blue, tomato red and buttery ivory. Designs tend to cover the entire field for a wonderfully decadent effect. Their larger scale and density make Turkish rugs ideal showstoppers.

Hand woven from wool or silk, Turkish carpets lend a touch of eastern mystique layered with furniture or on their own as artwork. Their lush elegance works beautifully in formal living rooms and dining spaces.

3. Persian

Perhaps the most coveted of collectible rugs, genuine Persian rugs are the crème de la crème. No designs compare to the artistic intricacy of traditional Persian motifs like the allover medallion and delicate filigree lattice patterns.

The weaving process alone is a marvel – with every knot meticulously tied by hand at densities over 300 per square inch! Persian carpets utilize high grade wool and feature sumptuous pile depths that caress underfoot.

Vintage Persian rugs display a stunning patina that comes from vegetable dyes and decades of artful wear. Their saturated color palette and ornate detailing never fail to impress. Breathtaking in grandeur, Persian rugs make treasured focal points.

4. Vintage

Why buy new when you can own an antique for a unique bohemian statement? Vintage rugs have an irresistible allure gained from decades of use. Each has its own story to tell.

Global antique finds like tribal kilims, Anatolian oushaks and Indian aubussons reveal their origins through time-mellowed palette and rustic designs. Distressed ornamental carpets in European styles make equally charming vintage discoveries.

The imperfections of age – faded colors, natural holes and stains – add to the beauty by proving their heritage. Layering a vintage rug over neutral flooring creates a cozy retreat. Let these one-of-a-kind relics give your rooms far-flung character.

5. Shag

Channel 70s style with a fab shag rug that begs to be walked on barefoot. As the name implies, shag rugs have long knotted piles that lend supreme coziness underfoot. They also provide sound dampening and insulating properties.

From graphic black and white to psychedelic colors, bold graphic prints look super groovy against the plush pile. For solid shags, go for lively brights like citrus orange, grass green or crimson red.

With their welcoming texture and nostalgic vibe, shaggy rugs feel right at home in a retro-inspired den or layered beside a bed. Toss in some beanbag chairs and you’ve got a hangout Pad straight out of the Age of Aquarius!

How to Choose a Bohemian Rug for Your Space

When selecting a bohemian rug, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the room size – Make sure your rug’s dimensions fit the furniture layout. It should be large enough that furniture legs rest on the rug.
  • Focus on lounging areas – Casual rooms like living rooms, bedrooms and dens are best for highlighting bohemian rugs.
  • Mind the materials – Natural fibers like wool and cotton provide durability while playing into boho vibe.
  • Choose vivid colors – Lively, saturated palettes strike the right free-spirited chord.
  • Seek global designs – Traditional motifs from India, Turkey and Morocco capture exotic flair.
  • Go for vintage – Worn antique rugs have timeworn appeal and uniqueness.
  • Try distressed textures – Think faded vintage, rag rugs, shags and kilims.
  • Round out modern rooms – Bohemian rugs complement sleek, contemporary spaces nicely.
  • Warm up minimalist rooms – Busy patterns and warm colors liven up sterile palettes.
  • Unify eclectic decor – Tie disparate furnishings together with a commanding print.
  • Layer for interest – Mixing complementary sized rugs amps up character.
  • Define sitting areas – Use borders to designate furnishings groupings.
  • Float small rugs – For open concept rooms without firm boundaries.
  • Make a statement – An oversized print grabs quick attention.
  • Add bright pops of color – Vivid dyes energize any neutral space.

By keeping these tips in mind as you browse, you’ll zero in on the perfect bohemian carpet for your decor vision. Trust your instincts and pick the rug that speaks to your inner flower child!

Bohemian Rug FAQs

Still have some questions about choosing, styling and caring for bohemian rugs? Here are answers to some frequently asked boho rug queries:

How do I care for a bohemian rug?

Proper care is key to preserving your rug’s vibrancy and extending its lifespan.

