Finding the Perfect 24×36 Frame at Michaels

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A Guide to Styles, Prices, and More

As an aspiring artist and longtime Michaels shopper, I’ve framed my fair share of artwork and prints over the years. But when I recently came into possession of a gorgeous 24×36 limited edition print, I realized I needed a frame to match its impressive size and quality.

After some initial research online, I headed to my local Michaels craft store to peruse their wide selection of 24×36 frames. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of what I discovered about styles, prices, materials, and other factors to consider when selecting the ideal 24×36 frame at Michaels for your cherished artwork or photography.

Frame Styles and Designs

Michaels offers 24×36 frames in a range of styles to suit any decor or taste. For a classic, versatile look, black and white solid wood frames are always a timeless choice. Michaels carries several variations on the traditional black or white solid wood 24×36 frame, including styles with gently rounded edges for a softer, contemporary appearance.

Those seeking a more ornate frame will find options like the Logan 24×36 frame, with its intricately carved wood molding finished in antique silver and accented with bronze leaf details. For a similar distinguished look with a more weathered patina, the Margaux frame strikes a handsome profile in wood accompanied by white textured accents.

Metal frames provide sleek, modern alternatives, like the simple yet sophisticated Trenton aluminum frame in silver or black. For a pop of color, painted finishes like turquoise and olive green add vibrant flair. Distressed wood frames also offer casual, rustic charm perfect for country, farmhouse or beach scenes.

Beyond traditional rectangular frames, Michaels also stocks 24×36 floating frames and panel kits for displaying artwork without visible borders. Floating frames help create an eye-catching dimensional wall display. Just take care to precisely mount and position prints within the frame.

Pricing Considerations

Prices for 24×36 frames at Michaels typically range from $40 on the low end, up to $300 for more elaborate museum-quality frames. Expect to spend $75 to $150 for a sturdy solid wood frame with clean lines and neutral colors suitable for most home decors. Elaborate carved frames with gilded finishes or ornate metal frames occupy the higher end of the price spectrum.

Sales and coupons can help trim costs. Signing up for the Michaels email newsletter provides access to weekly coupons for up to 20% off frames and custom framing services. Seasonal sales around major holidays, along with the Michaels loyalty program rewards frequent shoppers with additional discounts. Take time to browse and compare since prices can vary greatly depending on materials and design details.

Custom framing services understandably add to the total cost, but the investment pays dividends when starting with $100+ premium frames. A professional custom framing job completes the look and provides archival-grade protections for cherished artwork or prints. More on Michaels’ custom framing later.

Material and Color Options

Solid wood remains the most popular frame material for its classic aesthetics, durability and versatility. Oak and birch wood finishes offer attractive natural grains at affordable prices. Premium hardwoods like poplar and maple provide enhanced depth and visual interest. For traditional charm, classic gold, white and black color combinations work beautifully in any style home.

Acrylic frames provide a lightweight, glass-free alternative. With vivid colors and sleek transparency, acrylic makes artwork pop while protecting it from damage. Static-free acrylic prevents dust buildup, while anti-glare treatments minimize reflections. Thicker acrylic weighs more but enhances durability.

Metal frame materials like aluminum, iron and tin impress with industrial character. Sleek silver, bronze and black metal finishes update traditional wood tones. Wrought iron makes a bold, ornate statement for formal settings. Tin offers a distressed, vintage look fitting for antique prints. Browse the finish options to find just the right metal to complement your art.

Beyond the frame itself, mats and fillets add striking contrast. A crisp white or black mat draws eyes to the art inside colored frames. Wood frames pair nicely with suede mats in tan, gray or chocolate hues. Metallic cream, bronze and gold fillets provide a lustrous accent within dark frames. Have fun playing with color combinations to find that perfect framing fit.

Reviews of Quality and Value

Overall, Michaels earns strong marks for quality and value when it comes to 24×36 picture frames. The retailer carries an ample range of sizes and styles at reasonable prices suitable for everyday consumers. Bulk framing packs offer added convenience and savings for multiple prints.

The majority of online customer reviews rate Michaels frames positively for their attractive designs and sturdy construction. Complaints primarily focus on isolated shipping damage incidents or incorrect sizing. Many reviewers comment that the quality and selection rivals custom framers at lower costs thanks to routine sales.

Regarding value, most reviewers agree Michaels 24×36 frames are fairly priced for their quality. Several noted the frames compare favorably to big box stores for aesthetic design at competitive prices. Critical reviews call out very ornate frames as overpriced when alternatives deliver comparable quality for less cost.

