Exploring the World of Stickers at Michaels

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A Sticky Situation: Finding the Perfect Stickers for Every Project

As an avid crafter and planner enthusiast, stickers are one of my all-time favorite supplies to use for decorating and personalizing my DIY projects. Whether I’m jazzing up a handmade card, scrapbooking precious memories, or planning out my schedule in a bullet journal, fun and colorful stickers always do the trick for adding some extra pizzazz. But finding the right stickers for each particular project can sometimes be a sticky situation! Luckily, Michaels offers an absolutely massive selection of amazing stickers perfect for any craft, project, or creative pursuit – you just have to know where to look.

In this in-depth blog post, I’ll be taking a deep dive into the wonderful world of Michaels stickers. From specialty theme sets to premium name brands, I’ll be covering all of the sticker styles, options, and prices so you can find the perfect stickers for your next DIY!

An Overview of Sticker Styles at Michaels

The first step to sticker success at Michaels is understanding the different categories and formats of stickers available. Here’s a quick overview of the main sticker options you’ll find:

  • Individual Stickers: These are single loose stickers packaged together in a set. They allow you to mix and match different designs.
  • Sticker Sheets: Multiple stickers and images printed together on a single sheet. Great for coordinated projects.
  • Sticker Books: Packaged collections of sticker sheets bound together in a pad or book. Provides tons of stickers in one pack.
  • 3D Stickers: Puffy foam or vinyl stickers that add an extra fun dimensional element. Popular for embellishing.
  • Die-Cut Stickers: Intricate stickers cut into shapes using a die-cutting machine. Lovely for decor details.
  • Clear Stickers: Transparent sticker material that allows the surface underneath to show through. Great for planners!

No matter what format you need, Michaels has an awesome array of sticker designs and varieties to explore. Now let’s get into the details of what kinds of stickers are available!

Browsing the Sticker Aisles: Types of Stickers at Michaels

The sticker selection truly runs the gamut at Michaels. Here are some of the main sticker categories and themes you can shop:

Seasonal and Holiday Stickers

From New Years and Valentine’s Day to Halloween and Christmas, you’ll find specialty themed stickers for every holiday and occasion at Michaels. These are perfect for handmade cards, treats, and decorations to celebrate in style. I especially love using festive designs and colors to decorate my planner spreads for a pop of seasonal joy.

Floral and Nature Stickers

For the free spirit or nature lover, Michaels has the most whimsical options for floral, botanical, and wildlife stickers. Detailed flower designs, leaves, trees, butterflies, and other woodland critters adorn these earthy and vintage-inspired stickers. They’re ideal for journal decor, framed photos, scrapbook pages, and more.

Travel Stickers

Bucket list inspiration ahead! The travel sticker selection includes chic airline, map, passport, landmark, and luggage designs perfect for scrapbooking adventuresmarking off places you’ve visited on a map, or planning future dream trips.

Cool Shapes and Geometric Stickers

From abstract shapes and lines to cool geometrics, these graphic design and patterned stickers are great for any modern crafter. The bold lines, triangles, dots, arrows, and more add a hip DIY edge to art and design projects. Mix and match with solid color stickers for cool contrast.

Quotes and Text Stickers

Sometimes the perfect phrase says it all! Michaels offers a wide variety of inspirational quotes, words, and typography stickers that make it easy to customize your diy projects. From life mottos to crafty sayings, add some wise words or clever catchphrases with text stickers.

Stickers for Planners and Organizers

Planner addicts rejoice! Michaels offers a ton of excellent stickers specifically designed for decorating and personalizing planners and agendas. From functional icons and flags to motivational phrases and colorful designs, level up your organization with cute and functional planning stickers.

As you can see, just about any theme, occasion, or design aesthetic is covered by the vast Michaels sticker selection. Now let’s talk pricing…

Sticker Shock: How Much Do Michaels Stickers Cost?

Given the diversity of the sticker selection, prices can range quite a bit at Michaels – but you can generally find great deals and affordable options. Here’s a breakdown of average Michaels sticker prices:

  • Individual Stickers: $1 – $5 per pack
  • Sticker Sheets: $2 – $10 per sheet depending on size
  • Sticker Books: $5 – $15 per book based on number of sheets
  • 3D Stickers: $3 – $8 per pack for dimensional stickers
  • Die-Cut Stickers: $3 – $12 per pack depending on intricacy
  • Clear Stickers: $2 – $6 per pack
  • Kids Stickers: $1 – $3 per pack

The most budget-friendly options are kids stickers, individual stickers, and basic sticker sheets which can be found for just a few dollars. More specialized or premium brands will be priced higher up to $10-$15. However, there are always great sales and coupons to take advantage of! Sign up for the Michaels rewards program and avoid paying full price.

