Customizing My Clothes with Michaels Iron On Letters

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As someone who loves expressing my creativity through DIY projects, I’m always looking for fun new ways to customize and personalize my stuff. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with using iron on letters from Michaels to make T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags – you name it! With so many font styles, sizes and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

The Extremely Versatile Michaels Iron On Letter Selection

One of the things I love most about Michaels iron on letters is the huge variety they offer. Inside those drawers, you’ll find:

  • Different font styles: Block, bubble, cursive, retro – they’ve got it all! I especially like mixing and matching for a funky look.
  • Varying sizes: Extra small letters for labeling delicate fabrics to extra large ones for making bold statements. Their 2 inch size is great for shirts.
  • An array of colors: Not just basic black and white either. We’re talking glitter, neon, metallic – anything you can imagine! Red and pink are my go-to picks.
  • ** Upper and lowercase:** Michaels makes it easy to style words just the way you want them with both capital and lowercase available.
  • Numbers and symbols: From periods and asterisks to numbers, Michaels has all the extras you need to complete your project.

With hundreds of iron on letter options, you’ll never run out of ways to deck out your apparel and accessories!

Applying Michaels Iron On Letters the Right Way

Ironing letters onto clothing and fabrics isn’t difficult, but there are some tips and tricks to get that perfect application every time:

  • Read the instructions! Michaels includes detailed directions on how to adhere their iron on letters, so be sure to give them a good read. Temperature and time requirements vary.
  • Heat your iron up to the setting indicated on the letter packaging – usually cotton or linen. You’ll need a good amount of heat.
  • Place a piece of parchment paper over the letters before ironing. This prevents scorching.
  • Firmly iron each letter for the recommended 30-60 seconds, using steam if your iron has it. Take care not to shift or bump the letters during this process.
  • Allow to completely cool before peeling off the clear plastic backing. This ensures a good bond to the fabric.
  • Check edges to make sure they are fully fused. Re-iron any problem spots.

Follow those steps, and your Michaels iron on letters will look fantastic on any fabric or garment without any bubbling, peeling or cracking!

Affordable Michaels Iron On Letter Prices

One of the things that draws me to Michaels over and over is the reasonable prices. While specialty iron on letter sheets from other retailers can cost $10-15, Michaels offers their sheets at just $5-6 for a pack of 10 letters in one size and color.

Their larger multipacks with a full alphabet in assorted sizes, colors and fonts can cost around $20. For that price, you get hundreds of letters to deck out loads of clothing and accessories for yourself or to make thoughtful homemade gifts.

Even the bigger, bolder iron on letters only cost $8-10 per pack. When you compare these prices to custom monogramming from a sewing shop costing upwards of $10 per shirt, Michaels is definitely the budget-friendly way to personalize!

Sizing Up the Michaels Iron On Letter Options

Another feature I love about Michaels is that they offer iron on letters in a wide range of sizes to suit any project. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Petite 1/2 inch letters are perfect for embellishing shoes, pocket edges, jewelry and other small accessories.
  • The standard 2 inch size works great on t-shirts, tote bags, hats and more items with generous flat surface areas. This is probably the most popular option.
  • Big and bold 5 inch letters make a dramatic statement on sweatshirts, blankets, canvases and bigger home decor pieces.
  • For super oversized looks, they have huge 8-10 inch letters that really stand out on curtains, pillows or wall hangings.
  • Skinny 1/4 inch alphabet is ideal for a delicate, subtle look on sleeves, jeans, bags and jewelry.

With this range of small to supersized options, Michaels iron on letters have an application for every occasion!

Every Color of the Rainbow: Michaels Iron On Letter Variety

Beyond size, Michaels also impresses with the vast spectrum of iron on letter colors available. They offer every hue to perfectly match any project:

  • Basic black and white are ideal for a clean, classic look. These go with everything!
  • Bright, glittery metallics like gold, rose gold and silver add serious glam to any fabric.
  • Primaries – red, blue, yellow – make fun and festive statements. Great for kids’ stuff!
  • Neons like pink, orange and lime green iron ons look awesome on dark fabrics. Super eye-catching!
  • Pastels – mint, lilac, baby blue – have a softer, more delicate effect.
  • Varsity iron on letters in classic collegiate colors make trendy customized clothing.

