Exploring the World of Michaels Easels

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A Creative Guide to Finding the Perfect Easel for Your Artistic Needs

As an artist and creative soul, I’m always on the lookout for tools and supplies that will make my artistic process easier and more enjoyable. One essential piece of equipment for any painter, drawer or mixed media artist is a sturdy, well-designed easel. So when it came time to upgrade my easel situation, I headed to my favorite art supply source – Michaels.

With a huge selection of easels for every skill level and artistic medium, Michaels did not disappoint! In this blog post, I’ll take you through all the easel options I discovered at Michaels, from kid-friendly choices to professional studio easels and everything in between. Whether you’re an amateur artist looking for your first easel or a seasoned pro needing an upgrade, read on for an in-depth look at the world of Michaels easels.

Adjustable Easels Offer Flexibility

One of the first things I realized when browsing the easel selection at Michaels is that they offer tons of adjustable options. This allows artists to tweak the easel height, angle and configuration to perfectly suit their needs. I found tabletop mini easels that adjust from a 16 inch height all the way up to tall studio easels that extend up to 5 feet high.

The adjustability also means the easel can grow with you as an artist. For example, the Artify Adjustable Tabletop Easel can be set upright for displaying paintings or tilted horizontally to create a drafting table surface. Other easels like the Jack Richeson Lyra Adjustable Studio Easel feature telescoping legs and multi-angle mast adjustments. This easel can be configured either as a classic H-frame easel or transformed into a diagonal slant desk style.

For those with back issues like myself, the ability to adjust the height and angle was a key factor in selecting the ideal easel. Michaels offers ergonomic options like the Art Advantage Ergo-Advantage Drafting Table which can be quickly shifted from a standing to sitting painting position.

Get Creative with Convertible and Multi-Use Easels

Beyond basic adjustability, I found some really unique and versatile easels at Michaels that offer even more flexibility. For example, the Art Advantage Multi-Use Studio Easel comes with detachable trays and side shelves, allowing you to customize the easel for your current project. I can see this being great for oil painting, with removable panels to hold paints and mediums within easy reach.

For the traveling artist, Michaels has fantastic lightweight convertible easels like the Artify Field Box Easel. This functions as a box carrying case, then unfolds into a full standing field easel with incredible stability. Other options like the Jack Richeson Fold and Go Easel are compact tripod easels perfect for painting outdoors.

Convertible easels are also great if you have limited space. The Art Advantage Table Tripod Easel folds up when not in use for easy storage. There are even small tabletop models like the Artify Desktop Box Easel that fold into a box measuring just 18 x 6 x 4 inches!

Kid Friendly Easels for Young Artists

As both an artist and auntie, I was thrilled to discover the wide range of Michaels easels designed just for kids! Choosing my niece’s first easel was tough with so many adorable and functional options to choose from. There are small tabletop easels like the Creativity Street Primary Color Tabletop Easel which is perfectly sized for toddlers and young kids.

For older kids and teens, I found full-size wooden easels like the Art Advantage Aspiring Artist Easel and Supply Set to be a great choice. The solid construction means this easel can last through years of creative development. These types of easels are normally priced well over $100, but Michaels often runs sales bringing them down to very affordable prices for kid’s easels.

Safety is also a key factor with children’s easels, so I appreciated that many Michaels’ options have non-slip feet and lightweight canvas/paper holders that won’t pinch tiny fingers. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel has a child-safe paper roll and easy-clean trays. For parents like me, the most exciting feature is that it can be folded flat for easy storage when art time is over!

Get Professional Results from Artist-Grade Easels

While kid easels were fun to explore, I headed to Michaels specifically needing a more professional easel for my own artistic pursuits. I was thrilled to find they carry high-quality artist easels designed for serious painters and artists working in any medium.

The Jack Richeson Acrylic Easel instantly caught my eye with its sleek modern design and huge 73 inch height capacity. This easel is rock-solid with a weight limit of 100 lbs per canvas panel. For artists doing large-scale work, Michaels also offers massive easels like the Art Advantage Elite Wired Studio Easel which can accommodate massive canvases up to 5 by 6 feet!

Space saving easels are another great option for smaller studios or those with limited storage. The vertical Art Advantage A-Frame Studio Easel has a super small footprint while still offering height adjustability and a unique forward leaning design. For tabletop painting, Michaels carries easels like the Art Advantage Compact Aluminum Table Easel which is both lightweight and sturdy.

I ended up going with the Jack Richeson Birchwood Table Top Easel which is simple but perfectly functional for my medium-sized acrylic pours and abstracts. The smooth birch wood and sleek profile fit nicely into my artistic decor. Most importantly, the smooth quick-release lever made adjusting and locking the canvas tilt angle effortless.

