Michaels Commits to Community Service and Philanthropy

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Michaels, the popular arts and crafts retail chain, actively gives back to communities across North America through charitable donations, volunteering, and other outreach programs. This commitment to service reflects the company’s core values and desire to empower creativity in people of all ages and backgrounds.

Brightening Children’s Lives Through Creativity

One of Michaels’ major charitable partners is Project Sunshine, an international nonprofit that helps hospitalized children and their families through the power of play. With a network of over 20,000 volunteers, Project Sunshine delivers over 175,000 activity kits to children’s hospitals each year.

Michaels has donated 31,000 craft kits specially designed to provide therapeutic benefits for kids facing medical challenges. The kits inspire play, spark joy, and aid in the physical and emotional healing process. This act of generosity is just one of the ways Michaels gives back to its communities.

Supporting Makers of All Ages

Beyond its work with Project Sunshine, Michaels runs a number of initiatives aimed at making creativity accessible and rewarding for all. These include:

  • Donating art supplies to community centers, schools, and other local organizations
  • Providing craft classes and workshops free of charge
  • Partnering with schools and nonprofits on beautification projects
  • Funding scholarships and grants for aspiring artists and makers
  • Working with hospitals to bring craft kits to pediatric patients
  • Empowering teams of employee volunteers to support community initiatives

A Legacy of Service Nationwide

Michaels has a longstanding culture of service empowered by both corporate leadership and passionate team members. Stores partner with local charities to serve their neighborhoods. The company also has national relationships with organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Through the Michaels Gives Back program, creativity becomes a positive force that lifts up communities. The arts and crafts retailer leverages its expertise, resources, and reach to make a difference in the lives of millions. Michaels remains committed to this mission of empowering makers, supporting communities, and spreading joy.