With every color imaginable at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect complement to any fabric. Mix and match for even more unique effects!

Choosing the Best Fabrics for Michaels Iron On Letters

While Michaels iron on letters can work on most fabrics, some hold up better over time than others. Follow these fabric dos and don’ts:

  • Do use 100% cotton, poly-cotton blends or canvas. The letters bond best to natural fabrics.
  • Don’t apply iron ons to silk, satin, nylon or other synthetics. The letters may not adhere correctly.
  • Do pick medium to heavyweight fabrics. Iron ons fuse better to thicker materials.
  • Don’t choose delicate, flimsy or stretchy materials. The letters may crack or peel over time.
  • Do wash and dry the fabric first to minimize later shrinkage.

Following these guidelines, your Michaels iron on letters will maintain their bold look even after many machine washes and trips through the dryer!

Putting Michaels Iron On Letters to the Test: Durability

When I first started using iron on letters, I’ll admit I had some doubts about how well they would hold up long-term. But I’m happy to report that the Michaels iron ons have passed all my tests with flying colors!

I purposely washed and dried several shirts multiple times, and the letters stayed crisp and fused tight to the fabric. No cracking, fading or peeling like other cheap iron ons I’ve tried.

I also accidentally left an iron on letter shirt balled up in the dryer overnight, and everything remained intact – no bubbling or warping from the heat.

Even my rowdy littles tugging and stretching the fabric couldn’t rip those letters off. Michaels iron ons definitely live up to their durability claims. I feel confident they’ll provide long-lasting wear while maintaining their colorful, eye-catching designs.

Convenient Michaels Iron On Letter Kits – Tools Included!

One thing that makes projects with Michaels iron on letters even easier is their kits that include both letters and all the tools you need.

Their Ultimate T-Shirt Iron-On Letter Kit has hundreds of 2-inch letters plus:

  • Parchment paper for ironing
  • Reusable plastic alignment tool
  • Measuring tape
  • Mini squeegee for application

Having all these supplies included takes the hassle out of searching for the right tools. The handy alignment grid ensures your words go on straight – no crooked designs!

For bigger displays, they also offer the Full Sheet Iron-On Letters Kit with giant 10-inch letters and the same helpful tools.

With these all-inclusive kits, decorating garments, totes, banners and more is a cinch!

Press and Peel: Easy Michaels Iron On Letter Application

One of the easiest parts of using Michaels iron on letters is that they’re designed for fast application with minimal steps:

  • Arrange letters on fabric
  • Place parchment paper over top
  • Firmly iron each letter for 30-60 seconds
  • Let cool
  • Peel off clear plastic backing

And that’s it – your letters are adhered and ready to show off! The entire process only takes a few minutes for most projects.

Since the plastic backing peels away easily after ironing, there’s no need to meticulously pick off each letter. Michaels makes application super simple even for iron on newbies.

Their letters also go on smoothly with no bumpy edges as long as you use adequate heat and press firmly. Follow the directions, and you’ll have professional-looking results!

Expanding Beyond Clothes: Inventive Uses for Michaels Iron On Letters

While t-shirts and other apparel make a perfect canvas for iron on letters, Michaels has opened my eyes to more uncommon uses that are just as stylish. A few I’ve tried:

  • Sneakers or canvas shoes
  • Halloween costume details
  • Laptop sleeves or cases
  • Photo albums or scrapbooks
  • Skateboard decks
  • Thermal mugs or water bottles
  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Bejeweled headbands or sunglasses

The next time inspiration strikes, don’t limit yourself to clothes only. Get creative with all the unexpected ways to flaunt Michaels iron on letters!

