My Love Affair with Michaels Arts & Crafts

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Discovering My Creative Side at My Favorite Arts & Crafts Store

I still remember the first time I walked into a Michaels Arts & Crafts store – I must have been 7 or 8 years old at the time. My mom took me to pick out some art supplies for a school project, and I was awestruck by the endless aisles of vibrant papers, paints, beads, fabrics, and so much more! From that moment on, Michaels became my happy place, fueling my budding creativity for years to come.

Now, as a lifelong crafter and artist, I find myself wandering the aisles of Michaels at least once a week. I can never resist restocking my art supplies, browsing the latest DIY project ideas, and taking inspiration from their seasonal decor. Sure, online shopping is convenient, but there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by all the sights, sounds, colors, and textures of a well-stocked arts & crafts store.

In this blog post, I’ll share why Michaels Arts & Crafts remains my number one source for creative inspiration and materials after all these years. From crafty basics to custom framing services, here’s the lowdown on what you can find at your local Michaels store.

Convenient Locations Near You

With over 1,200 stores across the United States and Canada, there’s likely a Michaels location not too far from your home. I have three stores within a 15 mile radius, making it easy to pop in any time I need a crafting fix!

You can use the store locator on their website to find the nearest location. Make sure to check out the store hours too. Most locations are open seven days a week, though hours vary. Many stores also offer extended evening hours a few days a week, allowing crafters to shop after the workday.

Shop Online & Pick Up In-Store

As much as I love strolling the aisles of a Michaels store, I also appreciate the convenience of online shopping. Their website makes it easy to have supplies shipped directly to your door.

Plus, Michaels offers the option to buy online and pick up your order at a local store for free. This is perfect when I need something ASAP for a last-minute project. Just place your order online and swing by customer service when it’s ready – no shipping required!

The Best Coupon Deals Around

Here’s one of my favorite things about Michaels – the coupons! Both online and in-store, you can almost always find a coupon for 20-50% off your entire purchase.

I like to browse the weekly ad online to plan my shopping trips around the best deals. And be sure to join the rewards program to get coupons and perks sent straight to your inbox. The savings definitely add up when you’re a frequenter crafter like me!

Seasonal Inspiration Galore

Whenever the seasons change, one of the first places I head to is Michaels. Each holiday and season brings a refreshed selection of decor, crafts, baking tools, and more.

I can spend hours just browsing all the new seasonal merch, waiting for inspiration to strike. I always come home with supplies to transform my home into a seasonal wonderland.

Around the holidays especially, Michaels feels like a winter wonderland filled to the brim with gorgeous trees, wreaths, ornaments, garlands, figurines, and everything else you need to deck your halls. The presentations are just stunning.

Supplies for Professionals & Newbies Alike

With my frequent Michaels trips, I’ve amassed quite the art supply collection over the years. And I’m still amazed by their selection each time I visit. From basic paints and papers to advanced equipment for professionals, they truly have it all.

In the fine arts section, you’ll find professional-grade supplies for painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and more. I like to invest in higher quality materials like canvases and paintbrushes to take my art projects to the next level.

For beginners and kids, they also offer plenty of affordable, approachable materials to explore your creative side. I love picking up variety packs of markers, watercolors, colored pencils, papers, clay, and other basic art supplies to try new mediums and techniques.

Learn a New Skill with Classes & Workshops

Beyond materials, Michaels also provides tons of opportunities to cultivate your artistic skills. I’ve taken advantage of their kids workshops since elementary school, and now I sign up for adult classes too.

Options range from painting and drawing skills to jewelry-making, knitting, seasonal crafts, and more. You can browse the class schedules online or in store.

I also watch their instructional videos online when I want to attempt new DIY projects without signing up for a full class. Their tips from arts & crafts experts have guided me through everything from macrame to candle-making!

Custom Framing Services

After spending hours creating a new masterpiece, I want to preserve it by getting it professionally framed. That’s why I always turn to the custom framing shop inside my local Michaels.

The experts there can frame anything from paintings, prints, photos, memorabilia, textiles, and more. Bring your creation or vintage find into the store, select the perfect frame molding, mats, and mounting, and they’ll handle the rest!

