Create Your Own Winter Wonderland with a DIY Snow Globe Kit

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The holidays are a magical time of year. Fresh blankets of snow, hot chocolate by the fire, and twinkling lights help set the scene for celebrations with family and friends. What better way to bottle up some of that special seasonal spirit than by making your own magical snow globe?

Snow globes capture the wonder of wintry landscapes and cozy scenes. Shake them up and watch as flakes dance and drift, letting your imagination whisk you away to an enchanted world. With the right snow globe kit, you can craft a custom snowy landscape to delight someone special or keep for yourself.

In this post, we’ll explore how to choose the best snow globe kit for your creative needs. You’ll also discover reviews of the top 5 snow globe kits on the market. Follow along for tips to make your own memory under a snowy glass dome this holiday season!

Choosing the Best DIY Snow Globe Kit

From miniature winter villages to snow-covered woodland scenes, there are so many possibilities when making your own snow globe. While you can certainly improvise and make one from scratch, a snow globe kit has all the key components you need for success.

When selecting a snow globe kit, here are some factors to consider:

The Snow Globe Itself

The centerpiece of any snow globe is obviously the globe itself. Glass globes offer more elegance and weight than cheaper plastic versions. Look for one with:

  • Clear glass – Avoid any ripples, bubbles or distortions in the glass that could impact the scene inside.
  • perfect sphere shape – The rounder the better for smooth rolling and snowfall.
  • An opening of at least 2-3 inches wide – Bigger is better for getting decorations inside.
  • Secure closure – A screw-on lid provides the best seal. Some have plastic tabs or plugs.
  • Flat, stable base – The base should keep the globe steady when set down.

Snowfall “Magic”

The right mix of flakes or glitter suspended inside the liquid is key for that picturesque snow globe effect.

  • Glitter, beads, or flakes – Finer plastic beads or glitter look more realistic than large flakes.
  • Winter theme – Look for glitter shapes like snowflakes, trees, snowmen, etc.
  • Adhesive – Some kits provide glue dots to attach decorations inside the globe.

Fill Options

How you insert the liquid into the globe matters too!

  • Fill holes – Pre-drilled holes with plugs allow easier filling compared to removing the lid.
  • Funnel – Some kits include a funnel to neatly guide liquid into the opening.
  • Pipette – A narrow pipette helps dispense glue drops inside the globe.

Globe Liquid

Snow globe kits contain clear liquid to suspend the snowfall inside. Common options include:

  • Distilled water – Cheap and readily available but prone to bacterial growth.
  • Mineral oil – Longer-lasting and safer for decorations than water.
  • Glycerin – Glycerin/water mix provides excellent snowfall movement.

Figurines and Decorations

Many kits include thematic figurines and decorations to populate your snowy scene. From Santa in his sleigh to evergreen trees, look for pieces that inspire your vision inside the globe. Adhesive putty lets you artfully arrange items inside.

Helpful Extras

Handy extras elevate the best snow globe kits:

  • Base – A sturdy base for the globe saves you time.
  • Funnel – As mentioned, a funnel simplifies adding liquid to the globe.
  • instructions – Clear instructions guide you through each assembly step.

To set expectations accurately, read reviews and look at customer images to envision the end result. Kits that provide engaging decorations, realistic snowfall and a quality glass globe offer the best value for your holiday crafting.

Reviews of the Top 5 Snow Globe Kits

Ready to shake up some snowy magic? Here are 5 of the best snow globe kits for crafting gorgeous winter scenes at home:

1. Creativity Street Christmas Village Snow Globe Kit

For nostalgic holiday villages, this kit can’t be beat! Contents include:

  • 5-inch resin Christmas village houses
  • Sparkly white glitter “snow”
  • 12 mini bottle brush trees
  • Figurines like carolers, sledders and more
  • Accessories like lamp posts, gifts, benches, sleds
  • Clear glass globe with flat base
  • Instant adhesive tabs
  • DIY instructions

This kit has everything you need to build a charming Christmas village snow globe. The intricate buildings and details will fill the globe with holiday spirit!

Benefits: Very thorough kit. Realistic glitter “snow”. Numerous accessories for creativity.

Drawbacks: None! This kit has fantastic value.

Ideal for: Christmas village scenes, gifts for model building enthusiasts.

