Finding the Perfect 11×14 Frame at Michaels

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My Quest for the Ideal Frame to Display My Son’s Latest Masterpiece

As a parent, I’ve accumulated a vast collection of my children’s artworks over the years – from scribbles on scrap paper to elaborate paintings and drawings. Recently, my son completed an amazing 11×14 inch sketch using charcoal pencils that I knew deserved to be properly framed and displayed in our home. So I headed to my local Michaels to search for the perfect 11×14 frame to showcase his creation.

I’ll admit, I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first stepped into the framing section at Michaels. There were so many options to choose from! Different frame styles, colors, materials, features – how would I ever decide? I took a deep breath and started evaluating all the 11×14 framing possibilities.

Frame Styles Galore

Michaels has an incredibly diverse selection of 11×14 frame styles. For traditional looks, there are classic silver, black, and wooden frames with clean lines and neutral hues that will blend well in any room. These would look gorgeous framing family photos, diplomas, or formal artwork.

For a touch of modern flair, Michaels has metal frames with unique shapes like scallops or angles. I noticed a shiny gold metal frame with a slanted inward cut on each side that I think would look fantastic framing my son’s abstract sketch. The sleek style would nicely complement the fluid lines and geometric shapes in his drawing.

Beyond the classic rectangular frame, Michaels offers oval, round, square, and even triangular 11×14 frame options. I’m picturing a cool circular silver frame surrounding a printed image of the moon – it would look stellar! For kids’ art, the colorful rainbow and primary shape frames could add a lively pop.

Wooden Wonders

Michaels has an amazing assortment of wooden 11×14 frames to fit any decor. The natural rustic look of wood always feels warm and welcoming in a home. The reclaimed wood frames with visible wood grain and markings from their previous life are super trendy and earthy.

For a farmhouse vibe, Michaels’ white washed wooden frames are perfect. And the barnwood picture frames with chipped paint and visible hardware screws have a timeworn, vintage appearance. There are also modern takes on wood frames with clean lines and stained finishes in gray and espresso tones.

Wood frame textures range from smooth and polished to hand-carved patterns. I noticed an intricate wooden frame with a floral motif carved across the top that would upgrade any fine art print. For extra depth, some wooden frames have attached wood molding in geometric shapes.

Colorful Choices

Beyond natural wood grains, Michaels stocks 11×14 frames in every color imaginable to match any decor. Primary colors, pastels, bright neons, metallics – they have it all. The bold color frames are a perfect way to display kids’ artwork, photographs, or prints.

My son loves all things outer space right now, so I’m thinking a medium blue plastic frame would look awesome framing an image of a rocket launching into space. For an extra pop, I saw some multi-colored frames that fade between hues along the frame for a fun rainbow effect.

Gold, silver, and copper metal frames feel sleek and modern. Black and white frames keep things classic and sophisticated. For a whimsical vibe, Michaels has frames decorated with beads, shells, glitter, and more! I have to resist the urge to get carried away with the fun designs and remember classic tends to age better.

Matted Frames

Many of the 11×14 frame options at Michaels come with pre-cut mats in colors that coordinate or contrast with the frame hue. The beveled opening that exposes just the image is called a mat and helps set it apart visually. This effect makes whatever you are framing really pop!

Mats also provide a bit of space between the art and the glass which is safer for the piece. Depth is key – some Michaels frames have double mats for even more dimension. I noticed a distressed light wood frame with two black mats that I think would add important contrast to my son’s gray charcoal sketch.

The mat colors at Michaels range from white, black, metallic, brights and patterns if you want to get funky! I’m liking the idea of a textured fabric mat in a neutral tone for my son’s frame, perhaps a linen or burlap. The natural look would keep the focus on his stunning art.

Price Range

Of course with all these beautiful framing options at Michaels, prices understandably range quite a bit. Simple plastic and lightweight metal 11×14 frames can be found for under $10 which is great for framing common prints. The chunky wood and matted frames run closer to $20-60 depending on intricacy of materials and design.

Larger sizes also impact cost – I saw some massive 30×40 frames for well over $100! The framing experts at Michaels say to budget about a third of your art’s value for the frame. Custom options like ornate molded frames or specialized glazing will increase the price tag further.

For my son’s one-of-a-kind sketch, I decided to spend a bit more on a quality frame that can be proudly displayed. But there are plenty of options at Michaels no matter your budget or art you are looking to frame. Don’t be afraid to wait for a sale or use coupons either!

Metallic Shine

Beyond wood and plastic, Michaels also offers metal 11×14 frames which have an elegant, sophisticated appearance. The silver, gold, copper and metal corner frames add a hint of glamour and shine to any image. I noticed a cool hammered copper frame that would enhance an artistic black and white photograph.

Metal frames tend to have clean, straight lines for a polished modern look. But some also have decorative embellishments like beads, jewels, or embossed patterns. I saw a bronze frame with tiny square cut-outs on the edges almost like lace. Gorgeous!

A classic silver or gold frame never goes out of style. And metal holds up better than wood or plastic with temperature changes, humidity and more. At Michaels, you can find metal frames with glass or acrylic glazing, with or without mats. They even sell small metal easels to prop tabletop art frames.

