Give Your Home a Chic Vintage Vibe with Shabby Chic Curtains

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Shabby chic style never seems to go out of fashion. The relaxed, distressed look adds coziness and charm to any space. One easy way to get the shabby chic look is with softly elegant curtains. Shabby chic curtains add texture, warmth, and vintage appeal to windows. Unlike crisp linear curtains, shabby chic curtains soften edges and make spaces feel more inviting. With their romantic ruffles, gently faded colors, and hints of wear, shabby chic curtains complement many popular decorating styles. Keep reading to learn all about how to choose the perfect shabby chic curtains to enhance your home.

An Introduction to Shabby Chic Style

Before diving into shabby chic curtains, it helps to understand the origins and hallmarks of shabby chic style. This decorating style emerged in the 1980s and quickly became popular for its relaxed vintage vibe. It celebrates imperfections like chipped paint, distressed wood, and faded fabrics. The shabby chic aesthetic pairs worn and weathered elements with more refined accents.

Some main characteristics include:

  • Aged, distressed finishes
  • Textured, layered fabrics like linen and lace
  • Soft, muted color palettes like white, cream, gray and pastels
  • Ruffled and frilly accents
  • Vintage-inspired patterns and floral prints
  • Painted and repurposed wood furniture
  • Mismatched accessories that give a collected over time look

The shabby side brings the worn, well-loved details. The chic aspect provides balance with a bit of luxury. Shabby chic style allows you to mix modern with antique, casual with elegant. It works with many decor styles like French country, rustic farmhouse, English cottage and more. Keep this relaxed vintage vibe in mind as we explore how to choose beautiful shabby chic curtains.

What Makes a Curtain Shabby Chic?

Not all curtains can fall under the “shabby chic” label. Certain qualities help curtains achieve that dreamy, old-fashioned look. Here are the key features of true shabby chic curtains:

  • Distressed fabrics: Look for curtains in linen, cotton, lace, or velvet. Faded, worn, vintage-washed and stretched fabrics add to the ambience.
  • Muted, soft colors: Stick with white, cream, gray and light pastels rather than bold colors. A gauzy overlay can impart a faded effect.
  • Ruffles and frays: Unhemmed, ragged edges and cascading ruffles enhance the shabby chic vibe.
  • Romantic accents: Details like lace trim, ribbons, tie-backs and elaborate header styles provide an extra touch of femininity and nostalgia.
  • Sheer and lightweight: Light filters gracefully through shabby chic sheers or plantation shutters. Avoid stiff, heavy drapes.
  • Distressed hardware: Worn metal grommets, antique brass rods, and detailed finials reinforce the vintage look.

Keep these markers in mind as you search for shabby chic curtains that speak to you. Now let’s explore how to choose the perfect pair!

Choosing the Right Shabby Chic Curtains for Your Space

Finding shabby chic curtains to match your style and space doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are some useful tips for choosing the right curtains:

Consider Size and Windows

First, look at the size of your windows. Are they tall or wide? Make sure to pick shabby chic curtains that will fit without awkward gaps or bulges. Sheer curtains can be a bit wider than the window while lined curtains should hang close to the edges. Also account for details like window depth and obstructions like trim or shutters. You want the curtains to fit the space properly.

Determine Light Control Needs

Do you need sheer curtains to filter light gently? Or do you want thick, lined curtains to block out light for sleeping? Light, airy shabby chic sheers add softness without sacrificing the view. For bedrooms or media rooms, choose lined curtains in a heavyweight fabric like velvet for blackout capabilities. The right level of light control depends on the room and your privacy needs.

Select From Numerous Hanging Styles

Shabby chic curtains come in a variety of hanging styles. Pick between gathered rod pocket curtains, pleated tab top curtains, grommet top curtains, clip rings and more. Consider the pros and cons for ease of hanging, appearance, and blending with your decor.

