Dazzling Beauty: My Rhinestone Obsession at Michaels

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Exploring the Sparkling World of Crafting with Rhinestones

As a lifelong crafter with a passion for all things glittery and glamorous, I have an absolute obsession with rhinestones. There’s just something about those glinting gems that makes any project instantly more eye-catching and elegant. Over the years, I’ve used thousands of rhinestones to bedazzle everything from t-shirts to phone cases, so I’m always on the hunt for new and unique options to add some extra sparkle to my DIY creations. That’s why one of my favorite places to shop for rhinestones is Michaels. Their wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles opens up a world of dazzling possibilities!

In this blog post, I’ll take you on a journey into the rhinestone wonderland at Michaels. Whether you’re looking to add some subtle shimmer or go full-on diamond diva, you’re sure to find the perfect rhinestones for your next craft. I’ll share tips on choosing the right rhinestones for different projects, creative ways to use them, and my own experiences shopping the rhinestone selection at Michaels. Get ready to unleash your inner magpie – it’s about to get really sparkly!

A Rainbow of Rhinestone Colors

One of the things I love most about Michaels is the huge array of rhinestone colors they offer. Far beyond basic clear and jet, you can find rhinestones in every color of the rainbow, allowing you to perfectly coordinate with any project. Delicate pastels like peach, mint and lilac are great for a soft ethereal look. Rich jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and amethyst add drama and sophistication. Looking for something fun and funky? They’ve got you covered with bright hues like fuchsia, citron and aqua.

The options are endless, so I often spend hours happily browsing the rhinestone wall, mesmerized by all the glittering colors and dreaming up ideas. Whether planning a color-themed party, making jewelry to match a special outfit, or just looking for inspiration, losing myself in that sea of rainbow rhinestones never gets old!

Rhinestone Sizes for Maximum Sparkle Impact

Rhinestones come in a wide range of sizes, from tiny pinprick points of light to huge show-stopping gems. Michaels carries them all, so you can find the perfect size for your project. The smallest 2mm briolettes are perfect for concentrated areas like nail art, adding intricate detail to a card or scrapbook page, or creating dazzling ombre effects on clothing.

For jewelry, I like to use 4mm and 6mm sizes – they’re big enough to stand out and catch the light beautifully. Michaels’ selection of 10mm and 12mm rhinestones allow you to create real wow-factor pieces with substantial sparkling gems. And don’t overlook their jumbo 20mm showstoppers – those mammoth rhinestones are perfect for home decor items like mirror frames, vases, and holiday ornaments where you really want the bling to pop.

With Michaels’ range of sizes, I can find the right rhinestones to make anything shine brighter!

Self-Adhesive Rhinestones for Quick and Easy Dazzle

As much as I love the look of hand-set rhinestones, sometimes you need to add a little razzle-dazzle in a hurry. That’s why I appreciate that Michaels carries a wide selection of self-adhesive rhinestones – they provide almost instant glam!

The pre-glued flat-back rhinestones come neatly lined up on rolls or sheets, making application clean, quick and easy. I keep a stash on hand at all times to instantly jazz up basic accessories and clothing. They’re perfect for spelling out names or words, creating patterns and borders, or topping off handmade cards and invitations when you’re short on time.

Michaels has some especially handy multipacks with a range of rhinestone sizes and colors all in one. I’ll often combine smaller crystals with a few larger showstopper stones to create an elegant ombre effect. The self-adhesive rhinestones cling tightly and can withstand washing – giving me glittering results with half the effort!

Choosing the Best Rhinestones for Fabric

Gluing rhinestones onto fabric always takes a bit more finesse than applying them to smooth surfaces like glass or metal. So when bedazzling apparel, accessories or decorative textiles, it’s important to select the right type of rhinestones for the job. Michaels offers several high-quality options designed specifically to adhere securely to fabrics for a long-lasting dazzling effect.

Metal-backed rhinestones with flat or pointed backs work well for most fabrics, as the smooth metal surface creates a strong grip. I like to use E-6000 glue for metal-backed rhinestones – just make sure to add a sealant like Mod Podge on top since E-6000 can stain fabrics over time.

Hot fix rhinestones are fantastic for situations where glue won’t work, like stretchy fabrics or delicate silks and satins that could stain. You simply arrange the rhinestones face down, press with a hot iron, and the heat activates the pre-applied adhesive. They produce a really secure bond that stands up beautifully to washing and wearing.

For temporary dazzle, iron-on transfer sheets make adding rhinestones to clothing or accessories a total breeze. Michaels has some super cute iron-on designs perfect for customizing t-shirts, hats, denim jackets, and more. Effortless sparkle!

