Crafting Up Some Cozy Style with Michaels Sweatshirts

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Finding the Perfect Sweatshirt for All Your DIY Needs

As an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for apparel I can transform into stylish creations. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with the sweatshirts at Michaels. They have such a great selection available both in-store and online. I wanted to share my experiences shopping for sweatshirts at Michaels and some tips for finding the perfect one for your next craft project or everyday wear.

The first thing I noticed browsing the apparel section was the wide variety of sweatshirt styles available at Michaels. They have standard pullover sweatshirts, hoodies, zip-up hoodies, cropped sweatshirts, and sweatshirt dresses. I really appreciate the range of options since I like using sweatshirts for a mix of craft projects. The basic pullover styles are perfect for dyeing, painting or adding appliques. The hoodies work well for more complex projects where I’m attaching larger elements or want to showcase artwork on the full front panel. And the sweatshirt dresses make super cute casual wear once customized.

Beyond the style, Michaels sweatshirts come in a spectrum of colors and prints. They have traditional options like grey, white, and black along with bolder hues like burgundy, forest green, and royal blue. I even found some with fun conversational prints. The array of choices helps inspire my creativity and allows me to match a sweatshirt to a specific craft theme. If I’m planning a beach-themed project, I may opt for a light blue sweatshirt. Or if I’m looking to make a statement piece, I’ll grab one of the bright patterned hoodies. Having colors and prints to mix and match really gets my creative juices flowing!

One aspect that initially surprised me was the reasonable price point on most Michaels sweatshirts. The basic pullover styles start at around $7 and even the bolder graphic hoodies are only $20-$25. Especially when I can often use a 40-50% off coupon, this makes Michaels sweatshirts very wallet-friendly for crafters wanting quality basics to embellish. Even purchasing multiples for a big project is affordable. I recently snagged a few matching grey hoodies for just over $10 each to decorate for a dance team. Considering sweatshirt blanks from other retailers can be almost double the price, Michaels has become my go-to for budget-friendly options.

Beyond the individual styles and prices, Michaels offers sweatshirts in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. I really appreciate the inclusive sizing since I often purchase them as gifts or for group projects. I even found a few matching family sweatshirt sets for an upcoming vacation. Having standard women’s, men’s, and unisex plus extended sizing allows me to find the right fit for anyone. It’s just another example of how Michaels sweatshirts work for any crafting occasion.

One of my favorite things about Michaels sweatshirts is that many styles are available for online purchase in bulk packs of 6, 12 or more. This is perfect when I’m planning a big customization project, like making matching bridesmaid gifts or holiday presents for my child’s classmates. Buying a 12-pack of the same sweatshirt saves me time and money compared to purchasing individually. Michaels even offers free shipping on some bulk packs, making it easy to have multiples delivered right to my door.

In addition to the adult styles, I was thrilled to discover Michaels carries sweatshirts for kids and youth. It can sometimes be tricky finding child-sized blanks, so I was glad to see their selection includes toddler, youth, and kids sizes. This opens up so many possibilities for fun mother-daughter matching designs or statement pieces for my niece and nephew. Knowing I can easily find sweatshirts for any age takes the stress out of planning crafts as gifts for the little ones in my life.

When it comes to materials, most Michaels sweatshirts are a cotton/polyester blend. I appreciate that they use a soft cotton material that holds its shape well through repeated wear and washing. The addition of polyester gives the sweatshirts nice stretch that makes them extra cozy. Michaels does offer some upgraded “performance” hoodies made of moisture-wicking fabric if I’m looking for something to wear during athletic activities. But for everyday craft projects and wear, I’m fully satisfied with the comfort and durability of their standard cotton blend sweatshirts.

One of my favorite ways to customize basic sweatshirts is by applying heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for crisp, modern designs that really last. I tested out some projects using my Cricut and HTV on Michaels sweatshirts and love how well the material performs. The cotton holds the HTV securely once pressed with no peeling or cracking over time. And details like any seams or pockets don’t interfere with the vinyl application at all. I can easily personalize my Michaels sweatshirts with quirky sayings, initials, motifs and more using my cutting machine and HTV. It really opens up so many options for printable customization on ready-made blanks.

