Crafting with Style: A Guide to Artificial Flowers at Michaels

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Everything You Need to Know to Create Stunning Floral Arrangements with Faux Blooms

Flowers have a way of instantly livening up any space. A vase full of fresh blossoms on your kitchen table or a potted plant in your bathroom can make your home feel so much warmer and inviting. But we all know the hassle of keeping real flowers looking their best. Between proper watering, sunlight, nutrients and simply short bloom times, it’s hard to keep cut flowers fresh for long. That’s why artificial flowers are such a fabulous, low maintenance alternative for home decor. With a gorgeous selection of faux stems and plants, Michaels makes it easy to craft stunning floral arrangements that will last for years. Whether you want to spruce up your living room, create a focal point in your entryway, or make a thoughtful homemade gift, Michaels has all the artificial blooms you need to bring some floral magic into your life.

As a Michaels regular and crafting enthusiast, I’ve tested out many of their floral offerings to see which are the best for different projects. Here’s my guide to everything you need to know about the store’s inventory of artificial flowers and plants. From pricing, to quality, to style options, consider this your one-stop resource for crafting with faux florals from Michaels.

An Abundant Assortment of Lifelike Stems

The foundation of any gorgeous artificial arrangement are the individual stems. Michaels offers an incredibly diverse selection of artificial blooms in a range of color palettes and flower varieties. The stems come in bunches or single stems so you can buy as many or as few as you need for your project. The selection includes all the classics like roses, hydrangeas, tulips, daisies, orchids and more.

One aspect I especially appreciate is the realistic detailing on many of the stems. The artificial hydrangeas have delicately layered petals, the orchids have speckled throats, and the roses have variations in shape and size. This lifelike appearance helps the final arrangements look authentic. The floral department regularly refreshes options too. You’ll find trending varieties like pampas grass, as well as seasonal picks like sunflowers in the summer and poinsettias in the winter.

The assortment includes exotic finds like protea and celosia too. I’ve even found unique branches and filler like eucalyptus leaves, curly willow, and variegated pittosporum. This diverse selection guarantees you can always find fresh inspiration for your faux floral designs.

Affordable Blooms to Suit Your Budget

One of the biggest benefits of artificial flowers is their longevity and cost savings over the long run compared to fresh cut flowers. But you’ll be happy to know Michaels keeps costs low on the front end too. Stem bunches start around $2.99, with individual stems ranging from $1.99 to $5.99.

For special pieces like the protea or orchids, prices range from $6.99 to $12.99 per stem. While not dirt cheap, this still pales in comparison to the $20+ you’d pay for a single stem at a florist. And don’t forget that Michaels frequently runs sales, coupons and volume discounts too. I rarely pay full price on any floral pick! With such reasonable pricing, you can stock up on plenty of blossoms without breaking the budget.

Seasonal Selections to Set the Right Mood

While artificial flowers last forever, it’s still nice to swap out colors and varieties throughout the year. Michaels makes this easy by carrying stems and arrangements that fit each season’s aesthetic.

Around Valentine’s Day you’ll find eye-catching artificial roses in romantic red and white shades. Late spring brings in bright, cheerful tulips and daffodils. Sunflowers, hydrangeas and gerbera daisies give off those carefree summer vibes for arrangements from June through August.

As November approaches, you can pick out bouquets of autumnal flowers like sunflowers, asters, daisies and marigolds. Then the winter season dazzles with pops of poinsettias and amaryllis. I love being able to quickly change my decor to match the time of year thanks to Michaels’ ever-changing selection. It injects fresh inspiration into my arrangements and craft projects throughout the seasons.

Pre-Made Arrangements for Convenient Decor

While I most often use artificial stems to make my owncustom arrangements, Michaels also offers stunning pre-made faux floral designs. These are perfect for fast home updates when you don’t have time for a major crafting session.

The store stocks wreaths, garlands, bouquets, potted plants, and stems beautifully arranged in vases or pots. The quality and realism on these pre-crafted pieces is gorgeous. I’ve been so impressed by how the arrangements elevate any room I place them in.

