Deck the Halls: The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Ornaments at Michaels

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Discover Festive Decor and Ornament Ideas for Your Holiday Tree

The holiday season is finally here, and it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! As I begin planning my Christmas decor each year, one of my favorite parts is picking out new Christmas ornaments to adorn the tree. There’s just something magical about unwrapping delicate glass bulbs, handmade figurines, and shiny baubles to hang on the branches. This year, I’ll be heading to my local Michaels store to find the perfect ornaments and get some inspiration for decorating my Christmas tree.

In my experience, Michaels offers an amazing selection of Christmas ornaments in different styles, themes, colors, and materials. Each year I discover new treasures, from elegant glass pieces to nerdy pop culture references. And I always manage to find just the right amount of matching ornaments to pull together a cohesive tree decor. If you’re looking for festive ornament sets or one-of-a-kind statement pieces this holiday season, read on for an in-depth guide to the Christmas ornament offerings at Michaels.

Glass Ornaments for Timeless Beauty

There’s something about delicate glass ornaments that just feels Christmas-y to me. The classic orb shapes, glittering surfaces, and antiqued metallic finishes combine for a vintage look I adore. Michaels stocks a wide variety of glass Christmas ornaments in many colors and designs.

Some of my favorites are the red, emerald, and sapphire colored glass bulbs that add rich jewel tones to the tree. They also have frosted white, silver, and gold glass balls in shimmering solid colors or elegantly etched patterns. For antique charm, I love their glass ornaments with crackled paint finishes, like creamy ivory or faded red bases with metallic gold accents.

In addition to traditional ball shapes, Michaels has teardrop, icicle, and finial shaped glass ornaments to mix up the silhouettes on your tree. Some have beautiful engraved floral patterns for an extra dose of sophistication. And nothing looks more festive than ornaments with inner layers that glitter and swirl when shaken, mimicking drifting snow inside a snow globe.

Get Personal with Custom Ornament Designs

Beyond their general ornament offerings, Michaels lets you make your holiday decor even more special with personalized Christmas ornaments. They have ornaments you can customize with names, monograms, photos, or designs that reflect your family’s unique traditions.

My favorite options are the glass photo ornaments where you can insert pictures of loved ones inside clear glass frames. I have several capturing memories of my kids from past Christmases that I treasure. For pet lovers, they have round glass ornaments and bone shapes that can be customized with your furry friend’s name or photo.

Michaels also has classic ceramic disc ornaments, sleek metal disks, and sturdy wood shapes you can personalize with custom laser engraving. Beyond names and initials, some accept longer texts so you can add dates, quotes, or sentiments. The engraved designs look so festive on the tree, and make thoughtful keepsake gifts for family and friends.

Have Fun with Pop Culture & Trendy Themes

While I gravitate toward classic styles, I do love that Michaels offers a great selection of themed ornaments to show off your fandom or personality. They have cute character-shaped ornaments and decorative balls featuring Disney, Star Wars, Marvel heroes, Harry Potter, and other pop culture franchises that make any fan’s inner child happy.

Some more modern and trendy themes I’ve spotted are sugar skull designs, boho chic patterns, and sassy humorous sayings – perfect for those with edgier tastes. For foodies, there are charming ceramic ornaments shaped like cappuccinos, doughnuts, pizza slices and more. And I always get a kick out of their selection of holiday-themed occupation ornaments like doctors, teachers, and construction workers.

Beyond pop culture and food, Michaels has an impressive selection of Christmas ornaments representing diverse faiths, cultures and holidays. It’s easy to find beautiful Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and winter solstice-themed ornaments that highlight traditions outside the Christmas holiday.

Nature Inspired: Birds, Animals, & Outdoor Ornaments

In recent years, I’ve focused on finding nature-themed ornaments to give my Christmas tree a woodland vibe. Michaels has become my go-to source for ornament styles featuring birds, animals, trees, and outdoor elements.

Some of my favorite purchases have been frosted glass bird ornaments, detailed carved owls and robins, and cute critters like foxes and squirrels. I’ve collected a whole flock of sparkly feathered friends for the tree! Beyond birds, they also have deer, bears, rabbits, raccoons, and moose if you want to create a little forest.

For botanical accents, I adore their laser cut wooden ornaments shaped like leaves, trees, mushrooms, and flowers. And nothing feels more rustic than their twig, pinecone, and burlap ornaments dotted with berries or tartan plaids. My tip is to mix different nature shapes and textures throughout the tree for an organic look.

The other benefit of nature designs is that many make gorgeous outdoor Christmas ornaments as well for decorating trees and wreaths in your yard, porch, or balcony. Those frosted bird bulbs add a perfect wintery touch to outdoor holiday decor.

Vintage Looks from Shatterproof Plastic & Crafted Decor

In addition to glass, Michaels sells Christmas ornaments made from shatterproof plastic, resin, ceramic, fabric, wood, and other crafted materials. This opens up more possibilities for fun vintage or handmade styled designs.

I tend to gravitate toward their plastic ornaments made to mimic looks popular in the 1940s-60s. They have shiny mica-coated bulbs, lightweight teardrops, and glittery poinsettia shapes that remind me of decorations my grandparents would have displayed.

For a handcrafted look, Michaels has matte finished resin ornaments molded into detailed shapes like snow-dappled villages, churches, and mischievous elves and gnomes. Their felt ball garlands add retro charm, and I’ve found some felted wool needlepoint ornaments with adorable forest animal designs.

Some more modern crafted materials they offer are laser cut wood sliced to look like snowflakes, geometric shapes, and word art for a trendy handmade vibe. And their frosted plastic candy cane and gingerbread decorations make me hungry for the holidays!

