Finding the Perfect Poster Frame at Michaels

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A Guide to Sizing, Styles, and Custom Framing Options

I love decorating my home with posters – whether it’s vintage concert posters, movie posters, or just fun prints I’ve picked up on my travels. But as much as I love collecting posters, finding the right frame for each one can be a challenge. The wrong size or style can ruin the look of even the coolest poster. After some trial and error, I’ve learned that Michaels offers an amazing selection of poster frames and custom framing options to display my posters perfectly. If you’re struggling to find the perfect frame for your poster, read on for my tips and experiences with Michaels poster frames!

Choosing the Correct Frame Size

The most important step in framing a poster is choosing the right size frame. You want it to fit the poster tightly so there’s no extra space around the edges. Michaels makes this easy by offering poster frames in standard poster sizes:

  • 11×14 inches – This is for smaller posters or prints. It’s a standard frame size you’ll find at most craft stores.
  • 16×20 inches – A very common larger poster dimension. Most mid-sized posters will fit nicely in this size.
  • 18×24 inches – Slightly larger than 16×20, this is a standard for bigger posters. I usually have to go with 18×24 for concert posters and vintage movie posters.
  • 24×36 inches – One of the largest standard poster sizes, this is great for oversized posters. The 24×36 size is big enough to make a major statement on your wall.
  • 30×40 inches – For extra large posters, this huge size will do the trick. I recommend 30×40 frames for big vintage movie posters and concert posters you want as the focal point of a room.

If your poster falls between standard sizes, always size up to the next larger size rather than down. Extra space around the poster looks a lot better than a poster that’s cramped in a small frame. And with the right matting, you can make a slightly oversized frame look perfect.

Custom Framing Options for Unique Poster Sizes

Unfortunately, not all posters are standard sizes. Some vintage posters and limited edition screenprints are extra large or have unique dimensions. That’s when Michaels’ custom framing services come in handy.

I’ve had Michaels create custom frames for several oddly-shaped posters:

  • An original 1956 Godzilla poster from Japan that didn’t fit any standard US frame size.
  • A super long, skinny concert poster from the 1960s measuring 4 feet x 1 foot.
  • A rare art print that was longer than 24 inches but shorter than 36 – right between frame sizes.

While custom frames cost more than ready-made poster frames at Michaels, it’s worthwhile to properly display unique posters. The experienced framers measure precisely and use quality materials like conservation mat boards and UV glass. I’ve found the custom framing quality from Michaels is much higher than big box stores. It’s on par with my local art gallery framer, but at a fraction of the price.

Ordering custom frames does take 2-3 weeks. So if I’m framing a poster for a gift or immediate wall display, I’ll opt for a ready-made frame even if it’s slightly the wrong size. But for important posters I plan to keep forever, only aMade custom frame will do!

Picking the Perfect Frame Style

Michaels has a versatile selection when it comes to frame styles and finishes for posters. The options go way beyond basic black frames with simple molding. Here are some of my favorite Michaels frame styles for showing off posters:

Floating Frames

Floating frames don’t actually touch the poster or print. Instead, they float slightly off the wall and hang on cleats or wires. This gives posters a clean, modern look and feels like the art is suspended in mid-air.

Floating frames come in simple styles as well as with unique modern molding profiles. They look best with uncluttered posters and limited edition prints.

Distressed Wood Frames

For vintage posters, I love the look of distressed wood frames. The rough-hewn frames make concert posters from the 60s and 70s feel right at home. And for Art Nouveau, Art Deco, or retro posters, distressed wood adds to the throwback vibe.

Michaels has some fantastic weathered and beaten-up looking wood molding that feels like reclaimed barnwood. It provides great contrast with brightly-colored vintage posters.

Metallic Frames

Nothing makes posters feel bold and eye-catching like a metallic picture frame. Michaels offers lots of great metal poster frame options:

  • Sleek thin metal frames in silver, gold, black, and even metallic pink or blue for modern posters.
  • Wide chunky metal frames with distressed finishes like rubbed bronze or antique silver for an industrial vibe.
  • Classic ornate metal frames with detailed molding and gilt finish to make Art Nouveau posters shine.

I love using metallic frames to turn posters into major focal points in a room. And metal frames feel substantial and protective around valuable antique posters.

Oversized Moulding

Sometimes posters need a little extra flair. Michaels stocks frame moulding up to 2.5 inches wide to give posters that oversized gallery look. Wide moulding frames posters beautifully and creates a bolder presentation than thin frames.

For modern art prints and large minimalist posters, thick chunky black or white moulding adds impact. Oversized vintage gold moulding makes any poster feel grand and important.

Online Shopping for Convenience

One advantage of Michaels for poster frames is that they make the whole process easy by selling online.

I can browse their entire poster frame selection on and have frames shipped directly to my house. They often run online sales, so I can snag a great deal and get free shipping too.

For ready-made frames, ordering online is fast and convenient. And I can easily get a quote for custom frames by uploading a poster image and entering the dimensions.

