Finding the Perfect Picture Frames at Michaels

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A Frame Lover’s Guide to Michaels’ Extensive Collection

As an art enthusiast and avid frame collector, I’m always on the lookout for interesting, high-quality picture frames. So when I recently visited my local Michaels store, I was thrilled to discover their incredible selection of frames in a huge range of styles, sizes and materials. In this blog, I’ll share my in-depth guide to the vast framing offerings at Michaels. Whether you’re a fellow frame aficionado or shopping for the perfect frame to display your favorite photos and art, read on for an inside look at Michaels’ framing department.

Sizes and Styles Galore

One of the first things that struck me about Michaels’ frame selection was the sheer variety of sizes available. They offer frames as small as 2×3 inches for tiny photos and collages. On the larger end, I saw frames going all the way up to 40×60 inches for big canvas prints and wall art. Some popular standard sizes they carry include 5×7, 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 inches to fit everything from small snapshots to diplomas and posters.

Beyond the standard sizes, I was thrilled to find Michaels also offers hard-to-find odd sizes like 5×13, 10×24 and 12×36 inches for showcasing panoramic photos or cutting mat board to custom dimensions. Their vast size range means you can find a frame for virtually any image or art print imaginable.

The selection of frame styles and finishes was equally impressive. Simple black wood frames in various widths look classic and elegant. Charming white wood frames have a clean, rustic feel. Metallic silver, gold and copper metal frames add modern glamour. Frames with wide, ornate moldings offer a traditional feel. And soft-hued pastel frames create a sweet, whimsical look.

Michaels also has an entire collection of fun and funky frames with trendy designs like neon colors, bold patterns, animal prints and more. I saw army-green camo frames, leopard print frames, frames with colorful zig-zags or polka dots, shabby chic frames in antique white, and bright pops of color in every hue. They offer an amazing range of on-trend styles to show off your photos and art with personality.

Beyond colors and textures, Michaels frames come in a variety of shapes too. Traditional rectangular frames in vertical and horizontal orientations are available in just about every size. But they also offer unique frame silhouettes like circles, ovals, curved edges, uneven and asymmetric shapes. There are also ornamental frames with floral flourishes or scrolling metalwork to really make your images pop.

Custom Framing Services

Beyond their pre-made frame selection, I was pleased to discover Michaels also offers full-service custom framing capabilities. Their experienced framing specialists can advise you on selecting complementary matting, molding and frame colors to really make your art shine. Bring in a cherished painting, drawing, print or textile and have it professionally conserved, mounted or floated, and framed with meticulous care.

Michaels also makes professional custom framing easy and affordable thanks to their Framing Studio kiosks located in stores. These self-service stations allow you to select the exact matting, frame, acrylic and other options you want. Then you simply order online and pick up the finished, gallery-quality framed piece within a few days. It’s a hassle-free way to get that custom look you want at a fraction of the typical custom framing cost.

For very specialized antiquing, shadowbox framing, or custom orders with ultra-thick specialty matting, Michaels also offers made-to-order custom framing. You can work directly with an expert framer to hand-craft exactly the look you envision, using the highest quality materials and techniques. Pieces requiring delicate art conservation or intricate, intensive framing can be ordered this way.

Whether you use the self-service Framing Studio or full custom service, Michaels takes care of all the cuts, fittings, hardware, finishing and final assembly. So you can get a personally designed frame that perfectly showcases your prized artwork or memories.

Frequent Sales and Bargains

Anyone who shops at Michaels knows their normal prices are already very reasonable for the quality. But savvy crafters also know Michaels runs frequent sales, discounts and coupons to save even more on picture frames. Their weekly ads and online deals always feature plenty of great framing bargains.

I typically see discounts like buy one, get one 50% off or buy two, get one free. Frame multi-packs with several same-size frames bundled together are discounted further. And big sales like 30-50% off all custom framing or all frames over a certain size are common too. Beyond these framed deals, Michaels also runs storewide sales like 20% off your entire purchase fairly often.

Using Michaels coupons can save you even more at the register. They mail out paper coupon books to Rewards members. You can also sign up for email coupons and get mobile app coupons. Coupons typically take 10-40% off one regular price item or your entire order. I like to watch for a framing sale paired with a coupon for maximum savings.

Checkout the weekly ad online and sign up for coupon alerts to stay on top of all their ongoing frame deals. With some strategic shopping, you can land gorgeous, quality frames at Michaels for absolute steals.