For those looking to take a more hands-on approach, Michaels sweatshirts are perfect for DIY fabric paint designs. I like to use acrylic or puff paints to add dimensional embellishments like flowers, critters or inspirational words. The sweatshirt cotton provides a nice textured canvas and the fabric paint adheres permanently after heat setting. I’ve even painted full graphic designs by hand, like celestial landscapes and abstract geometric patterns. Fabric paint gives me all the flexibility to add free-form artistic details or build up unique textural elements on my Michaels sweatshirts.

One tip I’ve learned is to place a sheet of freezer paper inside the sweatshirt before painting to prevent bleed-through. This helps maintain the softness of the inner lining. Once I heat set the painted design, I simply peel off the freezer paper and am left with a completely customized one-of-a-kind wearable piece of art!

Beyond vinyl and paint, Michaels sweatshirts are the ideal foundation for all kinds of embellishments and mixed media accents. I like to use them in papercrafting projects and collages by adhering scrapbook paper, die cut shapes, ribbons and notions with multi-medium or fabric glue. I’ll also stitch on lace, buttons, sequins or other decoupaged elements with matching or contrasting thread for extra texture. Recently, I transformed a plain grey Michaels hoodie into a shimmery boho chic piece with glitter, fringe and floral lace appliques. With some creativity and craft supplies, the possibilities for enhancements are truly endless!

After completing so many customized projects, I’m happy to report that Michaels sweatshirts maintain their quality and softness even after washing. I always follow the care instructions and wash on a delicate cycle in cold water, then air dry. I’ve found even sweatshirts I’ve painted or heavily embellished retain their vibrant designs and unique details through many cycles in my washing machine. The fabrics withstand the wear and tear of daily life while still feeling cozy against my skin. This longevity gives me confidence to gift my Michaels sweatshirt creations knowing they will stay special through many wears.

One of the things that initially drew me to Michaels for sweatshirt blanks was their hassle-free return policy, even on customized apparel. Within 90 days, I can return any sweatshirt that doesn’t meet my quality standards – no questions asked! I also utilize their price match guarantee if I spot an identical style being sold for less elsewhere. It gives me great peace of mind to know Michaels stands behind their products and wants me to feel fully satisfied with my purchases. For crafters buying multiples or experimenting with new customization techniques, having a robust return policy is an enormous benefit.

Occasionally customers will ask if Michaels sweatshirts are prone to heavy shrinkage when washing. From my experience, I found they hold their shape remarkably well as long as I follow proper care guidelines. I noticed maybe just a bit of shrinkage, around half a size, on the first wash before they stabilized. But by line drying instead of putting them in the dryer, I can prevent excessive shrinking even after repeat washes. For me, the tiny amount of initial shrinkage is worth the ability to maintain the softness and vibrancy by air drying my sweatshirts. Proper washing goes a long way towards preserving the fit and quality!

Before committing to a particular sweatshirt, I always try to read through customer reviews on the Michaels website. I find these extremely helpful for identifying any potential sizing quirks or fabric issues. For the most part, fellow crafters have given positive feedback on the comfort, durability and value of Michaels sweatshirts. Seeing constructive critiques and tips from real customers gives me useful insight into choosing the right styles for my upcoming projects. I appreciate that Michaels facilitates this type of community engagement to guide my purchasing decisions.

One of the reasons I continue returning to Michaels for my sweatshirt needs is the opportunity to save money through promotions and discounts. They regularly offer sitewide sales that apply to apparel, so I can often score sweatshirts for 40-50% off. Around major holidays, the savings get even better with extra coupon codes stacking for 60-70% off. I also get notified of special member-only offers and earned rewards to redeem on future purchases as part of their loyalty program. Signing up for text and email alerts keeps me in the loop on all their seasonal sales, flash deals and exclusive promos on sweatshirts.

