My Quest to Find the Perfect T-Shirt at Michaels

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As an avid crafter and t-shirt enthusiast, I frequently find myself browsing the aisles of Michaels for my next DIY project. During one of my recent trips, I realized that Michaels actually has a great selection of plain t-shirts perfect for crafting, tie-dying, screen printing, and more. I decided to make it my mission to explore all of the t-shirt offerings at Michaels to find my new favorite tee. Join me as I dive into the world of Michaels t-shirts and determine which ones are ideal for different creative endeavors.

Types of T-Shirts Available at Michaels

Michaels carries a wide variety of t-shirt styles, fabrics, and sizes to suit any crafting need. Here are the main types of tees I discovered during my t-shirt quest:

Basic Crew Neck Tees

These are your standard crew neck t-shirts, available in short sleeve and long sleeve options. The crew neck tees come in a soft cotton blend or tri-blend fabric. They’re a great choice for simple projects like tie-dying and screen printing. The crew neck allows you to easily access the entire shirt when creating your design.

V-Neck Tees

Similar to the crew neck but with a flattering v-neckline, these tees work well for any project. The v-neck is perfect for displaying statement necklaces or adding an embellished design right on the collar.

Baseball Tees

These classic baseball shirt styles have short raglan sleeves and a rounded neckline. They are a fun throwback option for distressed designs and vintage-inspired crafts. The contrast sleeves also make them ideal for color blocking tie-dye or ombre effects.

Thermal Tees

Michaels stocks long sleeve thermal shirts in crew and v-neck styles. The soft thermal knit adds texture and makes these great for layering in the fall and winter months. I especially like using thermal shirts for bleach art as the knit really makes the bleach designs pop.

Performance Tees

Made from moisture-wicking performance fabrics, these are lightweight polyester athletic shirts. Performance tees are perfect for exercising and hot summer weather. The lightweight fabric also gives them a nice drape for distressed and oversized shirt projects.

Women’s Styles

In the women’s section, I found fitted v-necks, cap sleeve tees, racerback tanks, and cropped shirts. These allow me to make more feminine DIY designs. The cap sleeves are ideal for showing off fun wearable art pieces on the shoulders.

Sizes of T-Shirts at Michaels

Michaels offers t-shirts in the full range of standard women’s and men’s sizes. Here’s an overview of the sizing:

  • Men’s shirts range from small to 3XL
  • Women’s sizes run from small to 2XL
  • Juniors shirts are available in small to large
  • Kids shirts range from 2T through youth XL

Within each size category, I found some variations in fit. Some brands run a little slimmer through the waist or longer in length. I always recommend trying on a shirt before starting a project if you are between sizes. Michaels dressing rooms make it easy to confirm your ideal size.

For toddlers and babies, Michaels may only stock a couple of standard infant and toddler shirt sizes. For a better selection, I head to their kids section for the 2T to 4T sizes.

The great news is that with standard sizing across the board, the whole family can find the right size for matching DIY shirts!

Available T-Shirt Colors at Michaels

A rainbow of colors awaits when it comes to Michaels t-shirt selection. They offer almost any hue you could need for your next project. Here are some of the most popular colors I’ve spotted:

  • White – A true blank canvas perfect for dyeing or painting
  • Black – The classic go-to color for distressed designs
  • Grey – From light heather to charcoal, great for bleach art
  • Red – Vibrant crimson red or maroon work for any occasion
  • Blue – Find shades from sky blue to navy for patriotic tees
  • Green – Emerald, mint, olive – great earthy tones for nature-inspired designs
  • Yellow – Sunny bright yellow tops make me smile
  • Pink – Soft blush to neon for pretty floral prints
  • Purple – Deep royal purple or lilac for creative ombre techniques
  • Orange – Burnt orange tees are super on-trend right now

The ultimate rainbow assortment can be achieved by tie-dying an array of these colors together. For screen printing, I recommend starting with white or light grey shirts. And darker heathered colors like navy, black, and forest green are ideal blank canvases for bleach art effects.

Price Range of Michaels T-Shirts

Here is an overview of what to expect when it comes to Michaels t-shirt pricing:

  • Basic t-shirts start at $6.99 – $9.99
  • V-necks, thermal, and performance styles run $9.99 – $12.99
  • Premium or branded tees cost $12.99 – $19.99
  • Kids shirts range from $6.99 – $12.99
  • Toddler tees cost $6.99 – $9.99
  • Value packs of multiple shirts offer a lower per-shirt price

The price generally depends on the brand, fabric blend, and any special technical features. Tees from performance brands like Under Armour cost more than a basic Hanes tee.

I like to browse the sales and coupons before purchasing my shirts. Michaels frequently offers 40-50% off sales that can include t-shirts. And I can usually find a 20% off entire purchase coupon to use as well.

