Finding the Perfect 8×10 Frame for Your Photo at Michaels

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As an avid photographer, I love being able to print and frame my favorite photos to display around my home. The 8×10 size is perfect for capturing those special moments and memories that I want to showcase. When it comes time to pick out a frame for my latest 8×10 print, Michaels is my go-to store. With such a wide variety of stylish and affordable 8×10 frame options, I know I’ll find the perfect one to complement my photo.

Michaels Offers 8×10 Frames in a Multitude of Styles

One of the things I appreciate most about Michaels is the diverse selection of frame styles they offer for the 8×10 size. Whether I’m looking for something traditional, modern, rustic, or shabby chic, there’s sure to be an 8×10 frame to match at Michaels.

They have simple and understated black, silver, or white plastic and wood frames in various finishes that allow the photo to really pop. For a touch of vintage flair, there are distressed wood frames with chipped paint and rub-through accents. Or for something more contemporary, Michaels has sleek metallic 8×10 frames in gold, rose gold, and other on-trend colors.

If I’m looking for a frame with more decorative embellishments, Michaels has plenty of options like frames with delicate floral patterns, scalloped edges, or other unique details. For kids’ rooms, they have fun and colorful character-themed 8×10 frames featuring popular cartoons, animals, or phrases. The choices are nearly endless!

Frame Prices Fit Every Budget

Another reason why I love shopping for frames at Michaels is because they offer 8×10 frames across a broad range of budgets. Simple plastic frames start at just a couple dollars, while more premium wood and metal frames can cost $20-30. Most standard 8×10 frames fall in the $10-15 range.

With frequent sales and coupons for up to 40% off, it’s easy to find a great quality 8×10 frame at Michaels for an affordable price. For custom framing with matting and UV glass, costs are higher but still very reasonable compared to specialty custom framing stores. Whether I’m framing a precious family photo or a print to use in a DIY craft project, Michaels has an 8×10 frame option to fit my budget.

An Array of Frame Materials to Choose From

Michaels offers 8×10 photo frames constructed from a variety of different materials. The most common options are plastic, wood, and metal frames.

Plastic frames are lightweight, durable, and come in polished finishes as well as molded patterns. They’re available in black, white, silver, gold, and other colors. Wood frames lend a natural, rustic feel and come in different stains and painted finishes. Metal frames, like aluminum or tin, provide beautiful shine and depth, and are offered in silver, gold, copper and more.

Some frames combine materials for added visual interest. There are wood frames with metal corners or accents, resin frames with metal edging, and plastic frames with wood grain details. The variety of materials caters to any decor style.

Choose From Frames With or Without Mats

To better highlight my 8×10 prints, I love selecting frames with pre-cut mats from Michaels. The white or black mats nicely accent the photo to make it pop. Michaels stocks standard 8×10 frames with single mats in widths ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

Double matting is also available on select framed styles, where two different colored mats are layered together for a sophisticated framing effect. For certain designs, the inner mat is cut to a standard 8×10 opening, while the outer mat adds a wider border around the inner one.

Of course, Michaels also offers plenty of mat-less 8×10 frames where the photo sits directly inside the frame without any matting. These allow the image to take up the maximum space inside the frame. Mat-less frames are great for bold prints that don’t need accenting.

Find the Perfect Color Frame to Match Your Photo’s Style

With tons of frame colors and finishes available, it’s easy to find an 8×10 frame at Michaels that perfectly suits the style of my photo. For black and white portraits and landscapes, black, silver, or white frames maintain a classic, timeless look. Warm-toned photos pop when framed in gold, copper, or brown frames.

Cool-toned images look striking in frames of light blue, gray, or metallic shades. For fun vacation shots or kid pics, pink, purple, lime green, and other bright colors make the photos feel even more lively. Distressed wood frames in various stains add an old-world feel. Whether going bold or subtle, the right frame color truly enhances 8×10 prints.

Custom Framing Options Available Too

While Michaels has a stellar everyday selection of 8×10 frames, I can also get custom framing done for a one-of-a-kind showcase of my photos. I can choose any frame style I want, select from various colors and thicknesses of matting, add unique touches like fillets and multi-photo layouts, and upgrade to specialized UV filtered glass and acid-free archival matting.

