Decking the Halls with Ornaments from Michaels

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Finding Festive Decor and Keepsakes for Your Christmas Tree

The holiday season is my favorite time of year. As soon as fall rolls around, I get excited to decorate my home for Christmas. I love nothing more than picking out the perfect Christmas tree and adorning it with beautiful ornaments. There’s just something magical about decorating the tree and filling your home with the nostalgic scents and twinkling lights that make the season bright. That’s why every year I make a trip to my local Michaels to stock up on festive ornaments and decorations to make my Christmas vision come to life.

Michaels always has such an amazing selection of ornaments that help capture the spirit of the season. They carry a variety of styles and themes so you can decorate your tree however you’d like. From sentimental personalized ornaments to fun themed sets, I’ve been able to find unique keepsakes over the years that hold special meaning. Michaels ornaments have become treasured decorations that I proudly display year after year.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my tips and experiences with shopping for Christmas ornaments at Michaels. I’ll cover the types of ornaments they offer, sales and discounts, purchasing online or in store, prices, craft supplies, ornament storage, new arrivals, and more. If you’re looking to deck your halls this season, you’re sure to find festive inspiration with ornaments from Michaels!

Ornament Variety: Styles & Themes to Suit Any Christmas Style

One of my favorite aspects of Michaels ornament selection is the variety. Whether I’m going for an elegant gold and silver theme or a fun, eclectic style, I can always find perfect options for my tree. Here are some of the styles and themes you’ll find at Michaels:

Traditional Glass Ornaments

No tree would be complete without classic glass ball ornaments. At Michaels, you’ll find these timeless decorations in every color imaginable. They have glossy, satin, frosted, and glitter-filled styles. You can choose single colors or assorted multi-color packs for plenty of variety. Their glass ornaments come in standard sizes as well as oversized options. Elegant glass ornaments are a festive choice to dress up any Christmas tree.

Personalized Ornaments

One of my favorite parts of tree decorating is finding special ornaments with my family’s names or photos. At Michaels, you can shop for personalized glass ball and ceramic disc ornaments to commemorate each year. They have so many design choices like holiday patterns, photos, names, year dates, and more. Personalized keepsake ornaments make thoughtful gifts too. Adding new ones each year becomes a cherished holiday tradition.

Themed Ornament Sets

Why choose one ornament when you can deck your tree in a matching theme? At Michaels, you can shop ornament sets around popular Christmas icons like Santa, snowmen, nutcrackers, and more. Some of my favorites have been their North Pole themed village sets with miniature cottages, shops, Santas, and woodland characters. They also offer beautiful winter botanical sets with pinecones, berries, and flowers. Themed ornaments are a fun way to decorate different sections of your tree!

Character & Pop Culture Ornaments

If you want to show off your fandom, Michaels has a nice selection of character and pop culture ornaments. They have Disney characters, classic movie scenes, TV show icons, video game references, and ornaments for major sports teams or colleges. Pop culture ornaments are always a hit and bring back great memories.

Artisan Crafted Ornaments

Beyond mass-produced ornaments, Michaels also offers more artisan crafted decorations made from wood, fabric, pottery, polymer clay, and other materials. You can find hand-painted designs, embroidered and stitched pieces, carved wood ornaments, stained glass, and more. They are perfect for adding homemade charm and whimsy to your holiday decor.

Eco-Friendly Ornaments

If you have more earth-friendly holiday style, Michaels has nature-inspired ornaments like carved wood animal shapes or laser cut wood slices etched with forest designs. They also sell jute and burlap ornaments as a natural choice. For the eco-conscious decorator, these are great options that still capture the seasonal spirit.

As you can see, Michaels truly has ornaments for any Christmas style you can imagine. Their exclusive brands like Ashland, Fantastix, and Craft Smart offer trendy themes each season so you always have new options to explore for decorating. With such variety, I’m never at a loss to find exciting ornaments to give my tree a unique look.

Special Touches: Personalization, Monogramming & Customization

One aspect that takes Michaels ornament selection to the next level is the ability to add those special personalized and customized touches. Beyond just choosing pre-made ornaments off the shelves, you have the opportunity to create keepsakes that have more sentimental meaning. Here are some of the customization services they offer:

Personalized Text & Names

Most of the glass ball and ceramic disc ornaments can be customized with names, initials, dates, or any short text you choose. You can commemorate family, friend groups, occasions, or just a year date. I love having our family name on ornaments for the tree.