Rod pockets quickly slip onto rods but don’t stack neatly. Tab tops use belt-like tabs for a tailored look. Grommets have a more modern style but suit shabby chic with antique brass rings. Go with what complements your windows and aesthetic best.

Choose Fabrics That Captivate

From lace to linen, the fabric significantly impacts the look and feel of shabby chic curtains. Lace imparts timeworn elegance but requires a liner for privacy. Linen has a casual, lived-in appearance that softens over time. Cotton provides durability and a full drape. Velvet carries subtle luxury while blocking light. Play with different materials to find your favorite textural element.

Decide on Length and Volume

Do you adore the romantic puddle of extra long curtains? Or does a tidy below-the-sill length appeal more? Proper length depends on personal style, floor space and the overall vibe. For a cozy feel, opt for generous width and volume. Sheer single panels work for narrow windows. Where fullness is lacking, add liner panels to create more billowy body and dignified grace.

Solid Colors vs. Patterns

Shabby chic style invites both solid colored curtains and vintage-inspired prints. Choose muted solids to serve as a neutral backdrop indoors and out. Flowery chintz fabrics and delicate floral prints summon quintessential cottage charm. For fun, mix and match patterns and colors between upper and lower curtain tiers. There are no shabby chic rules – just go with what delights your eye.

DIY Distressing Options

Want to save money by buying new curtains and distressing them yourself for a shabby chic vibe? With some simple DIY tricks, you can fake a vintage look. Some ideas include:

  • Tea or coffee staining
  • Light sandpapering
  • Bleach pen fraying
  • Spritzing with vinegar and water
  • Ripping seam edges
  • Creasing and wrinkling

A little hands-on aging goes a long way toward achieving homemade shabby chic curtains full of character.

Now that you know what to look for in shabby chic curtains, let’s explore some top picks currently on the market. These five options cover a range of styles sure to fit your space and budget.

Top 5 Shabby Chic Curtains of 2023

1. Amherst Checked Lace Curtain Panel from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn nails the shabby chic aesthetic with these delicate lace Amherst curtains. They instantly impart antiquated grace.


  • Sheer checkered lace lets light filter in
  • Cotton lining provides UV protection even when open
  • Button tab tops for easy hanging
  • Sold individually, available in four widths

Price: $40 – $249 depending on size

Where to Buy: Pottery Barn online and in stores

Pros: Timeless and romantic design, soft ivory color, quality construction, versatile sizing

Cons: Dry clean only, pricey

Works Well With: French country, cottage, Victorian and farmhouse styles

The checked lace pattern on these shabby chic Pottery Barn curtains pairs nicely with antiques and distressed wood accents. Hang them high to maximize ethereal billowing.

2. Shabby Chic Lace Tier Curtains from Amazon

For gorgeous shabby chic style on a budget, this Amazon find delivers. The tiered lace curtain panels create dreamy volume.


  • Two-tier design with four sheer lace panels
  • Ruffled edges and gathered lace tiers
  • Cotton/polyester blend
  • Six colors/patterns including white, ivory and blush

Price: $25 and up, depending on size

Where to Buy:

Pros: Affordable pricing, soft muted colors, romantic multi-tier style, variety of sizes

Cons: Needs ironing, limited color selection, not as durable as pricier options

Works Well With: Shabby chic, French country, and cottage decors. Provides beautiful bedroom curtains.

The relaxed ruffled look earns major shabby chic points. These budget lace curtains infuse any room with vintage grace and feminine charm.

3. Holden Grommet-Top Paisley Burnout Sheer from Anthropologie

Make a statement with the boho paisley print of these Holden sheer curtains from Anthropologie. The burnout fabric creates a transparent effect that filters light gorgeously.


  • Whimsical overscale paisley pattern
  • Sheer voile burnout fabric
  • Brass grommet top
  • Includes tie-backs
  • Machine washable

Price: $128 – $188 based on size

Where to Buy:

Pros: Unique sheer print, easy-to-hang grommets, includes ties, variety of color choices, durable polyester

Cons: Dry clean only, limited sizes, paisley print not for everyone

Works Well With: Boho, global bazaar, and eclectic modern spaces. Adds a playful pop.

