Elevate Your Thanksgiving Table with the Top 5 Festive Placemats

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The Thanksgiving table is set with fine china, gleaming glassware, and beautiful decorative touches. Candles flicker casting a warm glow over the scene. The tablecloth drapes elegantly down to the floor. Yet something is missing – this holiday table needs the perfect finishing touch of decorative, festive placemats to tie the whole look together.

Placemats may seem like a small detail, but they can make a big impact on your Thanksgiving tablescape. The right placemats elevate the table, providing a pop of color, seasonal motif, or dose of whimsy to get your guests in the Thanksgiving spirit. Plus, placemats serve the practical purpose of protecting your table from spills and scratches.

With so many fantastic Thanksgiving placemat options to choose from, how do you pick the best ones for your holiday décor and style? In this article, we will count down the top 5 placemats to dress up your Thanksgiving table in seasonal style. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the perfect placemats to match your tablescape, and answers to frequently asked questions about placemats. Let’s get started dolling up your Thanksgiving table with festive flair!

The Top 5 Thanksgiving Placemat Styles for Holiday Tables

When selecting Thanksgiving placemats, consider your overall tablescape theme and aesthetic. Placemats come in a wide range of designs, from traditional harvest prints to embellished lace to rustic farmhouse motifs. Pick placemats that coordinate with your dishes, tablecloth, centerpieces, and other table décor. Here are 5 of the best Thanksgiving placemat styles to spark ideas as you plan your holiday table.

Classic Fabric Placemats

For an iconic, timeless Thanksgiving table, you can’t go wrong with classic fabric placemats made from materials like linen, cotton, or cotton-polyester blends. Natural fabrics like linen exude an air of understated elegance perfect for holiday meals. Simple designs in solids, plaids, or subtle patterns fit with both formal and casual gatherings. These unfussy placemats let your fine china and centerpieces take center stage.

The pros of fabric placemats are their polished look, wide variety of colors and patterns, easy care, and budget-friendly price point. The cons are their tendency to stain and lack of major decorative impact for the holidays compared to more festive designs. Look for fabric placemats in solids, tone-on-tone patterns, or printed designs like plaids and geometrics. Ivory linen or black and white cotton placemats offer classic sophistication.

Harvest Placemats

Capture the essence of autumn and Thanksgiving with harvest-themed placemats. These placemats feature motifs associated with fall and the harvest season, like leaves, acorns, pinecones, cornucopias, and more. Earthy colors like burgundy, forest green, orange, and tan further evoke the colors of fall. Natural materials like burlap, wood slices, or woven fabrics reinforce the harvest vibe.

The natural, seasonal beauty of these placemats makes them ideal choices for Thanksgiving. They bring warmth and rustic charm to your table in a way more formal placemats can’t match. Just keep in mind these placemats work best for Thanksgiving itself. Their hyper-seasonal look doesn’t transition well throughout the rest of the year. Choose harvest placemats for a casual Thanksgiving fete with farm-to-table flair.

Plaid Placemats

What could be more fitting for a holiday table than classic plaid? Buffalo check, tartan, and other timeless plaid prints rank among the most popular placemat choices every Thanksgiving. In patriotic colors like red, black, and tan, these Americana-inspired mats deliver rustic flair whether your gathering is intimate or a full house.

Besides looking fantastic on holiday tables, the pros of plaid placemats are their inexpensive prices and easy, widespread availability. You can pick them up almost anywhere – from big box stores to specialty shops. The cons are their limited color and pattern selection compared to other placemat varieties. While versatile, plaids tend towards a more casual, informal aesthetic. But for a homey Thanksgiving meal in cottage or farmhouse style, plaids are the way to go.

Embellished Placemats

If you want to go glam with your placemats, choose options accented with beautiful embellishments like lace, fringe, beads, tassels, or embroidery. These small touches take placemats from basic to beautiful with a dose of texture, sheen, and depth. Metallic accents also elevate placemats for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

Embellished placemats make more of a style statement for your holiday table. They also do a marvelous job of hiding small spills and stains. Just be aware these mats come at a higher price point than simpler options. They also require a bit more care and delicacy compared to cotton or vinyl placemats. Bring on the bling this Thanksgiving with beaded, sequined, or otherwise embellished placemats!

Kids’ Placemats

Don’t overlook fun placemats designed specially for children when planning your Thanksgiving tablescape. Companies make paper, vinyl, and plastic placemats featuring games, mazes, coloring pages, and other interactive elements to engage kids. What better way to make sure little ones remain occupied during the Thanksgiving meal?

Bright colors and playful designs mean children’s placemats won’t work with more formal tablescapes. But for family holiday meals involving lots of youngsters, kids’ placemats can save your sanity and table linen. Between the easy-wipe surface and activities galore, any spills, scuffs, or scribbles wipe away without harm. Let the kids delight in their own special placemats you picked just for them.

Now that we’ve covered 5 top placemat options for dressing up your Thanksgiving table in style, let’s go over some tips for choosing the perfect placemats for your situation.

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting the Best Thanksgiving Placemats

Beyond just looking fabulous on your holiday table, placemats need to fit both your decor scheme and lifestyle needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind while shopping for placemats.

Consider Your Tablescape Theme and Style

Since placemats play a starring role on your table, you want them to coordinate beautifully with the overall aesthetic. Formal tablescapes call for placemats made from fine fabrics like linen, cotton sateen, velvet, or brocade. Elegant details like hemstitching or satin edging refine the look. For more casual Thanksgiving meals, you’ll want placemats with relaxed or rustic elements: burlap, plaids, autumn motifs, wood textures, handmade charm, etc.

