My Journey to Find the Perfect Wooden Box at Michaels

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A First-Timer’s Guide to Selecting, Customizing, and Using Wooden Boxes for Crafts and Storage

As an avid crafter and organization fanatic, I’m always on the lookout for stylish and functional storage solutions. My latest obsession? Wooden boxes from Michaels! I’ve relied on plastic bins and cardboard boxes for far too long. While functional, they look cluttered and lack personality. Wooden boxes add a natural, rustic touch to shelves and countertops. I’ve dreamed of owning a set of charming wooden boxes for years, but never knew where to start. Michaels offers an overwhelming selection, from tiny keepsake boxes to giant crates! Here’s my journey to finally find the perfect wooden storage boxes for my home.

Checking Out the Wooden Box Selection at Michaels

My first trip to Michaels revealed an entire wall of wooden boxes in every size, shape and style imaginable. I saw stacking boxes, jewelry boxes, recipe boxes, memory boxes and more. The variety was incredible, but also intimidating for a wooden box newbie like myself!

Luckily, the boxes were neatly categorized by size and function. This made the selection process much easier. I browsed boxes big enough for blankets and linens, medium-sized for toiletries and office supplies, and tiny ones for trinkets and knick-knacks. Michaels has it all, from 1-inch mini boxes to 2-foot oversized crates!

Beyond size, Michaels offers wooden boxes in every shape imaginable – squares, rectangles, ovals, chests, trunks, cubes and corner boxes. I was delighted by the unique shapes like hexagons, futuristic curves, and fun novelty designs. The options go far beyond boring square boxes!

Discovering the Diverse Assortment of Woods

Besides size and shape, the other main difference is the type of wood used. Michaels uses a wide array of woods, from budget-friendly plywood up to exotic hardwoods. I saw classic oak and pine boxes for a traditional look. Or poplar and acacia boxes in lighter natural shades. For a more modern vibe, try darker woods like mahogany and walnut. Exotic woods like bamboo and mango evoke a worldly, global style.

Don’t forget man-made composite woods like MDF (medium density fiberboard). While not “real” wood, MDF allows more flexibility in manufacturing. It keeps costs lower while still achieving a clean, sleek wooden look. For the budget-savvy shopper, composite MDF boxes are a smart choice!

Costs Range from Thrifty to Luxurious

Speaking of budget, wooden box prices span the spectrum at Michaels. Basic pine starter boxes cost as little as $2. These are perfect for kids’ rooms or beginning crafters. On the other end, hand-carved camphor wood trunks run upwards of $200.

In the $20-$60 range, you’ll find mid-range wooden boxes in oak, acacia and other woods. Look for sales and coupons to maximize value. With frequent promotions like “Buy One Get One 50% Off,” you can stock up on beautiful boxes without breaking the bank!

For a big event like a wedding, I’d splurge on fancy monogrammed hardwood boxes with enamel or leather accents. They make timeless keepsake gifts to fill with letters and memories. Though I don’t need anything that fancy for my basic home storage needs!

Customizing Crates with Paint, Stain and More

While ready-made wood boxes have their appeal, I really get excited imagining how I can customize them! Michaels has an amazing selection of wooden crates and unfinished boxes just waiting to be transformed. These blank slates allow you to stain, paint, decoupage, stencil, distress and decorate to your heart’s content!

I picked out several plain, unfinished pine crates as the perfect starter boxes for my projects. The solid wood construction means they’ll last for years. And the unfinished surfaces readily accept any color or design I dream up.

Of course, Michaels offers all the paints, stains, glazes, transfers and more to deck out your boxes. I’m eyeing chalk paint, fabric decoupage tissue, and decorative hardware like handles and latches to give my boxes distinct personalities! Let the DIY adventures begin!