Photos & Custom Designs

In addition to text, many ornament styles can be printed with photos or custom artwork as well. Just provide the image and Michaels can transfer it onto glass, acrylic, canvas, wood, and porcelain ornaments. Photos of kids, pets, or special memories make for great personalized tree decor.

Monogrammed Ornaments

For a classy, personalized touch, Michaels has monogram letter ornaments. You can do single initials or full last names in metal alloy, ceramic, glass, and wood styles. Elegant monograms add a nice custom element to your holiday decorating.

DIY Ornament Customization

Beyond pre-made options, Michaels has all the craft supplies and instructional classes to help you make completely customized DIY ornaments. Their Creatology brand has ornament craft kits for adding rhinestones, embroidery, beads, decoupage, wood burning, resin, painting, and more design methods. With some creativity, you can produce one-of-a-kind ornament masterpieces!

Adding personalization to your ornaments makes them far more meaningful than generic decor you can buy anywhere. Michaels empowers you to capture your memories and style. Anytime I buy customized keepsake ornaments for my tree, I feel like I’m preserving special little pieces of my family’s holiday moments. That’s what makes decorating for Christmas so nostalgic!

Deck the Halls: Full Range of Tree Decorations

Beyond the ornaments themselves, Michaels offers all the decorative accents you need to fully trim the tree from top to bottom. Their Christmas store is a one-stop shop for tree decor essentials including:

  • Tree toppers – Michaels has a nice assortment of tree topper options ranging from angel or star tree toppers to more unique decor like bows, snowflakes, doves, birds, butterflies, and personalized trim options. Tree toppers are the crowning touch!
  • Ornament hooks – Don’t forget the ornament hooks so you can easily hang all your new treasures! Michaels sells them in finishes like velvet, satin, plastic, or metal.
  • Hanging embellishments – Add extra flair with decorative beads, pinecones, fabric flowers, bows, and other ornaments designed specifically for hanging branches.
  • Ribbons & garlands – Give your tree fullness with beautiful ribbons and garlands that you can artfully weave into the branches. Michaels has gorgeous options that complement any color scheme.
  • Christmas figurines – Place whimsical Christmas characters and scenes around the base of the tree to bring all the decor together. Figurines serve as lovely focal points.
  • Christmas trees – If you don’t have a tree yet or want an additional size, shape, or color, Michaels sells fresh cut and artificial Christmas trees in various styles.

For convenient holiday decorating, I love that Michaels carries all the trimmings so you can achieve a picture-perfect Christmas tree! Browse their inventory for inspiration and fun new embellishments to enhance your festive theme.

Festive Savings: Sales, Coupons & Discounts on Ornaments

One great thing about Michaels is that they always offer plenty of sales and discounts, especially during the holiday season. Here are some ways you can save money on Christmas ornaments and decorations:

  • Weekly ads & coupons – Check Michaels weekly ad circulars or sign up for their email list to get coupons. They regularly have % discounts off entire purchases that work on ornaments.
  • Holiday sales events – Michaels runs big savings events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales on select decor like ornaments, trees, garlands, and more. You can get 50-60% off around peak season.
  • Dollar item section – In Michaels stores, look for their dollar item sections where you can find ornament hooks, craft supplies, and other small decor pieces for just $1-3 each.
  • Rewards program – Sign up for the Michaels Rewards program to earn points towards discounts for future purchases. You’ll get a welcome offer and birthday coupon too.
  • Mobile app offers – Download their app to access digital coupons and extra discounts. You can browse current sales and get online coupon codes.
  • Buy in bulk, save more – Take advantage of multi-pack ornaments and bulk savings on decorative embellishments to maximize value. Buy more, save more!

With a little strategic shopping, you can deck out your whole tree with beautiful ornaments and decorations without breaking the holiday budget. Watch for Michaels sales events and coupon opportunities.

In-Store Experience: Finding the Perfect Ornaments

While you can shop ornaments online, I really enjoy making an outing out of going to Michaels stores in person so I can handpick decor. Here are my tips for an excellent in-store experience:

  • Visit early – Get to Michaels early in the holiday season when they first put out Christmas inventory. You’ll have the best selection before popular items sell out.
  • Browse design ideas – Walk through the holiday decorated model rooms and trees for design inspiration before you shop. Take notes on color schemes and themes you like.
  • Take your time – Set aside plenty of time to browse since there are so many beautiful ornaments to look through. Don’t feel rushed.
  • Ask for help – Employees can assist in finding items, reaching hard-to-access decor, or offering styling suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Inspect carefully – Inspect ornaments closely for any flaws or damage before purchase. Look for crisp paint lines, no chips, etc.
  • Think ahead – If buying delicate glass ornaments, grab extra hooks and ornament storage boxes to keep them protected after use.