I’ve also used their framing service to create beautiful shadowboxes displaying cherished keepsakes. It really makes my artwork and sentimental objects look like gallery-worthy pieces.

From Weddings to Kid Parties: Crafting for All Occasions

Whenever I have a special event or party coming up, Michaels is the first place I turn to start planning unique handmade details and decor. They truly have crafting supplies for every occasion.

Around the holidays, I load up on materials to make custom holiday cards and ornaments. When a birthday rolls around, I make fun homemade banners, party hats, and goody bags. And for weddings, I craft beautiful floral arrangements, signs, seating charts, and decorations to personalize the event.

Beyond paper crafts, Michaels also offers things like pinatas, bubbles, games, and decorations perfect for kids’ parties. Plus, their event planning guides are full of DIY inspiration.

Fun Crafts & Kits for Kids

Michaels isn’t just my go-to as an adult crafter – it was the place that first sparked my creativity as a child! I have such fond memories of picking out fun art materials and kits from their kid-friendly section.

Now, I love bringing my niece and nephew to browse the aisles filled with crafts specially designed for children. There are craft kits for any interest – jewelry making, wood projects, stickers, mosaic tile art, seasonal crafts, and so much more.

For kids parties, Michaels is the best one-stop shop to grab supplies for craft stations and activities to keep all the kiddos engaged. Plus, it’s just plain fun for children to pick out colorful crafting supplies tailored just for them!

Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges

As an avid crafter and occasional over-buyer when it comes to art supplies, I really appreciate Michael’s flexible return policy. If a material or project doesn’t work out as planned, returns and exchanges are easy.

Most non-perishable items can be returned with a receipt within 90 days. Some exclusions apply, so check out the full policy on their website if you need to make an exchange.

I try to keep all my receipts filed away in case a return is ever needed down the road. Between their coupons and simple return process, shopping at Michaels is basically risk-free!

Rewards Program Perks

With how often I shop at Michaels, joining their rewards program was a no-brainer! The free Michaels Rewards program offers plenty of benefits, including:

  • Coupons sent to your email inbox
  • Early access to weekly ad deals and sales
  • Points earned with each purchase leading to rewards dollars you can redeem in-store
  • Free birthday gift during your birthday month
  • Exclusive members only shopping events
  • Free shipping on online orders

I like to checkout with my rewards number both in-store and online to rack up as many perks as possible. The savings definitely add up!

Send Creative Care Packages with Gift Cards

While I prefer to hand-select most of my art supplies on trips to Michaels, their gift cards make amazing creative care packages for crafty friends and family!

Michaels offers both digital and physical gift cards that can be purchased online or in stores. Specify the exact dollar amount to give your loved ones a craft shopping spree!

I like to send Michaels gift cards to my pen pal, crafty niece, and arty friends for birthdays and holidays. That way, they can pick out their own favorite supplies and materials.

For those just starting their DIY adventure, a Michaels gift card lets them try any crafting medium they want without spending their own cash. It’s the perfect way to spark someone’s creativity!

Knitting Paradise: Yarn, Needles, Kits & More

While I dabble in all kinds of arts and crafts, knitting has become one of my specialties. And for all my knitting needs, I turn to Michaels extensive selection of yarn, needles, kits, and accessories.

They carry all the essentials like skeins of yarn in every color and fiber – wool, cotton, acrylic, alpaca, silk, and blends. I’m amazed by the variety of weights, textures, and hues.

The needle selection is just as diverse, with single points, circs, and sets in sizes ideal for any project. And I love browsing their knitting pattern books and ready-to-go kits that provide all the materials for scarves, hats, sweaters, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a starter kit or a seasoned knitter stocking up on supplies, you’ll find everything you need in the well-stocked knitting section.

Sign Up for Classes & Workshops

I already touched on Michaels’ awesome selection of arts & crafts classes and workshops. But their website makes it really simple to sign up and get the details on all the options.

Under the classes tab, you can browse available workshops by category – like baking, kids, jewelry, floral, painting, and more. Filter by skill level, price range, and availability.

Once you find one you like, you can view the class description, syllabus, materials list, reviews, and instructor details. Register right online and they’ll send you a confirmation email with reminders as the class approaches.

