Finding the Perfect 16×20 Frame for Your Artwork at Michaels

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A Guide to Selecting and Customizing Frames for Your Cherished 16×20 Creations

With artists and photographers constantly creating beautiful 16×20 works to display, finding the ideal frame to complement and protect these pieces is an important endeavor. Michaels, with its incredible selection of fashionable and functional 16×20 frames, is the perfect place to shop when you’re ready to frame your latest masterpiece.

As an avid hobbyist photographer, I frequently have stunning 16×20 prints that I want to proudly exhibit in my home. However, picking out the frame that will truly enhance the art while also fitting my style and budget can be a challenge. After much trial and error, I’ve learned that Michaels offers the best variety and customization options for 16×20 frames of any craft store. From minimalist metal frames to rustic wood moldings, French mats and UV glass, you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your cherished photograph or artwork.

In this blog post, I’ll share details and tips about the wide spectrum of 16×20 frame choices available at Michaels. I’ll also outline the key factors to consider as you select the ideal frame for your art print. Follow along for a thorough guide to choosing, customizing, and decorating with the perfect 16×20 frame for your home décor vision.

An Overview of 16×20 Frame Selections at Michaels

Michaels offers an incredible spectrum of sizes and configurations for frames, but 16×20 frames are a particularly popular choice for framing cherished photographic prints, limited edition artwork prints, canvas paintings, specialty papers, and more. With a 16×20 frame, you can display and protect your treasured creation in a standard, classic size that fits with most home decor styles.

In my local Michaels store and on their user-friendly website, there must be at least 50 distinct 16×20 frame options to browse through. It can be totally overwhelming to parse through the possibilities at first. Here’s a quick rundown of the main categories and materials for 16×20 frames carried by Michaels:

  • Wood frames: Classic wood picture frame moldings in various stains and finishes like walnut, espresso, white washed, and black. Some also have extra decorative touches like carvings.
  • Metal frames: aluminum, iron, and tin frames in silver, black, bronze, and more. Styles range from industrial to ornate.
  • Poster frames: lightweight plastic frames with acrylic pane for basic, budget-friendly framing.
  • Floating frames: modern “frameless” style floated off the wall on clear acrylic mounts.
  • Collage frames: Frame multiple photos in one 16×20 frame.
  • Contemporary frames: trendy frame materials like acrylic, reclaimed wood, neon colors, and creative shapes.
  • French mat frames: Frames with wide, decorative mats and ornate molded edges.
  • Basic budget frames: simple black, white, or wood 16×20 frames for about $25 and under.

With so many 16×20 frame options spanning a range of aesthetic styles and budgets, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for your specific art piece. Keep reading for tips to narrow your selection.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a 16×20 Frame

With the overwhelming selection of great 16×20 frames at Michaels, deciding on just one frame can be a challenge. Here are some important considerations as you narrow your options:

Frame Material

The texture and appearance of the frame itself will impact the overall look, so consider which material best fits your vision. Dark wood frames feel traditional, metal has an industrial vibe, and acrylic is clean and modern.

Color or Finish of the Frame

The color of the frame can complement or contrast the art. Gold, black, and white frames are classic choices that work with most art. But don’t be afraid to go bold with a colorful frame if it matches the mood of the piece.

Style of Frame Molding

Thicker, more ornate molded wood frames convey traditional elegance. Clean, straight lines offer a contemporary look. Distressed wood finishes or creative materials like neon and reclaimed wood have an artsy, eclectic vibe.

Budget for Frame

16×20 frames span a wide price range at Michaels. Basic budget-friendly plastic poster frames start under $30. Elaborate wood or metal frames with premium customizations can cost over $300. Set a budget to narrow options.

Weight of Frame

The thicker the frame molding and glass, the heavier the frame. Make sure to choose a frame substantial enough to securely display your artwork that will still hang properly on your wall.

Customizations Like Mats and Specialty Glass

Upgrades like decorative mats, specialty UV glass, and custom frame enhancements can elevate your frame. But they do add cost. Decide which custom options fit your budget and vision.

By carefully considering these factors, you can determine the frame specifications that are must-haves for properly showcasing your print. Then you can zero in on the right Michaels frames to evaluate in-store or online.

Framing Customization Options Offered by Michaels

One of the best aspects of framing your artwork or photo at Michaels is the ability to add custom refinements that make your frame truly one-of-a-kind. Michaels offers the following fabulous customization possibilities:

Beautiful Mat Options

Mat boards are available in a range of colors and textures to complement your art. Neutrals like white, cream, and black are versatile. Or opt for bold colors that enhance your art. Mat boards also come in materials like fabric, suede, cork, grasscloth, burlap, and more. Framing experts at Michaels can advise you on selecting the perfect mat for your creation.

UV Protective Glass

UV glass helps prevent sun damage and fading to protected art. This is highly recommended for framing valuables like limited edition prints. Note that UV glass tends to have a slight green tint. Non-glare glass is another specialty option.

Creative Frame Embellishments

Decorative wood carvings give frames an ornate, upscale look. For a playful accent, add corner flourishes or metal medallionsPainting or staining the frame and mat different colors offers a personalized, artsy touch.

Custom Frame Shapes

Oval mats soften the look of a standard rectangular frame. Or opt for a circular, star, heart, or diamond shaped frame for more bold style.

