My Quest for the Perfect Gildan T-Shirt at Michaels

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Scouring the Arts & Crafts Store for That Ideal Blank Canvas

As an avid crafter and DIY enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality, affordable blank t-shirts that I can turn into my next creative project. That’s why I was thrilled to discover that Michaels carries a wide selection of Gildan t-shirts – one of my all-time favorite brands for basic tees!

During my last trip to Michaels to stock up on supplies, I made it my mission to peruse the entire Gildan t-shirt offerings and uncover which styles, sizes, colors and prices were available. If you’ve ever struggled to find that perfect blank t-shirt canvas for crafting, graphic designing or simply lounge-wearing, then read on for the details of my investigative shopping adventure!

Color Me Impressed: Vibrant Hues for Any Project

As I wandered the t-shirt aisles, the first thing that struck me was the rainbow of different Gildan color choices. There were all the basics you’d expect – Heather Grey, White, Black – along with bolder hues like Sapphire Blue, Lime Green, Bright Red and Purple. Whether you’re looking for a neutral palette or something more eyecatching for bleaching, painting or printing designs, the broad spectrum at Michaels has you covered.

What thrilled me most was finding more uncommon t-shirt colors like Mint Green, Peach, Burnt Orange, Aqua Blue and Light Pink. Now my DIY creativity isn’t limited to just the primary color basics! I can make pastel-hued masterpieces, ombre-fading shirts, and multi-colored Looks. The difficult part will be narrowing down my options from Michaels’ extensive Gildan color selection.

Sizing Up the Options: Small to 5XL and Everything in Between!

Once my inner child recovered from gazing longingly at all the pretty t-shirt colors, I moved onto examining the sizing range available for Gildan tees at Michaels. Again, I was duly impressed with the diverse spectrum – from Small all the way up to 5XL, just about every size was represented.

There were standard men’s, women’s and unisex cuts, along with Youth sizing for school-age crafters. No one in my family will struggle to find their perfect Gildan size at Michaels. Plus with the 100% preshrunk cotton, I don’t have to worry about annoying shrinkage after that first wash and dry.

The wide size range opens up so many possibilities! Now I can make matching family craft projects, personalized t-shirts for my friends’ kids’ birthdays, or oversized tees to wear as comfy pajamas. Sizing versatility for the win once again, Michaels.

Cost Analysis: Decent Prices Given the Quality

As much as I adored all the colors and sizes, I still had to consider the ever-important question of cost and budget. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Gildan tees at Michaels very reasonably and competitively priced. The standard shortsleeve crewneck shirts ranged from $7.99 to $12.99 depending on size and color.

Compared to alternatives from Target or Walmart, the pricing was pretty on par for the exceptional 100% preshrunk cotton fabric. And given Michaels’ typical everyday discounts and weekly coupons, I’m confident I can ultimately get the Gildan tees for a bargain. Even better, I discovered multi-packs with bulk pricing for stocking up and saving.

For the amazing quality of true Gildan branded shirts, the Michaels prices couldn’t be beat. I’m pleased I can affordably stock up on these blank canvases in a spectrum of colors for all my upcoming projects. They’ll make the perfect t-shirt foundation no matter what I eventually design or create on them.

Decisions, Decisions: Short Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve Styles

Another key decision in finding my perfect basic t-shirt at Michaels was choosing between short sleeve and long sleeve Gildan options. I found a great selection of both, from short sleeve crewnecks to long sleeve v-necks and henleys. This versatility makes them wearable year-round.

The short sleeve tees will be ideal for my spring and summer craft projects. I can DIY breezy tank tops and fun retro muscle shirts without worrying about heavy fabric. Yet the long sleeve alternatives will work perfectly as cooler weather layers underneath cardigans and flannels.

Having both short and long sleeve Gildan t-shirts available at Michaels makes them prime for dyeing, distressing, bleaching and cutting into any style I choose. I may even make versatile transitional pieces by tying short sleeve tees into crop tops and layering long sleeves underneath! With so many options, my creative mind is racing.

Fabric That Feels like a Dream: Soft Cotton Great for Printing

Perhaps the most important factor for any stellar basic t-shirt is how the fabric feels against your skin. I was thrilled to confirm firsthand that the Gildan tees I found at Michaels were made from deliciously soft, lightweight ringspun cotton. They were even tagless with smooth sewn necklines for added comfort.

This ultra soft cotton material makes the Gildan shirts at Michaels ideal for printing and crafting. The fabric provides the perfect foundation for holding dye, ink and bleach pen embellishments. The shirts are breathable and airflow-friendly as well, making them ideal for wearing on hot summer days.

Between the selection of pre-cut styles and the soft, cotton fabric blanks just begging to be transformed into something stylish and unique, I was satisfied that Michaels carries quality Gildan t-shirt options perfect for my crafting needs.