Standard and Specialty Frame Options

Michaels doesn’t just have all the essential standard size frames. Their selection includes hard-to-find specialty frames for displaying unique objects or using in inventive ways. One section has extra-deep shadowbox frames up to 2 inches thick. These allow you to showcase 3D memorabilia or create layered collages and assemblages within the frame.

They also offer acrylic displays, blocks and stands for showing off special objects floating freely or mounted inside the clear case. Picture lightboxes let you feature translucent items or backlight photos for special effect. And multi-opening collage frames allow groupings of different sized photos in one coordinated frame.

For displaying keepsakes and mementos, Michaels has acrylic albums, small ornament frames, hanging lockets and more. Tiny tin frames add vintage charm for accenting journals, gifts or tablescapes. Oversized wall frames make bold statements with large maps, album covers or artwork reproductions. And mini easel frames are great for propping tabletop 4×6 photos.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Michaels is sure to have special frame designs like arched barnwood rustic frames, chunky handmade frames, distressed wood finishing, adjustable angle frames, magnetic frames to swap out images, recycled frames with paneled glass textures, and more unique finds. Their incredible range means you can always find the perfect frame for your needs.

Quality Frame Materials

Michaels sources their frames from top manufacturers known for durability and archival quality materials designed to preserve your images. Style preferences aside, most frames are crafted from dependable solid woods like fir, aspen, ash, poplar, and pine renowned for stability and protection of art.

Standard glass in Michaels frames is tempered for safety and filtered to protect against damaging UV light. Or opt for anti-glare acrylic for a clearer view and lightweight durability. Museum quality conservation glass or acrylic with over 99% UV protection is also available for rare, fragile items to prevent fading.

Backings are primarily archival-grade cellulose fiberboard or polystyrene. Foam spacers keep glass or acrylic safely from touching the image. And durable hardware with hanging wires or D-ring brackets offer secure wall mounting.

For the backing boards, matting and frame finishes, Michaels avoids harmful VOCs and acids to prevent yellowing, warping, or brittleness over time. Rest assured their materials uphold the highest standards to keep cherished photos and artwork looking pristine for generations of enjoyment.

Buy Frames Online or In-Store

Michaels makes it easy to shop their enormous frame selection in whatever way suits you best. Browse available inventory online first if you prefer. Every frame is shown with detailed product specifications including exact dimensions and materials.

You can filter the selection by various features like size, color, style, price range, and more. Once you’ve narrowed down your top choices, add them to your cart straight from the website. Then choose home delivery or select the “pick up in store” option at checkout. Your online order will be ready to simply retrieve within a few days at your local store.

Or head to any Michaels store in person to evaluate potential frames up close. Hold them in your hands, compare quality, check sizing against your art, and ensure you’ve found just the right fit. The staff is always happy to pull additional options if you don’t see what you need out on shelves. Once you’ve chosen your favorites, pay right there and take them home immediately.

Between comprehensive web browsing or in-store evaluating, Michaels makes it a breeze to get just the frames you want conveniently shipped or same-day shopped.

Returns Accepted on Any Frame

Michaels stands behind the quality of their framing products and wants customers fully satisfied with each purchase. That’s why they offer a worry-free return policy allowing you to bring back any unused frame for a full refund or exchange within 60 days of purchase.

If you frame an item that turns out to fit poorly or just looks wrong once completed, Michaels will accept returns in any condition. Defective products or frames damaged at purchase will be replaced at no cost even beyond the 60 day window.

Items personalized or custom cut to order cannot be returned unless defective. But standard ready-made frames can go back hassle-free. And if you’ve used a frame but no longer want it taking up space, Michaels recycles used frames of any brand. All you need is your receipt to get a refund, exchange, or recycle an unused frame for any reason at Michaels.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

Increasingly eco-conscious consumers will appreciate Michaels’ efforts to offer sustainable and recycled framing selections too. Look for frames tagged as “Earth Friendly” in-store or online. These frames use FSC certified sustainably harvested wood, recycled aluminum, sustainably sourced natural raffia, non-VOC stains and finishes, water-based coatings, and other green materials.

There are even frames made from upcycled barnwood, pallets and fencing for rustic charm with less environmental impact. And recycled polyresin instead of hardwoods reduces deforestation. Reclaimed frames give new life to salvaged windows, vintage trays, eclectic metal pieces, and other materials.

