My Adventure Finding the Perfect T-Shirt at Michaels

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A Crafting Enthusiast’s Guide to Scoring the Ideal Shirt for Projects

As an avid crafter and DIYer, I am always on the hunt for supplies that will inspire my next project. And there’s one essential I find myself continually stocking up on: the perfect plain t-shirt. A good basic tee is like a blank canvas – ready and waiting to be transformed into something spectacular through sewing, painting, bleaching, tie-dye, and more. So when it comes time to restock my t-shirt stash, there’s one craft store I always turn to: Michaels.

With hundreds of stores across North America, Michaels is a mecca for creatives of every variety. And their t-shirt selection does not disappoint. From everyday low prices to frequent sales and coupons, Michaels enables me to keep my craft closet fully loaded with basic tees in every color of the rainbow.

On a recent t-shirt hunt, I perused the aisles and dug through bins to uncover everything Michaels has to offer for the perfect t-shirt. Here’s an overview of what I found on my quest to score the ideal shirt for my upcoming projects.

T-Shirt Styles Abound

Michaels provides an awesome range of t-shirt silhouettes, cuts, and styles. For a classic look, I picked up some Gildan short sleeve crew neck tees with a standard unisex fit. The lightweight cotton fabric provides a great canvas for dyeing, painting, and more.

I also found some raglan baseball tees with contrasting 3⁄4 sleeves in colors like heather gray, burgundy, and royal blue. The baseball tee style looks edgy styled with jeans or distressed for a grunge vibe.

For looser, comfier shirts, Michaels stocks oversized tees with a relaxed fit and dropped shoulders. These would work nicely for pajamas or loungewear after adding some hand embroidery.

And for some retro vibes, I snagged some tie-dye v-necks and cropped tees with a late 60s, early 70s aesthetic. The shorter silhouette and groovy colors of the cropped shirts make them perfect for some boho fringe embellishments.

Beyond the usual short sleeve tees, I also found some long sleeve and 3⁄4 sleeve options, as well as v-neck and scoop neck styles. The range of sleeve lengths and necklines ensure I can find just the right t-shirt blank for any project vision.

T-Shirts in Every Size

Another great perk of Michaels for stocking up on basic tees is the wide range of sizing. They carry sizes from XS-XXXL, including standard missy/unisex sizing as well as plus sizes.

For kids craft projects, they have tees sized down to 2T. I picked up a few in purple and green for my niece and nephew to decorate.

Michaels also stocks men’s and women’s sizes for those projects requiring a more fitted silhouette. The mens athletic fit tees come in S-XXL and provide a great tight base layer for bleaching designs and adding appliques.

The women’s relaxed v-necks I found offer a cozy oversized look in XS-XL. I’ll likely crop this one into an off-the-shoulder top and add some colorful pom poms along the neckline.

With so many sizes, I never have to settle or compromise my project vision to whatever shirts happen to be in stock. Michaels has me covered for t-shirts for the whole family.

Every Color of the Rainbow

Perhaps most importantly, Michaels provides tees in just about every color I could want. I love a good rainbow palette for my projects, so I was thrilled to find a full spectrum of colors stocked in store and online.

In addition to classic white, black, gray, and navy, I found t-shirts in shades like:

  • Bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple – perfect for some ombre dip dyeing or color blocking.
  • Neon hues like vivid lime green, hot pink, and acid wash blue – awesome for really bold, electric looks.
  • Tie dye swirls with groovy 70s vibes in shades of blue, purple, and red.
  • Earth tones like deep greens, browns, burnt orange, and brick red – ideal for more organic, nature-inspired projects.
  • Even metallic silver and gold tees for a touch of shine and shimmer.

With every color imaginable represented, I can really let my creativity run wild and choose hues that will make my designs pop. No need to settle for plain white when Michaels offers the full rainbow spectrum and more.

Value Packs for Bulk Buying

For big projects like coordinating family tie dye or craft camp shirts, I appreciate that Michaels enables easy bulk buying through their value packs.

The Gildan value packs come shrink-wrapped in sets of 5 identical shirts for around $20. That breaks down to just $4 per shirt when buying in bulk – quite a steal! The packs are available in black, white, and many bold colors, so I can grab a rainbow of options.

