Deck the Halls: Illuminating Your Holiday With Michaels Christmas Lights

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Spreading Season’s Greetings One Strand at a Time

The holidays are a time for joy, togetherness, and celebration. As soon as Thanksgiving dinner is finished, many are eager to dive into Christmas preparations. Decorating the home with festive trimmings helps us embrace the spirit of the season. And what better way to set a magical mood than with glistening Christmas lights? Whether indoors or outdoors, Christmas lights instantly transform any space into a winter wonderland.

At Michaels, you’ll discover a dazzling selection of Christmas lights to infuse your home with Yuletide cheer. From classic incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs, Michaels offers lights in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Read on as I share my experiences browsing the aisles and illuminating my home with Michaels Christmas lights. Discover the many options available, from the brightest bulbs to beloved nostalgic strands. Let’s explore how these lights can help make your holidays shine even brighter!

Illuminating Options: Michaels Christmas Light Selection

The first step to decking your halls is choosing the perfect Christmas lights. At Michaels, you’ll find lights ranging from classic incandescent to modern LEDs, available in countless colors and styles. Here’s an overview of the top options:

Incandescent Christmas Lights

Incandescent lights are the traditional option, providing a classic warm white glow. Michaels stocks incandescent C7 and C9 bulbs, the larger bulbs shaped like strawberries that give a vintage look. Smaller incandescent mini lights are ideal for wrapping trees and bushes outside. Just note that incandescent lights do use more energy.

LED Christmas Lights

For brighter and more energy-efficient lighting, LED Christmas lights are a great choice. Michaels stocks handy LED light strings and sets, like icicle lights perfect for dangling from eaves and trees. There are also battery-operated LED options, ideal for places your outlet simply can’t reach!

Color Changing Christmas Lights

Add some pizzazz with color changing Christmas lights! These fun lights allow you to switch between colors or set them to slowly transition for a cool effect. Michaels has LED color changing mini light sets and larger C9 bulbs too.

Christmas Light Shapes

Beyond standard round bulbs, Michaels also offers Christmas lights in fun shapes like snowflakes, candles, and flowers. There are even silhouette lights to project images like reindeer or snowmen! Shape lights add personality and whimsy to your display.

Projecting Christmas Lights

Speaking of projecting lights, Michaels stocks options like laser lights that create dazzling displays across your home. No need to hang individual strands, just set the light in place and let it do the work! There are single color and multicolor styles.

With all these varieties, you’re sure to find the perfect Christmas lights for your home at Michaels. Now let’s talk about how much all these lights will cost you.

Christmas Light Costs: Affordable Options for Every Display

We all want to decorate affordably for the holidays. The good news is Michaels offers Christmas lights at reasonable prices for every budget. Here are some typical costs for Michaels Christmas light strands:

  • Small incandescent mini lights – $5 for a 100 bulb strand
  • Large incandescent C7/C9 lights – $10 for a 50 bulb strand
  • LED mini light strands – $10 for 100 multicolor bulbs
  • Icicle style LED lights – $15 for a 200 bulb strand
  • Color changing LED lights – $20 for 50 bulbs

Of course, costs vary for novelty lights like snowflakes and projections. But in general, you can find basic Christmas lighting at very affordable prices. And Michaels frequently offers sales, coupons, and multi-box deals that help you save. For smaller decor needs, the prices are quite budget-friendly. Even large elaborate displays won’t necessarily break the bank thanks to Michaels’ reasonable costs.

Energy Efficiency: Choosing LED Christmas Lights

One great perk many Michaels Christmas lights offer is energy efficiency. As mentioned earlier, incandescent lights tend to use more electricity. For a greener holiday, LED Christmas lights are the best option.

LEDs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This saves on your electricity bill. It also reduces the risk of blown fuses or circuit overloads when running multiple light strands. LEDs generate very little heat too, making them safer for delicate holiday decorations.

