Michaels’ Commitment to Sustainability

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At Michaels, we believe that operating sustainably is essential for the planet and our business. Our sustainability efforts align with our core values of accountability, community, and integrity. We aim to foster environmental stewardship and social responsibility across our operations.

Caring for the Planet

We implement environmentally conscious practices throughout our facilities and supply chain. Key achievements include:

  • Diverting 68 million pounds of waste from landfills in 2021
  • Consuming 2.5 million kWh of renewable energy in 2021
  • Outfitting 99% of locations with energy efficient lighting

We also partner with vendors to source sustainable materials and reduce packaging waste. Our transportation network optimizes logistics for efficiency. These initiatives benefit the environment and our profitability.

Supporting People

Our 8 colleague resource groups celebrate Michaels’ diverse workforce. In 2021:

  • 68.3% of new hires self-identified as women
  • We raised $2 million for community organizations

We enact policies to ensure ethical treatment of all stakeholders. Our team members create an inclusive, engaging customer experience. We promote responsible labor practices with vendors worldwide.

Operating Responsibly

Our Board of Directors oversees ESG issues like diversity, data privacy, health and safety. We adhere to good governance and ethics at all levels. Core values like accountability and integrity guide our business decisions.

At Michaels, sustainability and social responsibility are integral to our identity. We strive to empower makers, colleagues and communities for the betterment of all.