For variety, Michaels also offers specially priced t-shirt bundles that include assorted colors and styles for one low price. I picked up a women’s v-neck bundle with 3 shirts in rose pink, mint, and lavender for just $12.

With the value packs, stocking up is quick and affordable. No more running from store to store trying to find enough matching shirts in the right sizes and colors. Michaels does the work for me with conveniently bundled multipacks.

Eco and Organic Tees Too

In addition to great prices, I’m impressed with the eco-friendly shirts Michaels now stocks as well. I found some super soft 100% organic cotton tees in earthy natural hues like ivory, light olive, and clay red.

The organic material is perfect for reducing environmental impact. And the neutral palette will allow any embellishments and designs to really stand out.

Michaels also carries recycled polyester tees made sustainably from plastic bottles and other repurposed materials. These lightweight shirts have a cool heathered look in shades of gray, blue, and maroon.

I don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort to be environmentally conscious. Michaels has got me covered with organic and recycled options that are gentle on the planet but still make awesome statement pieces for my crafts.

Fabric Options Galore

Beyond the usual cotton tees, I also uncovered some more unique fabric options that opened up new creative possibilities.

Some of the stand-outs I found include:

  • Soft heathered cotton/poly-blend shirts with an extra cozy fleece-lined interior – perfect forOuterwear projects like jackets and coats.
  • Smooth rayon/spandex blend tees with a silky drape and stretch – ideal for tucking, tying, and form-fitting projects.
  • Sheer chiffon sleeve tees for an ethereal, flowy look once decorated.
  • Mesh high-neck tops as the perfect blank for adding embroidered embellishments.
  • Bargain ribbed tank tops – the ideal starting point for tying, bleaching, or jeweling into something dazzling.

With options like tri-blend, ribbed, thermal, and burnout tees as well, the possibilities are truly endless thanks to the range of unique fabrics offered. Michaels has everything I need whether my vision calls for flowy chiffon or utilitarian denim.

Branded Tees Too

In addition to blanks, I was surprised and excited to find licensed tees branded with trendy logos and pop culture characters I can repurpose.

Some of the brands offered include:

  • Harry Potter tees with the Hogwarts crest
  • Friends shirts with the iconic logo
  • Star Wars tops with Yoda and Darth Vader
  • Coca cola logo shirts in classic red
  • Van Gogh tees printed with famous paintings
  • And more instantly recognizable designs!

These are such fun starting points for cosplay costumes, fan art, or just casual wear. I’ll cut, crop, and customize them with appliques and embroidery to make them my own. Much more affordable than buying from an official retailer!

The familiar logos and imagery also provide built-in inspiration for showing off my creative skills. I love being able to repurpose pop culture tees at a fraction of the price.

Fully Stocked Inventory

I’m continually impressed with how well stocked the Michaels t-shirt shelves are kept. No matter what colors, sizes, or styles I’m looking for, they always seem to have plenty in supply.

The inventory is clearly restocked often to replace sold merchandise. I’ve never had to resort to picking a second choice shirt because what I needed was out of stock.

There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect shirt for a project, only to not be able to buy it in your size. But with what seems like an endless supply, Michaels always comes through with the right t-shirts when I need them.

The employees also do an excellent job tidying up the shelves and folding shirts into neat piles by color and size. This makes scanning through options quick and efficient when I’m on the hunt for specific shades or fits. I’m able to gather potential shirts to test out fabric and sizing and make my final selections in no time.

Between plentiful inventory and orderly displays, Michaels makes t-shirt shopping almost as fun as the DIY projects the shirts will become.

Online Ordering and In-Store Pickup

While I prefer hand selecting my t-shirts in person, Michaels does offer the option to browse and purchase shirts online for convenient pickup.

Their user-friendly website makes it easy to filter by color, size, style, brand, and price point. I can quickly hone in on the exact shirts I need and place them in my cart.

After checkout, I simply select my local Michaels store and the shirts are ready within a couple days for quick grab and go. This is super handy for supplementing my haul with any additional colors and sizes I realize I need once a project is underway.

No extra shopping trips required! I love having the flexibility to combine online convenience with quick in-store retrieval when my crafting needs demand it.

