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At Michaels, we aim to maintain an inclusive, positive, creative, and welcoming environment for all our customers and employees. To achieve this goal, we have established standards for the products we offer in our stores and online. We may update or expand this policy when necessary. If we find a product does not meet these standards, we reserve the right to stop selling it.

Overview of Our Product Standards

  • We do not sell illegal products or items promoting illegal activities.
  • We do not sell products promoting hate, bigotry, or discrimination against any group or person. Michaels welcomes people of all backgrounds to participate in arts and crafts.
  • We do not sell products glorifying or inciting violence against any group or individual, including self-harm.
  • We do not sell products with explicit language in stores to maintain a child-friendly environment. Online-only items containing explicit language will have a warning label.
  • We do not sell products with content we consider inappropriate, offensive, or harmful to our creative community.
  • We aim to celebrate diverse cultures authentically and avoid cultural appropriation. We value the communities represented by our customers and employees.
  • If you have concerns about a product meeting these standards, please contact our Customer Care team.

Third-party sellers on our website must also meet these standards. If an item violates our policies or does not align with arts, crafts, and creativity, we can remove it. Please use the “Report Product” button to flag concerning items.

By establishing these product standards, Michaels seeks to promote creativity, self-expression, and community. We welcome everyone to our crafting table.