Crafting Your Creativity: Michaels Pro for Education

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Michaels, the leading arts and crafts retail chain, offers an online learning platform called Michaels Pro to provide crafting education and inspiration. With Michaels Pro, teachers and students can unlock their creative potential.

Unlocking Creativity in the Classroom

The Michaels Pro platform offers a variety of online classes and resources perfect for art educators. Teachers can access lesson plans, project ideas, and instructional videos to engage students in hands-on crafting activities. Michaels Pro makes it easy to integrate art into core subjects like math, science, and language arts.

Students can discover new mediums and techniques through Michaels Pro’s library of on-demand videos. Budding artists will love learning to sew, paint, knit, work with clay, and more. Michaels inspires creativity and imagination in learners of all ages.

Michaels Pro Provides:

  • Hundreds of project ideas and lesson plans
  • On-demand instructional videos
  • Curated classroom materials lists
  • Tips and tricks from Michaels expert instructors
  • Ideas to integrate art into diverse subject areas
  • Creativity boosting activities and challenges

With Michaels Pro, teachers have access to all the resources needed to run an engaging art program on a budget. Unlock student creativity this school year!

Enabling Artistic Expression

Michaels believes creativity lives in every person and provides the tools to enable self-expression. By sparking imagination in the classroom, educators can empower students to think outside the box.

Crafting boosts confidence and problem-solving skills in kids of all ages. With the guidance of Michaels Pro, teachers can create an environment where students’ creativity can flourish.

Discover new project ideas and educational inspiration with Michaels Pro today!