Unique Frame Back Options

From hangers and standouts to wiring, cleats, and easel backs, Michaels has various backing and hanging options to securely and beautifully display your framed art.

Take time to explore all the possibilities! Combining selections from Michaels’ premium mat boards, specialty cut glass, and decorative frame extras can take your framed 16×20 print to the next level. A framing specialist can help combine the ideal options to match your artistic vision and budget.

Tips for Choosing Frames for Specific Photo and Artwork Types

The possibilities may seem infinite when evaluating all the great 16×20 framing choices at Michaels. Here are some specific tips for selecting the perfect frame based on the type of print or art you’re working with:

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography looks gorgeous framed in black, white or grey mats and frames. Cool-toned metallics like silver, pewter, and platinum also complement classic monochrome. Crisp white mats make photos pop.

Color Photography

For vibrant color photographs, choose a neutral tone frame like brown, tan, or grey wood. White or black frames also make colors stand out beautifully. Don’t overpower the photo with a competing colorful frame.

Watercolor and Paintings

Lightweight wood or metal frames work best for showcasing delicate watercolors without overpowering them. For oil or acrylic paintings, choose a sturdy wood frame with texture to complement brush strokes.

Canvas Prints and Paintings

Floating frames that hang canvas off the wall are perfect for displaying thick, textured canvas prints. For mounted canvas paintings, select solid wood frames with deep enough rabbeting to hold the depth of the canvas.

Posters, Prints, and Documents

Simple poster frames with lightweight plastic molding and acrylic glass are ideal for reproductions like posters. They help protect without detracting from the look of the print.

Kid’s Artwork

For framing kids’ artwork or school projects, inexpensive colored wood or poster frames allow the artwork to take center stage. Fun painted frames also complement children’s whimsical creations.

3D Objects and Memorabilia

For displaying dimensional mementos, shadowbox frames or display cases with ample depth allow you to showcase the items beautifully. Michaels has glass enclosed shadowboxes and open display frames perfect for 3D keepsakes.

This is just an overview of recommendations for common print and art types. The experts at Michaels can offer suggestions for choosing the perfect frame for any unique creation you’re looking to display in your home.

Completing Your Frame with Thoughtful Touches

You’ve picked the perfect custom frame from Michaels and your artwork is now safely displayed inside. But adding a few finishing accents can really polish off your framed print and make it a seamless part of your décor:

Use frame hangers and hardware designed for the frame’s weight. This ensures it will hang securely on the wall.

Add a wall spacer to help the frame sit off the wall slightly. This prevents moisture damage or discoloration over time.

Attach felt pads to the corners on the back of the frame. This prevents scuffs and damage to your walls.

Make sure any text or focus points in the framed print are oriented straight within the frame.

Clean the glass carefully with approved glass cleaner and lint-free cloths before hanging.

Hang your framed print at eye level for optimum viewing. Follow any gallery hanging tips from Michaels.

Use proper picture hanging hooks, cleats, or wires to display your frame. Ensure it’s secure.

With these finishing touches, you’ll confidently hang your perfectly framed creation and enjoy viewing it for many years to come!

Decorating Your Home with Stunning Michaels 16×20 Frames

Now for the really fun part – decorating with your beautiful Michaels 16×20 frames! Here are some tips for using frames of this versatile size to enhance your home’s style:

Anchor a Gallery Wall

large 16×20 frame makes a bold anchor piece to build an art gallery wall around. Surround it with smaller framed pieces in coordinating colors.

Highlight Meaningful Photos

For a family photo gallery in your home, pick a few special 16×20 frames to showcase large, impactful prints of important memories and people.

Build a Statement Photo Collage

Utilize Michaels’ collage frame collection to creatively arrange several 16×20 openings for related photos. This makes a stunning grouped statement.

Complement Sofas or Beds

Hang 16×20 frames above sofas, beds, or console tables at a size substantial enough to balance out the furniture underneath.

Frame Collections

Match your frames when displaying a series or collection of prints. A set of three 16×20 black wood frames looks cohesive and stylish together.

Define Specific Spaces

Mark special areas in your home like above the fireplace, at the top and bottom of staircases, or in open entryways with eye-catching 16×20 frames.

With so many options, you can use frames in creative ways beyond just hanging on walls. For example, lean frames on mantles or shelves, group them on the floor, or even hang them on the ceiling for an unexpected look. However you incorporate them, Michaels’ 16×20 frames will elevate your décor.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Michaels 16×20 Frame?

I hope this detailed guide gave you inspiration and tips to confidently choose the ideal Michaels frame to showcase your treasured 16×20 photograph, painting or print. With such a wide selection of sizes, styles, colors and customization choices, you’re sure to find a frame that matches your vision.

The next time you have a gorgeous 16×20 artwork or photo you want to preserve and exhibit with pride, consider visiting your local Michaels store or browsing online to evaluate the many framing options. Take time to imagine how your creation will look elevated in a frame that reflects your personal taste.

With the right 16×20 frame and thoughtful customizations, you can protect your cherished art and display it in a way that enhances your living space for many years to come. So go forth and frame boldly! Use this guide as a reference to interact with Michaels’ knowledgeable framing experts. Together you’re sure to create the perfect framed presentation for your 16×20 masterpiece.

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