Exploring Sewing Machines at Michaels

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Machine

As a beginning sewer venturing into Michaels for the first time, the vast selection of sewing machines can seem overwhelming. With so many options across various skill levels and price points, how do you choose the right machine to start your sewing journey? Well, take a deep breath and keep reading! In this blog post, I’ll walk through everything you need to know about buying a sewing machine from Michaels as a sewing newbie.

An Introduction to Michaels Sewing Machines

With over 1,200 stores across the U.S. and Canada, Michaels is one of the largest arts and crafts retailers around. Beyond fabric and sewing notions, they also carry a surprisingly wide variety of sewing machines perfect for all skill levels. Brands like Singer, Brother, and Janome are all represented, along with Michaels’ own line of machines.

Prices range from under $100 for basic manual machines to over $500 for computerized models packed with features. You can typically find around 10-20 different machines available in store at any given time. Michaels also sells refurbished models on occasion for more budget-friendly options.

While the selection doesn’t compare to a specialty sewing store, Michaels strikes a nice balance of having enough variety for beginners without being totally overwhelming. The ability to see the machines in person before buying also makes it a great place to start your search.

Beginner-Friendly Sewing Machines at Michaels

As a beginner, you’ll want to look for a basic, mechanical sewing machine that doesn’t require advanced skills. Top-of-the-line computerized machines may seem appealing, but all those fancy stitches and settings can actually make learning more difficult.

You want a machine with just the essentials: straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and maybe a couple other simple stitches to start out. Automatic needle threaders and one-step buttonholes are also useful features for beginners. Here are some of the best options for novices:

  • Singer Start: This is one of the most affordable machines at Michaels starting around $100. It has dial controls, a top drop-in bobbin, and basic stitches for simple projects.
  • Michaels Essentials Sewing Machine: For under $150, this Michaels brand machine includes 23 stitches, an automatic needle threader, and LED lighting. It’s lightweight and great for travel.
  • Brother XM2701: With 27 stitches, an easy bobbin winding system, and a price tag around $200, this versatile machine will help you grow your skills past the basics.
  • Janome New Home: Usually priced around $299, this is sturdy, mechanical model has everything a beginner needs to learn sewing with easy dial adjustments and clear instructions.

Cost of Sewing Machines at Michaels

Sewing machine prices at Michaels typically range from $99 to $599, with most models under $300. What affects the price range?

Manual vs. Computerized: You’ll pay more for computerized machines with digital displays, built-in stitches, and advanced settings. Simple manual machines tend to be $150 or less.

Brand: Well-known brands like Singer, Brother, and Janome are priced higher than Michaels’ house brand of sewing machines.

Features: More stitches, automatic functions, and included accessories will raise the price. Beginner-friendly machines have basic features.

Quality: Build quality, durability, and warranty coverage also impact cost. Plastic machines are cheaper than heavy duty metal frames.

Of course, you can always wait for a sale or coupon to save more on any sewing machine at Michaels. Signing up for their newsletter provides handy coupons directly to your inbox.

Finding Portable Sewing Machines

One perk of buying a sewing machine from Michaels is the variety of portable machines available. If you plan to transport your sewing machine between classes, friends’ houses, or even on vacation, a lighter weight plastic machine offers convenience.

Here are some of the best portable options sold at Michaels:

  • Michaels Essentials Sewing Machine: At just 12 pounds, this lightweight machine is easy to travel with or store in small spaces.
  • Singer Start: Weighing in at 11 pounds, this affordable Singer model has a carry handle allowing easy transport.
  • Brother CS5055: This computerized machine packs 50 stitches into a lightweight 15 pound machine with handy storage inside the free arm.
  • Janome New Home: A sturdy mechanical machine at just over 10 pounds, the compact Janome model fits nicely into sewing baskets or totes.

No matter which portable machine you choose, be sure to get a protective carrying case or bag to transport it safely. Michaels sells machine cases or you can make your own with some of their stylish fabrics!

