Exploring the World of Art Supplies at Michaels

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My Journey to Find the Perfect Art Materials for Every Project

As an aspiring artist and art enthusiast, finding the right supplies is crucial for creating my best work. That’s why Michaels has become my go-to destination for quality art materials at reasonable prices. Whether I’m working on a new painting, handmade crafts, or DIY home decor projects, Michaels has everything I need to bring my creative visions to life.

In this blog, I’ll share my experiences shopping the aisles and exploring the variety of art supplies available at Michaels. From premium professional-grade paints to affordable beginner kits, Michaels carries an impressive selection of products for artists of all levels. I’ve tested out many brands and types of art supplies from Michaels to find my favorites and I can’t wait to share my recommendations with you!

The Paint Aisle: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolors and More

As a painter, the paint aisle is my happy place in Michaels. I’ve spent countless hours mixing colors on test strips, swatching different brands, and obsessing over each type of paint. Michaels has become my top destination for affordable acrylics, oil paints, and watercolors from leading brands.

My favorite acrylic paints are the Artist’s Loft Fundamentals line. At only $1.99 per 2oz tube, they provide professional quality pigments at student prices. I use these for most of my acrylic paintings and love their consistency and blendability. For oils, the Artist’s Loft Professional line offers a great value for the quality. Their titanium white has excellent opacity and the cadmium red medium is quite vibrant.

When I want to work with watercolors, the Artist’s Loft 30 piece pan sets provide a wide spectrum of pigments and mixing shades. For only $19.99, it’s an unbeatable deal! I also appreciate Michaels’ selection of individual tubes from top brands like Winsor & Newton and Daler-Rowney. There are even sets organized by color like the Grumbacher Academy 45-Color Watercolor Set for the perfect portable palette.

Beyond the basics, Michaels also has unique paint types like interference, iridescent, and neon acrylics which add extraordinary effects. I love experimenting with these to create one-of-a-kind paintings!

Brushes and Painting Tools for Every Style

To bring those gorgeous paints to the canvas, Michaels offers hundreds of paintbrushes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. I’ve tried out dozens to find my top picks. For acrylics, I recommend the Artist’s Loft Level 3 Multipack brushes which provide stiffness and durability at an affordable price. The Loew-Cornell La Corneille synthetic brushes are perfect for detailed watercolor work.

For oils, real hog bristle brushes are essential to move thick, buttery paint around. The Artist’s Loft hog bristle sets are a great budget option. Once I tried the luxurious Isabey natural hog bristle brushes, it was love at first stroke! With hand-turned handles and excellent color retention, these are worth the investment for pro-grade painting.

Beyond brushes, Michaels carries every painting tool needed to complete my masterpieces. Quality wood palettes, painting knives, easels, canvas boards, paper—they have it all. For beginners, the Artist’s Loft Learn to Paint kits include all the essential tools in one box which makes painting so approachable. After years of practice, I’ve graduated to building my own custom palette with individual supplies but it’s wonderful that Michaels has options for artists at every skill level.

Hitting the Jackpot in the Drawing Aisle

While painting may be my primary passion, I also enjoy sketching, illustration, cartooning, and other drawing mediums. Luckily, Michaels hitting the jackpot when it comes to drawing supplies.

For graphite pencils, I swear by the Artist’s Loft Graphite Drawing variety pack. It includes each grade from 6B to 6H so I can handle details as fine as a single hair or dark as night. When I need an eraser, the Magic Rub erasers lift graphite effortlessly without damaging the paper. For colored pencils, the Prismacolor Scholar packs offer rich pigments at a reasonable cost. I use these for both artwork as well as hand-lettering and coloring book pages!

But Michaels goes way beyond basic drawing supplies. They carry professional-grade pens, markers, and inks for every artistic style. My favorites are the Sakura Pigma Micron pens for bold ink work and the Arteza Everblend art markers for vibrant coloring with no bleed-through. Beyond brands like Sharpie, Crayola, and PaperMate, they also have more unique supplies like chalk markers, glitter gel pens, and pastel pencils from Caran D’Ache. Plus, fancy “artsy” items like monogrammed stamp sets, calligraphy pen nibs, and hand-bound sketchbooks for creative journaling. For any drawing or illustration project, Michaels has exactly what I need to make my visions a reality!