Helpful Hints for Hassle-Free Michaels Iron On Letters

Through trial and error with countless Michaels projects, I’ve picked up some useful tips for making iron on letters look their best:

  • Wait 24 hours before washing finished garments
  • Stretch knits very gently when applying letters
  • Use light steam and medium heat on delicate fabrics
  • Trim around letters before ironing if placing close together
  • Keep aligned letters close together while steaming
  • Apply a press cloth over shiny fabric finishes
  • Gently peel letters immediately after ironing

Follow these helpful hints, and your Michaels iron on project will turn out picture-perfect every time!

Score Savings on Michaels Iron On Letters

One great thing about shopping at Michaels is all the ways to save on your purchases, including iron on letters! Here are some current deals:

  • All individual letter packs 40% off
  • Buy 2 get 1 free alphabet packs
  • Save 20% with coupon code LETTERLOVE
  • Earn 15% rewards on your entire purchase as a Michaels Rewards member
  • Check RetailMeNot for online promo codes
  • Join their email list for coupons sent right to your inbox

Don’t pay full price! With a little hunting, you can find great sales on Michaels iron ons to help personalize your wardrobe and home decor on a budget.

Complete Support for Perfect Results with Michaels Iron On Letters

For crafty novices, working with specialty materials like iron on letters for the first time can seem daunting. But Michaels provides exceptional support to help you nail the process perfectly.

All Michaels iron on letter packs come with simple instructions for application temperatures, timing and fabric types. Their letters are designed for fool-proof application.

Beyond the packages, Michaels has demo videos online showing the entire application process. Their knowledgeable store employees are always ready to answer questions and provide guidance as well.

For any mishaps, Michaels has a no hassle return policy on unused iron on letters. Follow the directions, and your project is guaranteed to impress – but if not, returns are easy.

With Michaels’ outstanding customer support, anyone can master stunning iron on designs!

Eco-Friendly Iron On Letters for the Conscious Crafter

For environmentally-minded makers like myself, Michaels offers a great selection of non-toxic iron on letters made from sustainable materials.

Their eco-friendly assortment uses plant-based inks and biodegradable plastic backings versus harsh solvents and PVCs. The adhesive won’t release toxic fumes, either.

It’s comforting to know these safer alternatives exist for customizing my clothes and home goods without exposing my family to nasty chemicals in the process. And the organic iron ons work just as wonderfully as the standard ones!

Another option is Michaels’ FiberContent paper letters made from 100% recycled material. It’s a double win – repurposing waste and avoiding chemical adhesives.

With more consumers demanding safe art supplies, I’m thrilled to see Michaels leading the way in eco-friendly iron on letters for the conscious crafter.

Must-Have Michaels Tools for Perfect Iron On Letter Application

While Michaels iron on letters themselves are wonderful, it’s also crucial to have the right tools on hand for a professional application every time. Here are the must-haves:

  • Parchment paper to prevent scorching
  • A mini squeegee to smooth letters and remove air bubbles
  • An alignment tool like a clear grid to position letters perfectly straight
  • A Teflon pressing cloth for use on delicate fabrics
  • A mini measuring tape to evenly space letters and center words
  • A good quality iron at the proper high heat setting
  • Sharp scissors for trimming around letter edges

Having these simple but essential tools takes the frustration out of ironing by ensuring your letters go on neatly aligned, bubble-free and without damaging the fabric. A worthwhile investment for stunning results!

Keeping Michaels Iron On Letters Straight and Centered

Ironing on perfectly aligned, centered words can be tricky, but it’s crucial for that professional-looking finish. Here are my best tips:

  • Use an alignment tool as a guide. Michaels sells grids that stick right to your project for easy centering.
  • Measure and mark fabric first. Chalk or temporary marker helps guide placement.
  • Apply just one letter at a time, moving top to bottom and middle to outer edges.
  • Gently stretch fabric taut in the hoop or frame while ironing.
  • Keep letters close together without overlapping.
  • Work slowly, double checking alignment as you go.
  • Use light steam which allows repositioning versus dry heat.

With care and patience, your Michaels iron on lettering will look like it was done by a monogramming expert!

