Delve Into Dazzling Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

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Discover This Classic Jeweler For Timeless & Trendsetting Designs

As a lover of fine jewelry, I’m always on the lookout for distinctive pieces that appeal to my personal style. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry – this classic jeweler has been crafting gorgeous jewelry since 1950 and offers timeless yet trendsetting designs. From the moment I stepped into one of their welcoming boutiques, I knew Lee Michaels was a jewelry store I wanted to make my go-to for special occasion and everyday wear.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences with Lee Michaels so you can get a feel for what makes them such a stellar jeweler. We’ll explore the type of jewelry they offer, their store locations, online shopping options, pricing, promotions, custom design services, warranties, repairs, sizing, financing, buybacks/trade-ins, reviews, care instructions, engraving, popular collections, gifts cards and more.

Let’s dive into this dazzling world of jewelry together!

An Overview on Lee Michaels Jewelry Offerings

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry primarily specializes in diamond and gemstone jewelry. As you browse their collections, you’ll find gorgeous diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings, and fashion rings featuring brilliant diamonds and colorful gemstones like sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more. Beyond rings, they also craft beautiful diamond and gemstone bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants. And while diamonds and gemstones are certainly their specialty, Lee Michaels does offer some jewelry with pearls and other materials.

In addition to fine jewelry, you can also shop Lee Michaels’ selection of fashionable watches from luxury brands like Michele, Philip Stein, and Shinola. These make for wonderful gifts and complement the fine jewelry perfectly. Lee Michaels also carries ami and baby jewelry, select sterling silver pieces, as well as a few accessories like handbags and scarves for a complete look.

Find Lee Michaels Stores Near You

As a primarily Southern company based in Louisiana, Lee Michaels has 25 store locations across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Their physical stores allow you to view their gorgeous collections in person and get customized service from knowledgeable jewelry consultants.

To find a Lee Michaels jewelry store near you, visit their website which has a handy store locator. Simply enter your city or zip code and it will pull up the nearest store locations, phone numbers, addresses and maps. The store websites also list the hours of each location so you can plan your visit.

I love being able to work with an associate in-store who can educate me on diamonds and metals, help select styles that suit me, and allow me to physically see and try on pieces. The ability to shop in a Lee Michaels boutique makes finding that perfect jewelry item feel like an experience rather than just a transaction.

Purchasing Fine Jewels Online

While the in-store experience is ideal for special occasion and investment pieces, the Lee Michaels website also makes it convenient to browse and purchase jewelry online. Their user-friendly website allows you to see each piece up-close through detailed images and videos.

I appreciate that Lee Michaels has thorough product descriptions, specifications on diamond quality, metal types, and interactive viewing options so you can digitally examine the details of a jewelry piece. They also have an extensive education section covering diamonds, gemstones, metals, ring styles and more to help you make informed decisions when shopping online.

Ordering on the Lee Michaels site is quick, easy and secure. Payment can be made via card or PayPal, items ship fast with FedEx, and you can easily track your shipment. I’ve found their online purchasing system to be smooth and reliable for jewelry I’m familiar with or basic gift ideas. Plus online orders over $500 come beautifully packaged and ready for gifting.

For bespoke or customized items, the website has options to book virtual or in-person appointments to receive guidance from their experts. This blended experience gives flexibility to Lee Michaels shoppers.

Costs & Price Ranges at Lee Michaels

As a fine jewelry retailer, Lee Michaels carries high-quality pieces so their pricing reflects the precious materials and craftsmanship involved. Their jewelry ranges from affordable sterling silver items under $100 to exquisite custom designs in the tens of thousands. Some general Lee Michaels jewelry price ranges are:

  • Sterling silver jewelry: $50 – $500
  • Gemstone rings: $500 – $5,000
  • Diamond fashion rings: $1,000 – $15,000
  • Diamond engagement rings: $2,000 – $50,000+
  • Diamond necklaces: $1,500 – $150,000+
  • Men’s watches: $500 – $10,000

Lee Michaels makes it easy to filter by price range online to find options that fit your budget. I’d suggest sorting by metal type as well since that largely determines the cost. For example, gold and platinum pieces will be at the higher end while sterling silver, vermeil, and gemstone pieces price lower. Their website also lists suggested retail prices.

Keep in mind, these prices represent the typical range but can vary. Custom, vintage, and high carat pieces fetch even higher pricing. Lee Michaels does offer payment plans to help make purchasing more manageable. Overall, buyers can find fine jewelry options in every price tier.

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Given their masterful diamond and gemstone designs, it comes as no surprise that Lee Michaels offers absolutely stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. Their engagement ring selection includes many gorgeous designer styles along with custom design services where you can create a one-of-a-kind ring.