Sewing Machine Accessories Galore

One of the best parts of buying a sewing machine from Michaels is taking advantage of all their sewing accessories in one place! Anything you need from thread and needles to storage cases and replacement feet is available right there in store.

Some must-have accessories for any new machine include:

  • Machine needles: You’ll need the right needles for your fabric type like denim needles for thick seams or ballpoint needles for knits and stretchy material.
  • Bobbins: Stock up on extra bobbins so you always have threaded spares ready to sew.
  • Sewing machine oil: This special oil lubricates your machine’s inner mechanisms and prevents rust.
  • Seam ripper: This little tool removes stitches when you sew something incorrectly or need to undo seams. It’s a lifesaver!
  • Needle threader: If your machine doesn’t have an automatic needle threader, this handy device threads the needle for you.
  • Sewing machine mat: This non-slip rubber mat keeps your machine from sliding around on the table.

The convenience of getting everything at Michaels in one place is huge when you’re buying a new machine. No running around to various shops for accessories!

Taking Sewing Classes at Michaels

Ready to learn how to use your new sewing machine? Sign up for classes at Michaels! From beginner sewing to quilting or embroidery, they offer sewing classes for all skill levels either online or in person.

Intro classes like Make Your First Item are perfect for getting started with sewing machine basics. Plus, classes that teach specific skills like zippers, buttonholes, and hemming will build your confidence.

Even better, most Michaels stores let you bring your own machine so you can learn on the model you’ll be using at home. No getting frustrated by switching machines constantly.

Classes range from $20 for a single 2-hour workshop to over $100 for multi-week courses. But the hands-on instruction is priceless when you’re learning a new creative skill like sewing.

Sewing Machine Brands at Michaels

From entry-level to expert, Michaels carries sewing machines for all skills across these popular brands:

  • Singer: Known for innovation, Singer offers electronic, computerized, and heavy duty machines starting around $120.
  • Brother: Reliable Brother machines have user-friendly features perfect for intermediates, starting around $150.
  • Janome: Revered by sewing enthusiasts, Janome machines promise quality stitching and precision, starting around $299.
  • Michaels Essentials: Designed for beginners, Michaels’ own machines start around $100 for basic models.
  • Riccar: Sturdy Riccar models made of metal promise reliability and strength for frequent sewing.
  • EverSewn: Manufactured by Singer, EverSewn machines blend innovative technology with simplicity, starting around $199.

Trying machines in person from all these brands is a great way to compare and see what works best for your needs and budget.

Saving Money on Michaels Sewing Machines

While Michaels sewing machines are reasonably priced, there are still ways to save money:

  • Use coupons: Sign up online to receive regular 40-50% off coupons you can use on any sewing machine.
  • Ask about sales: Michaels frequently discounts machines, especially older models, so ask about any current deals.
  • Consider refurbished: Michaels sells discounted refurbished machines tested to work like new. Great for bargains!
  • Join rewards program: Signing up for the Michaels Rewards program earns you points towards future discounts.
  • Price match: Michaels will match competitors’ prices, so shop around and ask for a price match if you see a lower rate elsewhere.

With some strategic shopping, you can easily save $50-100 off the ticketed price on your sewing machine purchase.

Sewing Machine Needles Galore

No sewing machine is complete without a stock of needles in all types and sizes. Thankfully, you can grab needles in Michaels’ massive wall display alongside all the other sewing essentials.

The variety of specialty needles they carry is impressive:

  • Universal: All-purpose needles for most woven fabrics.
  • Stretch: Ballpoint needles for sewing knits without damaging fabric.
  • Denim: Sharp needles that pierce thick, heavyweight denim seams.
  • Leather: Cutting needles made for genuine or faux leather.
  • Quilting: Sharps for sewing through multiple quilt layers.
  • Embroidery: Large eye needles for metallic and delicate embroidery thread.
  • Wing: Wide needles for sewing decorative top stitching and hems.

With all these options, you can find the right needles to sew any material your projects call for.

