Carrying Style and Functionality: Exploring the Wonderful World of Michaels Tote Bags

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Discover the perfect bag for your needs from this crafting superstore

As an avid crafter and artist, I’m always on the lookout for supplies that can make my hobby more enjoyable and organized. Over the years, I’ve relied heavily on Michaels for all my crafting needs – from paints and brushes to beads, fabrics, and more. One item I simply can’t live without? Tote bags! Michaels offers an incredible selection of tote bags in different sizes, colors, patterns, and materials to carry all your crafting gear or everyday essentials. Join me as I dive into the vast offerings of tote bags at Michaels and help you find your perfect match!

Canvas & Cotton Totes

Michaels has no shortage of classic canvas and cotton tote bags ideal for bringing to the beach, market, or carrying as an everyday purse. The Artist’s Canvas Tote comes in a range of colors from neutrals like black, navy, tan, and grey to bright hues of red, turquoise, pink, and lime green. Made from 100% cotton canvas with faux leather straps, these roomy bags feature a zipper top closure and measure 16” W x 16” H x 5” D – plenty of space for all your essentials. The canvas material is durable yet soft, and the colored trims add a nice decorative touch. At only $12.99, it’s a great affordable tote option.

If you prefer natural cotton colors, there are options like the Michaels Cotton Tote which comes in colors like natural, chocolate, olive, and more. I’m partial to the cute and colorful designs of the Craft Smart Cotton Tote which ranges from pink polka dots to bright tie-dye patterns. The compact size (14” W x 14” H x 4” D) is perfect to store and transport smaller craft supplies.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags

As a lover of all things eco-friendly, I appreciate that Michaels offers a variety of reusable and sustainable tote bag options. The Michaels Reusable Shopper Tote comes in a couple on-trend styles like camo print and neon colors. Made from 80% recycled materials, these sturdy bags can hold up to 50 pounds!

Perhaps my favorite green find is the Seedling Insulated Grocery Tote – not only is the outer fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, the interior lining is insulated to keep groceries cool and fresh. No more flimsy plastic bags at the market! Plus, a portion of each purchase goes to support environmental initiatives.

For those who enjoy crafting, there are even reusable tote bags you can customize yourself like the Natural Cotton Drawstring Backpack! Add your own touch with fabric markers, sewing, embroidery, or iron-on designs.

Stylish Handbags & Specialty Totes

Beyond the casual cotton canvas totes, Michaels also offers trendy handbags and specialty bag styles for every taste and occasion. The Sashay Zippered Tote comes in sophisticated designs like black and white checkerboard, red and white polka dots, or faux snakeskin prints. I love the unique rigid box shape and zipper closure of this roomy tote.

The Faux Leather Gathered Handbag is a fashionable choice with its gathered pleating details and stylish silhouette. Choose from rich colors like rust, olive, brown, grey and more – this bag dresses up any outfit! For a whimsical feel, the colorful embroidered Happy Bag is sure to spark joy with rainbows, flowers, and positive words.

Crafters should check out the writable Quadrille Craft Tote which allows you to label the contents right on the bag. There are also reusable zippered pouches like the Get Organized Utility Pouch which are fantastic for organizing small craft supplies and keeping your bag neat.

Bulk & Customization Options

For avid crafters like myself who go through tote bags quickly, I’m thrilled Michaels offers bulk purchasing options to save on costs. The 6-Pack Value Canvas Totes is one of the best deals, providing six sturdy 16” x 16” canvas totes with rope handles for just $19.99. They’re available in versatile colors like natural, black, navy and red – great to have on hand for grocery shopping, storage, or gifting.

Michaels also makes it easy to fully customize your own totes to match your style or purpose. With the Michaels Artist Loft Blank Tote, you can let your creativity run wild and design the perfect bag for your needs. Use paint, iron-on vinyl, embroidery, stitching, decoupage, or other embellishing techniques to transform these plain cotton totes into masterpieces.

The Color Block Cotton Zip Tote takes customization even further, allowing you to select complementary two-tone colors from the dyeing process. Add some personalized iron-on designs or sleeve for a pencil case, and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind tote!

Premium & Themed Designs

Beyond the basics, Michaels also carries nicely curated tote collections that feature premium details, designer partnerships, and trendy patterns.

The April Bath & Shower collection includes beautifully detailed tote bags like the quilted Teak Shower Tote and embroidered Laundry Day Tote – perfect for organizing grooming essentials. International artist and illustrator Suzy Ultman has partnered with Michaels for the charming Patchwork Tote Bag Collection, featuring her signature folk art patchwork designs.

For trendy patterns, explore the Tropical Tie-Dye Totes with their boho island vibes, or preppy classic stripes and polka dot prints with the Collegiate Cotton Zip Tote. Seasonal themes are also available, from Autumn Harvest motif totes in fall to Polka Dot Spring Floral bags. Whether you’re into modern or more traditional looks, there are so many options to reflect your personal style!