Stand Out Designs: Gildan’s Vibrant Colors Shine Through

One of my favorite aspects of using Gildan shirts for crafting is how beautifully all the vibrant colors show when it’s time to add your personal touches and designs. After confirming the quality of the blanks, I grabbed a few discounted shirts in hues like Royal Blue, Cardinal Red, and Kelly Green to test at home.

I was giddy to find the richly saturated fabric displayed the bleach pen designs, fabric markers, stenciling and screen printed graphics I added with vivid clarity. The colors didn’t wash out or fade even after multiple runs through the laundry.

Because Gildan shirts are such perfectly hued blank canvases, the end result is always eye-catching, unique pieces that feel professionally printed and dyed. And having Michaels’ wide spectrum of color choices makes the design possibilities endless. Trying out new shirt hues has reinvigorated my love of DIY crafts.

Luxe Feel Without the Price Tag: Softness Meets Affordability

Considering the buttery softness of the 100% ringspun cotton, I assumed the Gildan shirts at Michaels would have premium price tags. I was pleasantly surprised to find such soft, lightweight fabric blanks available at such reasonable costs.

Whether going with short sleeve, long sleeve, crewneck, v-neck or a pack of multiples, the prices fit comfortably within my budget. And I felt the quality stood up beautifully against much costlier alternatives found at boutiques or specialty stores.

With Michaels’ regular coupons and discounts, I can keep my t-shirt craft supply stash well-stocked for all upcoming projects. The prices make these Gildan shirts accessible for school groups, teens, families and crafters of all ages. Now premium softness can be enjoyed affordably by all!

Feedback from Fellow T-Shirt Crafters: Reviews Reflect Quality

Before fully committing to Michaels’ Gildan offerings for all my blank t-shirt needs, I scoured reviews to see what fellow crafters and DIYers had to say. I was thrilled to find overwhelmingly positive feedback reflecting the same excellent quality I noticed.

Fellow shoppers loved the softness, vibrant colors, great printing results and comfortable fit. Many reported stocking up on multiples due to the affordable pricing. Negative reviews were scarce and mostly focused on individual size/fit issues, not complaints about the Gildan shirts themselves.

After reading the glowing feedback and helpful sizing tips, I felt fully confident to make Michaels my go-to for bulk-buying these Gildan cotton essentials. The high quality blanks allow me to focus on unleashing my creativity through bleaching, dying, cutting and printing designs without worrying about the foundation garment itself.

Michaels Carries Specialty Crafting Shirts – No Need to Hunt Elsewhere!

In the past, I’ve often had to hunt through specialty T-shirt websites or wholesale retailers to find Gildan shirts specifically made for bleaching, dyeing, and crafting. I was excited to discover Michaels carries these specialty Gildan blank tees so I can conveniently craft to my heart’s content!

Instead of only standard cotton shirts, I found options like the Gildan Softstyle tees which are a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend specially engineered for holding bleach pen or discharge effects. There’s also the ultra heavyweight Gildan DryBlend shirts perfect for absorbing dyes without bleeding.

For crafting and printing needs, Michaels has a Gildan Performance tee made of moisture-wicking polyester that holds embellishments and ink with professional clarity. And I love that the variety still comes in the diverse color and sizing options I adore. No more crossing my fingers that specialty sites will have what I need in the hues and fits I want!

Take a Test Drive: Trying On Tees for Ideal Fit

Rather than guessing at sizes, one helpful tip I discovered from fellow Michaels shoppers is to actually try on the Gildan shirts in the store. Gildan uses numbered sizing, so the numbers don’t always align predictably to separate women’s, junior and men’s fits.

By taking a few minutes to try on a small, medium and large, I was able to determine what size range fit me best based on the fabric relaxation, sleeve length and hemline. For anyone uncertain on sizing, I’d recommend taking a few into the dressing room to ensure the perfect personalized fit.

Now I know what size will be trim and fitted, versus loose and oversized. This takes the guesswork out of ordering online or buying in bulk. Trying the shirts in-store has given me confidence I’ll get a flattering yet comfy Gildan t-shirt that matches my size and shape.

Final Verdict: My New Go-To for All Blank Tees

After thoroughly scouring the options at my local Michaels, I can conclusively say their Gildan t-shirt selection has won me over. The variety of colors, fits, sizes and sleeve lengths is unparalleled. The prices comfortably fit my budget, especially with discounts. And most importantly, the soft high-quality cotton and perfect sizing has inspired creativity I didn’t know I had.

For school groups, craft fairs, DIY bleaching or printing custom designs, Michaels will be my go-to destination for all Gildan blank tees. I can’t wait to turn these perfectly hued cotton canvases into wearable works of art! Thanks Michaels for carrying exactly what I need to unleash my inner t-shirt artist.

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