Sewing Machine Repairs and Service

While it’s uncommon, sometimes sewing machines run into issues and need repairs for problems like tangled thread, skipped stitches, or fussy tension. Don’t worry – Michaels has your back here too!

Many local stores offer sewing machine repairs either done in-house or through recommendations of reputable service techs in your area. Give your nearest Michaels a call and ask if they provide repair assistance.

For new machines still under warranty, Michaels can also coordinate sending the machine back to the manufacturer for free repairs. Make sure to register your warranty with Michaels after purchasing.

If you run into issues at home, first consult the manual or Michaels knowledgeable sewing staff for help with troubleshooting. Many minor hiccups can be easily fixed yourself with just a few adjustments or tips!

How To Choose the Right Sewing Machine

Ready to make your purchase, but feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Keep these tips in mind for choosing the ideal sewing machine from Michaels as a beginner:

  • Set a budget: Consider how much you can realistically spend on a machine as a novice. $150-$300 is a good range.
  • Consider your space: Do you have a dedicated sewing room or need a compact machine? Measure the area to ensure a good fit.
  • Think about portability: If you’ll transport your machine often, make sure to pick a lightweight model.
  • Match your skill level: As a beginner, avoid fancy computers with hundreds of stitches you won’t use anytime soon. Start simple.
  • Ask for help: Have a Michaels employee give you a demo on machines you’re considering so you can compare.
  • Try it out yourself: Make sure to test drive any machines by sewing a sample yourself before buying.

By considering these factors, keeping an open mind, and trying before you buy, you’ll exit Michaels confident in the perfect starter sewing machine for your needs!

Michaels Sewing Machine Return Policy

Michaels wants you to absolutely love your new sewing machine. But if you do need to return it for any reason, here is their policy:

  • 30 day window: Machines can be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date.
  • Original packaging: The machine must be unopened in the original factory box and packaging.
  • Receipt required: You must have your original receipt showing date and price paid.
  • Refunds: Michaels will cheerfully refund your full purchase price minus any shipping or delivery fees paid.
  • Quality guarantee: If any part is defective, Michaels will replace it free of charge within 30 days.

Just keep your receipt and don’t open the box until you’re ready to use your machine so you have the option to return or exchange it if needed!

Buying Sewing Machines Online From Michaels

While it’s best to try sewing machines at your local Michaels first, they also make many models available for purchase online. This allows you to browse an even wider selection of brands and products.

Their online sewing machine collection includes exclusive machines only available online in addition to all the models found in stores. You can filter your search by machine type, brand, price, and ratings.

Michaels offers free shipping on sewing machine orders over $49 or choose in-store pick up. Keep in mind their regular return policy applies to online orders as well if you decide to send it back.

If you see a machine you love online, give your local Michaels a call first to see if they have it in stock to give it a test drive. Nothing beats hands-on experience before hitting purchase!

Reviews of Michaels Sewing Machines

Wondering if those sewing machines with 4+ star ratings actually live up to their glowing reviews? Well, after researching reviews from real Michaels’ customers, I can safely say their machines make a lot of novice sewers very happy.

Positive reviews praise the variety of affordable machines, quality construction, and convenience of having classes and supplies right there in store. Many customers were absolute beginners who found the perfect starter machine at Michaels.

Any critical reviews seem to focus on issues with a specific model rather than problems with Michaels’ machines overall. A few comment the lower priced machines may not stand up to frequent heavy use. But for most casual sewers, Michaels more than meets their needs.

I’d recommend taking customer reviews with a grain of salt and making your decision based on trying the machines yourself in store. Everyone’s needs differ so test them out personally rather than relying on reviews alone.

Maintaining Your Michaels Sewing Machine

You want your new sewing machine to stay smooth, trouble-free, and last for years. Make sure to give it proper care and maintenance:

  • Keep it clean: Remove dust, stray threads, and lint regularly. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.
  • Oil it: Put a drop of sewing machine oil on the parts indicated in your manual every few months.
  • Change needles: Replace bent or dull needles to prevent snags and skipped stitches.
  • Check tension: Make sure top and bobbin threads have balanced tension for proper stitching.
  • Tighten screws: Periodically tighten any loose screws on the machine body or foot.
  • Inspect belt: If your machine has a power belt, check for stretching or damage. Replace if needed.
  • Service it: Take your machine in every few years for a professional tune-up and inspection.