Some things that set Lee Michaels apart for engagement rings are:

  • Extensive inventory of hand-selected diamonds. You’re guaranteed to find the perfect stone.
  • Classic to contemporary design aesthetics. From understated to elaborate, they have all styles.
  • Custom-made settings. Have the ring of your dreams designed just for your partner.
  • High color and clarity diamonds. They only use G-H color grades and VS clarity or higher.
  • Lifetime trade-up program. Ability to trade your diamond up as your relationship progresses.
  • Warranties and complimentary servicing. Feel confident with your major purchase.

For wedding bands, Lee Michaels has a wide selection of men’s and women’s bands in all metal types – yellow, white, rose gold, platinum, etc. Their bands range from simple, plain designs to detailed diamond accents. If you purchased an engagement ring from Lee Michaels, they can help expertly match a wedding band to complement it.

I found the process of selecting engagement and wedding rings at Lee Michaels to be fun and meaningful. With their selection and custom design services, you’re sure to find perfect rings to commemorate your union.

Current Promotions & Sales

Like any savvy shopper, I’m always interested in saving money and getting the best deal. Lee Michaels does offer promotions and sales from time to time that you can take advantage of. Some current opportunities I’ve seen include:

  • 15% off for first-time website shoppers when you sign up for emails
  • Occasional sales around seasonal holidays like 25% off for Valentine’s Day sale
  • Special financing offers like no interest for 24 months
  • Buy 1, get 1 50% off select merchandise
  • Free shipping sitewide promotions
  • Discounts on select designers/collections
  • Rewards program 10% back on purchase certificate
  • Clearance under $500 – Save up to 75% off MSRP
  • Trade-in program offering additional value for your old jewelry

It’s worth signing up for the Lee Michaels email list so you’re notified of savings opportunities. And check their promotions page and social media for any advertised sales. Timing your fine jewelry purchase around these promotions can equal big savings.

Ensuring Authenticity

When investing in fine jewelry, you want assurance that your pieces are authentic, especially diamonds and gemstones. You can trust that all jewelry sold by Lee Michaels is 100% genuine and of the quality described. As an authorized retailer of top watch brands, their luxury timepieces are also guaranteed authentic.

Some reasons I feel confident in the legitimacy of Lee Michaels jewelry:

  • Longstanding reputation since 1950 as a leading Southern jeweler
  • GIA certified loose diamonds ensuring grades are accurate

-Jewelry comes with official branding, paperwork, serial numbers

  • In-house gemologists carefully inspect each piece
  • Lifetime warranty provides peace of mind
  • High-quality jewelry photographs accurately depict designs
  • Shopping experience feels aligned with a true luxury jeweler

Unlike some online-only retailers, Lee Michaels has an established legacy and their extensive physical presence adds credibility. After researching the company and inspecting their jewelry in person, I never doubt the authenticity of pieces purchased.

Custom Jewelry Design Services

Beyond their standard jewelry collections, Lee Michaels also offers fully custom design services so you can create one-of-a-kind pieces. Their expert jewelers and gemologists work closely with clients to bring custom visions to life.

Some customizations they can provide include:

  • Bespoke engagement rings – design the ring from scratch
  • Customizing an existing ring with new stones or setting
  • Resetting heirloom diamonds into modern designs
  • Remounting diamonds from old jewelry into new pieces
  • Designing personalized pendants, earrings, bracelets
  • Unique men’s rings and accessories

The process involves collaborating on your vision through renderings or computer modeling until the design is perfected. This is an especially meaningful way to create an engagement ring or sentimental jewelry gift. Although custom work has a higher cost, the personal significance is priceless.

Lee Michaels makes the bespoke process smooth and enjoyable. From conceptualizing your dream design to seeing the exquisite final product, custom jewelry allows you to be part of the creative journey.

Warranties & Guarantees

When purchasing quality jewelry, especially for luxury pieces, shoppers want the peace of mind of a strong warranty or guarantee. Lee Michaels provides outstanding service programs and warranties on their jewelry for added consumer protection.

Some highlights of their policies include:

  • Lifetime warranty covers manufactures defects for as long as you own the jewelry
  • Free 6-month inspection & cleaning for rings ensures optimal condition
  • Lifetime diamond trade-up program for upgrading your diamond
  • Free resizing within the first year of purchase
  • Lifetime maintenance on regular wear and tear
  • 60-day buyback policy if not fully satisfied

These generous and extended warranties give assurance that your Lee Michaels jewelry will stay as gorgeous as the day you bought it. Having access to their expert jewelers for repairs and maintenance ensures your pieces are cared for properly. I’m very comforted knowing my purchases have ironclad guarantees.

