Make Easter Eggs Extra Special with the Top Decorating Kits

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Easter is a beloved holiday full of egg decorating fun. An Easter egg decorating kit can provide all the festive supplies you need to transform ordinary eggs into colorful, creative masterpieces.

In this article, we’ll countdown the top 5 Easter egg decorating kits based on quality, versatility, value and ease of use. We’ll also include tips on how to select the best kit for your needs.

Whether you’re decorating eggs with little kids or designing more elaborate eggs on your own, read on to discover the best kits that will help you make your prettiest eggs yet this Easter!

The Top 5 Easter Egg Decorating Kits

When it comes to Easter egg decorating kits, you have lots of options. From basic dye kits to deluxe kits packed with every kind of embellishment, it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you.

To make it easier, here are the top 5 recommended Easter egg decorating kits this year:

1. Acme Easter Egg Dye Kit

The Acme Easter Egg Dye Kit is a classic dye kit that makes Easter egg decorating easy and fun.

This kit includes dye tablets in 6 vibrant colors: yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and pink. The colors are bold and bright for perfectly colored Easter eggs.

The tablets quickly dissolve in vinegar and water for mess-free dyeing. The kit also comes with an egg dipping tool to easily lower your eggs into the dye and retrieve them.

Recommended for ages 4 and up, this kit has enough dye tablets to color 1-2 dozen eggs. The plastic carrying case neatly stores the dye tablets and dipper for next year.

You can find the Acme Easter Egg Dye Kit at most craft stores for around $10. It’s affordably priced and delivers beautiful, vibrant colored eggs that kids and adults will love.


  • Easy to use
  • Bold, bright color results
  • Good value
  • Reusable carrying case


  • Only includes basic colors
  • Tablets can stain hands

2. Festive Easter Egg Decoration Kit by Crafty Co.

For eggs that go beyond basic dyeing, the Festive Easter Egg Decoration Kit by Crafty Co. takes decorating up a notch.

Along with 6 dye tablets, this kit includes over 50 stickers, glitter glue, puffy decorations, colorful markers and more.

The adorable Easter and spring-themed stickers like bunnies, flowers and butterflies let you create cute designs. Glitter glue, sequins and confetti can be applied for extra sparkle and shine.

The non-toxic, washable markers allow kids to draw or write directly on eggs. Everything stores neatly in the handy storage box.

Recommended for ages 6 and up, this kit has enough supplies to decorate 1-2 dozen eggs. It retails for around $15 at craft and big box stores – excellent value for everything included.


  • Tons of decorations
  • Reusable storage box
  • Safe, non-toxic supplies
  • Fun for older kids and adults


  • Small parts require supervision for young kids
  • More time consuming than basic dyeing

3. Mrs. Stewart’s EggCELLENT Egg Decorating Kit

For the ultimate Easter egg embellishing experience, check out the Mrs. Stewart’s EggCELLENT Egg Decorating Kit.

This kit is packed with over 150 sparkly decorations like Rainbow Jewel border stickers, glitter shapes and glitter crayons.

It also comes with sticker sheets, puffy stickers, colorful dye tablets, doilies, and six glitter glue pens.

The glue pens make it easy to add swirls and designs for dazzling egg decorations. The doilies act as stencils for creating patterned eggs.

There are enough embellishments to decorate 3-4 dozen eggs. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Priced around $25, this kit does cost more but delivers everything you need for an unbeatable egg decorating extravaganza. A must-have for crafters and egg enthusiasts who love blinging out their eggs!


  • Tons of embellishments
  • Doilies for patterned eggs
  • Glitter glue pens for easy designing
  • Enough for multiple dozen eggs


  • Higher price tag
  • Small pieces require supervision for young kids

4. Egg-stra Special Easter Kit by Art Supplies Inc.

For decorating eggs with artistic style and flair, reach for the Egg-stra Special Easter Kit by Art Supplies Inc.

Along with bold dye tablets, this kit includes 10 mini paint pots, 3 paintbrushes, and an assortment of colorful puffy stickers and glitter shapes.

The included neon paints really make your eggs pop! Paint polka dots, stripes, flowers and more using the fine tip and wide brushes.

Finish off your artistic eggs with puffy unicorns, bunnies, bows and glitter shapes for extra dimension and whimsy.

The paints do require some drying time between coats. Plan ahead for best results with this art-forward kit.

Recommended for ages 6 and up and priced under $20, this kit unleashes your inner egg painting Picasso to create colorful masterpieces!