Endless Crafting Supplies for DIY Projects

In addition to fine arts, I also enjoy creating DIY home decor, gifts, cards, scrapbooks, and various craft projects. Luckily, Michaels is a paradise for crafters of all kinds! Their incredible selection includes:

  • Hundreds of types of paper, from textured cardstock to metallic sheets to canvas panels so I can always find the perfect surface to craft on.
  • A rainbow of cardstock for handmade greeting cards and embellishments. The recollections brand has every color I could ever need!
  • Ribbons, string, jute, burlap, and other trims to embellish projects or make gift wrapping extra special.
  • All the embellishments – stickers, gems, sequins, buttons, eyelets, and more to add some personality to my work.
  • Massive aisles of fabric, felt sheets, burlap, lace, rick-rack for sewing and fabric art.
  • Glue, Mod Podge, and other adhesives to join all the pieces and parts of my projects.
  • Paints, stencils, stamps, and tools to transform mundane items into works of art.

No matter what I’m making, Michaels has the craft supplies to make it happen. They truly live up to their slogan as a “maketers paradise!” I could spend hours exploring everything in the store for endless inspiration.

Helpful Staff and Classes for Continuous Learning

Even after years of practice, I’m always eager to learn new art techniques and experiment with unfamiliar mediums. That’s why I love that Michaels has an entire section dedicated to books and DVDs on painting, drawing, crafts, and DIY projects. Whenever I want to level up my skills, these instructional resources get me started.

For a more hands-on creative education, Michaels offers a huge selection of in-person and online art classes each week. I’ve taken oil painting, watercolor techniques, hand lettering, and jewelry making workshops at my local store. The talented instructors and fellow artistic classmates provide a fun, engaging learning environment. Plus, the class fees include all the supplies needed to complete the projects!

When I have questions or need recommendations, the Michaels employees provide fantastic customer service. They are always happy to assist with locating products and sharing their artistic knowledge. I appreciate how Michaels cultivates a welcoming community for creatives of all experience levels to learn, create, and perfect their craft.

Affordability That Fits My Art Budget

As a hobbyist artist with big dreams, I need quality supplies that fit my real-world budget. That’s why I appreciate that Michaels offers an extensive selection of student-grade products perfect for beginners along with professional options when I’m ready to invest in a favorite medium. Their generic Artist’s Loft brand is ideal for trying new materials on a budget and they often go on sale for even more value.

Beyond sales and generic brands, Michaels offers additional money-saving opportunities:

  • Weekly Coupons: I always check online and sign up to receive weekly coupon emails. Some are category-specific for extra savings on the supplies I need most.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program: Signing up for a Michaels Rewards card saves me an additional 5% off every purchase which adds up quickly.
  • Teacher Discounts: As a former art student myself, I love that Michaels offers 15% off most purchases for teachers to stock up on classroom supplies.
  • Volume Discounts: When working on large projects, buying materials in multi-packs or bulk quantities can save significantly.
  • Dollar Deals: The front of every Michaels store features rotating selections of craft supplies, small canvases, and more for just $1 each!

With a little savvy shopping, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars on my art supply purchases from Michaels over the years. For quality products without breaking the bank, Michaels always delivers an amazing value.

Keeping It All Organized

Between all the paints, brushes, pencils, paper, and enough craft supplies to stock a small store, keeping everything organized is crucial to my productivity as an artist. Michaels understands the struggle and has an amazing selection of storage options to keep every drawer, shelf, and closet neatly arranged.

For organizing my studio space, I love the Artist’s Loft 10-drawer rolling carts. They keep my most-used supplies right at my fingertips. Canvas bins and over-the-door hanging systems corral items by type and make them easy to locate. For displaying finished pieces, Michaels Picture it! Frames add a professional gallery feel.