Decorative & Ornate

Beyond basic frames, Michaels offers an array of decorative and ornate 11×14 framing options to make your art the star of any room. Elaborate frames with hand-carved detailing, raised patterns, layered bevels, or painted finishes transform a simple print into a work of art.

Scrolling frames with gilded accents and filigreed corners have an elegant Victorian vibe perfect for botanical prints or romantic portraits. For traditional decor, carved frames with floral motifs or geo/scrolling shapes make a statement. Unique textures like crackled paint, rustic concrete, and faux marble also impress.

Some ornate frames incorporate beads, sequins, fabric, or mixed media for a whimsical feel. I saw a chunky frame decorated with sea shells – perfect for beach vacation photos! The options at Michaels let you get truly creative with displaying cherished art or photographs.

Discounts & Coupons

Like most avid crafters, I never pay full price if I can avoid it! Luckily Michaels always offers discounts and coupons to cut framing costs. Signing up for their email list scores you a 20% off entire purchase coupon on your birthday and other exclusive deals.

Browsing the weekly ad preview, I see 40-50% off sales run regularly on home decor including frames. Especially around holidays you can snag major discounts. Michaels also frequently has buy one, get one 50% off frame sales that let you stock up.

The Michaels app has great coupons like 25% your entire purchase that can be used on top of sales prices. And keep an eye out for their framing classes which come with deep frame discounts upon completion. Just a few savings tips to stretch your project budget further!

Orientation Options

An advantage of purchasing an 11×14 frame at Michaels is that most accommodate both portrait and landscape oriented images with ease. Many frames come with instructions for switching out the default landscape matt with the portrait version included in the package.

For frames without interchangeable mats, rotating the frame itself 90 degrees to accommodate either direction is simple. I prefer portrait style for people pictures which capture the subject best. Landscape orientation is great for wider scenes and horizontal artwork.

With an 11×14 frame size, rotating between portrait and landscape is easier than larger frame sizes. I once made the mistake of framing in only portrait style before deciding I preferred the artwork in landscape – what a hassle to reframe! Michaels makes switching orientation a breeze.

Choosing the Right Frame

With so many 11×14 framing options at Michaels, how do you thoughtfully choose the right one? Start by considering the art object you want to frame. Is it formal fine art or a casual snapshot? Cool tones like blues or grays? Warm tones of reds, oranges and yellows? Colorful mixed media or neutral?

Your frame should complement but not compete with the art. For modern graphic prints, sleek metal frames enhance without overwhelming. For traditional oil paintings, classic wood frames tie together nicely. Kid art pops in colorful frames, while neutral ecru mattes and frames keep the focus on black and white photos.

Think about where this framed piece will hang in your home and what style that room is. Rustic barnwood frames suit farmhouse spaces, while glossy lacquered frames match modern decor. When in doubt, classic black or silver frames transition between styles seamlessly. Most importantly, choose a frame you love to enhance your enjoyment of the art.

UV Protection

To uphold the integrity and vibrancy of whatever you frame, look for 11×14 frames at Michaels that offer UV protection. Sunlight streaming through windows can damage artwork, photographs and documents over time, causing colors to fade and paper to yellow.

Frames that specifically filter out UV rays will prevent this damage. At Michaels, look for frames advertising “UV protection”, “museum glass”, “conservation clear”, or “UV filtering”. This glazing blocks over 75% of UV light while still letting you view the art clearly.

UV glazing does cost a bit more than basic glass, but is worth the investment for framing priceless art or heirloom objects you want preserved for years. Cheaper acrylic glazing usually provides UV protection too. Ensure your frame’s backing paper and matting are also acid-free for extra preservation.

Online Order Pickup

Like most retailers today, Michaels makes online shopping and in-store pickup convenient. Browsing frames online allows you to see the full range of options available. Save your favorites to a wishlist to compare. See size and color options, browse reviews, and take advantage of online discounts.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect 11×14 frame for your project, select the “Order Online Pickup in Store” option at checkout. Your frame will quickly be pulled, packaged and ready to pickup same day at your local Michaels. Save the shipping fees and get your frame home fast!

I prefer being able to inspect frames thoroughly for any damage prior to purchase. With pickup, you can check the frame glass and make sure corners are solidly constructed. Friendly Michaels framing experts are right there to assist you as well. Make frame shopping easy by ordering online for in-store retrieval.

Custom Framing

For patrons wanting a truly one-of-a-kind frame design, Michaels offers full custom framing services. Meet with a knowledgeable framing team member who can walk you through the endless options. Bring your artwork or photograph and explore moulding, mat, and glazing materials.

From concept to creation, the Michaels pros handle every step – designing the layout, precision cutting mats, fitting the art, sealing, and final assembly. For items like jerseys or delicate textiles, they can customize shadowboxes and displays. Get an archival Museum Mounting done.

All framing work is completed onsite at your local Michaels store. This made-to-order process allows you to create the ideal framing solution for any unique art or object. Let the experts handle it! Costs vary based on materials and time required. Expect starting rates around $25-50 for basic custom 11×14 frames.