No matter how well-stocked the website may be, shopping in person allows you to better see all the gorgeous Christmas decor details up close. Take a leisurely stroll down the well-decorated ornament aisles until inspiration sparks creativity for your tree theme!

Online Convenience: Ordering Ornaments from

Of course, if getting to the store isn’t convenient, provides the ability to shop ornaments from the comfort of home. Here are the perks of ordering online:

  • 24/7 access – You can browse and buy ornaments any time of day without having to go anywhere.
  • Free shipping – Michaels offers free standard shipping on orders over $59 or for rewards members. Get your ornaments shipped straight to your door!
  • Buy online, pick-up in store – Order online to secure items, then do in-store pick-up and avoid shipping fees.
  • Product reviews – Read helpful reviews from fellow customers to learn about quality, see photos, and more before purchasing.
  • Style inspiration – Use their Holiday Style Quiz or browse decorating ideas galleries to spark ornament themes.
  • Inventory filters – Easily refine your search by color, theme, price, customer rating, ornament fill material, shape, and more filters.
  • Share gift lists – Create a gift list to send ornament style ideas to others planning to shop for you.

Online shopping is so convenient, especially if you already have specific styles in mind. Browse at home, then pick up in store or have festive decor delivered. Decking your halls is just a few clicks away!

Ornament Prices: Value for Money on Holiday Decor

Given the amazing selection, you may think that Michaels ornaments come at a steep price. But in fact, they offer great value across all budgets! Here are some tips for savvy spending:

  • Entry-level glass ball and glitter ornaments start under $1 during sales events or when buying multi-packs.
  • Classic mid-tier satin, frosted, and solid color designs run $3 to $8 for singular ornaments.
  • Elegant oversized or more intricate styles range from $10-$20.
  • For premium handcrafted glass blown ornaments by Radko or Kurt Adler, prices are $30-$60.
  • Personalized ornaments start around $10-$15 for prints, names, and dates. Photo ornaments run $20+.
  • Themed ornament sets of 6-12 pieces typically cost $20-$50.
  • DIY fillable ornament craft kits start at $5 for smaller packs and go up to $20+ for larger sets.

The key is looking for multi-pack value deals and taking advantage of sales and coupons. With some strategic shopping, you can find beautiful ornaments at every price point to suit your decorating budget.

Do It Yourself: Ornament Craft Supplies

Beyond buying ready-made ornaments, I also love picking up DIY ornament craft supplies from Michaels to get creative making my own decorations. They have all the materials and instructional guidance you need for ornament crafting including:

  • Blank glass ball, teardrop, and bulb ornaments to fill and design yourself
  • Ornament paint pens, glitter glues, ribbon, buttons, and embellishments to decorate with
  • Faux flowers, greenery picks, pinecones, berries to make nature-inspired ornaments
  • Mini wreath forms, embroidery hoops, styrofoam balls for ornament bases
  • Stain, paint, twine, decoupage materials, resin, and more
  • Helpful tutorial videos on their DIY Hub and project idea books
  • Crafting classes offered in-store to learn ornament decoration techniques

I’ve had so much fun attending ornament decorating events and using materials from Michaels to design one-of-a-kind ornaments for my tree and to gift to family. With a little creativity, you can make magical Christmas keepsakes!

Caring for Your Ornaments

Once I bring all my special ornaments home, I’m always careful to handle them with care so they last for seasons to come. Here are my tips for keeping Michaels ornaments looking their best:

  • For any glass or breakable ornaments, always cap hooks with plastic protectors.
  • Use ribbon, yarn, or foam to individually wrap delicate ornaments before storing in clearly labeled boxes.
  • Clean ornaments gently with a damp lint-free cloth and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Store boxes in cool, dry places away from extreme temperatures or moisture.
  • For heirloom ornaments, consider having them professionally restored if needed.
  • Repair any broken hooks, cap ends, or hanger loops with quick-drying glue or wire.
  • Reuse old ornament boxes/bags or buy quality storage containers from Michaels.

With proper care and storage, ornaments from Michaels can brighten up your holiday for many years to come! Handle with care so you can enjoy them season after season.