Different Sizes For Every Need

When evaluating the perfect tote, size matters! Thankfully Michaels recognizes that customers need bags in a range of dimensions for different uses. On the smaller side, the Mini Kraft Tote (11” x 8” x 3”) is ideal for light errands or even a kid’s craft bag. The Papercraft Paper Bag Tote shape is similar but able to hold a bit more at 14” x 7” x 10” – great for envelopes, magazines, sketchpads.

For medium and large storage, I often reach for the classic Artist’s Canvas Tote at 16” x 16” x 5”, which can pack groceries, beach items, or sizeable craft supplies with ease. When I need to transport bigger items like quilting and sewing projects, the huge Utility Tote (21” x 21” x 6”) handles it all – it even has exterior pockets for stashing smaller extras!

With all these size offerings, there’s truly a Michaels tote to meet any portable storage need.

Durable Materials to Withstand Daily Use

I don’t know about you, but I need my tote bags to be durable workhorses, as I use them constantly for groceries, outings, and transporting my art supplies. That’s why I appreciate that most Michaels totes are constructed from cotton canvas, thick woven polyester, or cotton-poly blends. These materials hold up well with regular use and minimal pilling or tearing, even when carrying heavy loads.

For extra sturdiness, look for bags like the Utility Tote made with 600D polycanvas that resist stains, or the Classic Washable Tote which has a coated lining for easy washing. I once spilled an entire glitter jar in my Artist’s Canvas Tote and was amazed at how easily it shook clean!

Small details like reinforced stitched seams, boxed bottoms, and firmly attached handles also contribute to a longer lasting tote bag. Just remember to avoid overloading any bag, and store appropriately to minimize wear. With proper care, most Michaels totes provide great durability for the price.

Top Sellers and Shopper Favorites

When perusing the vast collection of Michaels totes, exploring their top sellers and customer favorites can help narrow down the best options. Based on reviews and my own experience, some of the most popular and well-loved choices include:

  • Artist’s Canvas Tote – A customer staple for years thanks to the ideal medium size, durable canvas fabric, and very affordable $12.99 price tag. Available in tons of great colors too!
  • Michaels Reusable Shopper Tote – Eco-conscious shoppers praise these sturdy recycled poly bags that can carry up to 50 pounds and fold up compactly.
  • Cotton Rope Tote – The beachy rope handles and unstructured shape of this 100% cotton tote gets rave reviews. It’s the perfect carryall for casual summer fun!
  • Utility Tote – Crafters and artists love the massive storage capacity of this 21” x 21” tote to transport all their supplies and projects. The polycanvas material ensures it lasts through years of use.
  • Get Organized Utility Pouch – This handy reusable zip pouch makes keeping smaller items organized in any bag a breeze. Users love customizing them for makeup, school supplies, knitting notions and more.

Get Your Green On: Eco-Friendly Tote Options

In recent years, Michaels has increased their offerings of eco-friendly reusable totes made sustainably from recycled materials or supporting environmental causes. As a tree-hugger myself, I really appreciate how easy Michaels makes it to make green choices with your tote purchases.

Some of my favorite finds include:

  • Michaels Reusable Shopper Tote made from 80% recycled materials
  • Seedling Insulated Grocery Tote with outer fabric from recycled bottles and inner insulation
  • Recycled PET Foldable Tote crafted completely from recycled plastic bottles
  • The classic Artist’s Canvas Tote now available in organic cotton
  • Cotton Drawstring Backpack which allows reuse through endless customization

Michaels also partners with organizations like One Tree Planted to support reforestation efforts globally. Feel good knowing that even the simplest reusable tote purchase helps give back to the planet in a meaningful way.

Perfect For Projects: Crafting With Michaels Totes

As an obsessive crafter, I love repurposing affordable tote bags from Michaels for fun DIY projects. The blank Artist Loft Cotton Tote provides the ideal creative canvas – use fabric markers, paints, iron-on vinyl, or sew on patches to design the perfect bag for your needs.

Some of my favorite tote crafts include:

  • Turning a Happy Bag into a playful personalized gift by adding iron-on names or photos
  • Embellishing a Classic Washable Tote with fabric paint designs to create a stylish everyday handbag
  • Adding colorful duct tape stripes to a 6-Pack Canvas Tote for a beachy summer feel
  • Attaching ribbons, tassels and pom poms to a Cotton Rope Tote for a boho vibe
  • Transforming the Papercraft Paper Bag Tote into a charming book cover with decoupage scrapbooking paper

The possibilities are endless when you let your imagination run wild with a Michaels tote bag! For me, few things are as satisfying as creating a functional work of art.

Return Policies Provide Peace of Mind

Like any avid shopper, I sometimes worry about purchases not working out as expected. That’s why I appreciate Michaels’ return policies which allow returns on unused merchandise within 90 days, with receipt or other proof of purchase. This gives me the flexibility to exchange any item that ends up not being quite right, including totes.

