Finding the Perfect 18×24 Frame at Michaels

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A Guide to Framing Large Format Artwork

I’ve always loved decorating my home with beautiful pieces of art, from lovely prints and posters to my own photography and paintings. However, finding the right frame can make all the difference in elevating a simple picture into a true masterpiece on the wall. Recently, I’ve been interested in framing some large format 18×24 pieces, but wasn’t sure where to find quality frames in that size. That’s when I discovered that Michaels offers an excellent selection of 18×24 frames for all types of artwork and in a variety of styles.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experiences shopping for the perfect 18×24 frame at Michaels, including the many options they carry, pricing and sales info, framing materials, customization capabilities, and more. Whether you’re looking to frame a family photo collage, canvass print, limited edition poster, or your own original piece, you’re sure to find a frame to match at Michaels.

An Overview of 18×24 Frame Options at Michaels

One of the first things I noticed when browsing the 18×24 frame selection at Michaels was the wide range of frame material options, from basic plastic and wood to metal and ornate molded designs. They carry frames in solid blacks and woods, but also more unique colors like silver, gold, and distressed finishes. This diversity makes it easy to match a frame to your existing decor.

In addition to material, Michaels offers 18×24 frames in both simple floating styles to accent the artwork as well as more elaborate frame designs with intricate patterns and carvings. There are also shabby chic distressed frames and modern sleek frames to fit both traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

Beyond the frame itself, Michaels has options for customized matting in archival colors like white, cream, and black. For an extra pop of personality, some 18×24 frames come with brightly colored mats as well. You can also find frames with decorative metal filigree corners or wooden barn doors to showcasespecific pieces.

Pricing and Sales on 18×24 Frames

Of course, with such a wide selection of frame styles the prices also vary greatly. Basic plastic 18×24 frames can cost as little as $40, while hand-carved wood frames run over $150. Most standard wood and metal frames fall somewhere in the $60 to $100 range.

The good news is Michaels always has sales and coupons to help cut down the price. I usually wait for a good 30-50% off framing coupon to make my purchase. They also frequently run specials like Buy One Get One Half Off on all custom framing orders. Around major holidays and during store-wide sales events, I’ve seen 18×24 frames discounted to 50% off or more, which is when I like to stock up. Signing up for the Michaels email list will ensure you never miss a framing sale!

Customization and Specialty Options

One of my favorite things about Michaels is that they offer full custom framing services to get your 18×24 artwork framed to perfection. This starts with the expert assistance of their framing associates, who can guide you through selecting complementary colors and materials. Then they will professionally cut matting and securely frame your piece.

For specialty items like canvas prints or jerseys, Michaels has frame packages designed to highlight these. When I brought in a large custom canvas print, my associate helped me pick out a deep profile frame with UV acrylic that perfectly showed off the thick canvas wrapped edges. They also have standard frames with added depth to accommodate 3D objects.

To complete the framed look, Michaels has hanging hardware, wires, and cleats in various finishes. Don’t forget to pick up felt pads for the corners to protect your walls and normal or anti-glare acrylic to shield the artwork.

Online Shopping and In-Store Pickup

While the Michaels website has a vast framing selection available for order, I prefer to buy my 18×24 frames in person so I can inspect quality and check for any damage. The good news is Michaels offers convenient in-store pickup of online orders.

I like to browse frames online to view all the styles and sales. Once I’ve found the perfect frame, I can add it to my cart and select store pickup. Then when the frame is ready, I get an email to pick it up. This allows me to lock in sale prices while still seeing the product first. In-store pickup also means saving on potential shipping costs for large 18×24 frames.

Tips for Choosing the Right 18×24 Frame

When it comes to selecting an 18×24 frame, there are a few considerations I keep in mind to complement the artwork:

  • Color – I look for neutral or subtle colors for photographs and brighter colors for graphic art. Metallic frames add glamour.
  • Style – Classic wood suits traditional prints; clean metal frames highlight modern pieces. Ornate frames can make statements.
  • Depth – Shallow profiles work for flat art; deeper frames show off texture.
  • Matting – I frame with matting when I want an extra border; without matting for floating look.
  • Glass/Acrylic – Standard glass is fine for most art; acrylic prevents glare.
  • Backing – Foamcore backing provides insulation; acid-free paper is best for preservation.

Frame Materials and Construction

When choosing a frame, it’s also important to consider the materials and construction quality. Here are the main options I’ve come across:

  • Wood frames – range from pine to maple in various stains and finishes. High quality real wood frames have sturdy joint construction.
  • Plastic frames – lightweight and affordable but more prone to warping. Look for polypropylene or polystyrene.
  • Metal frames – aluminum provides sleek modern look; steel is more industrial. Stainless steel offers durability.
  • Composite frames – molded materials like resin; can imitate wood or metal textures. Tend to be budget-friendly.
  • Ornate molded frames – intricately shaped heavy plaster or resin frames with decorative motifs. Offer an elegant finish.

I always inspect frames thoroughly and avoid any with dents, cracks, or loose corners. High end wood or metal provide the best quality archival framing.

Displaying and Hanging 18×24 Frames

At 18×24 inches, these frames have a large profile that demands proper display. I recommend placing them on spacious, empty walls to avoid visual clutter. For grouped gallery walls, make sure frames have several inches between for breathing room.

18×24 frames feel best when hung at eye level so viewers can fully appreciate the art within. I use two heavy duty picture hooks spaced evenly across the frame rather than a single center hook for security. This disperses weight and prevents tilting or sagging over time.

For extra insurance, I add earthquake putty at the corners behind the frame. This stabilizes the art during any shaking or vibration. Finally, I attach hanging wire at the frame’s vertical midpoint with a little slack and secure it to the picture hooks. This allows the frame to be lifted off for cleaning or straightening if needed.

Suitable Artwork for 18×24 Framing

Thanks to their generous size, 18×24 frames are wonderful for displaying:

  • Photography prints – panoramas, single enlarged images, collages, and series.
  • Posters and prints – reproduce graphic art, movie posters, maps, and memorabilia.
  • Paintings and drawings – nicely frame canvas, watercolor, and sketches.
  • Needlework and fiber art – cross stitch, quilting, embroidery hoops.
  • Collections – frames allow you to neatly show off and protect collects like ticket stubs.
  • Memorabilia – diplomas, certificates, autographed items, and photos.

I love using these substantial frames around special large format pieces, as they really help highlight the artwork both on the wall and as a decor standout.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

One final reason I recommend Michaels 18×24 frames is their excellent satisfaction guarantee. If you ever have issues with breakage, damage, or are just unhappy with a frame, returns and exchanges are easy. Michaels frames also come with a 5-year limited warranty against defects and manufacturer flaws. This gives great peace of mind for protecting my valuable artwork.

For anyone looking to add some visual impact in their home with big, bold framed pieces, I highly suggest visiting Michaels 18×24 frame collection. With an incredible range of styles and customization options at reasonable prices, you’re sure to find the perfect frame to make your art shine. Let Michaels handle the intricate framing details – all you have to do is provide the amazing art!

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