By choosing sustainably produced frames at Michaels, environmentally-minded shoppers can reduce their carbon footprint. And supporting eco-conscious companies influences further positive change, which benefits everyone.

Matting Adds Polish

Most basic frames at Michaels do not include matting, as many customers prefer selecting their own mat colors to coordinate with specific art pieces. But mats can really elevate the presentation of any image. Michaels offers pre-cut mat boards in standard frame sizes and colors if you wish to mat a piece yourself at home after purchase.

Their Framing Studio kiosks also provide the option to pick any colored mat board to be professionally cut and joined to your frame for a perfect custom look. Double matting with contrasting inner and outer colors is a popular option. And specialty mat options like rag, suede, or hand-painted decorative mats are also available through full-service custom framing.

Matting adds depth, boosts contrast around the image edges, and dresses up a frame for a polished, gallery-worthy appearance. Michaels makes the whole process easy, whether you want to DIY basic matting or have it done for you through their custom services.

Hanging Hardware Included

Who wants to pick out the perfect frame, only to find it doesn’t come with the necessary hanging equipment? At Michaels, handy attachment hardware is included with every wood, metal or plastic frame to make hanging easy.

Most standard square or rectangular frames come fitted with hidden sawtooth hangers or D-ring brackets attached to the frame backing. So you can hang them vertically or horizontally on a nail without any visible hardware showing.

Larger or heavier frames typically include a sturdy attached wire instead for added security and weight distribution on the wall. Round, oval, shaped, shadowbox and deep-edge frames often come with dual D-rings or pivoting metal braces with wire to maintain their structure when hanging.

Helpful staff at Michaels can advise on the best hanging methods and hardware needed for any non-standard frame choices. And they’ll custom install wiring, rings, clips, braces or specialty backing to enable proper hanging of your one-of-a-kind framed piece.

Gallery Wall Frame Collections

Gallery walls featuring coordinated framed art clustered creatively across a larger area have become popular display features. Michaels makes it easy to achieve this stylish look with their themed gallery frame sets.

These pre-selected collections include assorted matching frames in a cohesive color palette but a mix of rectangular and square sizes ideal for gallery-style arrangement. Simply pick a set with your preferred tone and aesthetic, choose corresponding prints and photos to fill each frame, and arrange on your wall. With minimal effort, you can create a pro-designed gallery wall vignette.

Sets with three to seven frames grouped by color like all-white, all-black, or soft neutrals make great starter kits for gallery walls. Larger sets with up to 25 coordinated frames create fuller gallery spreads. And big value sets with 40-50 piece assortments offer the most bang-for-buck flexibility.

Michaels’ gallery collections take the guesswork out of building an artfully clustered frame display. Pick a pre-planned set that matches your room, select your favorite visuals to fill them out, then start creating your own beautiful gallery wall.

Digital and Electronic Options

Beyond traditional print framing, Michaels offers products to display and protect your digital images too. They carry digital media frames able to cycle through your favorite pics from a memory card for a modern, tech-savvy way to enjoy them. Models with touchscreens let you control playback and adjust slideshows.

For displaying digital screens themselves, tablet and monitor mounting options securely showcase your device. Rotating tablet stands keep your iPad or Surface upright and adjustable for viewing recipes in the kitchen, streaming movies or video calls. Free-standing charging stations cleanly corral devices not in use.

And tablet wall mounts function like empty picture frames to neatly hang your tablet or e-reader on the wall. You can easily unmount to take on-the-go when needed. Any tablets or phones can then slide right back into the dock for quick access or charging at home.

Digital device cases from Michaels shield your precious tech accessories from damage. With their digital display and charging equipment, gone are the days of propping tablets precariously or leaving phones on cluttered counters.

Most Popular Frame Styles

With such an enormous spectrum of frames at Michaels, which selections rise most in popularity? Clean, classic white wood frames tend to appeal universally. The distressed farmhouse look remains a top-seller for that timeless rustic feel. And chunky mix-and-match multi-packs work for everything from gallery walls to family collages.

Of course black, silver and walnut wood profiles offer sophisticated versatility too. Soft pastels in dusty blues, blush pinks and buttery creams align with current color trends. And metallic golds or champagnes lend glamour for spotlighting special photos or artworks.

Odd sizes like slim horizontal and vertical frames get snapped up for modeling shots, architectural prints, or visual storytelling. Oversized wide frames make bold artistic statements. Extra-small ornate frames charm for jewelry, tiny gallery wall groupings, or displaying other miniature objects.