Michaels stocks a wide selection of LED Christmas lights. Small mini string lights, icicle strands, and even C7 and C9 LED bulbs are available. And thanks to LED technology, these lights shine super bright while using a fraction of the energy. Green holiday decorating has never been easier.

Dazzling Colors and Styles for All

Christmas lights simply sparkle with the colors of the season. At Michaels you can find lights in every shade of the rainbow to deck your home in style. Here are some of the most popular colors and styles available:

Classic Christmas Colors

For traditional holiday hues, you can’t go wrong with classic Christmas lights in red, green, gold, and white. These colors evoke all the familiar nostalgia of Christmas. Use them to trim a tree, edge the roofline, or swirl around columns for timeless beauty.

Icicle Blue Whites

Icicle lights lend a wintry shimmer, especially in crisp icy blue and white shades. Drape these lights along eaves, railings, and doorframes to create a magical frozen facade. Their cool hues evoke gently falling snow.

Whimsical Multicolor Strands

Why choose just one color when you can have them all? Multicolor light strands add a lively, festive flair. Drape them on bushes, across mantels, or spiraled on columns and bannisters. The rainbow colors provide a playful pop of pizzazz!

Soothing Warm Whites

For a cozy ambiance, soft warm white lights are perfect. Outline windows and door frames to create a welcoming glow. Or weave them throughout garlands and greenery for an understated elegant touch. Their subtle shine sets a relaxing mood.

Whatever colors fit your style, Michaels has the lights to help you create it. Now let’s look at lighting up the outside of your home.

Outdoor Dazzle: Lighting Trees, Bushes, and More

Christmas magic shouldn’t stop at your front door! Outdoor Christmas lights showcase your holiday pride for all to see. At Michaels you can shop lights specifically designed to illuminate outside spaces. Here’s how to spread some exterior cheer:

Wrapping Trees and Bushes

Bring your outdoor trees and shrubs to life with twinkling lights! Opt for mini Christmas lights designed for outdoor use. Incandescent or LED both work. Start at the top and carefully wrap downwards, securing lights with clips. Outlining each branch makes them glow!

Lining Roofs, Gutters, and Siding

Use clip-on mini light strands to decorate outside walls and overhangs. Run them along roof and gutter edges, around windows, and down side molding. This outlines your home in glittering light! Just take care when decorating multi-story homes.

Embellishing Entryways

Welcome guests with dazzling door and column lights. Use cool hued icicle lights or warm white mini lights to frame doorways. Wrap column posts in swirling light strands that cascade down beautifully. A glowing entry sends season’s greetings!

With the right outdoor lights, you can highlight the natural beauty of your property while still illuminating every corner. Michaels stocks the strands and clips to decorate inside or out.

Quality and Safety: Buying with Confidence

When investing in Christmas lights, you want to feel confident in their quality and safety. By shopping at Michaels, you can illuminate your holidays with peace of mind. Here are some of the ways Michaels gives customers confidence:

UL Safety Certified – Michaels Christmas light strands meet UL safety standards, certified not to overheat or ignite. This gives assurance they won’t pose fire hazards.

Warranties – Most standard Michaels light strands come with year-long warranties in case of defects. Higher end sets may have up to 5 year warranties. This protects against early bulb burnouts or malfunctions.

Outdoor Rated – Lights labeled for outdoor use are made to withstand the weather. Their protective coatings prevent moisture damage as lights endure rain, snow, and temperature swings through the season.

Clear Labeling – Michaels labels provide guidance on spacing, strand length, bulb sizes, etc. This helps prevent overloading outlets or circuits. Proper setup ensures safe operation.

Flexible Cords – Michaels Christmas light cords are flexibly designed to handle some tugging and bending as you decorate. This durability prevents fraying and extends the life of your lights.

By purchasing top rated lights from a trusted brand like Michaels, you can deck your halls with confidence they’ll shine safely all season long.

