Making Your Special Someone Feel Loved With a Valentine’s Day Wreath

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and one of the most popular gifts to give that special someone is a romantic wreath for their door. The tradition of gifting wreaths dates back centuries, but their circular shape and lush floral designs make them a timeless symbol of love and affection.

If you want to surprise your sweetheart with a wreath this Valentine’s Day, there are many beautiful options to choose from. This article will explore some of the top Valentine’s wreath ideas, provide tips for how to pick the perfect one, and answer some frequently asked questions about wreaths. Let’s spread the love this February 14th with a heartfelt wreath!

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Wreaths to Gift Your Special Someone

When browsing all the wreaths available for Valentine’s Day, how do you choose that extra special one for your partner or spouse? Here are five of the best Valentine’s wreath options that are sure to put a smile on their face:

1. Classic Red Rose Wreath

You can never go wrong with the traditional symbol of love – red roses! A circular wreath made of lush red roses and accented with greens like ferns or eucalyptus is a quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Red roses signify passion, romance, and true love, so this wreath will allow your sweetie to literally feel the love every time they see it on their door. The deep crimson colors are timeless and will give your home a romantic vibe. While classic, these wreaths are easy to find from most florists and make a beautiful impression.

2. Candy Hearts Wreath

For a Valentine’s Day wreath with a playful and lighthearted feel, consider a candy hearts wreath. These fun wreaths are decorated with colorful little candy hearts like those you get for Valentine’s Day with short sweet sayings on them like “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me.” The candies are woven into a sturdy wreath form along with ribbons to create a cute, one-of-a-kind piece. It’s sure to give you and your partner some nostalgic throwbacks to childhood Valentine’s Days. Kids will get a kick out of it too! The only downside is it’s not quite as romantic as fresh blooms.

3. Chocolate Truffle Wreath

Calling all chocolate lovers – this decadent wreath is for you! A chocolate truffle wreath features an array of artisanal chocolate truffles beautifully arranged in a circle and decorated with ribbons and accents. It’s a unique gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. The creamy chocolates come in assorted flavors like raspberry, champagne, or dark chocolate, offering a luxurious treat. This wreath is guaranteed delicious, though the downside is you’ll need to be careful about melting or nibbles if it’s displayed anywhere warm. It may not last terribly long, but it will be enjoyed!

4. Mixed Flower Wreath

Why stick to just roses or tulips when you can create a wreath with a assorted medley of flowers? Mixed flower wreaths allow you to put together different blooms with varied meanings and symbolism for a wreath as unique as your love. Some popular flowers include roses, tulips, lilies, carnations, daisies, gerbera, and more. You can request a custom wreath from a florist with your favorite flowers that have special significance for your relationship. It makes for a truly personal and heartfelt gift!

5. Dried/Preserved Flower Wreath

Last but certainly not least is the preserved flower wreath. These wreaths contain dried or chemically treated fresh flowers designed to maintain their beauty and appearance for up to a year or longer. While not as vibrant as fresh-cut flowers, preserved wreaths last through multiple Valentine’s Days as a lasting token of affection. They retain their shape and color well after the holiday has passed. As an eco-friendly choice, these dried flower wreaths are becoming more popular. The longevity means you get excellent value for your money too!

How to Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wreath

Once you’ve explored the various Valentine’s Day wreaths available, how do you settle on the perfect one? Here are some tips for selecting a wonderful wreath your sweetheart is sure to adore displayed on their door or wall:

  • Consider your partner’s taste – Do they love classic romance or would they appreciate something more unique and playful? Go with traditional red roses or their favorite flower.
  • Choose flower meanings wisely – Research what different flowers symbolize to craft a wreath with deeper meaning. Roses signify love, lilies hope, tulips affection.
  • Fresh or dried? – Fresh-cut flowers are more romantic but also perishable. Dried and preserved wreaths keep looking lovely for 1-3 years.
  • Make it personal – Design your own wreath or customize one from a florist for a more heartfelt gift.
  • Size matters – Measure the door or wall space where it will hang and pick an appropriately sized wreath.
  • Accent with ribbons – Complement the flowers by matching or contrasting ribbon colors.
  • Add creative touches – Adorn with hearts, charms, chocolate truffles or other symbols of love.
  • Order early – Give 2-4 weeks for florists to acquire flowers and complete custom wreaths.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re sure to gift a wreath this Valentine’s Day that will delight your loved one and become a cherished decoration in your home.

Valentine’s Day Wreath FAQs

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about gifting wreaths to ease your mind:

What are the most popular flowers for Valentine’s wreaths?

Red roses, tulips, lilies, and carnations are traditionally very popular for Valentine’s wreaths since they come in romantic shades like red, pink, and white. Their lush petals and bright, eye-catching colors give that beautiful burst of love.

How far in advance should I order a Valentine’s wreath?

To ensure the highest quality and accurate delivery timing, you should order custom or intricate wreaths at least 2-4 weeks in advance of February 14th. For standard wreaths, 1-2 weeks is sufficient lead time. Order early for best selection!

How can I make my own Valentine’s wreath at home?

Handmaking a wreath yourself adds that extra dose of love! Purchase a floral foam wreath form as your base. Gather fresh blooms and floral wire, cut the stems at an angle, and wire flowers together in small bundles. Stick each bundle into foam form, arrange, and accent with ribbons or decor.

What’s the difference between dried and preserved floral wreaths?

Dried wreaths contain flowers that are hung upside down or air dried to remove moisture yet maintain shape. Preserved wreaths use a chemical solution to treat fresh blooms so they retains color and fullness for years. Both last 1-3 years!

What are good kids Valentine’s wreath ideas?

Let kids create their own sweet wreath! Provide materials like construction paper, doilies, foam shapes, silk flowers, ribbons, stickers, candy hearts, chocolate kisses, and more. Let their imagination run wild decorating a basic wreath form.

Spread the Love With a Heartfelt Valentine’s Wreath

A beautiful floral wreath is one of the most elegant ways to help your special someone feel the love this Valentine’s Day. With so many wreath styles and flower options, take the time to pick out just the right one that fits your relationship. A wreath makes a lovely sentiment whether you want classic romance, playful fun, or something meaningful and personal. Measure their door or wall space, order from professional florists early, and get ready to see their reaction to your heartfelt gift. Happy Valentine’s Day – may your home be filled with love all year round!

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