The classics and latest trends cover all styles sought at Michaels. But their stock is always evolving with new patterns, textures and colors so frame selections never grow tired. There are always fresh finds to inspire your framing adventures.

Document Framing Essentials

While most shoppers hit Michaels seeking standard photo frames, they will also find everything needed for properly framing documents, memorabilia and delicate items. Acid-free archival paper and rag board provide safe backing and matting to prevent yellowing and deterioration. Anti-glare glass or acrylic minimizes light exposure while keeping contents clearly visible.

Specialty frames designed specifically for displaying and protecting valued diplomas, maps, needlework, and other prized paper goods are in stock. Conservation glass with UV filtering adds an extra precaution for antique, irreplaceable documents like military medals and fragile memorabilia.

Float mounting between acrylic panes or arena-style box frames fully support and suspend cherished cloth items. Three-dimensional box shadow frames safely showcase fabric, medals, souvenirs and thicker objects under glass while allowing you to see both sides. Any document, textile or collectible with sentimental value deserves museum-quality framing care…and Michaels delivers.

Shadow Boxes for Depth and Dimension

Shadow box frames remain one of my personal favorites because their deeper recessed areas allow for so much creative possibility. Michaels stocks a giant assortment of shadow box frames in various depth dimensions, display orientations and size formats.

Choose from profile depths ranging from just 1/4 inch to a full 2 inches deep. Front-loading boxes make assembling dimensional displays inside easy. Rotating boxes flip open from different angles to access the entire space. You’ll also find specialty shadow boxes designed specifically for displaying flags, sports jerseys, or hanging on doors.

With an expansive interior space, shadow boxes invite you to get decoupage with layered extras like fabric backdrops, dried flowers and leaves, miniature trinkets, photos on elevated supports, ribbons, and anything else that adds artistic detail. Their roomy interiors bring next-level depth and interest to framing.

Get Creative with Collage Frames

For anyone captivated by assembling eclectic found objects and paper ephemera into art, collage frames are a must. At Michaels you’ll find cool collage frames with multiple cutouts to insert an assortment of differently sized photos, prints, mementos and paper bits for DIY art you can change up anytime.

Fun designs like checkerboard, patchwork, freeform shaped cutouts and layered step-down frames let you get creative combining visual elements. whimsical animal silhouette frames with multiple creatures invite kids’ art. A circular sunburst frame could spotlight a center photo radiating out into individual memory snapshots.

Line up an assortment of same size openings for showcasing calendar pages, food photos, fashion magazine clips and other collections. Or mix tiny to large windows for tucking in ticket stubs, postcards, poems and more petite artifacts. Your inner collage artist will have a field day filling Michaels’ multi-space frames!

Personalized Frame Finishing

If you want to put an even more custom spin on basic frames, Michaels offers fun DIY frame finishing touches. Pick up metal charms, hangers, chains and words to embellish wood frames with personality. Fanciful butterflies, birds, flowers, leaves and other decorative adornments liven up plain frames.

Stamp frames with sentiments, patterns or designs using acrylic paint pens and block stamps. Add some bling with rhinestone and pearl decoupage kits or rub-ons. Upcycle old frames with trendy new finishes like chalk paint, fabric, washi tape or decals for one-of-a-kind treatments.

You can also customize frames to coordinate with specific themes. Nautical rope and anchors say vacation gallery. Pretty flower charms suit garden-themed photos and art. Glittery rainbows and unicorns create a perfect kid’s room accent. The options for personalizing basic frames into memorable showpieces are endless.

Updated Inventory and New Arrivals

While Michaels carries all the basics and classic designs you’d expect in a framing section, they also continually refresh their selection to keep it feeling fresh and inspiring. As new trends, materials and innovations emerge in home décor and framing, Michaels incorporates these to evolve right alongside.

That means you’ll see trendy terrazzo, faux ivory, hammered metals, weathered finishes, bold graphic patterns, and fabric textures that breathe new life into their offerings. Special frames using the latest 3D printing or CNC carving technologies could be on shelves too.

Limited edition seasonal frames get swapped in to highlight holidays or timely themes. And collabs with hot new designers, specialty brands, or influencers introduce more unique options you won’t find elsewhere. While you can always rely on Michaels for traditional favorites, constantly rotating in newness gives you exciting new ways to frame too.

