Getting Your Jersey Framed to Perfection at Michaels

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As a sports fan, I know how special jerseys can be. Whether it’s your favorite player’s jersey or one you’ve had signed, a jersey is a treasure worth preserving. So when it came time to get one of my autographed jerseys framed, I wanted it done right. That’s why I turned to Michaels.

With a wide selection of jersey frames and custom framing options, Michaels had everything I needed to display my jersey with pride. In this post, I’ll walk you through my experience getting a jersey framed at Michaels – from choosing the right frame size and style to picking custom matting and UV-protected glass. I’ll also share some tips on prepping your jersey for framing and getting the layout just right.

Picking the Perfect Frame Size

The first step was selecting the right frame size for my jersey. Michaels has frame sizes to fit just about any jersey out there, from youth sizes all the way up to 3XL. Since my jersey was an adult large, I needed a frame that was roughly 26 to 28 inches wide.

The knowledgeable sales associates at Michaels were able to point me toward frames in this size range. I was thrilled to find a variety of choices in different frame depths to really make the jersey stand out. Ultimately I chose a 26×34 inch black composite frame with a 2 inch depth. This gave plenty of breathing room around the edges of the jersey.

No matter what size jersey you need framed, Michaels is sure to stock frame options to fit it perfectly. They even have extra large shadow box frames for oversized jerseys or ones you want floated off the backing.

Customizing with Matting and UV Glass

Now that I had the right frame picked out, it was time to customize the look with matting and glass options.

I knew I wanted a clean, simple look to really make the jersey pop. At Michaels, you can choose from tons of matting colors and material textures like cotton, foam, or acrylic. I selected a smooth black acrylic double mat to complement my black frame.

To protect the jersey from sun damage, I also opted for UV-protected glass. This filters out the ultraviolet light that causes fading. It was totally worth the small upcharge to safeguard my jersey’s signatures and colors.

With so many choices, Michaels makes it easy to get the matting and glass features you need to display your jersey just how you envisioned. Their framers are experts at designing a custom framed look you’ll love.

Prepping the Jersey for Framing

Before leaving my jersey with the Michaels team, I needed to do some prep at home to get it framing-ready.

First, I gave it a gentle hand wash in cold water and laid it flat to dry. This removed any dust or odors.

Next, I carefully ironed on the lowest heat setting to smooth out any creases or wrinkles in the fabric.

Finally, I lined up the jersey flat on my table and played around with different positioning. I wanted to make sure the framers knew exactly how I wanted it displayed in the frame. I took a phone pic so they could replicate the layout I wanted.

Prepping your jersey at home ensures it will look pristine when framed. The Michaels team appreciates anything you can do ahead of time to get your jersey relaxed and wrinkle-free.

Picking Up My Framed Jersey

After a couple weeks, I got the call from Michaels that my framed jersey was ready! I was so excited to see how it turned out.

The moment I laid eyes on it, I was blown away. My jersey was centered and smooth in the frame, with the matting neatly showcasing it. The autographs and numbers really popped against the black backdrop.

The Michaels framers nailed the layout, perfectly aligning the jersey how I envisioned. They even added acrylic spacer blocks at the corners to keep the fabric from touching the glass. This prevents moisture and condensation from damaging the jersey.

Seeing my jersey framed so professionally made all the difference. Now I can proudly display it in my man cave for years to come!

Displaying Your Framed Jersey with Style

Once your jersey is expertly framed, you’ll want to display it prominently in your home. Here are some of my tips for showcasing your framed jersey:

  • For game or player jerseys, hang in a sports room or man cave. Place at eye level so the details can be admired.
  • For autographed jerseys, display against a neutral wall away from direct light to prevent fading. Floating wall mounts work great to highlight it.
  • Add accent lighting above to illuminate your jersey without beaming light directly on it.
  • Angle it slightly rather than hanging flat against the wall for dimension.
  • Add acrylic risers if stacking multiple framed jerseys together. This prevents smudging and damage.

With the right display placement, your cherished framed jersey will be a focal point you enjoy for years.

Why I Recommend Michaels for Jersey Framing

After my exceptional experience, Michaels is now my go-to for framing jerseys, autographed memorabilia, and other treasured textiles. Here’s why I enthusiastically recommend them:

Huge Selection of Frames and Options

Michaels has an unbeatable selection of frame sizes, colors and depths to fit any jersey imaginable. You can also customize the matting, glass, backing, and other options.

Expert Framers

Their framing team has years of experience designing custom jersey framing. They know all the techniques to make your jersey look its best.

Quality Materials

From conservation-grade matting to UV glass, Michaels uses top-notch materials to preserve and prevent fading. Your jersey is in good hands.

Great Prices

Given the framing quality, Michaels offers very reasonable pricing. And you can often catch sales on custom framing.

Speedy Turnaround

Most simple jersey framing is complete within a week or two. Rush orders are available for urgent projects.

Nationwide Stores

With over 1,000 stores across the U.S., finding a Michaels is convenient wherever you live. You can shop in person or order online.

Helpful Guidance

The sales associates offer expert design advice so your jersey frame turns out perfect. You’ll get VIP treatment.

For any sports fan looking to preserve and elevate a special jersey, I wholeheartedly recommend Michaels custom framing. My jersey has never looked better! The quality of their work speaks for itself.

If you have a beloved jersey you want framed to perfection, don’t wait – head to your local Michaels today. Their friendly team is ready to help make your jersey framing dreams a reality. Let them amaze you with their beautifully crafted, custom-designed frames to treasure forever. You won’t regret it!

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