Jewelry Repair Services

Speaking of repairs, Lee Michaels provides expert jewelry repair services at their boutiques. Their master jewelers can handle all types of fixes and enhancements. Some examples of their repair capabilities include:

  • Ring resizing – size up or down
  • Refinishing – rhodium plating or polishing
  • Re-pronging loose stones
  • Restringing broken necklaces
  • Soldering broken rings or bracelets
  • Chain repairs for fresh starts
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Pearl or bead restringing
  • Clasp replacement or tightening
  • Loose stone resetting
  • Engraving additions

As an authorized jeweler for luxury watch brands, Lee Michaels can also service, overhaul or repair luxury timepieces. For sentimental heirloom jewelry, they take great care in repairs to restore and retain its historical look. You can trust the jewelry experts at Lee Michaels to bring new life back to your pieces.

Resizing & Determining Your Ring Size

An important service Lee Michaels provides is ring resizing. To ensure your ring fits perfectly, they offer complimentary sizing at the time of purchase and free resizes within the first year. This way you have time to see how the ring settles and get it adjusted as needed.

If you aren’t sure what your current ring size is, Lee Michaels has options to determine your correct finger measurement:

  • Visit a store and have your finger professionally sized
  • For online orders, a fit kit is mailed with rings to try on and card with measuring steps
  • Printable ring sizer online you can download and cut out
  • Request a virtual consultation for personalized guidance
  • Reference an existing ring that fits well to match diameters
  • For large orders, they can ship multiple sizes to try before selecting

Having your rings properly sized by Lee Michaels’ experts ensures the best fit and comfort when wearing your jewelry. Don’t worry about guessing your size – they make getting it right easy.

Financing Options For Purchases

As we’ve discussed, Lee Michaels jewelry ranges from modest to substantial investment pieces. For higher priced jewelry purchases, they provide financing options to help you pay over time in more manageable amounts.

Some Lee Michaels financing programs include:

  • In-store financing at 0% interest for 24 months
  • 9 month – 5 year financing through jewelers credit cards
  • Personal and flexible payment plans
  • Easy online application and approval process
  • Special military financing benefits
  • Layaway programs to spread payments out
  • Rewards programs to earn money back on purchases

These financing solutions allow you to splurge on that special dream jewelry while budgeting payments. Lee Michaels aims to make purchasing special occasion jewelry more accessible through flexible financing. Payment plans help ease the investment without sacrificing quality.

Buy Backs & Trade-Ins

As your jewelry needs change over the years, Lee Michaels offers solutions to refresh your styles. You have a couple options to receive value for pre-owned jewelry pieces:

Buy Back Policy: Within 60 days of purchase, Lee Michaels will buy back your jewelry item at its current wholesale value. This allows you to recoup funds if you have a change of heart about a purchase.

Trade-In Program: At any point, you can trade your old jewelry in towards the purchase of a new Lee Michaels item. Their experts will appraise your jewelry and provide a trade-in value up to the retail price. This makes upgrading your jewelry more affordable.

These programs allow you to sustainably recycle old gold and diamonds into new designs. Rather than jewelry collecting dust in a box, you can give it new life. Lee Michaels makes the process very convenient whether you’re looking to sell back a recent purchase or upgrade old pieces.

Reviews From Lee Michaels’ Customers

Considering the significant emotional and financial investment fine jewelry often represents, I always like to read reviews before making a high end purchase. Across various platforms, Lee Michaels receives overwhelmingly positive feedback and testimonials:

  • 5 star average rating based on thousands of reviews
  • Reviewers frequently describe the service as excellent, trustworthy, and friendly
  • Many share stories of finding the perfect engagement ring or anniversary gift
  • Customers report jewelry meeting or exceeding their expectations
  • Lee Michaels is praised for quality of craftsmanship and materials
  • Most say they will shop Lee Michaels again and highly recommend

Reading the many glowing customer reviews gave me confidence in selecting Lee Michaels for my jewelry needs. The consistently outstanding feedback across decades of service affirms this is a jeweler who exceeds customer expectations and creates long-term relationships.

Returns, Exchanges, & Resizing

For a big ticket jewelry purchase, I appreciate flexibility if something needs to be returned or exchanged. Lee Michaels’ return policy is quite reasonable for a fine jeweler:

  • 60 day no hassle returns from original date of purchase
  • Returned unworn merchandise receives full refund
  • All merchandise must be returned in original condition
  • Original receipt or source of payment is required

For exchanges, as long as it is still within the 60 days:

  • Exchanges receive full credit of the original purchase price
  • Exchanging for a more expensive item requires additional payment
  • An exchange resulting in a lower priced item will be refunded the difference

As previously mentioned, Lee Michaels also provides a 1-year grace period for complimentary resizing. This allows you time to confirm the fit. Make sure to inspect your jewelry closely upon purchase and communicate any exchange or return needs promptly.