The only downside is that I can’t see the frame quality in person before purchasing. So there’s occasionally some guesswork involved in choosing molding styles and finishes. When I’m unsure, I try to find reviews with photos to get a better sense of each frame’s look.

Pro Display and Hanging Tips

Once I finally get my poster perfectly framed, I don’t want to mess up displaying it on the wall. Here are some of my best tips for properly hanging posters in Michaels frames:

  • Use sturdy picture hanging hardware designed for heavy frames. I prefer OOK sawtooth hangers or D-rings with picture hanging wire. Michaels has a great selection to choose from.
  • Ensure frames are level and hang evenly. I use a small level tool to find the perfect placement before nailing in hangers.
  • Add frame bumpers on bottom corners to keep the frame edge from resting directly on the wall. This prevents scratches and rubbing.
  • Hang out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. I try to position framed posters away from windows and bright light sources.
  • Clean framed posters with dry microfiber cloths or soft brushes only. Avoid chemical cleaners than could damage the poster.
  • Consider adding supplemental UV-filtering plexiglass for antique posters or prints to block fading rays. Michaels can install this in custom frames.
  • For valuable concert posters or prints, add angled hanging wires across the back for extra security. This deters theft off the wall.

With the proper display tools and techniques, my posters framed at Michaels look amazing hanging on my walls for years to come!

Frame Options for Any Budget

From basic budget frames to top-of-the-line professional series, Michaels poster frames come in a wide range of price points. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Basic plastic or wood poster frames under $30. These are simple molding frames without much embellishment. They offer an affordable way to display common poster sizes.
  • MDF wood frames from $40-$100. A step up in quality with American-made moulding and sturdier backings. Lots of style choices like distressed wood and metallics. Great for most posters.
  • Premium wood frame collections $150+. Hand-finished wood moulding made from exotic species like teak, maple, and cherry. Impeccable for high-end posters and artwork.
  • Museum-quality frame sets $300+. 100% USA-made conservation frames designed for long-term preservation and heirloom pieces. Lifetime guaranteed quality.
  • Custom frame jobs, $80-$500+. Unique frame sizes or ornate moulding styles come at a premium cost. But custom options ensure a perfect fit for any poster you want to display.

I like to splurge and spend extra on custom frames or premium wood for posters I consider high-value or irreplaceable. Nice frames make these special posters look impressive on display.

For inexpensive posters or prints I switch out frequently, I’ll buy the basic poster frames to save money. It’s not worth investing in elaborate framing for posters that I’ll likely replace down the road.

Helpful Extras: Glazing, Matting, Backing

To finish off poster framing projects, Michaels offers optional extras like matting and specialty glazing. Here are some of my go-to upgrades:

  • Custom matting for oversized frames. Mat boards create margins around the poster and come in tons of color options. I get matting if my frame is larger than the poster size to fill gaps.
  • Non-glare acrylic glazing for glare reduction. I swap out standard glass for acrylic on frames hung in sunny rooms or spotlights. Acrylic eliminates ugly reflections.
  • UV-filtering glazing for vintage posters and prints. This specialty glass or acrylic has a UV coating to block fading rays and helps preserve old posters.
  • Archival foam core backing. Upgrading to acid-free foam core provides a buffer between the poster and frame backing. Prevents yellowing or damage from cheaper cardstock backings over time.
  • Spacer kits place small bumpers around the inside edges of the frame. This prevents the glass from directly touching the poster surface and avoids sticking or abrasion.

While not always essential, these framing add-ons provide extra protection and enhance the look of important framed posters. And Michaels makes the upgrade process easy and affordable.

Returns Are Easy If You Dislike the Final Product

There’s always a risk that a frame I chose online looks or fits differently than I expected once my poster is fully framed. That’s why I really appreciate Michaels’ lenient return policy for frames and custom framing.

If I’m unsatisfied with how a poster frame turns out, I can easily return or exchange it at my local store. As long as the frame is undamaged and in original condition with receipt, Michaels’ no-fuss return policy has me covered.

For custom framing jobs, you can only return due to damage or significant errors in the order. But from my experience, Michaels does quality work and has always made things right if any issues popped up with my custom frames.

It’s reassuring to know that Michaels allows returns if somehow the frame or custom framing isn’t the perfect fit for my cherished posters. This takes the stress out of ordering frames online or sight-unseen.

Give Those Posters the Display They Deserve

Having amazing posters is one thing, but framing them properly takes displays to the next level. Michaels takes the guesswork out of choosing frame sizes, styles, and custom options with their end-to-end poster framing services.

Whether you’re protecting rare vintage concert posters or displaying affordable prints from society6, Michaels hasposter frames suited to any budget. They offer the convenience of online ordering combined with real experts that can frame virtually any poster or artistic print.

So next time inspiration strikes for decorating with posters, remember Michaels for all your poster framing needs. They have the options, expertise, and convenience to make your posters look beyond frame-worthy on the wall. With the right frame choice, you can easily turn basic posters into focal-point works of art.

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