Many workshops only take a single afternoon or evening, making them easy and fun ways to pick up a new skill. I love that I can pop into a class right at my local store!

Every Art Supply You Could Ever Need

Between their in-house Artist’s Loft brand and other popular brands, Michaels carries every art supply imaginable. Some of my favorite brands I frequently repurchase include:

  • Creatology: Fun, affordable kids’ craft supplies
  • Strathmore: Quality sketchbooks, drawing pads, journals, and fine papers
  • Prismacolor: My favorite colored pencils and art markers
  • Mod Podge: All the decoupage and collage supplies
  • FolkArt and Apple Barrel: Versatile acrylic craft paints
  • Aleene’s: Adhesives and glues for every material and project

I could go on and on, but you get the point – they offer professional quality without the professional price tag. Each aisle introduces me to new materials I just have to try.

Exclusive Brands & Products

Beyond the major national brands, some of my favorite finds are Michaels’ exclusive product lines you can’t buy anywhere else.

For example, their Artist’s Loft Fundamentals paints, papers, canvases, and brushes are high-quality basics designed specifically for Michaels. I also love their own lines of scrapbooks, custom frames, faux florals, and more.

Around the holidays, they develop exclusive themed collections of ornaments, decor, baking supplies, and seasonal crafts. It’s so fun discovering these special products you can only find in Michaels stores or on their website.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Supplies

As much as I love making art and crafting, I also care about the environmental impact of my creative hobby. That’s why I seek out eco-friendly supplies whenever possible.

Michaels has really stepped up their offerings of natural, recycled, sustainable, and non-toxic products. They have an entire line of Creatology art supplies made from recycled materials.

I always check for things like recycled paper, responsibly sourced natural materials, non-toxic glues and paints, sustainably harvested wood, reusable tools, and biodegradable glitter.

Michaels makes it easier for crafters like me to make eco-conscious choices with their clearly labeled selections of green crafting supplies.

Now Hiring: Join the Michaels Team!

This blog has made it pretty clear that I spend an inordinate amount of time at Michaels as a devoted customer. Well, now I’m taking my Michaels devotion one step further – by joining their team!

Yup, your resident arts & crafts blogger recently applied and got hired at my local store. As a lifelong crafter, it seemed like the perfect side gig where I can share my passions and help fellow makers.

Don’t worry, my blog will continue on as my creative outlet outside of the retail grind. But I’m also excited to see Michaels from a new perspective and meet even more members of the crafting community.

If you also love all things DIY and want a creative retail job, I highly recommend applying to your local Michaels. There are positions from cashiers to framing experts to offer a little something for every skill set and interest. Feel free to ask this newly minted team member any questions!

Bulk Orders for Schools, Parties & Events

While I mainly shop at Michaels for personal projects, I also love that they offer bulk ordering options for large groups and organizations.

For example, when my niece’s Girl Scout troop needed craft supplies for an upcoming camp event, we were able to submit a bulk order to Michaels to get volume discounts. They have an easy online request form businesses, non-profits, schools, and other groups can use.

Churches, event spaces, kids party facilities, care homes and more can benefit from ordering craft materials in bulk directly through Michaels. You can also work with their attentive sales team to create customized orders.

So next time you’re planning a major crafting event, turn to Michaels bulk ordering options to make preparing easy and affordable.

Michaels Will Always Be My Happy Place

As you can see, I can ramble on forever about the joys of Michaels. It’s been a constant source of creativity and inspiration throughout my life. While trends come and go, my love for wandering the colorful aisles never fades.

More than just materials, Michaels represents the spark of imagination, the pride in making something by hand, and the simple joy of creating. Every visit rekindles that childhood wonder I first felt stepping into a Michaels store.

Sure, online shopping from the couch is convenient, but it just doesn’t compare to leisurely strolling through a well-stocked craft store surrounded by every art supply you could possibly imagine.

For as long as I’m creating and inspiring others, Michaels Arts & Crafts stores will hold a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see what new projects and passions my next visit will unleash!

So fellow artists, crafters, makers, DIYers – what are you waiting for? Join me in my love affair with the endless creative possibilities at Michaels. Let your imagination run wild in the aisles of your happy place!

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