Customer Favorites: Top Selling Michaels Iron On Letters

Wondering which Michaels iron on letters other crafters love? Based on reviews and my own experience, these are some best-sellers:

  • Block letter packs in bold basics like black and white
  • Rainbow glitter letters for a sparkly statement
  • Varsity iron ons in classic school colors
  • Distressed vintage alphabet for shabby chic crafts
  • Lisa Frank neon letters straight from the 90’s
  • Disney fonts for kids’ clothing and nurseries
  • Collegiate logos for game day gear
  • Monogram or initial packs for personalized gifts
  • Patriotic red, white and blue iron ons for summer

With so many fun options, every DIYer can find their perfect set of Michaels iron on letters to start creating!

Rave Reviews: What Michaels Shoppers are Saying About Iron On Letters

Looking at the many five-star reviews for Michaels iron on letters, it’s clear I’m not the only crafter who’s head over heels for them! Here’s what fellow customers rave about:

  • “These held up through tons of washes without fading or cracking at all.”
  • “Super cute letters with so many artistic font choices.”
  • “The glitter letters put such a fun pop on a basic t-shirt.”
  • “My daughter shows off her personalized jacket to everyone!”
  • “Our team jerseys looked professionally printed.”
  • “My labels stayed crisp and clear through the dryer’s highest heat.”
  • “They went on super smoothly right where I wanted them.”

Countless happy reviewers agree – Michaels iron ons beat the competition hands down for quality, durability and ease of use!

Shopping Online for Convenient Michaels Iron On Letters

Another perk of Michaels iron on letters is that busy crafters can shop for them easily right from home. At, you’ll find:

  • The complete selection of sizes, fonts, colors and styles
  • User reviews and application tips for each product
  • Regular site-wide sales and promo codes for discounts
  • Convenient purchasing without leaving home
  • Ability to buy in bulk for large projects or groups
  • Fast shipping right to your doorstep
  • Easy returns by mail if needed

Why run around town when you can point and click your way to the perfect iron on letters from the comfort of home? Michaels makes enhancing your DIY projects easier than ever.

Uh Oh! Removing or Replacing Your Michaels Iron On Letters

Even crafty pros make mistakes, and you may need to remove or reposition misapplied Michaels iron on letters. Here are a few effective options I’ve tried:

  • For recently applied letters, heat them back up with an iron or blow dryer, then gently peel.
  • Freeze old iron ons for several hours to make the adhesive brittle so it chips off easier.
  • Use a seam ripper or X-Acto knife to carefully slice away the thick of the letter, then rub off any remainder.
  • Dampen a washcloth and rub firmly to work loose the edges of the letters.
  • For hard-to-remove letter stubs, cover with a scrap of fabric and re-iron to transfer adhesive.

With a little time and elbow grease, you can redo iron ons that didn’t turn out perfectly on the first try.

Helpful Michaels Resources for Iron On Letter Projects

One thing that makes Michaels stand out as a favorite craft supply store are all the instructional resources they offer for free. For iron on letter tips and tricks, be sure to check out:

  • Step-by-step tutorial videos on their website demonstrating start-to-finish application
  • Informational blog posts with creative iron on project ideas and troubleshooting advice
  • Free crafting classes at local stores where you can get hands-on practice
  • The Michaels app full of templates, patterns and inspirational photos
  • Sign up for their Idea Email newsletter with DIY iron on crafts right to your inbox

With so much instructional content, Michaels has everything you need to master those iron on letters and unlock your creativity!

My Verdict: Michaels Iron On Letters Are a MUST

Well, I think it’s abundantly clear how positively smitten I am with Michaels iron on letters! Their wide selection allows me to personalize and stylize my clothing and home goods to suit any mood or occasion.

The application process is smooth and fool-proof, so even crafting newbies can achieve professional-looking results. And Michaels unbeatable prices and frequent sales make decking everything out in custom iron on designs surprisingly affordable.

With quality letters that withstand repeated washing and wearing, my finished projects always impress. For easy, durable and economical iron ons, Michaels can’t be beat. Their letters take any DIY project to the next level!

I hope my rave review has inspired you to get creative with iron on letters for your own unique homemade gear and decor. Just watch – once you start, you’ll be hooked and ready to iron on all the things!

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