Return Policies

Michaels stands behind all of their framing products and services with solid return policies. Any ready-made frame or custom order can be returned in original condition within 60 days with receipt for a full refund.

Items purchased online can also be returned by mail if needed – just repackage carefully. Damaged frames or orders with errors can be replaced at no cost. Michaels will even assist with any manufacturer warranty issues that arise.

For custom framing work, Michaels offers a “Love It Guarantee”. If you get home and the frame isn’t quite perfect, they will remake it at no charge. Just make sure to inspect orders thoroughly before accepting. With such robust return policies, you can feel confident purchasing their frames!


To get further insight into Michaels’ 11×14 frame quality and service, I always like browsing online reviews before making a big purchase. The Michaels website has customer reviews and star ratings posted for each frame which are extremely helpful.

Site visitors can see what buyers liked or had issues with for every frame. I read comments praising the style and price of some budget friendly wood and metal frames. Some remarked that premium frames were on par with local specialty shops but more affordable.

There were a few complaints of frames arriving damaged, unfinished edges, or improper cutting. But issues seem rare, and Michaels has great customer service backing their products. With thousands of positive reviews and decades in business, I trust Michaels for quality frames.

Hanging Hardware

One framing necessity I absolutely loathe picture frame shopping for is hanging hardware. Finding wires, sawtooth hangers, and hooks that properly fit heavier frames is so tricky. But I was thrilled to discover most 11×14 frames from Michaels come with attached hanging hardware.

The metal D-ring hangers attached to the back of wood and plastic frames at Michaels are sturdy enough for 11×14 sizes. Some feature neat hiding mechanisms to tuck away the hanger when not in use for a cleaner look. No more fishing wires through tiny holes!

They take those pesky hardware variables off your plate. For metal and glass frames, sleek standing or tabletop easels often come included in the package too. Focus on choosing the prefect frame front knowing the back is handled by Michaels. Frame shopping made far easier!

Glazing Options

An important framing choice is what type of glass or acrylic glazing you select. Glazing protects your art while letting it be seen clearly. At Michaels, 11×14 frames come standard with basic clear glass which I prefer for framing prints or common artwork.

For added safety and UV protection, upgrading to acrylic instead of glass is wise for kid rooms or busy spaces prone to bumps and breakage. Acrylic is lighter than glass and won’t shatter. It can develop scratches, but that polished glass-like look lasts surprisingly long.

Another glazing upgrade option is anti-reflective “museum glass” that minimizes lighting glare and reflections. This lets art be seen vividly behind glass. Anti-glare glass is fantastic for framing paintings to appreciate brush technique without shine distractions.

Eco-Friendly Framing

As consumers become more eco-conscious, we look to support brands that align with our values. I was pleased to find Michaels offers several “green” framing choices for environmentally-minded shoppers.

Many of their wood frames come from responsibly harvested and sustainably sourced lumber. Reclaimed barn wood frames give new life to recycled materials. Browse frames made from plant-based bioplastics, water-based finishes, and other reduced waste materials.

Michaels stocks natural cotton rag mat boards, non-acidic archival papers, and glass made with 50% recycled content. You can feel good framing keepsakes in acid-free envelopes, recycled poly bags and other conscious packaging. With small choices, we can frame art while caring for the planet.

Inventory Turnover

When looking for popular frame sizes like 11×14, inventory turnover is always a concern with ongoing supply disruptions lately. The good news is Michaels seems to stay well stocked on 11×14 frame options with new deliveries arriving regularly.

While they may occasionally run low or out of stock temporarily on a particular frame, there are always plenty of similar or alternate styles available. The high demand 11×14 size is clearly a priority for Michaels’ merchandising team to keep shelves replenished.

Checking can give you real time inventory data on your local store’s frames in stock too. Sign up for alerts to know when your favorites are restocked or stop by to see new arrivals that may catch your eye. With some flexibility, you’re sure to find an 11×14 frame match.

Gallery Style

Beyond home decor, Michaels provides gallery quality picture frames suitable for museums, businesses, events, and more. Gallery framing prioritizes art preservation and sophisticated professional presentation.

Premium wood or metal frames with clean beveled edges have a classic gallery look. Conservation clear UV filtering glazing and acid-free archival mats prevent deterioration. Framed art lays flat against the wall without bulky hanging hardware to mimic gallery style.

For important works, Michaels’ custom framers can add fillets or spacers between art and glazing for protection and enhance visual depth. Go frameless “floating” to keep all focus on the art. Add polished art hangers, pedestals or shadowboxes for a refined gallery feel. Elevate your art framing!

The Perfect Frame Found!

After evaluating all the possibilities, I found the most perfect 11×14 frame for my son’s artwork at Michaels. I chose a wide reclaimed wood frame with river-rock inspired look along the edges. The earthy stone textures and warm wood grain complement the natural charcoal medium perfectly.

It came with a neutral linen blende mat that brings out the sketch’s highlights. And the attached cleat hanger is heavy duty enough for the frame’s weight. I’m so pleased with how the framed piece now enhances my living room gallery wall. Michaels offers such an amazing selection that you can always find the ideal frame for your cherished art and photography projects. Happy framing!

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