The knowledgeable framing experts will even provide recommendations to make sure my custom frame perfectly complements my 8×10 print. With custom framing, I can create a frame that captures my personal style and displays my photos exactly how I envision. Though more expensive than ready-made frames, the reasonable prices at Michaels make custom framing achievable.

Multi-Packs Available for Framing Series of Photos

When I want to frame a series of related 8×10 prints, like vacation photos or shots of my kids at various ages, multi-frame packs from Michaels are a great solution. They offer value packs that include two to six matching 8×10 frames, so I can easily frame my collection of prints in a cohesive way.

The Studio Décor Precious Moments 8×10 collage frame pack is one of my favorites, with its distressed wood frames in cute shapes like hearts, circles, and banners that surround each photo. For a clean uniform look, I like the Continuum Silver gallery packs that come with three or four simple silver plastic frames. With these multi-packs, the hardest part is narrowing down my 8×10 prints!

Glass Options Include Standard, UV, Non-Glare, and Acrylic

Michaels offers several common glass options for their selection of 8×10 frames:

  • Standard glass is suitable for most framing needs.
  • UV protected glass filters out ultraviolet light that can cause fading. It’s ideal for valuable prints.
  • Non-glare glass reduces annoying reflections and glare from indoor lighting.
  • Acrylic, a plastic glass alternative, is shatter-resistant and lighter weight.

For custom framing jobs, they also offer specialized conservation clear and museum glass options to further protect cherished photographs from damage. Having these choices allows me to select the best glass for my specific prints and lighting environment. This ensures my photos look their absolute best behind the glass when displayed.

Fun and Decorative Themed Frames Available

In addition to classic frame varieties, Michaels stocks many decorative themed 8×10 frames that add a fun pop of personality. They have frames featuring vibrant patterns, inspirational quotes, glittery gems, seashells, and more.

For kids’ rooms, I love their Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle animal themed frames. They also offer typewriter, map, chalkboard style frames and more – all in the versatile 8×10 size. While perhaps not ideal for formally displaying precious family photos, these fun novelty frames are perfect for showcasing my favorite inspiring quotes, vacation memories, or kids’ artwork around my home.

Frame Sets Allow Cohesive Photo Display

If I’m looking to display a series of 8×10 prints in different rooms, Michaels offers frame sets that allow for a cohesive look when framing multiple photos. For instance, the Godfrey Hirst Tribeca frame set comes with beautifully finished wood frames in three distinct 8×10 sizes – the largest for matless photos, the smaller two with double matting.

Having frames that coordinate across sizes allows me to maintain a common sophisticated style when framing various photos for my wall gallery. Michaels offers frame sets in popular materials like wood, plastic, and metal that strike the right balance of matching while still allowing each piece to feel unique. With frame sets I can achieve a curated gallery wall with visual harmony.

Environmentally-Friendly Framing Options Available

At Michaels I can even shop for eco-friendly 8×10 frames. Many of their wood frames are made from bamboo, a renewable and sustainable material. They also have wood frames constructed from recycled content or sourced through responsible forestry practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

For environmentally-minded custom framing jobs, I can select solid wood frames, UV glass with a low-eco footprint, and non-acidic archival matting made from responsibly harvested alpha cellulose. With these choices I can frame my important memories in a way that also honors my commitment to protecting the environment.

Read Reviews to Choose the Best Frames

To help narrow down the myriad of 8×10 frame options at Michaels, I always browse through the customer reviews on their website before making a purchase. The reviews provide super helpful details from shoppers who have already purchased and used the frames.

They highlight pros and cons, mention specifics like the frame depth or thickness of the glass, and post photos of their framed pictures so I can see how the frame actually looks displayed. I lean towards 8×10 frames that have consistently positive reviews praising their heavyweight sturdy construction and ability to enhance photos. By reading reviews first, I can zero in on quality frames loved by other customers.

Frequent Sales Make Framing Affordable

While Michaels already offers everyday low prices on their framing selection, I can often save even more by timing my 8×10 frame purchases to coincide with sales and coupons. They regularly run weekly sales taking 40-50% off framing essentials. At least once a month they’ll offer a 20% off entire purchase coupon.