  • Vibrant neon paints
  • Paintbrushes for designs
  • Artistic puffy and glitter decorations
  • Fun for older kids through adults


  • Painting takes more time
  • Eggs can’t be handled until dry

5. Egg Works Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit

For easy Easter egg decorating that’s BIG on supplies, it’s hard to top the Egg Works Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit.

This kit is packed with over 200 pieces including markers, glitter glue, puffy stickers, confetti, and 6 dye tablets.

It also includes an egg display stand, glitter shaker, and easy-grip egg dipper. The plastic egg tray keeps eggs securely positioned for decorating.

With enough dyes, decorations and tools to cover 3-4 dozen eggs, this kit has everything for an egg-stravaganza! Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Priced under $25, the Egg Works Deluxe Kit is one of the best values for a big batch of creative eggs. All the pieces store neatly inside the large kit box.


  • Tons of decorations and dyes
  • Plastic egg tray and egg dipper
  • Large re-usable storage box
  • Great for classrooms or large groups


  • Small pieces require supervision for under age 7

Choosing the Right Easter Egg Decorating Kit for You

With so many Easter egg decorating kits available, it can be tricky to decide which one fits your decorating needs and goals best.

Here are some key things to consider when picking out an Easter egg decorating kit for you or your family:

Types of Decorations Needed

First, decide if you just want to dye eggs a solid color or get more creative with decorations and designs.

Basic kits include dye tablets to color empty eggs. For add-ons like stickers, glitter, and jewelry, look for a kit with extra embellishments.

Deluxe kits provide everything from dye to puffy paint and sequins so you can load up your eggs with lots of colorful decoration.

Number of Eggs

Consider how many eggs you plan to decorate when selecting a kit. Small basic kits with just dye may only cover 1-2 dozen eggs while larger deluxe kits can decorate 3-4 dozen.

If you’re holding a big Easter egg hunt or decorating with a classroom, opt for a bulk kit with enough supplies for multiple dozen eggs.

Ages and Skill Levels

Factor in the ages and abilities of those using the decorating kit. Look for “all ages” kits if you’ll have young kids through adults decorating.

For children under 4, choose easy stickers over tiny jewels that can pose a choking risk. Kids under 7 may need more supervision with paints and markers.

Older kids, teens and adults have the dexterity for more intricate designs with sequins, beads and glue pens.

Special Features

Consider any special features you want in a kit like glitter, neon dye colors, or glow-in-the-dark stickers to make eggs shine extra bright.

Do you need paint and brushes for freestyle designs? Are stencils or doilies key for patterned looks?

Seeking lots of variety from dyes to puffy stickers? Kits with more included accessories allow for more decorating options.


Easter egg decorating kits range from $10 basic dye kits to $25+ loaded kits. Set a budget before shopping.

If you’ll only use a kit once, a smaller low-cost kit is sufficient. For reusable supplies that last through the years, invest in a higher quality kit.

Remember – more pieces and accessories do mean a higher price tag. Make sure it’s worth the spend.

Ease of Use

Look for convenience features that make the decorating process smooth, especially if kids will be using the kit.

Kits with plastic egg trays keep eggs in place for decorating. Easy-grip egg dippers simplify maneuvering eggs in and out of dye.

Dual-tip glue pens, egg stands, and tablecovers also minimize the mess. For no-fuss dyeing, pick dye tablets over messier liquid dyes.


Many Easter egg decorating kit components can be stored and reused year after year which adds more value to the purchase.

Dye tablets, glitter glues, puffy paints, and embellishments often last through multiple holidays if stored properly.

Seek kits that have sturdy storage containers, egg cartons, and clear labels to keep all the pieces organized for next Easter.


Speaking of storage, be sure to choose decorating kits that have containers and packaging designed to neatly store all the pieces and unused supplies when finished.

Look for kits that have a plastic carrying case or sturdy box that can be closed up and put away while keeping all those small decorations in their place.

Tips for Using Easter Egg Decorating Kits

Once you’ve picked out the perfect Easter egg decorating kit, use these tips to get the best results:

Read All Instructions First

Before you dive into the decorating, thoroughly read the kit instructions. This will explain how to properly use the dye tablets, paints, stickers, and other components.

Following the directions helps ensure success and avoid messes or decoration mishaps.

Cover Your Work Surface

Dyeing and decorating eggs can get messy and leave stains! Cover tables and countertops with newspaper, plastic tablecloths or trays before getting started.