Particularly with bags, it’s hard to tell scale, durability, and color accuracy until you see them in person. So I like having the option to swap out products hassle-free. Michaels also offers free returns by mail using their online printable return labels.

For defective or damaged products, returns are accepted at any time. So you don’t have to worry if your new tote arrives with flaws or tears – just bring it back for an easy exchange. It’s great knowing Michaels stands behind the quality of their products enough to allow such flexible return options.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Promotions

Let’s face it, Michaels is temptingly full of crafty goodies that can drain your wallet fast. Luckily, smart savings opportunities exist if you know where to look! Using coupons and keeping an eye out for sales, I’ve scored amazing deals on totes and other supplies.

First, make sure to sign up for the Michaels email newsletter and peruse the weekly ad preview for coupons and flash sales. Some periodic offers I’ve taken advantage of include 40% off any one regular-priced item, extra 20% off your entire purchase, buy one get one 50% off all totes, and free tote bag with $40 purchase.

Occasional tiered threshold promotions like spend $40 get 20% off, spend $75 get 25% off can also add up to major savings if you buy in bulk. Scan the clearance aisle too – I once snagged a super cute distressed denim embroidered tote for 70% off!

By stacking coupons and shopping strategically, you can stock up on tons of Michaels totes without overspending. Keep an eye out around major holidays like Christmas, Fourth of July and Memorial Day when deals tend to be extra competitive.

Online Convenience, In-Store Pickup

As much as I love leisurely browsing the aisles of my local Michaels, sometimes life gets too busy to shop in-person. In those cases, I really appreciate that their website makes it easy to order totes and other supplies online for convenient pickup.

Michaels offers free standard shipping on orders over $59 or expedited 2-day shipping for a very fair $5.99. While I’m usually not in a rush, the fast shipping ensures I get my latest tote fix without delay! Even better, if I spend $35 or more online, I can select free in-store pickup generally within 3-5 business days.

I love scheduling a pickup order on the website, then swing by a couple days later to retrieve my online finds. The self-serve pickup shelves are clearly marked, so grabbing my totes is quick and contactless. And the ability to shop from home while securing items for in-store pickup helps ensure your favorites don’t sell out before you get them!

Local and Renowned: Michaels Design Partnerships

An aspect that sets Michaels apart from other big box retailers is their partnerships with smaller makers, local artisans, and prominent designers to offer unique collections you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of my favorite collaborations include:

  • Florida-based designer Rebecca Baer who created an exclusive line of modern cement totes with a cool architectural vibe.
  • Renowned Rifle Paper Co. known for stunning floral designs like those featured on their line of custom Michaels totes.
  • Trendy letterboard-inspired phrase totes conceived by Michigan-based chalk artist Priya Mistry.
  • Boho printed pouches and totes courtesy of California surface pattern designer Lili Cade.
  • Vibrant sugar skull motifs on pouches and totes designed by Mexico-based artist Zombi Unicorn.

By supporting independent artists, Michaels helps cultivate creativity and bring diverse new offerings to their customers. Next time you shop for totes, explore these special collections!

Built Tough: Durability for Everyday Use

With Michaels’ broad range of tote bag styles and designs, it’s important to evaluate durability to find options that will withstand frequent daily use. Based on my experience, here are some tips for picking a long-lasting Michaels tote:

  • Select thick, densely woven canvas or cotton in 100% natural formats that resist tearing or fraying over time.
  • Look for reinforced stitching, boxed bottoms, and firmly attached handles. Avoid thin rope ties which can fray.
  • Check care instructions – some coated polyester or canvas totes can be wiped clean or washed to preserve their look.
  • Avoid bags with embellishments that may peel or hardware that can tarnish. Simple designs tend to fare better.
  • Consider the lightweight yet very sturdy recycled polypropylene used in Utility and Reusable Shopper totes.
  • Be gentle! Even durable totes have limits. Avoid overloading and machine washing.

With proper storage and care, Michaels’ well-made totes can last for years of regular use. Pay attention to construction and materials, and your Michaels find is sure to become a trusty everyday companion.

Final Thoughts

Well, we certainly took a thorough journey through the wonderfully expansive world of Michaels tote bags! I hope this overview provided helpful insights as you shop for your perfect tote. A few key takeaways:

  • Michaels offers an incredible range of styles, sizes, colors and designs to suit any personal taste.
  • Prices are very affordable, starting around $10 for basic cotton canvas totes up to $50 for some premium designer collections.
  • Plenty of eco-friendly and reusable options are available for sustainability-focused shoppers.
  • Most Michaels totes are ideal for crafters, with durable build and endless customization potential.
  • Coupons, bulk options, and sales help you save big on hauls of Michaels totes!
  • Convenient shipping and in-store pickup make shopping easy.

So grab your coupons and head to your local Michaels to explore their tote selection in-person. With so many wonderful options, you’re sure to find the perfect bags to organize your life and show off your personal style! Happy tote hunting!

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