  • Carefully read the cleaning instructions for your rug’s specific material – wool has different needs than cotton.
  • Vacuum regularly using the proper attachment adjusted to your rug’s pile height.
  • Blot spills immediately to avoid staining, but avoid excessive moisture.
  • Help your rug wear evenly by periodically rotating it 180 degrees.
  • Professionally clean the rug once a year based on fiber requirements.
  • For wool and cotton, gentle solutions can remove deeper stains and dirt.
  • Fluff up crushed piles by steaming the fibers or combing gently.
  • If possible, store rug flat or hanging to prevent bending damage.
  • Use a non-slip rug pad, especially under heavy furniture, to prevent floor damage.

With proper frequent vacuuming, immediate attention to spills, and annual deep cleaning, your boho beauty will stay vibrant for years.

How do I layer rugs?

One of the best ways to rock a bohemian vibe is by layering rugs for eclectic texture and print mixing.

  • Choose a larger plain foundation rug as your base. Jute, sisal and kilim work well.
  • Layer a smaller patterned rug on top. Florals, global designs, shags are fun accents.
  • Complementary sizes, say 8×10 on top of 9×12, give balanced proportions.
  • Make sure furniture legs sit on the top accent rug for stability.
  • Align edges neatly or slightly stagger for added interest.
  • Limit high traffic areas since rugs will shift over time.
  • Use non-slip pads under both rugs – top one especially!
  • Pick rugs with similar pile heights for an even surface.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine different shapes, sizes and textures!
  • For clarity, keep total layers to 2 rugs maximum.

How do I mix decor styles with a bohemian rug?

While bohemian rugs pair perfectly with other eclectic furnishings, they can also complement more streamlined modern and traditional decor.

  • Seek out versatile designs – florals, medallions, vines transition well.
  • Vintage rugs work nicely in both traditional and contemporary settings.
  • For traditional rooms, use carved wood pieces, velvet fabrics, metallics.
  • For contemporary rooms, try sleek furniture shapes, chrome, colorful artwork.
  • Echo rug colors in accent pillows, throws and wall art for unity.
  • Mix complementary furnishings – combine a sleek table with a distressed wood chest.
  • Use a bright vibrant rug to energize more muted color schemes.
  • Ground scheme with neutral solids, metallics and leather textures.
  • Weave in bohemian accessories like poufs, beaded curtains, wall tapestries.

Where should I use a shag rug?

With their plush piled texture, shag rugs make perfect sense in relaxed lounging spaces.

  • Casual living rooms like dens, rec rooms, family rooms
  • Bedrooms to sink your toes into upon waking
  • Playrooms where durability is needed
  • Entryways to provide a fun welcoming touch
  • Under lounge chairs and sectionals or area rugs in offices
  • Layered on top of wall-to-wall carpeting for added flair

Shag works well in moderately high traffic areas but avoid bathrooms or rooms prone to moisture. The fibers can withstand everyday wear nicely. Just be prepared to vacuum frequently if you have pets that shed!

How do I style a bohemian rug?

Pull your space together by decorating around your new bohemian rug.

  • Layer atop a jute or sisal rug as textural foundation
  • Arrange patterned pillows prominently on seating
  • Display macrame wall hangings or beaded curtains
  • Add a pouf or two for casual multi-purpose seating
  • Include wood furniture with hand-carved details
  • Scatter candles, lanterns and potted plants around
  • Use an ornate rug in a foyer underneath a console
  • Float a Moroccan trellis rug in an open concept living room

Let the rug be your inspiration, playing up its palette in textiles and echoing its textures in woven accents. Soon you’ll be welcoming guests to your bohemian oasis!

Jet Set Your Decor with a Bohemian Rug

Hopefully this post has illuminated the magic of bohemian rugs and how they can transport your decor.

We’ve covered the leading boho rug contenders sure to impress, as well as tips for choosing the perfect one for your space and lifestyle. And you now have the knowledge to layer rugs for added interest, integrate them into various decor schemes, and properly care for them.

So the next time your floors seem a little lackluster, look to a free-spirited Moroccan trellis, vintage Turkish jewel or plush floral shag rug to stir your creative soul.

Bohemian rugs truly tie a space together, pulling in color, pattern and story to create a textural top note that’s completely captivating. Find one that speaks to you and get swept away to an exotic interior oasis!

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