Take Advantage of Michaels Coupons on Rhinestones

Like any avid Michaels shopper, I’m always on the hunt for a good coupon or sale! Luckily rhinestones go on promotion fairly often, so with a little strategic shopping you can stock up and save.

I try to buy my basic clear and jet black rhinestones in bulk when they are 40-50% off. Those classic colors get used in nearly every project, so it’s smart to buy a lot at a lower price per pack. Around the holidays, embellishments like rhinestones are often 30% off or BOGO. And I watch the weekly ad for coupons on entire regular-priced purchases – then I throw in a few special colored rhinestone packs at full price to get the overall discount.

With regular coupons and sales at Michaels, I’ve been able to build an extensive rhinestone collection that allows me to beadazzle to my heart’s content, without breaking the bank! A crafter’s dream!

Dazzle and Delight with Rhinestone Applique Designs

Pre-made rhinestone appliques provide amazing sparkle impact in very little time. Michaels has a gorgeous selection of iron-on rhinestone motifs like flowers, butterflies, stars, andmore in every color imaginable. I love using these eye-catching designs to embellish clothing, shoes, bags, hair accessories, home decor and just about anything else I can think of!

The detailed rhinestone appliques look far more intricate and professional than anything I could assemble stone-by-stone. I often incorporate them into my decoupaged furniture projects – they create such a cool juxtaposition over collaged vintage paper. For clothing, I’ll frequently iron rhinestone floral designs onto plain t-shirts or jeans to make them red carpet ready in minutes.

Next time I need some effortless extra dazzle, I know exactly where to find the perfect glitzy applique – in Michaels’ magical rhinestone section!

Vintage and Unique Rhinestone Styles

While Michaels has all the standard modern rhinestone shapes and colors, I’m always excited when I spot one of their cool vintage or specialty rhinestone selections. These unique styles allow me to create one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories and decor that really stands out.

Some of my favorite finds have been art deco-inspired navette and baguette shapes in black diamond, smoke topaz and brilliant sapphire. The elongated silhouette and dark, moody colors emanate Jazz Age drama and elegance.

I also adore Michaels’ rare selection of authentic vintage Czech glass rhinestones. The old-world European crystals have a distinctive sparkling brilliance, depth and color saturation that can’t be replicated today. These are true antique treasures!

Whenever I want to make something that feels truly distinctive and historic, I know Michaels will have those special rhinestones to inspire jewelry, accessories and designs packed with one-of-a-kind vintage character.

Choose Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Rhinestones

Working with thousands of rhinestones as I do, I’ve tried to become more conscious about sourcing my sparkly stash sustainably. I’m pleased to find that Michaels now offers several eco-friendly rhinestone options for crafters looking for an ethical glitter alternative.

Their bioglitz line uses plant-based epoxy resin rather than polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which contains harmful phthalates. These innovative biosynthetic crystals have the same dazzling effect but are better for wearers and the environment.

I also opt for vintage and upcycled rhinestones whenever possible. By reusing crystals from existing jewelry and vintage clothing, I give new life to old materials and keep them out of landfills. Michaels often carries reclaimed rhinestones which help make sustainable styling easy.

With more shoppers like me looking for greener craft supplies, I’m hopeful even more ethical and eco-conscious rhinestones will become available. But for now, Michaels offers some fab options to sparkle sustainably!

Inspiration for Rhinestone Embellished Projects

As you can see, the rhinestone selection at Michaels offers an endless creative palette for bedazzling projects of all kinds. Here are just a few of my favorite ways I’ve used their sparkling gems:

  • Rhinestone-encrusted phone cases, laptop skins, and tech accessories
  • Statement bib necklaces, chandelier earrings, and glamorous rhinestone jewelry
  • Rhinestone initial necklaces and bracelets for personalized gifts
  • Bedazzled jean jackets and t-shirts for music festivals
  • Sparkling clutch purses and handbags for a night out
  • Rhinestone tumblers and stemware for dressed-up dinner parties
  • Dazzled mirror frames, vases, boxes, and picture frames as home accents
  • Rhinestone holiday ornaments, candle holders, and seasonal decor
  • Rhinestone bookmarks, notebook covers, and office accessories
  • Rhinestone wings and tiaras for dress-up costumes and cosplay

With this enormous selection of sizes, colors and styles, Michaels truly makes all my rhinestone crafting dreams come true. Next time inspiration strikes, you know where I’ll be – filling up my cart in the magical sparkling aisles of Michaels!

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