My Crafting Adventures at Michaels in Cranberry

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Discovering the Joys of Arts and Crafts at My Local Craft Store

I’ve always loved arts and crafts, ever since I was a little kid. There’s just something so satisfying about making something with your own two hands. As an adult, I find crafting to be a great creative outlet and stress reliever from my busy everyday life. One of my favorite places to shop for craft supplies is the Michaels store located right here in Cranberry, PA. In this blog post, I’ll share all about my experiences at Michaels in Cranberry – from the great selection of products to helpful staff and crafting classes. Whether you’re a fellow crafter or just looking for some gift ideas, read on to discover why Michaels Cranberry is my go-to spot for all things arts and crafts!

The Michaels in Cranberry is conveniently located right off Route 19 in the Cranberry Square shopping plaza. It’s easy for me to get to, just a short drive from my home. The store is quite large and carries a huge variety of crafting merchandise and supplies. From fabrics, scrapbooking materials, framing, seasonal/holiday decor, kids’ crafts, baking and candy making supplies – they seriously have it all!

I like to browse all the aisles because you never know what creative inspirations you might discover. Some of my favorite sections include the Trend Central wall that features new and popular craft products, as well as the Floral department filled with faux flowers and floral arranging accessories. I always make sure to check out the aisles with crafter’s storage solutions too. Being organized is key for any crafter!

The store hours at Michaels in Cranberry are quite convenient:

Monday – Saturday: 9am – 9pm

Sunday: 10am – 7pm

It’s nice that they open at 9am on Saturdays, so I can get an early start on my weekend craft projects. The Sunday hours are great too since I’m usually busy running errands on the weekends. I appreciate that Michaels understands customers need flexibility to work crafting into their busy schedules.

Occasionally if I’m crunched for time or need a large quantity of supplies, I’ll take advantage of the curbside pickup option that Michaels in Cranberry offers. I can easily place orders on the Michaels website or app and then call the store when I’ve arrived in the designated curbside parking. A team member will bring my purchase right out to my car – it’s so fast and convenient when I’m short on time.

Of course, no trip to Michaels is complete without using coupons! Luckily, Michaels always provides tons of coupon opportunities to save money. I’m signed up for their rewards program so I get access to exclusive coupons and discounts. I also keep an eye out for coupons online and in my local newspaper inserts. There are even mobile coupons you can load right to your phone! With strategic couponing, I’ve saved over 50% off some of my larger shopping trips.

Beyond just shopping, I like to participate in some of the fun arts and crafts classes that Michaels in Cranberry offers. They have workshops almost every day of the week – painting, wreath making, glass etching, jewelry making, you name it! The class instructors are always so helpful and patient, even when working with beginner crafters like me. I’ve discovered talents I never knew I had thanks to taking classes at Michaels. They even host kids’ classes which are great for birthday parties or weekend activities. Taking classes is a wonderful way to try new crafts and meet fellow crafters in the community.

I do have to give a shoutout to the employees at the Cranberry Michaels who are always so kind and eager to help customers. I often have questions about how to use certain tools or specialty supplies. The staff is extremely knowledgeable; I’m so appreciative when they take the time to explain things or offer advice. They want every customer to have a positive arts & crafts experience. I try to fill out those customer satisfaction surveys whenever I can to let Michaels corporate know what an amazing team they have at the Cranberry location!

One time I was so focused on browsing that I lost track of time – Michaels was closing in 10 minutes and I still hadn’t purchased my items! The manager kindly kept the registers open a few minutes late so I could complete my purchase. It’s little things like that make me loyal to shopping at this particular Michaels. The staff cares about their customers and building relationships with regulars like me.

Speaking of relationships…I’ve become quite good friends with Stacy who works at the custom framing counter at the back of the Michaels store in Cranberry. I take my paintings, prints, needlework, and photos to Stacy probably six times a year to get professionally framed. She always makes excellent recommendations on mat colors and frame styles that complement each piece. I’ve been really impressed with how my projects turn out after the Michaels framing treatment. Having access to high quality custom framing right in Cranberry is so convenient. I don’t know what I’d do without Stacy’s expertise!

Now, Michaels isn’t just for hobby crafters like myself – it can also be a great place for teachers, parents, DIYers, and small business owners to shop for supplies. I’ve told all my friends who own small businesses about Michaels in Cranberry for any retail display or branding materials they may need. For example, my friend who makes jewelry sells at local craft fairs and gets all her banner stands, business cards, and branded packaging from Michaels. Their custom printing is really affordable! Teachers I know will shop there for bulletin board supplies or even craft project materials for their students. So Michaels really does have something for everyone, not just hardcore arts & crafts enthusiasts like me!

As you can see, I’m pretty much obsessed with Michaels in Cranberry! But it’s not just the awesome selection that brings me back again and again. What I truly appreciate are the little touches that make Michaels feel like more than just another big box retail store. Things like staff who greet me by name, exclusive member coupons, cozy ambiance with music playing, Make It With Michaels workshops, and festive seasonal decorations. Michaels has cultivated an environment where creativity is valued and encouraged. For people like me, that means the world!

However, I realize not everyone has the time or desire to spend hours crafting in the store. That’s why I’m so glad Michaels in Cranberry makes online shopping with curbside pickup and in-store returns so convenient. I can quickly place orders from my phone for the supplies I need, then swing by to grab them without having to go inside. Returns are effortless too – I feel confident ordering home decor or supplies online knowing I can easily exchange or refund in-store if needed. Michaels has really adapted to the way people shop today.

As we head into the holidays, I’m excited to see what seasonal crafts I can make with all the Thanksgiving and Christmas supplies now available at Michaels in Cranberry. I happened to stop by last night and saw they were fully stocked with Christmas trees, ornaments, gift wrap, wreaths, decorations, and everything you could possibly need for holiday crafting. And it’s all so beautifully displayed! I picked up some red ribbon, pine garland, and a new gingerbread house kit. The wreaths at the front of the store were gorgeous too – I may have to go back and get one of those festive creations to hang on my front door.

The great thing about Michaels is that no matter the season, there are always creative projects and inspiration to be found in the aisles. Summer brought patriotic wreaths, nautical DIY signs, and seashell art pieces. For fall, it’s pumpkin painting, harvest displays, and wood signs with sayings like “Hello Autumn.” Right now the Christmas décor and craft supplies reign supreme, but soon Valentine’s Day will take center stage. The selection is always changing, giving me endless ideas for decorating my home. And being able to easily shop it all at my local Michaels is so, so wonderful!

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a creative outlet with arts and crafts or find the perfect customized gift made with care, I wholeheartedly recommend stopping by the Michaels store in Cranberry, PA. The friendly staff, diverse product selection, crafting workshops, and overall inviting atmosphere have made Michaels my go-to destination for sparking my inner creativity. So the next time you’re feeling crafty, come join me in the aisles and let your imagination run wild with inspiring supplies and creative possibilities!

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