Quality Counts: Top Sticker Brands at Michaels

Beyond just generic store brand stickers, Michaels also offers premium stickers from popular craft and sticker brands. Here are some of the top names to look for:

Jolee’s Boutique

Jolee’s Boutique is one of my personal favorite sticker brands, known for whimsical themes, high-quality materials, and unique color palettes. Their floral, nature, and travel stickers are always stunning!

Sticko Stickers

Sticko makes fab vinyl and clear stickers that are perfect for planners, scrapbooks, water bottles, laptops and more. Their designs are super modern and versatile.

Rifle Paper Co.

For gorgeous florals and patterns with a vintage flair, the Rifle Paper Co. sticker collection is unbeatable. From gilded motifs to illustration stickers, these are true works of art!


Mambi’s mega sticker books and sheets are a must-have for hardcore planner addicts. Their gigantic selection has stickers for any schedule and occasion.

Erin Condren

Known for their life planners, Erin Condren also makes adorable sticker books with coordinating themes and colors that complement their products perfectly. Very fun and functional!


For stickers with artistic flair, K&Company’s designs dazzle with stylish patterns, foil accents, cool shapes, and more. Perfect to elevate any DIY.

Chameleon Pens

For crafters who love color, Chameleon Pens has awesome holographic, iridescent, and color-shifting specialty stickers that add jaw-dropping effects.

American Crafts

This brand offers a terrific range of themed sticker books for planners, memory keeping, goals, fitness, and more. The quality and variety is outstanding.

Sticker Smorgasbord: Must-Shop Sticker Categories

From my years of experience browsing the vast Michaels sticker wonderland, here are some of the top sticker sections you must check out:

Scrapbook Stickers

The scrapbook sticker section will become your new happy place! For scrapbooking, card-making, journals, and photo albums, this section has endless sticker sheets, books, shapes, titles, words, phrases, and embellishments to make your memories pop.

Planner Stickers

Stationery addicts should head straight to the designated planner sticker displays, endcaps, and walls showcasing all the top brands mentioned above. You’ll find themed books, functional icons, page flags, quotes, boxes, banners, checklists, and more to organize and decorate your planner in style.

Clearance Stickers

Don’t miss the clearance and sale bins tucked around the store! You can uncover some serious sticker steals for just a dollar or two in the discounted sections. It’s the ideal place to stock up on fun or seasonal designs for next year too.

Craft and DIY Stickers

For general crafting and art projects, check the DIY sticker section for individual vinyls, cute shapes, solid colors, borders, words, and more. The color and pattern options here will fuel endless creativity and customization!

Kids and School Stickers

Let kids’ imaginations run wild with themed sticker sets featuring unicorns, space, dinosaurs, mermaids, animals, fairies, under-the-sea, transportation, and other cool topics kids adore. Classroom and school-themed sticker packs are also teacher approved!

Specialty Sticker Categories

Beyond the everyday essentials, Michaels also offers unique specialty sticker formats, styles and uses. Here are a few examples of extra sticker features to look for:

Puffy 3D and Foam Stickers

For the ultimate in texture and dimension, puffy raised foam and vinyl sticker designs pop right off the page. Use them to make art and cards really stand out!

Window and Bumper Stickers

Perfect for customizing your car, laptop or other accessories, Michaels has a nice array of glossy vinyl window and bumper stickers to showcase your style.

Waterproof and Outdoor Vinyls

For dishwasher-safe water bottles or weatherproof outdoor use, look for ultra durable vinyl and waterproof sticker options. Great for tumblers, boats, cars and more!

Iron-On and Sew-On Stickers

Transform any fabric item with iron-on and sew-on stickers! Michaels offers alphabet sets, images, and phrases to customize t-shirts, hats, bags, and clothing creatively.

Stencil and Die-Cut Machines

For limitless custom shapes, Michaels lets you make your own stencils and intricate die cut stickers to your heart’s content in store. Bring your designs to life!

Eco-Friendly and Recycled Stickers

Michaels has made an effort to offer sustainable sticker options like Eco Stardust made from recycled paper, which is awesome for the environmentally conscious!

Ready, Set, Stick! Finding Stickers for Any Occasion

With this extensive overview of the impressively robust sticker selection at Michaels, you’re now fully equipped and prepped to sticker shop like a pro! Whatever craft or project you’re working on, you’re sure to find the perfect stickers in every size, color, style and theme imaginable.

My advice is to give yourself plenty of time to browse since the sticker aisles are infinitely eye-catching and inspiring. Let your project or theme help narrow your focus as you go – planner spreads, gift cards, scrapbooks, etc. Grab any codes or coupons you can, sign up for the rewards program, and take advantage of sales. Most importantly, have fun unleashing your creativity with each new set of stickers! Happy sticking!

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