Fun and Easy Sewing Projects to Try with Kids

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Sewing is such a rewarding hobby that can open up a world of creativity and fun for kids. I still remember the first time I taught my daughter to sew when she was 7 years old. We started with a simple pillow case made from a bright, colorful unicorn fabric that she picked out. The look of accomplishment and joy on her face when she finished her first project was priceless!

That began our journey into the wonderful world of sewing. Over the years, we have made so many fun projects together that built her skills while letting her imagination run wild. If you have kids who are interested in learning to sew, there are lots of great beginner-friendly projects that you can try together. In this post, I’ll share my top 5 easy sewing projects for kids along with tips on how to choose good first projects and answers to frequently asked questions about sewing with the little ones in your life.

The Top 5 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

1. Simple Pillow Case

A basic pillow case is one of the best first sewing projects for kids. It’s an instant gratification project with a practical end result they will love using for years to come. Pillow cases allow kids to practice straight stitching and get comfortable using the sewing machine before moving onto trickier skills. Let your child pick out fun novelty prints with colors and characters that appeal to them. The straight seams involved make it easy for beginners to get the hang of machine stitching. It’s an easy confidence boost that will have them excited to take on more sewing challenges.

2. Drawstring Bag

Once basic stitching is mastered, sewing a drawstring bag lets kids expand their skills in a practical way. Drawstring bags come in super handy for storing toys, pencils, sleepover supplies, and any other items they want to organize and carry. The sewing involves straight lines with the added fun of pulling the bag right side out through a small opening to finish it off. Kids can incorporate embellishments like pom poms and fabric paint to make each bag unique. This project builds skills while allowing creativity to shine.

3. Headbands

Moving onto curved stitching, sewing personalized headbands is another project that always gets my students excited about sewing. Headbands are perfect for trying out new techniques in a wearable way. Kids can practice sewing gentle curves along with straighter lines in a small scale project. It also opens up lots of creativity in fabric and trim selection. Sourcing fun fabrics, ribbons, buttons and other embellishments allows kids to really customize their own trendy hair accessory. Best of all, they have a cute handmade hair piece to show off to classmates when it’s done.

4. Softie Plushies

Once some key machine skills are built, hand sewing a stuffed plushie creation takes things to the next creative level. Softies allow kids to make a wide range of unique characters, creatures and designs that excite their imagination. They will build hand sewing skills stuffing their plushie and stitching it closed. This project also encourages kids to get creative recycling fabric scraps and trims to make one of a kind designs. The end result produces a cuddly homemade toy they’ll cherish for years.

5. Pencil Roll Up

Finally, sewing a fabric pencil roll up is a great practical project that incorporates more advanced skills. Following a pattern with several pieces and using binding allows kids to challenge themselves in a very useful way. They’ll love having a handmade roll-up to store and organize their art supplies or other small items. Kids can pick fun fabrics that express their personal style – an aspect of sewing that really gets them hooked!

Tips on Choosing the Best First Sewing Projects

How do you choose sewing projects for kids that will set them up for success? Here are my top tips:

  • Start with straight stitching – Look for beginner projects that use straight lines and basic stitching first before moving onto curves or turns. Pillows, totes and pencil rolls are great options.
  • Pick instant gratification projects – Kids will stay motivated if their first projects produce a finished usable item quickly like a pillow, bag or headband.
  • Let them choose exciting materials – Allowing kids to pick their own fun, colorful fabrics and trims makes it more engaging.
  • Scale up project complexity gradually – Start very simple, then slowly introduce new skills like curves, closures, binding, etc.
  • Tie into their interests – Sewing characters, animals or items related to their hobbies makes it more meaningful.
  • Follow all safety guidelines – Supervise closely, use kid needles/scissors and avoid any sharp tools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewing with Kids

What is the best sewing machine for kids?

Look for a basic, lightweight machine that is easy to operate. The Brother CS6000i has great options for beginners with an automatic needle threader, easy bobbin winding, and adjustable sewing speed. Make sure any machine you choose has safety features to keep fingers away from the needle.

What fabrics work best for kid sewing projects?

Great beginner fabrics include quilting weight cottons, flannel, felt and fleece which are easy to work with and forgiving when mistakes happen. Lightweight knits and jerseys are also an easy introduction to working with stretchier material.

What tools do kids need for beginning sewing?

Start with kid-friendly and safe tools like fabric scissors, hand needles, pins and pincushion, seam ripper, and flexible measuring tape. Avoid any extremely sharp tools at first.

How old should my child be before learning to sew?

Elementary school age around 6-9 years old is a great time to introduce sewing. Their fine motor skills are developed enough by this age to learn proper hand sewing techniques and machine operation.

Where can I find easy free sewing patterns for kids?

Great pattern sources include which offers kids patterns for all skill levels. has lots of free kids patterns. Instructables also has tons of sewing project ideas with instructional tutorials.

Start Their Love of Sewing Today

Sewing with kids builds so many invaluable skills – creativity, confidence, focus, patience, problem-solving and the list goes on. The sense of pride in making their own unique creations is a feeling I want every child to experience. I hope these easy project ideas and beginner tips inspire you to share the love of sewing with the special kids in your life. Grab some fabric scraps and have fun making memories together!

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