Follow the maintenance schedule in your instruction booklet and your machine will hum along smoothly for years of creative sewing!

Sewing Machine Warranties From Michaels

Along with great prices, Michaels offers warranties to cover repairs in case something does go wrong with your new sewing machine:

  • Manufacturer warranties: Most brands have 1-5 years of coverage for mechanical issues or defects. Make sure to register your warranty!
  • Michaels 30-day guarantee: Return any defective machine within 30 days of purchase for free replacement.
  • Extended warranties: Michaels sells additional protection plans up to 4 years for $29.99 – $199.99.
  • Free services: Many stores provide free cleaning, adjustments, and diagnostics on machines purchased there.
  • Credit card perks: Some credit cards add an extra year or more coverage on purchases. Check your benefits!

For the best protection, register your manufacturer warranty, keep your receipt, and consider an extended plan for peace of mind with your investment.

Advanced Sewing Machines at Michaels

Once you have the basics down pat, you may be yearning for more advanced features to expand your sewing skills. Michaels carries intermediate and expert machines offering:

  • More stitch options: Progress from basic 20-30 to 80-100+ stitches for embroidery, quilting, heirloom sewing, and more.
  • Lettering and monogramming: Built-in alphabets let you easily personalize projects.
  • Servo motors: More power and precision for handling thick fabrics.
  • Automatic tension: The machine sets balanced tension for you.
  • Automatic thread cutters: Trims top and bobbin threads with the touch of a button.
  • Speed controls: Sew faster and slower with adjustable speed settings.
  • Extension tables: Expand your work surface with attachable tables.

When you feel limited by a basic machine, upgrade to an advanced model from Michaels for unlimited creative potential!

Stock Up on Sewing Supplies

Once you’ve selected your dream machine, it’s time to stock up on essential sewing supplies also available at Michaels:

  • Fabric: Their selection covers wovens, knits, quilting cotton, faux leather and more to fuel your projects.
  • Patterns and books: Find sewing patterns for clothes, accessories and more plus instructional books for all skill levels.
  • Notions: Shop thread, pins, needles, measuring tools, seam rippers, and other sewing must-haves.
  • Storage: Baskets, bags, bins, and more keep your new sewing space organized.
  • Cutting tools: Rotary cutters, rulers, mats, and scissors for smooth, perfectly cut fabric.
  • Sewing furniture: Michaels sells tables, storage cabinets, chairs, and workstations designed just for sewing.

With Michaels’ huge range of sewing products, you can get set up with everything you need for sewing success in one convenient stop!

Financing Options at Michaels

Sewing machines can represent a bigger investment, especially models loaded with features. But Michaels offers financing options to make purchasing more affordable, including:

  • Michaels credit card: Apply for a store card with special financing offers and rewards perks. Pay over time in set installments.
  • PayPal: Check out with PayPal using Pay in 4 to split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments every 2 weeks.
  • Affirm: Select Affirm at checkout to finance your purchase in 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments. Quick approval with soft credit check.
  • Layaway: Put 10% down to hold an item and pay the remaining balance off over 60 days with no fees or credit needed.

With flexible payment plans, you can get the machine of your dreams from Michaels even if you need to pay it off gradually.

The Final Decision

Phew, we’ve covered a lot of ground here! By now you should have a clear picture of the variety of sewing machines available at Michaels.

My best advice is start by setting a budget, stick to beginner-friendly mechanical models, and try machines in person before deciding. Take advantage of classes, coupons, and financing options to make your purchase even more affordable and enjoyable.

Most importantly, have fun selecting your first sewing machine and get excited about all thecreative projects and skills ahead! Happy sewing!

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