Shimmering Colors from Ornament Sets & Collection Themes

Michaels makes it easy to decorate in any color palette with their wide selection of Christmas ornament sets and coordinating collections. I often browse their ornament sets for inspiration to create a visually stunning Christmas tree.

Some years I’ve picked a single bold color for drama, loading up on crimson, emerald, sapphire, or bright white sets of balls and baubles. Mixing complementary colors like purple and silver or teal and gold also makes a striking display.

Besides solid colors, Michaels offers sets unified by common textures like glittered snowflakes, checked plaids, or candy striped beads and balls. For collectors, some exclusive themed sets feature classic Dickensian carolers, whimsical snowmen, or glass engraved designs. Choosing a few matching sets helps pull the whole tree together.

And if you’re aiming for a perfectly coordinated designer look, Michaels has entire Christmas collections with styles that complement each other seamlessly. Their popular Shiny Brites, Icicle Creek, and Winter Frost collections have matching glass ornaments, garlands, tree toppers, and other decor that display beautifully together. It takes the guesswork out of decorating!

Sparkling Extras: Tree Toppers, Garlands & Decor

To complete your Christmas ornament look, Michaels offers a dazzling selection of tree toppers, garlands, lights and other decor to embellish branches. Glittering tree topper stars, flowers, and bows in shining metallic finishes add the perfect final touch. For natural elegance, they have toppers resembling pinecones, berries, or cascading icicles.

To adorn your tree like a jewel box, you can’t go wrong with their wide selection of beaded garland strands and tinsel garlands that shimmer under the lights. Velvet ribbon is another classic choice for wrapping trunks and branches. For fun, you could top your tree with their electronic lighted topper spinners that rotate color-changing lights.

And any spaces that need filling can be amped up with plastic bulb clips, fabric bows, flower picks, and other accent pieces that complement the style of your ornaments. Let your imagination run wild with decor extras that tie the theme together!

Ornament Storage & Organization Essentials

With so many precious ornaments collected over the years, keeping them organized and protected is essential. Luckily, Michaels offers a great selection of Christmas ornament storage solutions so you can find what you need each holiday season.

For fragile glass and heirloom ornaments, I rely on their sturdy ornament storage boxes with padded dividers and firm outer shells that can stack neatly when not in use. They have smaller boxes perfect for protecting treasured pieces as well as larger capacity containers to store a whole collection. Labeling the outside makes locating them a cinch.

Hanging multi-loop ornaments organizers are another option that lets you neatly store delicate ornaments on hooks to prevent tangling and damage. For quick pack up post-holidays, I love using their handy foldable ornament storage bags that hold up to 6 dozen ornaments! With so many choices, keeping those cherished ornaments protected is easy.

Get Crafty: DIY Ornament Ideas & Decorating Supplies

One of my favorite parts of Michaels is the amazing selection of craft supplies and DIY ornament ideas perfect for getting the kids involved and making our decorations extra personal. Their Make it: Christmas guide is full of fun projects for all skill levels.

Some of my favorite DIY ornament ideas from Michaels involve transforming basic wooden shapes and balls with paint, Mod Podge, glitter, and other embellishments. Let the kids go wild decorating plain bulbs to reflect their personalities!

For a homemade look, I love using supplies like jute string, burlap, twigs, and pinecones to fashion rustic inspired ornaments. And their ceramic bisque ornaments are fun to paint with holiday scenes, patterns, and characters. The options are endless with a little holiday crafting!

Holiday Sparkle: How to Decorate Your Tree with Michaels Ornaments

Now for the fun part – using all these festive supplies to deck your own halls and Christmas tree! When planning out my eclectic ornament collection on our Douglas Fir each year, I stick to some basic principles for a visually stunning look:

  • Mix up sizes and silhouette shapes for interest – balls, teardrops, icicles, birds, houses, etc.
  • Display ornaments at varying heights and depths on branches
  • Combine textures like shiny glass with soft plush fabric pieces
  • Scatter complementary colors throughout instead of grouping – ie. red, green, gold
  • Use ornament hooks in different metals – silver, gold, copper, bronze
  • Fill in gaps with ribbon, garland, tree collar decor
  • Spotlight special pieces on prominent branches

By following these simple tips as you arrange your Michaels ornaments on the tree, you can achieve a lively, multidimensional decorated tree that looks professionally designed! Then turn on some Mariah Carey, pour the eggnog, and get those holiday vibes flowing.

Michaels Ornaments: Shopping Tips & Tricks

After years of ornament shopping, I’ve gathered some pro tips for navigating the Michaels Christmas collections to get the best deals on these festive decorations:

  • Shop early – New holiday inventory comes in starting late summer. Popular items sell out!
  • Wait for sales – Michaels usually offers coupons 40-50% off any regular item each week. Time it right.
  • Sign up for the rewards program – Earn points with purchases and receive coupons and discounts
  • Take advantage of curbside pickup – Skip the crowds and have items brought to your car
  • Follow Michaels on social media – They promote new arrivals and sales on Facebook, Instagram
  • Be flexible – If they run out of something, there are always great alternatives
  • Purchase backups of favorite ornaments – Reissue next year if any get damaged
  • Get creative with storage solutions – Protect delicate and heirloom ornaments

Bring the Magic Home

Part of what makes the holidays so special is finding beautiful decor that reflects the unique joy, memories, and personality of your family. The ornaments at Michaels offer that creative opportunity for holiday magic with an incredible diversity of styles to choose from. Whether your tastes run colorful, sophisticated, whimsical, or natural, you can find distinctive ornaments to make your Christmas visions come to life.

I hope these tips help you embark on your own festive ornament shopping adventure this season. Get ready to be inspired as you browse the glittering aisles of Christmas decor! Let your inner child imagination run wild, and find those decorative touches that will make your holidays shine bright. Happy ornament hunting!

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