My Adventures in Jewelry-Making at Michaels

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Finding All the Sparkly Supplies I Need to Create Gorgeous Jewelry

I’ve always loved wearing beautiful, unique jewelry. The way a pair of intricate earrings or a stack of charm bracelets can pull an outfit together and show off my personal style really speaks to me. But with my eclectic tastes, it’s not always easy to find exactly what I’m looking for when I browse at department stores or even specialty boutiques. That’s why I decided to start making my own jewelry – and my local Michaels store has become an absolute treasure trove of sparkly supplies!

The first time I wandered down the jewelry aisle at Michaels with the goal of finding materials to create my own accessories, I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed. There were rows and rows of glittering beads in every color, jars of shimmery sequins, spools of wire in various metals, and drawers stocked with clasps, spacers, and other jewelry findings. It was like a jewelry box exploded into a dream workshop – but I had no idea where to start!

Luckily, the employees at my Michaels are so helpful and friendly. When I told the sales clerk I was new to jewelry-making but hoping to find supplies, she smiled knowingly and proceeded to give me a thorough tour of the selection. She showed me the sections for beads sorted by material – wooden beadsglass beadsgemstone beads, acrylic, plastic, and more. Then she pointed out the displays of charms, pendants, jewelry chain by the yard, and hypoallergenic earring wires and clasps.

There were even shelves of jewelry kits for beginners with all the essentials needed to make matching earrings, necklaces, bracelets or anklets. “These kits are a great way to get started and learn the basics of jewelry design,” she explained. That was all I needed – I eagerly added a bead bracelet kit and a pair of bohemian-style earring kits to my basket to get me going.

Now I probably visit the jewelry section at Michaels every other week, always on the lookout for inspiration and new materials for my next project. I love browsing the selection of charms and pendants, which includes all different shapes like hearts, moons, elephants and more, both plain and decorated with rhinestones and enamel. The assortment is constantly being updated with trendy new pieces, so I never know what I might find.

Last week, they had an entire display of mermaid-themed charms and I instantly pictured the beachy charm bracelet I could create. I also discovered new jars of iridescent sequins to add some extra sparkle. Even after months of regular shopping, I’m still discovering unique new treasures.

Of course, charms need chains and cords to string them on. So I was delighted to find yards of jewelry chain in bronze, silver, and gold tones with different sized links and textures. I’ve also been experimenting with the leather and nylon cording to create bracelets with a boho vibe.

To turn my piles of charms and beads into professional-looking pieces, the findings section is a must-stop whenever I visit Michaels. I can find everything from jump rings and crimp beads to lobster claw clasps and wire wrap loops. And I love that they have hypoallergenic options so I can avoid certain metals.

I always leave with loads of clasps, head pins, eye pins and tiger tail wire to turn my creative ideas into finished jewelry I can wear proudly. And now that I’ve learned some basic stringing and wire wrapping techniques, the possibilities are endless!

Beyond findings and components, Michaels has become my one-stop-shop for stocking up on all the beads my projects require. I love the vast selection of gemstone beads like jasper, agate, tiger’s eye and quartz that add natural beauty and healing energy to my designs. The varieties of glass beads and seed beads offer endless options for patterns and color combinations.

And I’ve realized that even inexpensive acrylic and plastic beads can be elevated into something special with the right complementary palette. I’ve found so many unique beads that really capture my boho chic aesthetic. Now my bead organization system at home is brimming with potential!

My partner surprised me on my birthday this year with a gift card to Michaels so I could invest in some new jewelry tools. I was thrilled! With pliers, wire cutters, crimp tools and bead reamers specially designed for jewelry-making, I can take my skills to the next level. Now I’m getting into more advanced techniques like wire wrapping, chain making and metal stamping.

The employees are always happy to make recommendations about top quality jewelry tools and equipment too. I’m so grateful for their expertise guiding me as I delve deeper into my new jewelry obsession!

While wandering the store one day, I noticed small flyers advertising jewelry-making classes taught on-site. How cool! From beginner bead stringing toprofessional metalsmithing, they offer workshops to help both novice and experienced jewelry creators polish their skills.

I signed up for an intro wire wrapping class where I learned to make custom pendants by shaping and hammering metal strips into waves, hearts, and leaves. Being able to make my own components using raw materials opened up a whole new realm of possibilities! My classmates were so friendly and I loved getting the chance to chat about our jewelry pursuits. The hands-on instruction gave me the confidence to try wire wrapping at home.

For more inspiration, I’ll sometimes browse the jewelry-making books and magazines near the beads and tools. There are so many great ideas and techniques inside for earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Whenever I feel stumped about my next project, flipping through a DIY jewelry book gets my creativity flowing again.

Michaels even has an entire section online dedicated to jewelry supplies where I can order any specialty items that my local store doesn’t carry. Recently, I needed larger gauge wire for a bold cuff bracelet I was designing, so I was thrilled to find it available on their website with free shipping. Now I don’t have to hunt elsewhere if I have a specific need or want to try a new technique.

Beyond materials, I really appreciate that Michaels offers helpful guidance and inspiration for newbie jewelry-makers like me. The employees are always happy to answer questions and make recommendations about tools or project ideas. And their jewelry classes welcomed me into a creative community where I developed confidence and skills I never expected!

Now when I don my latest Michaels-sourced earrings or bracelet, I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing I meticulously designed every component. With its incredible selection, helpful staff, and invaluable learning opportunities, Michaels has truly unlock my creativity and made jewelry-making my newest passion. Every unique bead and shiny charm brings me joy as I turn them into meaningful accessories. I can’t wait to see what I’ll create next, thanks to my go-to source for all things sparkly: Michaels!

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