Baking Up Some Fun with Michaels Cookie Cutters

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All the Tools You Need for Sweet Creations

As an avid home baker and crafting enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for fun new tools to take my projects to the next level. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with baking and decorating sugar cookies. There’s just something so nostalgic and creative about rolling out dough and using cookie cutters to transform it into shapes like stars, hearts, and animals. The only problem was my cookie cutter collection was pretty lackluster. I had some basic shapes I’ve accumulated over the years, but nothing that really captured my imagination.

During a recent trip to my local Michaels for craft supplies, I was delighted to discover their incredible selection of cookie cutters. They had everything from unique 3D designs to entire themed collections perfect for my next baking adventure. I’ll admit, I got a little carried away and bought way more than I intended – but I just couldn’t resist! Now I can’t wait to fire up the oven and put my new Michaels cookie cutters to use.

From simple shapes to seasonal designs, here’s an overview of the versatile cookie cutter selection available at Michaels:

Basic Shapes

Michaels offers all the essential circle, square, star, heart, flower, and other geometric cookie cutters. I appreciate that they have sets with multiple sizes of each shape. Whether I’m making uniform cookies or a fun assortment, these basics cover all my needs. The sizes range from petite 1-inch cutters perfect for bite-sized treats to oversized 5-inch options for giant cookie creations.

Holiday and Seasonal Designs

Around every major holiday like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter, Michaels stocks up on festive cookie cutters. It’s hard to resist the adorable snowmen, trees, Santa hats, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and other shapes that capture the spirit of each season. These themed cutters instantly elevate my holiday cookie decorating to the next level.

3D and Novelty Options

In addition to flat, 2D cutters, Michaels has some cool 3D designs like gingerbread people and animals that imprint fun cookie shapes with more depth and detail. Other unique finds include multifunction cutters like a Christmas tree-shaped frame that can also cut a star for the tree topper in one press. They even have extra-large alphabet letter and number cutters for spelling out names, messages, ages, and more.

Character and Pop Culture Themes

Michaels knows that cookies are more fun with our favorite characters and pop culture icons. I found an impressive array of branded cutters featuring beloved franchises like Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and more. Everything from Baby Yoda to Frozen Olaf, they’ve got all the characters I could want. For meine Little Pony fan niece, they even had a set with multiple pony outlines – she’s going to go crazy over those!

Sets and Collections

Rather than just buying individual cookie cutters, Michaels makes it easy to shop for coordinated sets centered around a specific theme or occasion. Some of the collections also include handy storage tins or bags to keep everything together. A few of my favorites include a Zoo Animals set with elephant, lion, giraffe, and other cutters plus a decorator tip set; a retro Diner collection with jukebox, burger, and milkshake shapes; and a Mother’s Day bouquet set with flower stem, leaf, and rose designs.

Materials and Construction

Michaels cookie cutters come in a range of different materials like aluminum, copper, plastic, and various metal alloys. The product descriptions are helpful for picking the right material for each purpose. For frequent use, I prefer the sturdier stainless steel cutters. But for more delicate detailed shapes, copper works beautifully. The plastic cutters are great for kids and gentler on baking sheets. In terms of quality, the metal cutters feel solid and smooth with crisp edges for cutting through dough. I inspect for any flaws, but so far all my Michaels cookie cutters have been top-notch.


Given the quality materials and cute designs, I think Michaels offers very reasonably priced cookie cutters. The simplest single shape cutters start at just $2-3. The bigger, more ornate, or specialized sets range from $5-15. Considering how much use I get out of them, it’s a worthwhile investment to grow my decorated cookie repertoire. I always keep an eye out for any weekly sales, coupons, or volume discounts like buy 2 get 1 free to maximize my savings.

Mini and Petite Options

In addition to regular sized cutters, Michaels stocks a nice variety of smaller mini cookie cutters. Whether I’m baking bite-sized cookies to use for decorating larger treats or want to cut super tiny design details, these itty-bitty cutters are invaluable. Some even come in multi-packs with a range of mini images like flowers or hearts.

Custom and Personalization

If I want to get really creative, Michaels offers blank stainless steel cookie cutters that can be taken to a local engraver to have custom designs or text etched into the metal. They also sell alphabet sets specifically intended for custom messages – I may have to spell out some naughty words for my next bachelorette party cookie project!

Online Shopping and Curbside Pickup

The cookies wait for no one, so I appreciate that Michaels makes their full assortment of cookie cutters available for online ordering. If I’m gearing up for a big baking day, I can conveniently shop the entire selection on their website and pick up my cart-full of cutters through curbside pickup on my way home.

Care and Cleaning

Like any kitchen tool, it’s important to properly care for Michaels cookie cutters to keep them in top baking condition. I avoid tossing them loose in a drawer where they can get scratched. Most come with a protective plastic cover to prevent wear and tear. For cleaning, I use mild soap and water rather than harsh chemicals. A soft brush helps remove any stubborn dough bits from crevices. Proper drying and storage helps prevent rust on metal cutters.

Classes and Instruction

I also love that my local Michaels offers cookie decorating classes where I can get hands-on instruction for using cookie cutters, piping icing, applying sprinkles, and other decorative techniques. The classes provide a fun night out while expanding my baking skills beyond following recipes at home. And of course, I get to bring home some sweet treats at the end!

Kids Cookie Cutters

Michaels has the perfect cookie cutters for keeping kids entertained in the kitchen. From dinosaurs and unicorns to trucks and princesses, the whimsical shapes and safe construction make it easy for little ones to join in the cookie crafting. There are even kid-friendly sets paired with icing pens or decorations specifically for their independent decorating fun.

Helpful Reviews

On the Michaels website, customers can leave reviews with ratings and feedback about specific products including cookie cutters. Before buying, I always sort by highest rated and read reviews to learn about quality, ease of use, tips for avoiding sticking, and more first-hand insights that photos alone can’t tell you. This helps ensure I get the very best cookie cutters.

Additional Baking Supplies

Michaels is my one-stop-shop for all things baking. In addition to cookie cutters, they have everything I could need for the perfect decorated cookies from cinnamon for rolling to disposable piping bags for icing. Their exclusive brand of food colors, sprinkles, sugars, and other decorations have become my go-to.

Frequent Updates

The buyer and designers at Michaels do an amazing job of keeping up with the latest trends and releasing new must-have cookie cutters. I can always find something new and on-theme with holidays, seasons, or pop culture. They seem to constantly refresh their selection with unique shapes and designs that spark inspiration. I never get bored thanks to the ever-changing assortment.

Sales and Promotions

Michaels runs excellent promotions and discounts on a frequent basis. Signing up for their rewards program emails alerts me to plenty of cookie cutter sales and coupons. Around the holidays, they often offer price breaks like 40% off a single regular-priced item. I like to use these offers as a chance to splurge on some of the higher-end sets that are more of an investment. By stacking storewide discounts with coupons, I’ve scored some serious savings building my collection over time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Michaels stands behind their products with a money-back guarantee if I’m not fully satisfied. While I haven’t had to return any cookie cutters yet, it gives me confidence that Michaels wants me to be happy and promises quality products. For any flawed, damaged, or otherwise unsatisfactory items, they make it easy to exchange or get a refund without hassle.

After perusing the vast Michaels selection in-store and online, I walked away with a huge haul of amazing cookie cutters. Now it’s time to preheat the oven, bust out the sugar cookie dough, and start creating culinary works of art. With all the shapes, themes, and designs available, my only problem will be settling on which few to use for each baking session. Thanks to Michaels, my cookie crafting possibilities are now virtually endless. I can’t wait to put “cutters” in my kitchen creations instead of just cookies!

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