Designing Your Dream Coastal Bathroom Oasis

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Do you dream of escaping to the beach? Of spending quiet mornings walking along the shore as the waves gently lap against the sand? Then why not bring that relaxing, coastal vibe into your own bathroom with some simple decor updates.

In this post, we’ll look at the top 5 elements that define the coastal decor style so you can easily achieve the beachy look in your own coastal bathroom retreat. Get ready to soak in some major oceanfront inspiration!

Light and Airy Colors

One of the hallmarks of coastal decor is light, beachy colors. Think light and airy shades of blue, green, tan and white to really evoke the colors of the ocean and sand. This color palette immediately makes any space feel more open and relaxed.

Some great paint color options for coastal bathrooms include:

  • Soft aquas or pale cerulean blues
  • Whitewashed blues like Rainwashed by Behr
  • Seafoam greens like Surf Green by Valspar
  • Sand or beige neutral shades
  • Crisp whites and creams

Look at photos of beautiful beach houses and take note of the colors. See all those weathered white porches and exterior shingles? Bring those inside too. White wainscoting or shiplap walls fit beautifully with coastal decor.

Experiment with just one accent wall in a lighter blue or green hue. This is an easy way to get the coastal look without overwhelming a small bathroom. Add in white, beige and aqua towels and accessories for a pulled together look.

Paint your walls, closet doors or even ceiling in these soft, beachy hues. Then blend with elements like weathered woods, rattan textures, and artwork for a complete coastal style.

Weathered Wood Accents

Reclaimed or weathered wood adds natural warmth while enhancing the coastal vibe. This includes:

  • Whitewashed wood paneling
  • Driftwood shelves and ledges
  • Distressed wood console tables or floating shelves
  • Wood framed mirrors with chipped paint

Wood that shows signs of age and wear gives a timeworn, collected look. Bonus points for finding authentic salvaged wood, but new wood can be distressed and antiqued to mimic the coastal effect.

Some ideas:

  • Frame your mirror or light fixtures with reclaimed barnwood
  • Install shiplap or tongue-and-groove boards along a wall
  • Float weathered shelves made from old fence boards for towels and decor
  • Look for an old whitewashed ladder to hold rolled beachy textured towels

The coastal look blends old and new seamlessly. Don’t be afraid to mix distressed wood with crisp white tiles or Quartz countertops. The blend of worn and pristine enhances the welcoming, collected vibe.

Ocean Inspired Artwork

It’s amazing how quickly beachy art and photography can transport you seaside. Use it generously!

Some great coastal pieces include:

  • Classic sailor themes like anchors, ships wheels, knots
  • Black and white beach landscape photos
  • Starfish on burlap prints
  • Framed sea shells
  • Sepia toned photos of kids playing at the beach
  • Canvas prints of tumbling ocean waves

Groupings of small coastal prints have a big impact. Or go bold with a large beach mural as your focal point. Photos printed directly on wood or canvas add nice texture too.

You can find beautiful coastal artwork on sites like Society6 and Etsy. Or frame your own photos from beach vacations as lovely mementos.

Don’t be afraid to mix mediums and frame both photos or prints along with real shells, starfish or coral for dimension.

Natural Textures and Materials

Natural textures connect back to the rugged beauty of the coastline in a subtle way. Incorporate natural materials like:

  • Dried starfish and seashells
  • Glass recycled from sea glass or green beach glass
  • Rattan or bamboo baskets for storage
  • Sand dollars and agate stone bowls
  • Twisted raffia and jute accents
  • White quartz, sea salt, or sand for apothecary jars

Some ideas:

  • Line a shelf with starfish, sand dollars, coral and shells
  • Place beach glass and small stones in the base of a glass hurricane vase
  • Use burlap poufs or raffiawastebaskets
  • Display rolled linens in woven seagrass or bamboo

Evoking the textures of the beach gives a sense of natural relaxation. Feel free to gather small mementos from beach trips to display.

By styling collections of natural finds from your coastal adventures, you create a one-of-a-kind decor story.

Relaxing Soaking Tubs

What better place to soak up the coastal vibes than in the bathtub? Freestanding tubs are a quintessential part of a dreamy coastal bath. Situated by a window with ocean views? Even better.

Some elements that make a tub extra beachy:

  • White clawfoot tubs have a light coastal charm
  • Standalone copper bathtubs have a nautical vibe
  • Elevate a basic tub on a whitewashed wood platform
  • Place rattan side tables or stools next to the tub
  • Add a tray with shells, starfish, or rolled towels
  • Light some soy candles and add a drink tray

Creating a spa experience encourages you to relax and soak. If your bathroom is too small for a sizable standalone tub, you can infuse coastal elements through decor. Try lighter blue and green towels, beach artwork, or a rattan side table in your existing tub area. Wicker or driftwood mats for stepping out of the shower also boost the coastal spa feeling.

Set the stage for serenity by designing your tub as a place to soak both your body and your senses.

Now that we’ve covered the quintessential components of coastal style, it’s time to start designing your own dream beach bathroom. Here are some key tips for choosing and implementing your look.

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

The colors you choose will really be the backbone of your coastal bathroom. Look for lighter hues like different shades of blue, green, gray and aqua. Accent with crisp whites and soft beiges or tans.

Some potential color schemes:

  • Light teal walls with bright white trim and accessories
  • Pale denim blue walls with sandy taupe accents
  • Seafoam green and ivory with white subway tile
  • All white with touches of ocean blue and tan

Start with colors you find soothing and experiment with accent walls and paint samples before committing to your whole space. The color palette should relax you and make you think of gentle waves and seaside living.