Taking Inspiration from New Arrivals

Each year I eagerly await the new ornament arrivals at Michaels! They introduce fresh themes, licensed characters, popular trends, and innovative designs you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some new releases I’m excited to shop this season:

  • Gorgeous Winter Whimsy themed ornaments with white and silver woodland motifs of birds, deer, flowers, and wreaths.
  • Playful new unicorn ornaments in pastel colors, glitter, and added rhinestone details to delight kids.
  • Nostalgic movie character ornaments featuring classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Refined gold and white gilded glass ornaments with an updated twist on timeless elegance.
  • Fun foodie themed ornaments like colorful macarons, doughnuts, and cupcakes.
  • New ** NFL team helmets** and college mascot ornaments for the sports fan.
  • Yoda and Baby Yoda keepsake Star Wars ornaments perfect for any fan!
  • More inclusive ornament sets with diverse Santas, families, and holiday icons.

It’s always fun to see what fabulous new ornament styles, characters, and themes Michaels dreams up. I can’t wait to be among the first to add their exclusive new arrivals to my holiday decor!

Expanding the Magic: Year-Round Ornament Uses

Once the holidays are over, that’s no reason to stop enjoying your beautiful Michaels ornaments! Here are clever ways to get more mileage out of them all year:

  • Show off especially pretty ornaments as mirrors or window accents in your home decor.
  • Display ornament mementos on shelves rather than packed away.
  • Hang ornaments on chandeliers, sconces, and lamps for an instant touch of shine and color.
  • Use ornament hooks to hang plants in macrame or wreath holders.
  • Craft ear decorators, sun catchers, wind chimes, or jewelry from mixed media ornaments.
  • Attach ornaments to gifts year round for special occasions and celebrations.
  • Create an ornament wreath or garland over a mantle to keep holiday spirit.

With some creativity, ornaments can transition into lovely additions to your home decor all year long. Repurpose them in inspired ways beyond the Christmas tree!

Brand Spotlight: Popular Designs from Radko and More

Beyond Michaels’ exclusive everyday ornament offerings, they also carry special collections from brands known for their heirloom-quality designs:

  • Radko Ornaments – Their handcrafted glass ornaments with delicate cuts, vibrant colors, and brilliant finishes are unparalleled in style and quality.
  • Kurt Adler Ornaments – Known for their wide range of licensed characters, unique themes, and oversized designs. A festive choice.
  • Christopher Radko Ornaments – His signature glittery, whimsical, and checklist-worthy Christmas ornaments are a favorite for collectors.
  • Old World Christmas Ornaments – Specializes in mouth-blown glass ornaments and products that capture vintage European style.
  • Mark Roberts Ornaments – Whimsical character figurines and decor with detailed, hand-painted designs.

Collections from top ornament designers give Michaels a great high-end assortment. You’re sure to find heirloom-quality keepsakes from brands you already know and love!

Making Merry Memories: Reviews of Michaels Ornaments

Looking at reviews from fellow Michaels shoppers is always helpful before making any purchase. Here’s what customers have to say about the quality, selection, and overall experience of shopping for ornaments:

“Beautiful designs and colors! So much variety for any Christmas theme. The glittery ones are my favorite and they have great shine. Quality is excellent.”

“I love their personalized ornament selection. I was able to put photos of my kids on glass ornaments and ceramic discs to make special keepsakes for the whole family.”

“They have the most unique themes and characters. I found the perfect nerdy Star Wars and Harry Potter ornaments for my tree!”

“The ornament packs are an awesome value. I was able to get over 100 ornaments at a bulk discount price.”

“Employees helped me safely reach fragile glass ornaments on high shelves and gave me great decorating tips too!”

The reviews showcase the diversity of ornaments available, the great deals on bulk packs, and the helpful staff. Michaels clearly makes Christmas magic happen for so many shoppers!

Deck Your Halls This Holiday Season with Ornaments Galore!

Christmas only comes once a year, so make it special! Decorate your tree and home with beautiful ornaments from Michaels to capture the seasonal spirit. With such an amazing selection of styles, themes, customization options, and exclusive brands, you’re sure to find keepsake decorations your family will treasure.

Take advantage of sales, coupons, and rewards programs so you can deck your halls affordably. Shop online from the comfort of home or embrace the festive experience with an in-store visit. However you choose to shop, let Michaels ornaments bring merry memories to your holidays this year and for many more to come!

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