During the holidays Michaels usually discounts all frames by 30-40% or more. Signing up for their email list ensures I’m the first to know when framing sales are happening. With the right coupons and discounts, I can get top-quality archival UV protected frames for my 8×10 prints at incredible prices I won’t find anywhere else.

Order Online for In-Store Pickup

As much as I love wandering the frame aisles and browsing all the options at my local Michaels, their website makes it easy for me to order 8×10 frames online to then pick up at my convenience.

If I already know exactly what frame I need, I can quickly purchase it online without making a trip to the store. And for custom framing jobs, I can start by designing everything online using the easy custom framing app, then retrieve it at my neighborhood store a few days later. With Michaels’ order online pickup in store policy, I get the best of both worlds – digital convenience combined with helpful in-person service.

Return Unused Frames with Ease

Knowing Michaels’ generous return policy provides peace of mind whenever I purchase new 8×10 frames. Whether ordered online or bought at the store, I can return unused frames in original condition within 60 days with my receipt.

For holiday gifts that end up not fitting quite right or custom framing jobs where I change my mind, I appreciate being able to easily exchange or refund. Michaels makes the return process quick and simple. Their flexible policy gives me the confidence to try out new frame designs and materials without worrying about getting stuck with a frame that doesn’t work.

Hardware Included for Hanging and Display

One Michaels framing feature I really appreciate is that most 8×10 frames come with the necessary hardware for hanging them on my wall or displaying them on shelves. The frames usually include D-rings or sawtooth hangers attached to the back so I don’t have to purchase and install separate picture hanging supplies.

Many frames also come with small fold-out easel stands to use for propping them on counters or desks. For metal poster frames, Michaels often includes all the hardware needed to mount them directly on the wall. Having these display essentials included with the frames makes it so much easier for me to start showcasing my 8×10 prints as soon as I get home.

New Styles Constantly Refresh the Selection

While Michaels offers every classic frame style I could want, I never have to worry about their inventory becoming stale or outdated. They continuously introduce new frame designs, colors, and licensed collaborations to keep the selection exciting.

It seems like each time I stop in, there are new exclusive frame collections from top brands like Godfrey Hirst and Studio Décor. Around major holidays and seasons, they’ll stock special themed frames featuring the latest trends in home décor styles. For franchised frames, they stay current by adding designs from recent movies and popular television shows. With frequently rotating options, Michaels ensures I never get bored browsing frames!

Earn Rewards Points on Frame Purchases

This savvy shopper loves maximizing savings, so I always make sure to take advantage of the rewards program at Michaels. Their Michaels Rewards allows me to earn 10% back in rewards points that I can redeem on future purchases.

The points start adding up quickly when I buy pricey custom framing jobs or multiple frames at once. It feels great to get money back to use for my next framing project or other craft supplies. Between the rewards points and regular coupons, I can save a bundle on stylish frames to display my photography. Signing up is free and well worth it!

Unique and Innovative Frame Options Too

While Michaels stocks every traditional frame style I could possibly want, they also offer unique frames that showcase my 8×10 prints in an innovative way. Some of my favorites are the acrylic block frames that float the photo between two blocks of transparent acrylic for a modern vibe.

Another cool option is the split frame, which uses horizontal or vertical translucent plastic bars to divide the photo into separate segments. For an artsy look, Michaels has clip frames that clamp down gently on just the edges of the print. Exploring these imaginative framing methods allows me to display my photos in creatively unexpected ways.

Get Expert Help In-Store Choosing Frames

Even after all these years of avidly framing photos, I still appreciate being able to consult the knowledgeable framing experts at Michaels when I need design advice. Sometimes when I’m framing important portraits or art prints, I want reassurance that I’m choosing the frame size, color, matting, and glass that will truly enhance the picture.

The staff is always willing to patiently assess my print and suggest framing solutions based on the size, color profile, paper type, and intended display location. Their guidance gives me confidence I’m making the optimal choices. With the endless options at Michaels, I never hesitate to ask for help picking the perfect frame to match both the photo and my vision.

For all my custom framing jobs, 8×10 enlargements, and everyday photo display needs, Michaels is my tried-and-true one stop shop. Their incredible selection of quality frames at affordable prices, combined with helpful services like custom framing, make showcasing my photography in the best light easy and enjoyable. I can always count on finding that perfect 8×10 frame to make my images shine at Michaels!

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