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Running an arts and crafts business or teaching art classes requires a lot of supplies. Rather than making multiple trips to the craft store, buy in bulk from MichaelsPro to save time and money.

MichaelsPro offers deep discounts on bulk quantities of many arts and crafts items. Stock up on the essentials you need in your studio or classroom.

Bulk Art and Craft Supplies

Fill your shelves with bulk supplies for painting, drawing, sculpting, and more creative projects.

  • Canvas – Sturdy cotton canvas provides the perfect surface for acrylics, oils, and mixed media. Get canvas panels in multiple sizes.
  • Paint – Experiment with new mediums and techniques using bulk acrylic, oil, and tempera paints.
  • Clay – Let imaginations run wild with air-dry and polymer modeling clays in an array of colors.
  • Paper – Maintain ample stocks of construction paper, sketchbooks, origami paper, and other sheets for crafting.
  • Markers and pens – High-quality markers and pens allow for detail work and vivid coloring.

Bulk Craft Materials

  • Yarn – Knit and crochet beautiful garments, accessories, and decor with yards of yarn in cotton, wool, and blends.
  • Fabric – Sew stuffed animals, quilts, aprons, and more with bolts of patterned and solid cotton fabrics.
  • Beads and jewelry supplies – Create unique jewelry pieces with strands of beads and jewelry findings.
  • Floral supplies – Craft realistic flower arrangements with bulk stems, filler flowers, vases, and floral foam.
  • Ribbon – Add beautiful embellishments with spools of grosgrain, wired, satin, and patterned ribbons.

Storage and Organization

Keep all those craft supplies neatly organized with storage bins, shelves, and organizers from MichaelsPro.

  • Shelving – Sturdy metal shelving units come in many configurations to customize your storage.
  • Storage bins – Clear plastic bins in many dimensions store everything from markers to fabrics.
  • Caddies – Portable caddies with compartments organize tools for jewelry making, sewing, stamping, and more.
  • Craft mats – Self-healing cutting mats protect work surfaces from nicks and cuts.

Shop MichaelsPro today for incredible savings on bulk art supplies, fabrics, yarn, and more items to fuel your creativity and keep projects moving forward.