Reviewers rave about how these paisley print sheers make a room feel dreamy and romantic. The burnout dots scatter light beautifully.

4. Ayesha Lined Velvet Blackout Curtain from World Market

For luxurious shabby chic style, the Ayesha curtains from World Market deliver with lush velvet in a variety of jewel-inspired shades.


  • Rich velvet with polyester lining
  • Blackout construction blocks light
  • Button tab tops for easy hanging
  • Sold individually
  • Available in 7 colors like garnet red and sapphire blue

Price: $50 – $129 based on size

Where to Buy: and in stores

Pros: Quality velvet fabric, variety of colors, blackout lining, elegant look

Cons: Dry clean only, delicate velvet shows wear, limited stock

Works Well With: Living rooms, bedrooms, and offices for a glamorous vintage vibe. The colors pair well with traditional and modern decor alike.

Reviewers say these velvet curtains make a stylish statement and add dimension to any space. The colors are even richer in person.

5. Madaka Tab-Top Embroidered Cotton Voile Curtain from Lush Decor

As a breezy, lightweight option, these embroidered cotton voile curtains from Lush Decor add distinctive shabby chic style.


  • Semi-sheer voile fabric with embroidered medallion motif
  • Cotton provides soft, breathable feel
  • Tab top construction, includes header tape
  • Sold individually
  • Machine washable

Price: $16 – $40

Where to Buy: and Amazon

Pros: Low cost, easy-care cotton, global inspired embroidery, great for renters

Cons: Very lightweight, needs lining for real blackout capabilities

Works Well With: Boho, exotic and eclectic spaces. Provides an affordable pop of texture.

These embroidered shabby chic curtains allow sunlight to filter in during the day and add unique personality. Reviewers love the texture and vibrancy of the motifs.

Hanging and Styling Your Shabby Chic Curtains

You’ve picked the perfect shabby chic curtains. Now it’s time to hang them to maximize their dreamy potential. Here are some useful tips:

Rods and Hardware

Pick curtain rods and rings or grommets that coordinate with the shabby chic style. Wrought iron, antique brass, and carved wood rods suit the aesthetic. For most windows, a 1.5-2 inch diameter rod works well. Place the rod 8-12 inches above the window frame for ample clearance.

Hanging Height and Length

In terms of height, hanging the rod a minimum of 6-8 inches above the window height lets the curtains clear the top of the frame. For length, shabby chic curtains typically puddle on the floor for full romance. But you can always hem to just below the sill if you prefer. Add liner panels behind sheers to amp up the floor-sweeping factor.

Arranging Panels

If your window is quite wide but your curtains are not, arrange two panels on either side of the window to fake a wide-width fit. Pull the curtains open in the center to optimize light flow. Use multiple thinner panels or tiers to add body and billowing fullness for that dreamy shabby chic look.

Tiebacks and Holdbacks

Use coordinating tiebacks or holdbacks secured midway along the panels to keep the sides neatly gathered open. Opt for styles that complement the curtain hardware like lace, tassels, or vintage-style medallions. This keeps the window visible while allowing curtains to frame on either side beautifully.

Layering Options

Layer your fancy new shabby chic curtains overneutral sheers or cafe curtains to filter incoming sun rays or add privacy while maintaining the view. Use cool cottons in warm months and soft insulating liners during cooler weather. Mixing layers and textures creates an inviting lived-in feel.

DIY Distressing

If your curtains look too crisp and new, try artificially aging them with creative techniques like:

  • Tea and coffee staining
  • Bleach pen fraying
  • Roughing up edges with sandpaper
  • Vinegar crumpling
  • Making small rips and tattered edges

Then wash on the delicate cycle and air dry for maximum softness. The finishing touches will help new curtains blend right into your shabby chic space.