Featured Frames at Michaels to Inspire Your Next Project

After exploring every corner of Michaels’ framing universe, I discovered more gorgeous, inspiring frames than I could ever hope to buy in one trip! Here are some of my top picks and hidden gems that caught my eye as prime options for beautifully displaying my photos, keepsakes and art pieces with flair.

Rustic Barnwood Frames

My personal favorite find was Michaels’ line of reclaimed barnwood frames. The worn, weathered gray wood has incredible texture, knots, and natural variation that looks straight off a farmhouse wall. Sizes from tiny 2×3″ frames to wide 30×40″ statement pieces give that authentic salvaged barn wood look. I love them for family photos, country home accents, or just capturing a cozy, timeworn feel.

Metallic Geometric Frames

Right on trend, these metal and wood frames featured contemporary geometric forms like crosses, circles, rectangles, triangles, arrows. Modern gold, rose gold, white, black and silver metallic finishes let them shine. Slim profiles keep walls looking clean and gallery chic. They’ll add just the right amount of sleek, glamorous edge to accent a room.

Oversized Distressed Wood Frames

With extra wide 5-6 inch frames and distressed wood textures, these make amazing showpieces for large canvas prints or big collages. Weathered grays, chippy whites and wood grain finishes give off relaxed, coastal vibes. I’d love using these substantial frames to spotlight vacation photos, word art or quotes for high visual impact.

Floating Box Block Frames

These acrylic block and pillar frames suspend objects inside, floating them in front of a background. Perfect for displaying delicate fabrics, lace, leaves, flowers or 3D objects securely. Removable lids make inserting contents easy. Different size blocks clustered create an eclectic wall collage. I’m already imagining all the delicate keepsakes I could artfully preserve and highlight in these!

Fern and Feather Shadowboxes

What grabbed me most about these nature-inspired shadowboxes were the incredibly detailed fern, feather and leaf overlays precision laser cut into the frame bevel itself. They lend gorgeous dimension in profile. I’d choose one with a matching fern print inside for beautiful unity. Ideal for botanical art or just bringing an earthy vibe.

Pet Silhouette Frames

Too cute! This five-opening oval frame forms the outlines of different dog breeds when displayed together. I’d fill it with my own furry friend photos for custom pop art pet appeal. They also have cat, bird, rabbit and horse versions. Such a fun way to show off animal family members with whimsical flair.

Mirrored Jewelry Display Frames

For highlighting delicate jewelry, these rectangular wall frames have padded necklace bars and small hooks along the sides to hang and display chains, earrings, bracelets and more. A mirrored backing reflects light and makes pieces shine. I’d finally have the perfect framed organizer to show off my favorite accessories.

Modern Metal Marquee Lights Frame

One vibrant lightbox option has colorful LED bulbs lining the frame that can CHANGE colors to suit your mood! Metal wire forms modern straight lines. Upload digital images via USB to display on the light screen. Perfect for parties, kids’ rooms, brightening dark halls, or just making ordinary photos extraordinary through lightbox illumination.

Framed Petri Dish Art

These round screw-top glass display domes framed in sleek silver metal immediately made me think SCIENCE! Frame photos or objects in the dish, fill with oil for trippy wave effects, or embed butterflies, flowers or found bits for natural art. Endless educational or artistic possibilities. My inner science nerd LOVES this creative frame.

Monogram Letter Frames

Available in three formats – round dome, flat round and classic square – these open frames let you slide in any letter charm to customize with your initial. Change it out anytime to match the current resident, season or holiday. On trend, yet timeless. I’d love to spell out meaningful words or names across a gallery wall.

Framing Your Memories Beautifully Is Made Simple at Michaels

After getting up close and personal with Michaels’ vast spectrum of high-quality, innovative framing offerings, one thing is clear – there are SO many inspiring ways to beautifully showcase photos, art, memories and every visual story imaginable.

No matter your preferred aesthetic, frame dimensions or budget needs, Michaels will have options to match. Their styles range from classic to contemporary so you can find just the right frame to fit your vision. And helpful staff is there in-store to advise and assist if you need guidance choosing what’s best for your treasured pieces.

Between the incredible selection, frequent sales and coupons, custom framing services, and overall top value, Michaels makes framing easy, accessible and affordable. I’ll definitely return to deck out my walls with these diverse framing gems soon. Who’s ready for a fun Michaels framing haul?

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