Brainstorming the Many Uses for Michaels’ Wooden Boxes

With my unfinished crates purchased, the possibilities seemed endless. My mind raced with ideas of how to put these awesome wooden boxes to use:

  • Cozy blanket chest
  • Vintage photo memory box
  • Handy firewood carrier
  • Rustic book and magazine holder
  • Farmhouse-chic TV console
  • Retro spice rack for the kitchen
  • Display case for seashells and sand dollars
  • Multi-compartment bead organizer
  • Ladder-shelf bookcase and display
  • Faux fireplace stocked with logs
  • Chest filled with kids’ toys and games
  • Pet bed and toy box for furry friends
  • Sophisticated storage for office supplies
  • Window box planted with miniature herbs
  • Craft supply caddy

The options are infinite when your imagination runs wild! No matter your style, there’s a way to incorporate wooden boxes for storage and decoration.

Hardware and Accessories Add Function and Polish

One mistake first-timers often make is buying unfinished wooden boxes without closures. Then you end up with a messy open container! Many of Michaels’ boxes come pre-equipped with hardware like:

  • Hinges allow lids to open easily and flip back out of the way. Look for stop-hinges to keep lids propped open without having to hold them.
  • Hasps allow boxes to fasten shut securely. Hinged hasps easily lift open. Magnetic hasps operate with a powerful hidden magnet.
  • Knobs or handles add a finished look and make lifting heavy boxes easier. Look for recessed handles that lay flat when not in use.
  • Locks allow private, secure storage of items like financial documents. Tiny keepsake boxes often have miniature heart or barrel-shaped locks.

For the DIYer, Michaels has stick-on hardware kits to attach your own handles, latches, and hinges. I love the antique brass finish paired with rustic distressed boxes.

Don’t overlook lining! Add a layer of fabric, quilted padding, or foam to protect items. Convert a crate into a jewelry box with ring rolls and compartments inside. The options for building your own custom interiors are endless!

Buying in Bulk for Cost Savings

Given the multitude of projects I want to tackle, buying boxes individually seemed cost prohibitive. Luckily, Michaels allows bulk box purchases online to save money.

For example, a set of 6 identically sized unfinished crates runs about $9 per crate. But buy the boxed set of 6, and the price drops to around $7 each. For large projects, bulk buying can help complete your collection faster.

Be mindful of shipping costs on oversized wooden crates and chests. Pick up in-store when possible to avoid expensive delivery fees. Always check expiration dates for any promo codes to ensure discounts apply to bulk box purchases.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for extra percent-off sales before buying in bulk. Stacking promos like 25% off plus an existing BOGO sale leads to dramatic savings when purchasing multiples!

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Wood Sources

With any natural wood product, responsible sourcing is a concern. Michaels claims their live edge planks come from sustainably harvested rubber trees. The raw wood displays naturally occurring knots, holes, and bark edges for a unique look.

Many of the less expensive plywood boxes contain composite recycled wood fibers. This reclaimed material helps reduce deforestation. However, Michaels lacks thorough details on ethics and sustainability for most boxes. If this is a priority for you, I recommend carefully researching the manufacturer before purchasing.

Some boxes feature certification logos like Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This ensures the wood comes from responsible forestry practices. But not all Michaels boxes appear to have responsible sourcing certification. As consumers, we must pressure retailers and manufacturers to prioritize ethics and sustainability!

Decorating Wooden Boxes with Paint, Fabric, Glitter and More!

The most thrilling part of any wooden box project for me is decorating and detailing! Thanks to YouTube tutorials, Pinterest inspiration, and Michaels’ amazing selection, I’m overflowing with ideas to make my boxes pop. Here are just a few of the options:

  • Add dimensional details with acrylic paint, mod podge, wood glue,sigsag trim
  • Stencil on patterns and designs using stencil brushes, sponges, or rollers
  • Decorate with decoupage using scrapbook paper, fabric, sequins, and decoupage medium
  • Customize using vinyl lettering, Cricut stickers, transfers, or printable labels
  • Attach embellishments like buttons, knobs, tassels, handles, latch
  • Incorporate hardware like hinges, clasps, cork, magnets, brackets
  • Distress and age new boxes using sandpaper, chisels, paints
  • Stain or seal using colored tints and finishes like polyurethane
  • Drill holes for added ventilation, locks, handles, or design
  • Add interior divisions and compartments to organize contents

The only limit is my imagination! While a basic box starts blank, you can customize with paint, fabric, texture, bling and more. I can’t wait to unleash my creativity on these unfinished wooden canvases.