2. Snowday Snow Globe Kit with Resin Deer

For an outdoor winter forest theme, the Snowday kit excels. It contains:

  • Textured 3-inch glass globe
  • Sparkly silver glitter flakes
  • 2 hand-painted resin deer figurines
  • Assorted mini pine trees
  • Twig pieces and red berries
  • White putty for securing items
  • DIY instructions

The realistic trees, deer, and shimmering “snow” make a serene winter woodland scene inside the orb.

Benefits: Lovely glass globe. Realistic snow effect. Cute woodland-themed pieces.

Drawbacks: Could use a base and funnel for easier assembly.

Ideal for: Rustic or wildlife-themed snow globes. Quick and easy to make.

3. North Pole Snow Globe Kit

For a fun, festive snow globe scene, this North Pole kit can’t be beat! Inside you’ll find:

  • Sturdy clear plastic 6-inch globe
  • Multicolored glitter snow mix
  • Figurines like Santa, reindeer, elves, snowmen
  • Strips of festive confetti
  • Glue dots for securing decorations
  • Funnel and pipette for easy filling
  • Sturdy plastic base
  • Instructions

With Santa preparing his sleigh, this globe captures all the excitement and joy of Christmas Eve at the North Pole!

Benefits: Fun, coordinating mix of parts and decorations. Handy filling tools. Good for kids.

Drawbacks: Plastic globe not as elegant as glass alternative.

Ideal for: Capturing the magic of Christmas for all ages!

4. Snow Queen Snow Globe Kit

For fantasy snow globe creations, this Snow Queen kit is ideal. It includes:

  • Glass globe with flat base
  • Iridescent snowflake beads for snow
  • Fairy and unicorn figurines
  • Castle, trees, flowers, mushrooms
  • Glitter adhesive for securing items
  • Fill hole and plastic plug
  • Instructions

Add an enchanting fairy tale cold weather scene inside the clear glass dome!

Benefits: Whimsical winter fantasy theme. Lovely glass construction with good fill options.

Drawbacks: Doesn’t include an assembly funnel or pipette.

Ideal for: Magical, fairy-themed snow globes for all ages.

5. Snow Globe Kit Picture Frame

For a unique snow globe, this kit lets you insert a photo! It contains:

  • Rectangular glass globe
  • Silver glitter snow mix
  • Resin snow-covered pine trees
  • Picture frame insert
  • Adhesive for securing frame
  • Plastic stand for display
  • Instructions

Simply add your favorite photo inside for a custom, shakeable snow globe picture frame!

Benefits: Innovative frame design. Real glass globe with resin trees.

Drawbacks: Square shape not as pleasing as round globe.

Ideal for: Personalized snow globe gifts and décor.

FAQs About Snow Globe Kits

If you’re new to snow globe making, you may have some questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What size snow globe should I choose?

Larger globes of 4-6 inches are easier to assemble and allow more creative space for figurines. Mini 1-3 inch globes offer more portability but are trickier to fill and decorate.

What type of liquid is best for snow globes?

For visual appeal and longevity, mineral oil is the best snow globe liquid. Water works but can foster mold growth. Glycerin offers great snowfall movement but can be sticky.

How do I evenly disperse the snow inside the globe?

After adding decorations, gently turn the globe upside down and right side up to allow the snow to blanket the scene before sealing.

What’s the best way to attach decorations on the inside?

Adhesive putty or dots work well to hold items in place. Avoid glue that could dissolve in the liquid. Apply putty to the feet of figurines so they stand securely.

How long does it take for the snow to settle inside the globe?

Expect 24-48 hours for all the snow to gently drift down. Avoid shaking or moving the globe as the snow settles.

What’s the best way to display my finished snow globe?

Set on a shelf or tabletop where people will see the snow move when the globe is picked up. Angle toward a light source to illuminate the scene.

Can I make my own DIY snow globe?

Absolutely! You can reuse jars or vases, make glitter snow, and use small toys or trinkets to create unique snowy scenes. Kits just provide key supplies to get started.

With the right snow globe kit, unleash your creativity this holiday season for custom snow globes that provide lasting memories and joy. As you shake up a snowy scene, think of all the people you’ll delight by sharing your magical winter creations.

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