With so many choices, you may be wondering how exactly to determine your ideal sweatshirt size from Michaels. My advice is to begin by checking the specific product measurements available on each style’s description page. This gives you an idea of the overall fit. For a more relaxed look with room to layer underneath, I typically size up. If I plan to crop the length for a more fitted silhouette, I’ll order my normal size or even size down. Consider what other garments you’ll be wearing it with and how much looseness you prefer. It may also be helpful to measure a favorite well-fitting sweatshirt you already own for comparison. This will ensure you choose the right Michaels sweatshirts for your wardrobe.

Most Michaels sweatshirts are machine washable but it helps to understand the care instructions ahead of any customization or embellishments. In general, I recommend washing on a delicate cycle in cold water, then allowing to air dry to maintain the soft feel and prevent shrinkage. If adhesives, paints or iron-on vinyls have been applied, the setting may need to be adjusted to a gentle cycle and low heat drying. Check if the added media requires any specialty washing guidelines. Taking time to check care instructions and test out cleaning methods on a swatch first allows me to keep my designs looking fabulous.

One of the most frequent questions I receive is whether Michaels sweatshirts work for screen printing designs. The short answer is yes! The smooth, moderately heavy cotton provides an ideal surface for screen printed imagery and graphics. I’ve had great success screen printing custom logos, phrases and illustrations on my Michaels sweatshirt blanks. The cotton holds the ink even after many washes. Just be mindful that screen printed areas may feel slightly stiff compared to the soft surrounding fabric. But for bold, vivid prints that really last, Michaels sweatshirts are perfectly suited for screen printing.

Looking to save even more money on bulk sweatshirt orders? Be sure to check if Michaels offers a business or classroom account discount in your area. These programs provide reduced pricing on bulk apparel purchases of 6+ items for businesses, schools, events and other organizations. I was able to create customized gear for my son’s school club at a fraction of the normal cost thanks to the classroom discount. Reach out to your local Michaels management to see if you qualify – it’s an easy way to score major savings on sweatshirts for large groups or resale projects.

One of my favorite parts of shopping at Michaels is discovering all the fun, trendy themed sweatshirts tied to seasons and holidays. Around Halloween, I browse their selection of sweatshirts with spooky motifs and colors perfect for costumes or parties. In December, they roll out the ugly Christmas sweater styles that are always a hilarious hit. But they also carry sweatshirts year-round for other events like Pride, breast cancer awareness and major sports tournaments. Keep an eye out for their rotating, timely designs that allow you to craftily celebrate what’s happening!

As an avid online shopper, I was pleased to discover Michaels offers free shipping on orders over $59, including bulk sweatshirt packs. This makes it affordable and convenient for me to purchase multiples to be sent directly to my house. I do recommend verifying current inventory at local stores first, since selections can vary. But for major bulk orders, or accessing expanded plus sizes only available online, the shipping threshold and speed makes online ordering a great perk.

One tip I have for Michaels online shoppers – if you want to feel the sweatshirt material and size in person before purchasing, you can reserve styles online to pick up at your local store. Add the items to your cart as usual, but at checkout, select the “pick up in store” option. Then once the sweatshirts are ready, I simply head to my chosen Michaels location and retrieve them. I don’t have to commit to buying until I inspect the product quality – and I skip the shipping fees! Definitely take advantage of this hybrid option if you prefer to select in-store.

After all my great experiences finding, customizing, and gifting sweatshirts from Michaels, I’m excited to share my knowledge to help fellow crafters. Their incredible selection of styles, colors, and sizes at reasonable prices has made Michaels my ultimate go-to for sweatshirt blanks. With a bit of creativity and craft supplies, I can transform their super soft basics into wearable works of art perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re dreaming up designs for yourself or searching for the perfect DIY gift, you really can’t go wrong crafting up some cozy style with Michaels sweatshirts. Happy sweatshirt hunting, crafters!

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