Hitting All the Price Points

One of the biggest advantages I found shopping for easels at Michaels was the wide range of prices available. With everything from kid’s toy easels for under $20 up to heavy duty studio easels costing over $300, there are options accessible for almost any budget.

For beginners or casual users, Michaels has dozens of tabletop easels under $50 that offer great value without breaking the bank. At the opposite end, professional studio easels with premium features and materials generally range from $200 to $600+.

There are also some great mid-range options in the $80 to $150 range. For example, the Art Advantage Tabletop Display Easel is available for $99. This versatile easel includes side shelves, an acrylic paint palette and canvas carrying case. The Art Advantage Deluxe Standing Easel is another excellent mid-price pick at $129.

No matter your skill level or budget, I was pleased to find an easel matching my needs in the diverse Michaels lineup. Between sales and coupons, you can often save quite a bit buying from Michaels rather than lower quality department store easels.

Michaels Easels Offer Ultimate Portability

Another feature I was specifically looking for in my next easel was easy portability. I love to paint outdoors and wanted an easel I could easily pack up and take on the go. At Michaels, I found portable easels designed with the traveling artist in mind.

The Jack Richeson Plein Air Easel was one great option, combining a lightweight aluminum tripod design with a convenient carrying handle for transporting your work. The easel legs fold up neatly, and it comes with a convenient shoulder strap. There are also compact choices like the Artify Field Box Easel which packs down into a field box case.

For the simplest grab and go experience, Michaels has brilliant mini easels like the Artist’s Gear Ultra Lightweight Tabletop Easel. This tiny powerhouse folds down to a 16 inch square yet extends up to 36 inches tall. The compact footprint and 2.2 lb weight won’t weigh down your travel gear.

Tabletop easels are also an easy way to paint outside. Options like the Art Advantage Wet Panel Carrier Easel include built-in carrying handles and waterproof internal compartments for painting en plein air. For kids, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel has a handy carrying handle making it ultra-portable.

Small Space Easels Fit Perfectly on Tables and Counters

In addition to needing a portable easel, I also faced the challenge of limited indoor space in my small apartment. Michaels offered plenty of tabletop easels perfect for working in tight quarters without sacrificing functionality.

The Artify Tabletop Box Easel folds down into an ultra compact box, making storage a breeze. For a minimalist option, I loved the sleek all-black Artify Desktop Box Easel which includes handy drawer storage for supplies. The Studio Designs Future Vintage Table Top Easel has a gorgeous retro-inspired design that adds artistic flair to any table or desk.

For drafting and sketching, Michaels has great mini models like the Art Advantage Drawing Table Easel. This tilted table easel takes up minimal space yet offers big stability for drawing at an angled surface. The Artist’s Gear Metal Table Top Easel is another space saving option with a simple tripod design.

My final choice ended up being the Jack Richeson Birchwood Table Top Easel. In addition to the smooth height controls, I appreciated that the legs fold in to make storage under my bed quick and easy. The compact footprint takes up very little space in my apartment, yet its 63 inch height capacity accommodates large canvases.

Display Your Art with Multi-Purpose Easels

Beyond using an easel while actively creating, I also needed a way to display my finished pieces around my home. That’s why I loved finding Michaels easels that transition from art-making station to display easle with ease.

The Artify Adjustable Tabletop Easel is one terrific multi-use choice. It quickly adjust from a flat surface to a standing display at a range of tilted angles up to 90 degrees. For displaying unframed canvas paintings it’s perfect. The Jack Richeson Academy Easel is similar with a flat horizontal position and 7 adjustable vertical angles.

Michaels also has easels designed specifically for display like the Studio Designs Futura Contemporary Display Easel. The sleek profile and neutral finish make it discreet enough for displaying art without detracting, and assembly took just minutes. For office or restaurant display, rotating easel frames like the Art Advantage Display Easel Frame are a clever option.

Kid’s easels often work great for display too when not being used for arts and crafts. The Awesome Wooden Easel by Creativity Street includes a paper roll holder and chalkboard perfect for showing off masterpieces.

Easel Kits Have All the Art Supplies You Need

For a truly all-in-one art solution, Michaels offers some easel kits that include paints, brushes, canvases and other materials needed to start creating right away. These are perfect for beginners or folks who want a ready-to-go painting set.

The Artist’s Loft Oil Painting Pop Art Kit was one kit that caught my eye. In addition to the easel, it comes with oil paints, two canvases, brushes, palette knife, paint thinner and an instruction booklet. For acrylics, there is a similar Artist’s Loft Acrylic Painting Pop Art Kit.