Caring For Your Lee Michaels Jewelry

Once I’ve made a fine jewelry purchase, I want to make sure I properly care for it to retain its beauty and value. Lee Michaels provides excellent guidelines for keeping your jewelry in ideal condition:

  • Store pieces safely in a jewelry box, never tossed together
  • Clean with mild soap and water monthly, avoid harsh chemicals
  • Take off jewelry before physical activities, swimming, showering
  • Keep away from extreme heat or cold temperatures
  • Have jeweler check stones every 6 months for secure prong settings
  • Be cautious when wearing jewelry during household chores or manual labor
  • Apply lotion, fragrance, hair products first before putting on jewelry

Following these tips helps ensure your Lee Michaels jewelry withstands regular wear without damage. It’s also wise to have them professionally cleaned and inspected annually to catch any issues. With proper care, your precious jewels stay pristine.

Engraving Services For Personalization

Selecting a special piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one becomes even more meaningful when you add a personal engraving. Lee Michaels provides professional engraving services at their boutiques for this purpose.

Some ways you can personalize jewelry with engraving include:

  • Names, initials, dates on rings, lockets, bracelets
  • Short phrase engraved inside a band
  • Sentimental quote engraved on a pendant

-Coordinates of important locations

  • Special symbols that represent your story

Engraving infuses deeper significance into your jewelry. Lee Michaels’ master jewelers do engraving by hand to ensure perfect placement and artistic quality. I cherish my personalized jewelry that captures memories or expresses what’s dear to my heart. Engraving takes jewelry customization to the next level.

Most Popular Lee Michaels Collections

Given the vast selection at Lee Michaels, you may wonder – what are some of their top selling jewelry lines? Here are a few of their most popular designer collections:

  • Simon G – This classic and vintage inspired collection has gorgeous rose gold styles, delicate jewelry with diamonds, and unique wedding bands.
  • Gabriel & Co – For jewelry with dramatic, eye-catching designs, Gabriel & Co delivers with their signature halo rings and pave diamonds.
  • Verragio – Known for unparalleled craftsmanship, Verragio creates handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands unlike any others.
  • Michele Watches – The Michele line offers fashionable luxury watches in an array of stylish strap and face options to suit different tastes.
  • Forget Me Knot – Ideal for engraving, this collection features rings, bracelets, pendants with the symbolic knot design.

Next time you visit Lee Michaels, be sure to browse pieces from these top designers carried in their stores. With numerous collections curated under one roof, there is something for everyone and every occasion.

Lee Michaels Gift Cards

For a convenient gift idea, Lee Michaels offers physical and digital gift cards that make perfect presents. Their gift cards can be loaded from $50 to $500 and never expire.

Some reasons why a Lee Michaels gift card makes an excellent gift are:

  • Allows them to select their favorite jewelry item.
  • Easier to mail than fragile jewelry.
  • Virtual gift cards can be sent last minute.
  • Gives them a fun experience shopping at their boutique.
  • Lots of choices from small gifts to luxury splurges.
  • Simple but still feels personal and thoughtful.

A Lee Michaels gift card fits anyone who enjoys jewelry and provides flexibility in what they choose. It takes the guesswork out of buying jewelry for someone and lets them delight in hand-selecting a special accessory.

Booking a Jewelry Consultation

While Lee Michaels already provides phenomenal in-store service, they offer private jewelry consultations to engag the ultimate VIP experience. These personalized sessions give focused time with their experts whether you visit a showroom or meet virtually.

Consultations are ideal for:

  • Learning extensively about diamonds and metals
  • Designing a custom engagement ring or jewelry piece
  • Selecting investment quality stones for an important purchase
  • Understanding how to match metals and styles that work for your lifestyle
  • Redesigning heirloom jewelry into updated looks

The complimentary consultation allows you to pick their jeweler’s expert brains! Take advantage of this opportunity whether you’re in research mode or ready to splurge on a showstopping piece. With champagne in hand and dedicated time, you’ll leave feeling pampered and jewelry savvy.

Final Impressions on Lee Michaels

After both browsing online and visiting Lee Michaels boutiques, I am beyond impressed with their spectacular fine jewelry, excellent customer service, and smooth shopping experiences. As a distinguished family-owned jeweler, their reputation and expertise shines through.

From classic solitaires to bold modern statement pieces, Lee Michaels’ expansive inventory ensures you’ll discover timeless jewelry to treasure. And opportunities for customization allow you to design something uniquely personal.

For jewelry that celebrates life’s special moments with exquisite craftsmanship and enduring value, I wholeheartedly recommend Lee Michaels. From engagement and wedding rings to gifts for loved ones, they continue to surpass expectations after decades in business.

When only the highest beauty, quality and meaning will do for your jewelry, trust the outstanding jewelers at Lee Michaels to help celebrate your story. I feel grateful to have found such a reliable jeweler for my life’s precious jewelry milestones.

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