Match the placemat color palette and patterns to your dishes, napkins, tablecloth, and centerpieces for harmony. Contrasting but complementary colors and patterns also bring visual interest through interplay. Just make sure your placemats don’t outright clash with other table elements. Eclectic tablescapes allow you to mix and match several placemat styles or patterns with success.

Choose Easy-Care Placemat Fabrics for Your Situation

Let’s face it – with kids and copious food and drink at Thanksgiving, spills and stains can happen. So if your gathering involves youngsters or you want to play it safe, choose placemats made of easy-care, durable materials. Vinyl, plastic, paper, and some polyester placemats simply need a quick wipe down or run through the washing machine to look good as new. Materials like nylon, microfiber, and acrylic also repel messes. Just check if the placemats are machine washable or need special care.

For more elevated tables, look for fabrics like cotton, linen, poly-cotton blends, olefin, or microfiber. These launder well but still offer classic style. Just note light fabrics like white linen or cream sateen will require frequent laundering to keep pristine at holiday meals. Going for a darker color or subtle pattern helps hide minor food stains until the placemats are washed. Finally, outdoor holiday celebrations call for vinyl or plastic placemats – bonus if they are windproof!

Examine Placemat Quality and Construction

While beautiful holiday prints or colors may catch your eye, make sure the placemats are well-made. Look for details like tight, even stitching and hems with mitered corners. Colors and patterns should match consistently across a placemat set. For cloth placemats, check for quality, colorfast fabrics that will minimize wrinkling and hold up over time.

Pay attention to the backing of vinyl placemats, which should lie flat and not make crinkling sounds. Flimsy paper placemats are likely to tear, so choose thicker paperboard or laminated options. The slight extra cost of higher quality placemats pays off through better appearance, performance and longevity. Don’t let poor construction ruin your table!

Ensure Placemats Fit Your Table Properly

Measure the length and width of your table before buying placemats to avoid size mismatches. Standard placemat sizes range from 12″ x 18″ for smaller mats up to 14″ x 20″ for generously sized mats. Allow at least 2 extra inches of placemat length beyond plates on each side to contain spills. For round placemats, leave 1-2 inches of clearance around dinner plates.

With rectangular placemats, you typically want each guest to have their own mat. But for large gatherings, overlapping placemat corners slightly helps maximize table space. Or buy extra-long placemats that drape over table edges for a lavish presentation. For kids’ tables, opt for easy-wipe colored vinyl placemats with fun designs.

Select Festive Colors and Patterns

Part of the fun of holiday placemats is indulging in seasonal colors and prints. For Thanksgiving, you can’t go wrong with combinations of rich burgundy, orange, golden yellow, and earthy brown. Mat patterns featuring autumn leaves, wheat sheaths, cornucopias, and more evoke the harvest spirit. Or go vibrant with green, red and metallic gold for a splash of Christmas.

Use solids and prints in contrasting or complementary ways to make your tabletop pop. Dot prints, plaids, or florals pair nicely with solid color napkins and plates. Just beware busy patterns competing for attention. The rule of thumb: if your dishes are patterned, choose solid placemats, and vice versa. Your Thanksgiving placemats should tie your table decor together, not overwhelm it.

Answers to Your Top Thanksgiving Placemat Questions

Selecting the perfect holiday placemats involves lots of choices. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about placemats to guide you to the best options.

Are cloth or disposable placemats better for Thanksgiving?

Cloth placemats made from cotton, linen, polyester, microfiber or other fabrics make the best choice for formal indoor Thanksgiving meals. The refined yet festive fabrics bring style and sophistication to holiday tables. Disposable vinyl or paper placemats work well for more casual gatherings, particularly outdoors or with kids. The convenience of just tossing them after makes clean up a breeze.

How early should I purchase Thanksgiving placemats?

It’s wise to shop for Thanksgiving placemats 1-2 months in advance. The best selection of festive fall and Thanksgiving prints will be available in September and October. Plus, holiday placemats often sell out as Thanksgiving nears. Buying early provides more opportunity to find the perfect placemats and coordinate them with your table decor. Don’t wait until November to look – popular placemats will be picked over.

Should placemats match the table runner?

A table runner complements your placemats beautifully when they match or coordinate. But don’t be afraid to get creative with contrasting colors and patterns that still work together. For example, burlap runner with black and white buffalo check placemats or a red runner with green plaid placemats both make bold statements. Just ensure the color schemes align – don’t pair a red runner with blue placemats.

What are windproof placemats?

Windproof placemats utilize heavy vinyl, plastic, or other weighted materials, along with non-skid rubber backing, to keep placemats anchored securely on outdoor tables and patio furniture. The windproof construction prevents placemats from blowing about on windy days, making dining outdoors more pleasant. Plastic and vinyl windproof mats also easily wipe clean after outdoor holiday feasts.

How do you clean cloth placemats?

Start by checking fabric care instructions, as some cloth placemats can be machine washed and others require spot cleaning by hand. For machine washing, use cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low or line dry to prevent heat damage or shrinkage. To hand wash or spot clean, spritz stains with water and gently blot lift dirt. Rub a small amount of mild detergent into stains, then rinse and let air dry. Avoid bleach and fabric softener, which may harm placemat fabrics.

Final Touches for Dressing Up Your Table

Bringing your Thanksgiving tablescape to life with fabulous placemats is such a rewarding process! Set the scene for family and friends celebrating the holidays in style. We covered the 5 best placemat options for Thanksgiving, from rustic to glam. Use the tips provided to match placemats to your decor scheme and lifestyle needs.

Most importantly, peruse all the delightful Thanksgiving placemat choices out there and pick options that make you smile. Gather inspiration from trends but always stay true to your personal tastes. Your thoughtfully decorated holiday table lets guests know how much you cherish sharing this special meal together. Top it off with beautiful new placemats to give thanks in style!

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