For kids, Michaels has the Creativity Street Learn to Paint Art Set featuring a tabletop easel equipped with paints, brushes, paper and an easy tear-off palette. There are also kits tailored towards specific techniques like the Artist’s Loft Pour Painting Easel Kit which contains canvas, acrylic paints and silicone oil for fluid pouring artwork.

These kits are a great value when starting out and remove the hassle of sourcing all the materials separately. As an added plus, the included instructions and guides help build beginner painting skills. Once the basics are mastered, individual canvases, brushes and paints can be purchased to further customize your artistic gear.

Assembly is a Breeze for Michaels Easels

After settling on the right easel for my needs, I always worry about the dreaded assembly process. I was relieved to find most Michaels easels require only minimal easy assembly with basic tools like a Phillips head screwdriver. Many easels even include the necessary tools right in the box!

The kid’s easels are designed for ultra quick and easy setup. The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel took me under 5 minutes to get art-ready out of the box. The Creativity Street Learn to Paint Art Set required only minimal attachment of the canvas holder to the legs.

Even large studio easels like the Art Advantage Elite Wired Studio Easel were simpler to assemble than expected. The instructions walked through the steps clearly, and the process went smoothly thanks to the included hex key tool. I appreciated easels like the Jack Richeson Academy Easel which use numbered pieces for intuitive matching during assembly.

Make sure to consult the product details for ease of assembly, as some easels like the Artify Field Box Easel do require more extensive assembly with multiple parts/hinges to put together. There are also ready-to-use options like the Artist’s Loft Tabletop Display Easel which arrives fully assembled in the box.

Get the Stability and Durability Artists Need

Nothing is more frustrating than an easel that shifts, wobbles or even topples over mid-brushstroke. That’s why stability and durability were two huge priorities in selecting my easel. Based on customer reviews and product details, Michaels appears to offer reliably sturdy easel options suitable for serious artists.

For standing easels, a wide leg base provides optimal stability. The Jack Richeson Acrylic Easel stood out for its solid 22 inch leg span keeping everything steady even when applying paint forcefully. The powder coated steel legs also resist rust and corrosion.

Tabletop easels benefit from strong, solid materials like the Jack Richeson Birchwood Table Top Easel I ultimately selected. The smooth birch build survives my acrylic pouring experiments without damage. Portable field easels are designed to hold up to outdoor conditions, like the New Wave Smart design aluminium Field Easel.

Kid’s easels may sacrifice some stability for lower cost and lighter weight. But choices like the Creativity Street Primary Color Tabletop Easel still use quality materials to last through early learning. Checking weight capacities can help ensure sufficient durability too.

Get Your Perfect Easel and Supplies in One Place

One of my favorite things about shopping at Michaels for my new easel was the ability to source everything I needed for my art in one place. Beyond a huge easel selection, Michaels also offers a massive array of art supplies to fully stock up my studio.

Their extensive selection of paints, brushes, canvases and other essentials perfectly complemented my easel purchase. I was able to find the exact brushes, acrylic colors and canvas types to match my current artistic style and subject matter all without leaving the store.

Between their in-store offerings and online selection, Michaels is a one-stop shop for every artist’s needs. I can always find new specialty supplies for my latest creative venture. And I never have to worry about running out of the basics like canvases and paints with Michaels’ reliably stocked shelves.

For beginners, the ability to purchase a starter easel kit and then continue returning for more supplies as your skills grow is invaluable. I love that I’ve been shopping at Michaels for years as a casual painter, and they still meet my needs now as a more serious artist.

Michaels Meets All My Easel Needs

As a lifelong artist, a quality easel is one of my most essential tools for bringing creative visions to life. After testing out dozens of easels from Michaels to find my perfect match, I’m incredibly impressed with the selection. They truly offer something for artists at every skill level and artistic medium.

I found brilliant options for displaying finished art, kid’s easels ideal for nurturing young talent, studio-worthy artist-grade easels and ultra-portable designs for painting on the go. With sturdy construction, adjustable heights and angles, and versatile convertible designs, Michaels easels have all the features I need to take my art to the next level.

And with the incredible range of prices, I was able to find an easel to meet my budget. Between the affordable kid’s models and premium professional-grade selections, you are sure to find the right easel at the right price point for your needs.

For me, the Jack Richeson Birchwood Table Top Easel perfectly fits my artistic style, apartment space limitations, and budget. But beginning painters and established artists alike can explore the innovative world of Michaels easels to discover their ideal easel for every creative endeavor!

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