Convenience: Shopping Online and In-Store

Another benefit of shopping at Michaels is the convenience. You can browse Christmas lights and make purchases either online or by visiting your local brick-and-mortar store.

Online shopping allows you to view their full selection of lights 24/7 from the comfort of home. Have lights delivered right to your door with no heavy boxes to lug home from the store. Read reviews from other customers to help select the perfect lights for your needs.

Visiting a Michaels store location gives you the advantage of seeing lights in person before buying. Check out how bright colors appear when illuminated and the feel of the flexible cords. Getting hands-on help from knowledgeable staff makes selecting lights even easier.

Either way, Michaels makes decking your halls with lights totally convenient. Enjoy easy online ordering or head to your neighborhood store. With such accessible shopping, transforming your home with Christmas magic is a breeze!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Michaels Christmas lights selection, let’s answer some common specific buying questions:

Michaels Christmas Lights Buying FAQs

What are the best selling Christmas lights at Michaels?

Some of Michaels top selling Christmas lights include:

  • Peanuts Holiday String Lights: These cute miniature light strands feature Snoopy, Woodstock, and other Peanuts characters.
  • Northlight 6′ 48 Light Christmas Tree: This convenient pre-lit artificial tree saves you time decorating.
  • Northlight 50 Ct Christmas Twinkle Lights: These classic clear mini lights work indoors or out.
  • Northlight 70 Ct Icicle Lights: The extra long icy blue icicle lights create a magical wintry facade.

What length are Michaels Christmas light strands?

Standard mini light strands at Michaels are typically 16 or 24 feet long. Novelty lights like snowflakes often are 6 foot strands. Icicle strands can range from 70 to 200 lights. Measure your space and existing outlets to determine how long your strands should be.

Are there battery operated Christmas lights at Michaels?

Yes, Michaels does offer battery-powered Christmas lights. These portable lights are convenient for decorating anywhere without outlets. Light sets run on batteries or have small controller packs. They allow flexibility for displays indoors and out.

When do Michaels Christmas lights go on sale?

Michaels offers special sales on Christmas lights throughout the holiday season:

  • Pre-Season Savings in October
  • Black Friday deals in late November
  • Cyber Week deals in early December
  • Last minute sales right before Christmas

Sign up for Michaels emails to receive notifications for holiday sales and coupons on Christmas lights!

How do I safely install and take down Michaels Christmas lights?

Use clips or hooks to neatly secure light strands when hanging. Check for worn cords and damaged sockets before using lights. Connect no more than 3 light strands together. LEDs stay cooler but avoid bunching any lights too tightly. Unplug lights during the daytime or when not in use. Wind strands gently around plastic spools to store without tangling.

More Holiday Sparkle: Michaels Decor Beyond Lights

Once you’ve illuminated every corner, take your holiday decor over the top with even more embellishments from Michaels:

  • Garlands, wreaths, and greenery
  • Ribbons, bows, and decorative accents
  • Stockings and tree skirts
  • Christmas villages and decorative miniatures
  • Outdoor inflatable decorations
  • Craft supplies to make DIY ornaments

Let your Christmas creativity shine by complementing your lights with these festive touches and trimmings. With Michaels extensive holiday selection, your home will out-sparkle even the North Pole!

Let There Be Light! Michaels Lights Up the Holidays

‘Tis the season for Christmas magic, merriment, and memories. At the heart of it all is gathering with loved ones in a home decorated with care. Let Michaels Christmas lights illuminate your holidays, from classic incandescent bulbs to dazzling modern LEDs. Showcase your Christmas spirit inside and out. Bathe your home in welcoming warmth, evoke wintry wonderlands, or emblazon bold festive flair.

With the right lights, Michaels can help transform any space into a winter spectacular. Rekindle nostalgia, create new traditions, and make the season shine bright. As you adorn your home this year, may your heart glow with the magic and joy of the holidays. Let Michaels Christmas lights spark that sentiment and give your entire season a brilliant glow.

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