Gifting Memorabilia and Handmade Goods in Wooden Boxes

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve sorting through keepsake boxes at my grandparents’ house. These timeworn wooden boxes held old photos, letters, and trinkets that told the story of generations past.

This has inspired me to use wooden boxes from Michaels to gift meaningful mementos and handmade goods to loved ones:

  • Paper keepsake box filled with written memories to a beloved grandmother
  • Child’s handprint engraved box for mother’s ring and earrings
  • Monogrammed box with grandfather’s watch and cufflinks
  • Memory box with recipe cards for favorite family dishes
  • Growth chart wood box with height markings and photos
  • Wedding box with bridal veil, confetti, and invitation displayed
  • Luxury yarn stash box for a crafty sister
  • Oversized gift basket overflowing with artisanal treats
  • Keepsake box designed like a vintage suitcase for a world traveler

Wooden boxes make treasured gifts to hold precious heirlooms for safekeeping. They can be passed down for generations as a meaningful part of family history. I can’t wait to create custom wooden boxes as sentimental and useful gifts for my loved ones.

The Importance of Checking Return Policies Just in Case

When investing in fancier wooden boxes for gifts or long-term use, it pays to understand store policies in advance. Michaels offers a standard 60 day return window for most non-perishable items if you have your receipt.

For large wooden storage items like hutches and wardrobes, the return timeline shortens to a strict 30 days. Beyond that, you’re stuck with any defective products so inspect carefully before purchase.

Online-only products like cedar chests can only be exchanged, not returned. Make sure to check all box dimensions and features when ordering sight unseen online.

For custom-made wood items, all sales are usually final. If you had a name engraved or used custom paints, you can’t return it. Share any concerns with a store associate before starting custom projects to understand any exceptions.

Pro Tip: Sign up for a Michaels Rewards account so any returns and exchanges are easy to look up later using your purchase history. Don’t toss that receipt right away just in case!

Reviews Praise Durability Alongside Style

Before committing to higher priced wooden boxes, I checked online reviews to see what actual buyers had to say. I was pleased to find mostly positive feedback on top brands sold at Michaels. Many praised the durable real wood construction compared to flimsy plastic tubs.

Owners love the sturdy locking lid and smooth opening mechanism of Kerrington keepsake chests. The laser cut patterns and whimsical shapes get rave reviews. Most mention these heirloom quality boxes becoming treasured family heirlooms passed down for generations.

Customers highlight the versatile storage options of Best Choice brand’s compartment organizer chests. The lift-out trays and mix-and-match divider panels keep a wide variety of supplies neatly arranged.

For those needing oversized storage, Atlantic crates get five stars for being spacious yet lightweight. The built-in handles and collapsible metal frame make these huge boxes easy to store flat when not in use.

From small memento boxes to enormous underbed containers, Michaels’ wood storage and decor consistently earns praise for attractive designs that also stand the test of time. It’s reassuring to buy from proven brands that will last beyond a single season.

Holiday Themes Add Festive Flair

A bonus perk of Michaels’ wooden box selection is the abundance of holiday-themed designs offered year-round. Even after the holiday passes, festive boxes can hold seasonal decorations in style.

Christmas options range from ridged faux cedar chests with snowflake patterns to classic red trucks delivering trees and gifts. Sparkly snowflake and forest landscapes decorate many winter boxes.

Vibrant florals and honeycomb prints adorn springtime wood boxes. These cheery boxes complement Easter and Mother’s Day crafts or nature-inspired treasures.