Across the wide range of 24×36 frames at Michaels, the brand earns 4 out of 5 stars for pleasing buyers seeking an extensive selection of stylish, durable frames at affordable prices. Careful shopping when discounts apply sweetens the deal further.

Custom Framing Services

Beyond its retail selection, Michaels also offers in-house custom framing services to provide a tailored fit showcasing your treasured 24×36 artwork or poster. Experienced framing experts assist in selecting optimal materials, mats, fillets and moldings to enhance visual impact.

Custom framing truly elevates your art presentation with archival mounting techniques and acid-free materials that prevent aging and damage. UV-protective acrylic or glass shields against sun damage. Framing components are precision-cut to fit your artwork perfectly.

Expect to invest $200 to $600+ for museum-level custom framing on a 24×36 piece. Large or ornate moulding choices, speciality mats and premium glass all increase costs. Yet for cherished artwork, heirlooms or valuable prints, custom framing provides enduring protection that maintains its beauty for generations.

Online, you can submit details and artwork images for a custom framing quote. In-store visits allow hands-on review of material samples to match your vision. Schedule consultations in advance for specialized pieces requiring expert framers’ experienced input.

Online vs. In-Store Availability

Michaels maintains strong omnichannel integration between its online store and physical retail locations. The Michaels website offers the broadest selection of 24×36 frames, with over 100 styles spanning simple pine to carved mahogany. Free shipping applies on orders over $49.

Physical stores understandably stock a smaller range, focused on best-selling classic wood and metal frames in black, white and natural finishes. Stores supplement their standard inventory with expanded online ordering kiosks. Store pickup saves shipping costs for online orders.

During my own shopping experience, I found the in-store selection limited to around 15 different 24×36 frames on the shelves. But I could browse the full online catalog in the store and place orders for delivery or pickup. Special order lead times currently extend 6-8 weeks due to pandemic-related supply chain issues.

For maximum efficiency, browse the full selection online first to narrow choices. Then visit your local store to inspect your top contenders up close before purchasing. Take advantage of coupons and rewards programs for the best value.

How Michaels Compares to Other Retailers

Michaels faces its stiffest competition for 24×36 frames from big box retailers like Hobby Lobby and Joann Stores. All three offer comparable selections of solid wood and metal frames in classic styles. Joann frequently matches Michaels coupons to retain framing customers.

Specialty art and framing retailers like Framebridge and ArtToFrame trade extensive online catalogs for a more limited brick-and-mortar presence. Their custom framing services cater specifically to fine art enthusiasts with premium materials and quality craftsmanship.

Relative to mass retailers, Michaels provides greater style diversity, more ornate designs, and custom framing for larger pieces. Against specialty art framers, Michaels competes favorably on everyday value while lacking the high-end focus. Its wide appeal across both DIY and art niches makes it my preferred all-purpose frames destination.

Shipping and Return Policies

Michaels offers standard shipping and return policies typical among major retailers. Free standard shipping applies on orders over $49, taking 5-8 business days. Express shipping expedites delivery to 2-4 days for an added fee. Curbside pickup is free on orders over $15.

Within the standard 60-day return period, unused frames in original condition qualify for free returns by mail or to any store. Exceptions apply for custom frames or designs created at in-store workshops. Carefully review return eligibility before purchasing frames online.

I advise ordering multiple sizes to compare at home, then returning those that fail to fit. Check for damage and test frames with your actual prints before the return window closes. Overall, Michaels shipping and returns provide worry-free convenience for online frame purchases.

Gallery Wall Inspiration

One exciting idea I came across while perusing Michaels’ online projects gallery – design a 24×36 gallery wall collage mixing frames, prints and photos for stunning visual impact. This approach lets your favorite large format art or prints take center stage while adding smaller pieces around them.

Clustering four to ten related frames on a wall makes the 24×36 stand out while adding depth and dimension. I love how rounding some of the smaller frames softens the edges and complements ornate carved frames. Repeat frame colors to look pulled together.

Floating ledges are another mod way to depart from traditional framing. Attach ledges to hold frames with hidden hardware for a sleek, contemporary look. Mixing frame sizes, prints and photos makes for an interesting gallery wall that becomes a design focal point.

Hanging and Accessories

Successfully hanging and displaying a 24×36 frame requires careful forethought and the right hardware. First, determine ideal placement and mark stud locations to anchor to sturdy framing behind the drywall. Heavy duty picture hanging wire matched to the frame’s weight keeps the piece squarely level.

For hanging, I prefer OOK sawtooth picture hangers with strong metal teeth that grip frames up to 50 pounds. Screw eyes inserted in wood frames also work well with wire. Use a level and install at the recommended height with around 1-2 inches of slack in the wire after hanging.