Hassle-Free Returns and Exchanges

Out of the dozens of shirts I grabbed, inevitably a few don’t work out quite as envisioned once my crafting is underway.

Perhaps the fabric isn’t ideal for a certain technique or the fit isn’t quite right. But returns and exchanges at Michaels are quick and easy, so I never feel stressed about initially buying too many options.

Their standard return window is a generous 90 days after purchase. As long as I have the original receipt, I can bring back any unworn shirts with the tags still attached for a full refund.

If the shirt has been used for crafts, as long as it’s clean and in good condition, Michaels will still issue a merchandise credit to purchase a replacement. This takes the pressure off when pulling together shirts for my projects.

I don’t have to worry about every choice being absolutely perfect. Michaels makes it easy to swap out any tees that don’t work out as expected. Their lenient policies gives me the freedom to really think outside the box and take creative risks without hesitation.

Stackable Savings and Discounts

Already impressively priced, Michaels enables even more t-shirt savings through their almost constant sales and coupon promotions.

Just about every week they offer deals like:

  • 20-25% off your entire purchase. I can stack this on top of already marked down multi-packs for rock bottom prices.
  • $10 off $50 purchase – easily achievable when stocking up on multiple shirts
  • 40% off one regular priced item. Great for splurging on more expensive branded tees or bundles.

In addition, I always check RetailMeNot and other coupon sites for additional % off discounts before shopping. Stacking storewide sales with coupon codes allows me to keep my t-shirt spending under control even with large hauls.

Between the regular sales cycles and nearly always available promo codes, I can reliably keep my t-shirt craft stash fully loaded on a budget. Michaels enables me to save big while still indulging my creative whims.

Perfect for DIY Embellishment

Beyond the stellar selection and savings, perhaps most importantly, Michaels shirts are ideal for DIY embellishment projects.

The cotton fabric provides a perfect base for:

  • Painting and fabric markers – the shirts absorb and blend colors beautifully with no bleeding.
  • Iron-on vinyl for clean, bold designs that adhere smoothly to the cotton.
  • Tie-dye, ombre dip dye, and other color baths come out vividly and bleed evenly across the fabrics.
  • The slim but not too fitted cuts also work excellently for adding appliques, patches, and embroidery. The shirts provide a form-fitting backdrop to really showcase ornate creations.
  • And the classic crew neck and short sleeve shapes are ideal canvases for creative bleach designs. The silhouettes includes large blank areas free of seams that won’t interfere with patterns.

Essentially, the shirts are crafted with crafters and DIYers in mind. Michaels creates the perfect jumping off point for all of my wildest t-shirt transformation visions!

Helpful Classes and Instruction

For beginners looking to learn the ropes of t-shirt DIY, Michaels offers tons of handy classes and guides online.

Their YouTube channel includes hundreds of step-by-step tutorials walking through techniques like:

  • Tie dye patterns like spirals and ombre dips
  • Bleach pen designs to create ethereal patterns
  • Sewing on applique patches and embellishments
  • Adding iron-on vinyl designs without a cricut machine
  • Distressing shirts for vintage, grunge styles

With so many free demos and guides, I’ve been able to learn and improve so many of my t-shirt crafting skills. And the projects are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced so crafters of all levels can follow along.

Between the perfectly craftable blank shirts and tons of easy tutorials, Michaels truly provides endless inspiration and instruction for unleashing creativity on t-shirts.

The Perfect Place to Start Projects

At the end of my Michaels t-shirt shopping extravaganza, I walked out with a basket loaded with at least 20 colorful blank canvases for my next projects.

Thanks to their unbeatable selection, low prices, constant sales, and ideal DIY-friendly fabrics, Michaels has become my absolute favorite stop for stocking up on basic tees.

The inventory on hand makes it so easy to grab a spectrum of sizes, colors, and sleeve lengths for whatever ideas I’m dreaming up. And I never have to settle or compromise my vision based on what’s available.

So for crafters and DIYers of all levels, next time your looking for the perfect starting t-shirt for sewing, painting, bleaching, embroidery, and more, head to Michaels first. Their shirts selection will set you up for endless craft success!

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