For carpeted areas, make sure to put down a protective covering like wax paper underneath.

Use Egg Dye Properly

To dye eggs evenly, carefully lower eggs all the way into the dye cup using the kit’s egg dipper or a spoon.

Leave eggs fully submerged for the recommended time before removing – usually 5-10 minutes for vibrant colors.

Turn eggs periodically while dyeing for an even coat all around. Rinse dyed eggs with cool water and dry completely on a rack before decorating further.

Let Dyed Eggs Dry

Before adding stickers, paints or other embellishments, make sure dyed eggs are fully dry. Any moisture can make decorations run or fail to stick.

Gently pat eggs with a paper towel to soak up lingering drips before decorating. Allow an hour or more for dye to fully set.

Add Glue Then Decorations

When adding stickers, glitter, confetti and other extras, first apply a thin, even layer of glue where you want decorations to adhere.

Use the back of a spoon or kit applicator to smoothly spread the glue. Quickly place embellishments while glue is still wet and press gently to seal.

Let dry thoroughly before handling.

Layer Paints and Markers

For best results decorating with paints and markers, let each color dry completely before adding another next to it.

This prevents smearing and ensures bright, vivid hues. Decorate in layers, starting with light colors first.

Display Your Egg Masterpieces

Once eggs are decorated and dry, place them in egg cups or on the kit’s display stand to show off your creative designs.

The plastic egg tray in many kits keeps your eggs upright and separated so they don’t accidentally roll and bump.

Now that you’re armed with expert tips and know the top Easter egg decorating kits available, it’s time for some festive fun!

Gather your family and supplies to spend a memorable afternoon turning ordinary eggs into colorful works of art.

Frequently Asked Questions About Easter Egg Decorating Kits

Easter egg decorating is a beloved tradition but if you’re new to the pastime, you probably have some questions. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Easter egg decorating kits:

What are Easter egg decorating kits?

Easter egg decorating kits contain all the supplies you need to dye, paint, and embellish eggs for Easter. Kits typically include egg dye tablets, paints, brushes, stickers, glitter, and other decorations.

They provide coordinated collections of decorating materials conveniently packed together in one box or carrying case so you have everything handy.

What types of decorations are included in kits?

Basic kits contain dye tablets for coloring the eggs in bright, solid hues. More elaborate kits include stickers, glitter glue, puff paints, markers, beads, sequins, and fabric for taking your eggs farther.

Look for kits with Easter shapes like bunnies, flowers and butterflies or spring patterns and designs. Deluxe kits have the widest assortment of accessories.

How many eggs do kits decorate?

The number of eggs a kit decorates varies but a standard 1-2 dozen kit is common. Bulk kits and deluxe kits may cover 3-4 dozen eggs or more.

If you’re holding a classroom party or big family event, look for a kit with enough dye and decorations for multiples. Easter egg hunts need lots of eggs!

What ages are egg decorating kits for?

Basic dye kits with easy stickers are great for ages 4-6 with supervision. More complex kits with small decorations and paints are better for ages 7+ with adult guidance as needed.

Choose “all ages” kits for projects involving both little kids and older crafters. Review age recommendations on kits.

How long do supplies in the kits last?

With proper storage and care, many kit components like dyes, glitter glue, and puffy paint can be stored and reused for multiple Easter seasons so you get continued value from your purchase.

Replenishment kits are available if you need to restock popular items like dye tablets each year.

What safety tips should I follow?

Cover surfaces, wear old clothes, and don’t eat decorated eggs. Because dyes can stain and paints require drying time, kits with small pieces are best used with adult supervision.

Read all manufacturer safety instructions carefully. Hard boil eggs before decorating and refrigerate within two hours. Avoid cracked eggs.


An Easter egg decorating kit takes all the guesswork out of preparing for this beloved tradition. With vibrant dyes, fun decorations, and helpful tools, a quality kit will make decorating easter eggs a true delight.

We recommend the Acme Easter Egg Dye Kit as the best overall value for easy, classic dyeing fun. For fancier eggs, try the Deluxe Egg Works Kit packed with tons of embellishments.

Whichever kit you choose, get ready to celebrate Easter in creative style! Decorating colorful eggs together builds memories and excitement for this joyful springtime holiday.

Wishing you a very happy Easter full of brightly decorated eggs, fun time with loved ones, and the promised hope of new life that this season brings.

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