Patriotic stars and stripes give a summery vibe to Independence Day wooden boxes. Use them as decorative picnic packs or cooling beverage tubs.

Halloween-themed boxes flaunt black cats, haunted houses, and trick-or-treat candy graphics. Let these spooky finds store DIY party favors and ghastly decor.

With options from merry to macabre, Michaels’ holiday wooden boxes spice up every season! Their festive flair works year-round storing holiday memories and thematic collections.

Personalizing with Custom Engraving and Painting

Beyond decorative pre-made boxes, Michaels empowers your creativity with customization services. Make a good box great by adding engraved text, painted designs, or decoupaged photos.

In the custom engraving shop, choose font styles and layouts to eternally personalize your boxes, plaques and signs with names, dates, titles, quotes or messages.

At frequent painting events, create one-of-a-kind boxes with guidance from experienced art teachers. Leave with hand-painted wooden boxes ideal for displaying or gifting.

For total control, Michaels DIY classes teach you to stain, transfer images, decoupage photos and more. Take unfinished wood boxes from generic to genuinely you using simple techniques and diverse materials.

With so many options to etch, paint, transfer or stencil your own designs, Michaels removes the limits on customizing wooden boxes. Put your personal stamp on blank canvases and make them distinctly yours or a gift recipient’s.

Current Promotions to Keep An Eye On

Of course, part of the fun of shopping at Michaels lies in scoring discounts on must-have merch. Here are some current deals worth grabbing:

  • 25% off entire purchase coupons – perfect for splurging on those pricier hardwood storage chests
  • Buy one, get one 50% off on all wood wall decor – take advantage to buy matching set of engraved or monogram boxes
  • Up to 60% off clearance wooden crates – check clearance endcaps to find discounted blank wood boxes to decorate
  • Free standard shipping on online orders over $59 – ideal for bulky DIY wood project supplies
  • 15% off your first custom framing order – nice savings on custom framed shadow boxes to display cherished memorabilia
  • 20% off entire purchase once per month for Reward members – sign up to save on big box purchases

By timing trips to align with major sales or coupon offers, you can rack up major savings on bulk craft supplies and home storage items like wooden boxes. Follow Michaels on social media for updates on all their latest wooden box promotions and seasonal sales.

Browsing Online Before Visiting the Store

One of the handiest ways to shop at Michaels is browsing their extensive collection online first. Explore all options and styles from home to narrow down favorites.

The website filters help refine your search specific to material (wood), price range, sizes, etc. Save product pages, add items to your cart, and take notes. This way, you arrive in store with a curated wishlist ready to go. No more wandering aimlessly only to leave overwhelmed and empty-handed!

Online, I can see all wooden product reviews, dimensions, full details and suggested uses. Virtual shopping helps me determine if the tan jewelry box I love online appears more grey-brown in person. That way, no unhappy surprises once I’ve purchased an item that looked better online.

Once I’ve filled my online cart, I select in-store pickup when available to skip shipping fees. For oversized items like hutches and chests, nothing beats carefully examining in person before loading into my car and driving home. Thank you, Michaels, for letting me digitally shop from my couch before visiting to see favorites first-hand!

Michaels Wooden Boxes Enliven My Home and Hobby

As a serial hobbyist constantly finding new collections and DIY projects, organization is my greatest challenge. Michaels’ overwhelming variety of wooden boxes proved just the storage solutions I craved. Their range of sizes securely contain everything from thimbles to picnic blankets.

Beyond utility, wooden boxes add a warm, homey style that cold plastic bins can’t match. Their versatility as pedestals, shelves, and display cases makes decorating with them a breeze. And their unfinished versions give my inner artist an inviting blank canvas to personalize through staining, painting and more.

However you employ them, these rugged wooden boxes will endure for years of treasured use. They keep my hobbies neat and supplies safe from dust and damage. When not in use, they stack and store easily as decorative touches. For anyone else seeking approachable and affordable wood storage, I wholeheartedly recommend Michaels as your one-stop shop!

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