To keep paints, pencils, markers, and brushes organized on my desk, Michaels has every kind of cup, jar, holder, and caddy I could need. I use pencil cups for separating drawing tools, clear lipstick holders for markers and pens, and brush caddies for paintbrushes. My absolute favorite find are the stackable Artist’s Loft storage tins which protect my fanciest art supplies from getting damaged or dusty.

Thanks to products like hanging wall storage, under-bed containers, and closet systems, I’ve finally conquered my art supply clutter! Now I can focus on creating instead of constantly searching for my materials.

Expanding My Creativity Online

While I love leisurely wandering the Michaels aisles for inspiration, their website makes shopping for art supplies easy when I’m short on time. It allows me to quickly find specific products, compare prices across brands, check inventory at my local store, and place orders for home delivery.

I appreciate that their online selection includes everything available in stores plus additional options only available online. Now I can shop specialty art brands like Arches watercolor paper or Liquitex acrylic paints from the convenience of my studio. For bulk orders of basic supplies like canvas panels and paintbrushes, the free shipping on online orders over $49 saves me time and money.

Michaels.com also has wonderful learning resources like DIY project ideas and videos demonstrating art techniques. Whenever I need a creativity boost, I browse their inspiration galleries, trending projects, and top videos to get my artistic juices flowing. With endless products and inspiration, the Michaels website fuels my passion for art!

Discovering New Art Products and Trends

Even after many years of loyalty, Michaels continues to be my go-to art supply resource because they are always evolving to offer customers new and innovative products. Their merchandising team does an amazing job curating the latest trends in artistic materials and showcasing them in stores.

This year, some of the new developments that caught my eye are:

  • Posca paint pens in metallic, neon, and pastel colors to make detailed painting easier.
  • Shimmery holographic acrylic paints that produce a stunning iridescent shimmer.
  • Palette knife painting kits perfect for beginners to try this fun technique.
  • Ugears 3D wooden model kits that provide a hands-on, artistic challenge outside the norm.
  • Abstract alcohol ink designs exploding in popularity for dazzling effects.
  • Extra large 60×80 canvas sizes to allow bigger, bolder painting projects.

I love browsing the new product displays and expanded art sections to see what’s trending each season. It gives me fresh ideas and inspiration to add more variety to my own artistic creations. The merchandising team at Michaels truly has their finger on the pulse of the latest artistic innovations.

More Than Just Art Supplies…

While this blog has focused on all my favorite art supplies from Michaels, it’s important to note they offer SO much more. Beyond paints and pencils, Michaels carries every craft supply imaginable for jewelry making, floral design, scrapbooking, framing, sewing, cake decorating and more. Their incredible selection transforms any creative vision into a tangible reality!

For makers, their vast assortment of Cricut and Silhouette products simplifies intricate DIY projects. For party planners, they have decorations, banners, and paper products to set the perfect mood. For crafters, they provide endless materials like faux flowers, unfinished wood shapes, and beads to take projects to the next level. Michaels is the one-stop-shop to bring any handmade project to life!

While the art supplies will always be my personal favorite, I’m constantly amazed at the diversity of inventive items across all of Michaels’ aisles. It’s a haven for freeing inspiration and cultivating creativity in all its many forms. For any artistic soul, Michaels provides the tools to envision something extraordinary and make it a reality.

My Artistic Journey Continues…

As I continue to push myself creatively and explore new art techniques, Michaels will remain an indispensable resource along the way. I feel grateful that no matter where my artistic path leads, Michaels will provide the quality supplies and ongoing education to nurture my growth as an artist. Their unwavering support for arts and crafts has fueled so much joy and enrichment in my life.

I hope this glimpse into my experiences has inspired you to visit Michaels and unlock your own inner artist! Let their aisles of possibilities open your eyes to new creative outlets and materials to make your vision a reality. What will you make today? The only limit is your imagination.

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