Caring for Your Shabby Chic Curtains

Shabby chic style embraces imperfections, but you still want to care for your curtains properly. Here are some useful care tips:

  • Follow recommended washing methods. Machine wash delicate curtains separately on cold and line dry. Dry clean velvet or lace curtains at a reputable cleaner.
  • Shake out dust and debris frequently. Use the hose attachment on a vacuum for a deeper clean.
  • Limit direct sunlight exposure which can cause fading. Rotate panels if one side gets much more light.
  • Repair minor rips, holes or missing grommets promptly to maintain a graceful appearance.
  • Refrain from overly aggressive ironing and rough handling which can damage delicate fabrics.
  • As curtains show signs of age, replace panels or inject new life with spray bleach staining, embroidery, lace or ribbon accents.

With proper care, your shabby chic curtains will last for many years, becoming even softer and homier with age.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shabby Chic Curtains

If you’re still feeling uncertain about choosing or decorating with shabby chic curtains, here are answers to some common questions:

Is shabby chic out of style?

The relaxed vintage vibe of shabby chic never seems to go out of fashion. It pairs beautifully with so many other popular farmhouse, country and rustic styles. While trends ebb and flow, shabby chic remains a classic look.

What colors work best?

For true shabby chic style, stick with soft muted tones like cream, ivory, blush, light gray, pale blue, or sage green. Avoid bold primary colors. Muted colors allow the textures and details of the curtains to shine.

How do I make regular curtains shabby chic?

Add DIY detailing like lace trim, deliberate fraying, tea staining, or embroidery to new curtains. Choose airy, lightweight fabrics and add ruffled flourishes. Hang curtains wide and long to get that dreamy billowing effect. Layer different textures.

What are the best shabby chic fabrics?

Look for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, lace and vintage-style velvet or velveteen. Flowy voile, delicate sheers and softly draping silks also complement the vibe. Avoid anything too stiff like outdoor canvas.

Should my shabby chic curtains puddle on the floor?

It depends on your personal style. Extra length looks romantic, but also picks up more dust and dirt. Taking curtains just to the windowsill when closed keeps things tidier while still achieving that cozy lived-in look. Both lengths work beautifully.

How do I wash shabby chic curtains?

Check label instructions carefully. Many can be machine washed on cold and delicate then line dried. Some require professional dry cleaning. Use color-safe bleach if needed. Avoid overly hot water or heat drying which can damage textures.

Where can I buy affordable shabby chic curtains?

Budget-friendly places to shop include Amazon, big box stores like Target and Walmart, home stores like HomeGoods, and online sites likes Wayfair and Overstock. Even IKEA offers some shabby chic inspired curtain options for less.

Give Your Windows Soft Shabby Chic Style

As this post illustrates, adorning your windows with shabby chic curtains instantly lightens up a room with vintage grace. Now that you know what defines shabby chic curtains, and how to pick the perfect ones for your space, you can infuse any room with romantic charm.

With so many styles and fabrics to select from, you can find dreamy shabby chic curtains to match your budget and design needs.

Whether you prefer breezy, sheer panels or plush light-blocking velvet, hanging shabby chic curtains provides an easy style update. Their softened silhouettes, muted tones, and textural details invite relaxation and harmony.

As you layer in ruffles, faded florals, and other ornate touches, your shabby chic curtains will inspire beauty and nostalgia. Any time the hectic pace of life feels too frenzied, draw your curtains and take a peaceful moment to unwind.

Shabby chic style cherishes imperfection, embraces freedom of expression, and cultivates cozy sanctuary. Ultimately, the worn and wispy allure of shabby chic celebrates the perfectly imperfect beauty of authentic spaces lived in and loved.

With some guiding tips, a dash of creativity, and curtains that speak to your soul, you can infuse shabby chic style into any room. So go ahead – give those windows a gracefully tattered upgrade. Allow the light to filter through in the most romantic way.

Your home and heart will thank you.

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