Around the holidays, Michaels stocks mantle-ready wreaths and table centerpieces that make festive decorating a breeze. For indoor plants, you can find potted succulents, orchids, and leafy green plants that are totally maintenance free. The designs I’ve purchased have lasted for many seasons and still look fresh. Next time I need a quick decor upgrade, I won’t hesitate to buy one of Michaels’ pre-made artificial arrangements.

Eco-Friendly Faux Stems for the Conscious Crafter

With environmental impact on my mind, I appreciate that Michaels offers artificial blooms made from recycled plastics in their EcoFlora collection. The stems look and feel remarkably lifelike and let you craft gorgeous arrangements with a cleaner conscience.

The EcoFlora line has all the favorites like roses, peonies, poppies and snapdragons. I honestly can’t tell them apart from Michaels’ non-recycled stems, which speaks to the true quality. For those wanting to reduce waste while still decorating with beautiful florals, this line is a must-browse.

Michaels is committed to increasing the sustainability of their sourcing and products based on their corporate responsibility goals. I’m glad to support their efforts by purchasing recycled stems whenever possible. It’s a small way to reduce the environmental footprint of my crafting habit.

Gorgeous Realism with Premium Faux Floral

On the higher end of Michaels’ offering, you’ll find stems so realistic you’d swear they were fresh cut flowers. The Premium Faux Floral collection features stunning roses, peonies, dahlias, and ranunculus crafted from high-quality materials. What sets these blooms apart are the ultra-realistic touches: delicately veined petals, flecks of pollen, slight variations in shading.

These premium stems allow you to create showstopping arrangements worthy of fine floral art. The ranunculus boast ruffled layers so delicate they mimic the real thing perfectly. The velvety roses look like they were just pruned from a garden bush. Though these special stems come at a higher price point, the unparalleled realism is worth it for my focal arrangements and home accents. When I need the cream of the artificial floral crop, the premium collection always impresses.

Cleverly Crafted: The Artificial Floral DIY Supplies

In addition to stems and arrangements, Michaels stocks a plethora of supplies for crafty DIY projects using faux florals. These include floral tapes, wreath forms, styrofoam, flower pots, decorative vases, and other accessories.

I love browsing the ribbon selection to create elegant bouquet wraps that complement my arrangements. The styrofoam shapes make building out wreaths and topiaries a breeze. With disguising putty or floral adhesive, I can simply stick my assorted blooms right into the form for long-lasting designs.

For gift-giving, Michaels has flower pots, boxes and cones to beautifully package your homemade faux floral presents. With this extensive inventory of DIY essentials, Michaels empowers me to fully customize my artificial floral designs. My craft room is loaded up with these supplies for ongoing floral inspiration all year round.

Caring for Your Faux Flowers: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

To make your faux flowers last, it’s wise to give them occasional dusting and cleaning. For most stems, a light coating of furniture polish or Pledge is the trick. Gently wipe each bloom and leaf, then let dry completely. This restores shine andremoves any dust buildup.

Every few months, wash your artificial arrangement by mixing a small amount of mild liquid soap and warm water. Use a lightly dampened cloth to wipe down the entire display. Give extra attention to the crevices and ends of stems. Allow to fully dry before putting back on display for best results.

With proper care, even inexpensive Michaels faux flowers will look pristine for many years. But eventually, your arrangement may need refreshing. The great news is that Michaels’ artificial inventory is so vast, you can simply swap wilted picks for new blossoms and enjoy a revived look. Mixing up the varieties prevents arrangements from appearing obviously fake over time. With smart maintenance, your faux flowers will fool even the keenest eye!

Michaels Floral Inspiration is Always Blooming

As a devoted Michaels shopper, I find so much to love in their artificial floral selection for all my DIY projects and home decor. The variety of realistic stems, completed arrangements, and clever accessories empower me to create showstopping faux floral designs on any budget. I always know I can browse the floral aisles at my local Michaels for fresh inspiration when I’m craving a new look. With this go-to guide, I hope you’ll also feel confident tackling faux floral projects for every occasion and season. Now get out there and start crafting! The creative possibilities with artificial flowers are truly endless.

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