Low-glare picture lights enhance visibility of artwork hung in dim environments. I suggest museum wax putty for securing delicate prints to matboard without sticky residue. And don’t forget those finishing touches like stylish frame hooks and wall trim that pull the look together!

Protecting Your Investment

Selecting quality frames inherently prevents damage when properly displaying and protecting cherished artwork and prints over time. Archival materials defend against light exposure, humidity and airborne contaminants that accelerate aging.

Conservation-grade woods without acids or chemicals prevent yellowing, while acrylic glazing blocks 97% of destructive UV rays. Anti-glare treatments reduce reflections and enhance viewing. Proper matting creates a barrier keeping the art from touching protective glass.

Moisture-sealing the frame backing provides critical defense against mold in humid climates. Framing under glass ensures easy cleaning while maintaining a dust-free presentation. Insist on acid-free materials and optimal sealing for long-lasting safety of irreplaceable art.

Choosing Complementary Mats

While frames make the bold visual statementmats play a subtle but vital role setting off artwork, adding color contrast, and guiding the eye inward. Neutral white and black mats provide crisp contrast highlighting colorful prints. Shades echoing the frame finish blend seamlessly.

Consider texture and dimension – canvas prints suit linen textures, while photographs pair nicely with smooth matboards. Dark artworks may benefit from multiple mat layers in graduating widths for added depth. Your trusted Michaels framing consultant can demonstrate these techniques in store.

If selecting mats online, order samples like Michaels’ 5×7 mat boards to preview colors and materials firsthand. Assess mat samples under similar lighting conditions to your artwork’s eventual display location. Pay close attention to color tone and surface quality to make an informed decision.

Seasonal Selections

Michaels stocks limited edition seasonal frames to showcase popular prints, photos and artwork associated with autumn, winter holidays, springtime and summer. For example, nautical rope frames in shades of blue and white evoke carefree beach living year-round.

Fall offerings feature warm harvest tones of amber, rust and goldenrod pictured with cozy cabin and woodland scenes. Festive frames with poinsettia and holly motifs welcome winter holiday photos. Florals and bird motifs usher in springtime renewal with pastel colors.

The rotating seasonal frame selections display Michaels’ savvy merchandising strategy. Tying classic frame designs to timely themes and beloved artwork helps drive impulse purchases and supplemental sales. Beyond holidays, creative individuals can utilize these frames for other purposes year-round.

Instructional Videos & Workshops

For DIY-ers new to large format framing projects, Michaels offers handy instructional videos on its website and YouTube channel guiding viewers through measuring, building and hanging custom frames. Short animated clips demonstrate key techniques like matting and installing hanging hardware in about 3 minutes.

In-person custom framing workshops held at local stores provide even more value for hands-on learners. Half-day classes walk participants through designing and assembling an 8×10 frame with a professional art framer. One-on-one coaching allows practice with cutters, joiners and other essential tools.

Between detailed web tutorials and real-world classes, Michaels provides outstanding self-help resources. Watch the videos beforehand to gain confidence, then sign up for a workshop to gain experience creating your own masterpiece DIY frames without the premium custom framing cost.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Like many retailers today, Michaels uses loyalty incentives to thank frequent shoppers. Signing up for a Michaels Rewards card earns you points with each purchase which translate to real savings. For example, for every $100 spent instore or online, you receive a $5 reward to redeem during your next trip.

Occasional bonus reward offers include extra 20% coupons when you reach certain point thresholds. During your birthday month, rewards members receive a 30% off entire purchase coupon. Given typical frame costs, just one or two purchases can quickly offset the $5 annual membership fee.

As a regular Michaels shopper already, joining the rewards program was a no-brainer to maximize savings on all my crafting projects. Combined with the everyday Member Pricing on many frames in store, the perks provide substantial value especially on custom framing jobs.

Final Take – A Frame for Every Price & Style

After reviewing all the 24×36 framing options at Michaels, I’m impressed by both the variety and quality available. The retailer clearly carries frames and custom services for budgets and tastes ranging from the everyday DIYer to the art connoisseur.

Savvy shoppers can find excellent values with patience and persistence. Watch for sales opportunities in stores and online to snap up quality frames marked down as low as 25-40% off. Combine coupons and rewards discounts for further savings on premium designs.

For my own 24×36 gallery print masterpiece, I’ve decided to purchase a basic solid wood frame in black online to accommodate the size. Later, I’ll have it professionally custom framed with high-end moldings and acid-free archival mounting and glazing – making the investment piece truly frame-worthy!

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