Mix Elegant and Beachy

The beauty of coastal design is blending upscale elements with more rustic or beachy accents. This helps spaces feel collected and unique, not overly themed.

Some ways to strike this balance:

  • Mix modern chrome fixtures with weathered driftwood shelves
  • Frame beach photos in crisp white mats and shiplap wood
  • Float an antique wood console table on contemporary tile
  • Use elegant textiles along with natural baskets
  • Showcase beach pebble art in sophisticated metallic frames

The blend of refined and relaxed is what makes coastal design so special. Play with contrasting textures and styles.

Choose Meaningful Art and Accessories

Fill your space with artwork and accents that speak to you. Use family photos of beach trips or nautical art that makes you smile. Look for accessories that inspire memories of seaside adventures like:

  • Starfish from your honeymoon beach
  • Beach glass collected on trips with your kids
  • Shells gathered while walking along the shore
  • Purchased mementos like a cutesy crab dish or octopus hooks
  • Framed botanical prints of beach florals and greenery

Let your coastal bathroom tell your unique story. Sentimental items you’ve gathered through the years give character.

Incorporate Collections

Display your collections proudly! Coastal decor provides the perfect backdrop for displaying:

  • Seashells gathered on vacations
  • Pieces of coral and driftwood
  • Starfish, sand dollars and sea glass finds
  • Beach rocks and stones

Some ideas:

  • Float shells in a glass cylinder vase on open shelves or the vanity
  • Fill bowls, trays and jars with assorted beach finds
  • Line them up on a wood ledge or windowsill
  • Attach shells or sea glass to candle jars or vases using silicone

Curating these collected items in your new beachy space is deeply personal. Remember – there’s no “wrong” way to display your treasures!

Make Big Splashes or Subtle Accents

Coastal design can adapt to your own style. Make it bold and beachy with bright accent walls, murals of crashing waves, and tons of themed art. Or keep it simple with just a weathered wood mirror, pale blue towels, and a rattan wastebasket.

Think about your overall aesthetic and how you want to integrate the coastal influence:

  • For kids’ or shared baths, go all out with beach colors, accessories and artwork.
  • Try a soft take with just subtle taupe paint, linen textures, a jute rug and rattan shelf.
  • Incorporate small touches into your traditional or modern bath with coastal art, greenery and ceramics.
  • Use punches of color like navy accents, bright crab prints and turquoise glass for a cheery coastal pop.

There are so many ways to bring in beachy style. Add as many decorative touches as fit your personality and space.

Blend Old and New

The unique blend of old and new is what makes coastal design so special. Contrast antique finds and naturally weathered items with crisp white tiles, modern fixtures, and sleek Quartz counters.

Some ideas:

  • Hang an old driftwood mirror above a new marble vanity
  • Display collected beach bottles next to bright white vessel sinks
  • Line an antique ladder with plush beachy towels
  • Float a reclaimed wood shelf on a subway tile or painted wall

This juxtaposition feels curated, collected and eclectic. Don’t be afraid to play with mixing modern conveniences and clean lines with aged patinas, textures and natural materials. It brings depth and personality.

Answer Common Coastal Bathroom Questions

If you’re on the fence about taking the coastal plunge, here are answers to some common questions and concerns:

How do I choose the right coastal colors? Look at photos of beach houses for inspiration. Stick with lighter aqua greens, blues, sea foam as well as beige, white and cream. Avoid going too dark. Stay in the light, sandy color family.

What if coastal isn’t my main decor style? You can easily blend coastal elements into any existing style! Just add touches like weathered wood shelves, jute baskets, beach artwork and ceramics. Stick to 2-3 accessories in colors pulled from your current palette.

How can I give a small bathroom a coastal feel? Use lighter paint colors, bare wood accents, woven textures and beach art. Everyday items like towels, shower curtains and rugs can inject coastal flair in blues, greens and whites. Add a rattan wastebasket, driftwood soap dispenser and starfish knobs too.

Where can I shop for coastal decor on a budget? Check thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace and yard sales for secondhand beachy art, mirrors and furnishings. HomeGoods, WorldMarket and online stores like Wayfair are affordable sources too. Or DIY projects from shells and driftwood!

What if I don’t have room for a clawfoot tub? You can create a coastal oasis without a standalone tub. Incorporate beachy artwork, rattan shelves, woven towels and accessories. Use a plank ledge or stool beside shower. Add a seagrass bath mat. Display shells in the shower or on the back of the door!

Create Your Coastal Bathroom Escape

As you can see, bringing coastal design to your bathroom is all about evoking the sights, smells, textures and colors of the beach through decor. With strategic use of light airy hues, weathered woods, natural materials and ocean art, you can easily retreat to the seaside anytime.

Follow these tips to start designing your own coastal getaway right at home. Let your space reflect what you love about the beach through art, collections and meaningful accessories. The mix of old and new plus upscale and sentimental elements creates a relaxed yet elevated style.

Most importantly, decorate in a way that soothes your soul. Surround yourself with coastal elements that prompt memories of tranquil days by the ocean. Let the sights of swaying palms, rolling waves and seashells was ashore decorate your walls.

Escape the stresses of everyday life by creating your own beachfront oasis. One filled with the colors, textures and styles that transport your mind seaside.

What coastal elements resonate most? Which ideas can you envision bringing into your space? However you choose to evoke the beach through decor, enjoy the process of designing your personal coastal retreat. Just add water and let your worries float away…

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