Finding the Perfect Wreath for Every Occasion at Michaels

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A Year-Round Guide to Michaels’ Festive and Decorative Wreath Selections

Wreaths are such a fun and festive home decor item that can instantly liven up a space. As soon as I see wreaths popping up in stores, I know the holidays are right around the corner! Michaels always has a wonderful selection of wreaths for every season and occasion. I probably spend way too much time browsing the wreath aisles, but they’re just so pretty I can’t help myself.

In this blog post, I’ll take you through all the different types of wreaths you can find at Michaels. Whether you’re looking for classic Christmas greens, a whimsical springtime wreath, or something spicy for fall, they have it all. I’ll also share some tips on choosing the perfect wreath, getting creative with wreath-making, and making sure your Michaels wreath lasts season after season. Let’s dive in!

The Holiday Wreaths

The holiday wreaths are hands down my favorite part of Michaels’ wreath selection. They go all out with wreaths for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter and more. The Christmas wreaths are especially impressive. Here are some of the styles you can find each winter:

  • Evergreen Christmas Wreaths – These traditional wreaths are made from noble fir, cedar, pine and other evergreen boughs. They come in all different sizes from mini wreaths to giant 48-inch wreaths. Simple green wreaths are timeless, and they also have options decorated with red berries, pinecones, and Christmas trims.
  • Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths – Michaels has dozens of wreaths with lights already attached! Choose from white lights, colorful lights, or even battery-operated lights. Pre-lit wreaths save you the headache of winding lights yourself.
  • Themed Christmas Wreaths – Find Christmas wreaths adorned with everything from plaid bows and tartan ribbons to snowy pinecones and frosted berry sprigs. There are also many whimsical wreaths decorated with characters like the Grinch, Snoopy, Mickey Mouse and more.
  • Luxury Christmas Wreaths – For a truly decadent holiday wreath, check out the luxury selection at Michaels. These use extra thick evergreen boughs, faux mink ribbons, and impressive amounts of decorative embellishments. They’re perfect for front doors or making a statement above your mantel.

In the fall and winter you’ll also find rustic Thanksgiving wreaths accented with mini pumpkins and gourds, as well as elegant wreaths for New Years filled with glittery gold and silver ornaments. Halloween wreaths come decorated with spiders, bats, and ghosts for a spooky display.

Spring and Summer Wreaths

Transition your wreath with the seasons! Here are some options for spring and summer:

  • Easter Egg Wreaths – Tiny colorful faux eggs circle brightly-hued flower stems and ribbons in these fun and fresh Easter wreaths. Bunnies and bouncing chicks make adorable accents too.
  • Tulip Wreaths – Nothing says spring quite like tulips! Find wreaths with gorgeous tulip stems in shades of pink, purple, yellow and more. Accent colors like lime green give these a fresh, lively feel.
  • Sunflower Wreaths – Big, bold sunflowers pair nicely with bright summer ribbons in fun patterns. These sunny wreaths feel playful and cheery.
  • Summer Flower Wreaths – From magnolia and hydrangea to gerbera daisies and roses, Michaels has wreaths covered in all types of in-season flowers. Pops of color make these wreaths feel tropical and vibrant.
  • Patriotic Wreaths – Red, white and blue ribbons intertwined with sparkling stars make a fantastic 4th of July wreath. Michaels also carries wreaths with Americana-inspired trinkets and textures for Memorial Day celebrations.

Everyday and Occasion Wreaths

In addition to the seasonal wreaths, you can also browse everyday wreath styles as well as options for special occasions:

  • Grapevine Wreaths – Natural grapevine wreaths make a lovely neutral base. You can leave them as-is for a rustic vibe or embellish them with flowers, fabric bows, painted details and more. They’re very versatile!
  • Boxwood Wreaths – The soft green of boxwood branches lends an elegant and luxurious look, almost like a wreath made of jewelry! Dress them up with wired ribbon, brooches, faux pearls and other glitzy touches.
  • Succulent Wreaths – Mini succulents arranged into a lush, round wreath offer unique texture and color combos. These work great on front doors year-round in warm climates.
  • Baby’s Breath Wreaths – Floppy bunches of baby’s breath create dreamy, romantic wreaths perfect for weddings or bridal showers. Spritz them with a perfume atomizer to carry the theme with lovely scented accents!
  • Paper Flower Wreaths – Intricate paper flowers in crepe, tissue, and metallic hues make unforgettable wreaths. Choose bold colors for kids’ rooms or neutrals for chic, minimalist style.

Michaels also offers wreath kits and supplies to support all your DIY wreath-making adventures. I’ll talk more about that later in this post. But first, let’s talk about how to pick the perfect wreath once you make it to the store displays.

Choosing Your Wreath – Size, Shape and Color

When considering wreath options, first think about where you want to hang it. Measure doors, windows, walls or other spaces. This will determine the best size and shape options. Here are some common wreath dimensions and shapes at Michaels:

  • Sizes – Range from 12 inches for mini wreaths up to 60 inches for huge dramatic wreaths. Typcal front doors sizes are 20-24 inches or 36-48 inches.
  • Shapes – Rounded ring wreaths are most common but you can also find square and heart-shaped wreaths. Ovals and kidney shapes help wreaths fit oddly shaped spaces.
  • Colors – For a subtle accent, stick with natural green wreaths. Bold and bright wreaths make the biggest impact. Red is classic for Christmas while pastels suit spring.

Premade vs DIY Wreaths at Michaels

The next decision – make your own wreath or buy one already completed? Here are the perks of both options:

Premade Wreaths

  • Come ready to hang as-is out of the box. No work required!
  • Offer consistent quality and professional design.
  • Fun to browse the different themes and styles.
  • Often the most cost effective option.

DIY Wreath Kits

  • Make wreath-making a fun activity for you, kids, or a group.
  • Customize a wreath in your unique colors and design.
  • Choose higher end materials and embellishments.
  • Good for tough to find sizes or shapes.
  • Get creative with unconventional materials like paper, candles, toys, etc!

Michaels has all the materials and classes to help you make custom wreaths at home. But for many, coming home with a gorgeously designed pre-lit Christmas wreath is an irresistible convenience.

Wreath Care Tips and Tricks from Michaels

Once you’ve found or created the perfect wreath, you’ll want it to last for many seasons. Here are my best tips from Michaels on wreath care and storage:

  • For outdoor wreaths, stick with artificial elements that can withstand sun, wind, and rain. Avoid paper, glitter, and delicate embellishments.
  • Use a sturdy wreath hanger to evenly distribute weight and prevent door damage. Rotate wire hangers a few times per season to prevent indentations.
  • Fluff and shape wreaths before hanging and periodically throughout the season to maintain fullness. Gently bend and pull branches and stems.
  • Store wreaths flat in a cool dry place like a closet shelf or under the bed. Avoid attics or basements which have extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • For natural elements like pinecones and moss, spray occasionally with water to prevent excessive drying. Keep away from heat vents.
  • Wrap wreaths loosely in a breathable fabric like muslin or burlap. Avoid plastic bags which can trap moisture and cause mildew.
  • For pre-lit wreaths, carefully wind and secure light cords before storage to prevent tangling and breakage.

Follow these steps and your Michaels wreaths will continue looking fabulous year after year! I hope this overview gives you lots of inspiration for selecting and caring for the perfect wreath. Whatever your style, theme, or budget, Michaels is sure to have a wreath that’s just right for you!

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