Michaels T-Shirt Brands

Michaels stocks t-shirts from several recognizable brands including:

  • Gildan – My go-to brand for basic soft cotton tees
  • Hanes – Great quality classic t-shirts
  • Under Armour – Lightweight performance athletic shirts
  • Bella + Canvas – Soft fitted tees, many made from recycled materials
  • Caron – Trendy slub knit tees with a unique texture
  • Dickies – Durable workwear-inspired shirts
  • Jerzees – Retro baseball tee styles for a vintage vibe

Michaels also has their own exclusive ArtMinds brand of t-shirts. These are very affordably priced for bulk crafting.

I tend to stick to name brands I know and trust like Gildan, Hanes, and Bella + Canvas. The fabric blend and fit is always consistent. For kids projects, I’ll grab ArtMinds value packs to get more shirts for my budget.

Finding the Right Size Michaels T-Shirt

Michaels makes it easy to find the perfect size t-shirt for your design needs. Here are my top tips and tricks:

  • Try it on! Michaels has convenient dressing rooms to ensure the best fit before buying.
  • Check the tag – some tees run big or small. Going up or down a size may be needed.
  • Measure your best fitting existing tee and compare to the Michaels size charts.
  • For kids, err on the larger size – they grow so fast!
  • Keep body type in mind – slim fit, relaxed, or oversized. Choose a style that flatters you.
  • Leave room for shrinkage – cotton and cotton blends often shrink slightly. Size up if needed.
  • If between sizes, I size up. I can always shrink a too-big shirt but can’t make a small one bigger!

Taking the time to get the size just right ensures your finished t-shirt project will be comfortable and look fantastic for years to come.

Caring for Michaels Tees to Prevent Shrinking or Fading

To make my Michaels t-shirts last through many washes, I follow these care tips:

  • Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle to avoid shrinkage
  • Hang or lay flat to dry – never put tees in the dryer! The heat damages fibers.
  • Use a color-safe bleach alternative or OxiClean to keep white shirts bright
  • Wash tees inside-out to prevent fading and protect any designs
  • Avoid using fabric softener as it can break down cotton over time
  • Turn shirts right-side out before line drying for smoother results
  • Don’t overload the washer to give shirts room to move and agitate cleanly
  • Pretreat any stains to avoid harsh scrubbing that can distort the fabric

With some extra care and gentler washing, I’m able to keep my Michaels tees looking like new even after repeat wearings.

Customizing Michaels T-Shirts

The DIY options are endless when it comes to customizing basic tees from Michaels. Here are some of my favorite ways to make them my own:


  • Scrunch, twist, and bind shirts before dyeing for psychedelic patterns
  • Try reverse dyeing with bleach for a faded effect on colored shirts

Bleach Art

  • Use stencils and splatter or drip bleach onto black or gray tees
  • Carefully splatter or paint bleach on with a brush for abstract designs


  • Cut paper or vinyl stencils for crisp repeating motifs
  • Use foam stencil brushes and fabric paint to apply vibrant designs

Freehand Painting

  • Sketch designs in washable marker and fill in with fabric paint
  • Use textile medium instead of water to thin and blend acrylic paint


  • Add colorful patches or applique designs
  • Sew on lace, rhinestones, studs, or other embellishments

Screen Printing

  • Make your own screens and use textile inks for custom graphics
  • Use iron-on transfers or stencils with screen printing kits from Michaels

The options are endless when I let my creativity run wild on a blank Michaels tee!

Checking Michaels T-Shirt Availability

When planning a big project, I’m often anxious to ensure I can get all the t-shirts I need. Here are some tips for checking availability:

  • Call the store directly and ask an employee to look up stock levels
  • Check online for in-store pickup availability at your desired location
  • Sign up for “In Stock Alerts” on the Michaels app or website to get notified when items are restocked
  • Ask at the register when new t-shirt stock is scheduled to arrive
  • Inquire when the next t-shirt sales/promotions will run to plan your projects accordingly
  • Look for biases folded shirts on the shelves – this means more stock is out back! Ask an employee.
  • Be flexible on brand and color if possible. Supplies vary.

Knowing when to shop for the best selection helps me secure enough shirts for big crafting groups or parties. Planning ahead is key!

Where to Find Tees In Michaels Stores

Over the years, I’ve mastered navigating my local Michaels layout to track down the perfect t-shirts. Here are the areas I always check:

  • Blank Apparel Wall – Focus on the men’s, women’s, and kids sections here. This should be your first stop!
  • Value Packs – Look on end caps and the back aisles for multi-packs. Great prices in bulk!
  • Seasonal – Holiday tees are set out accordingly like red and green shirts near Christmas.
  • Crafting Projects – Shirts intended for specific crafts like tie-dye or bleach art will be grouped together.
  • Try the shirt organizer racks – the hanging tees are easy to flip through.
  • Check end caps – popular and on-trend tees are frequently featured.
  • Ask! The employees are always happy to point you to the shirts.

Knowing the typical t-shirt hot spots gives me a treasure map for every trip to Michaels. I can hunt down the perfect shirts to fuel my latest creative vision.

Where to Find T-Shirt Project Inspiration

Whenever I need fresh ideas for DIY t-shirts, Michaels is one of my top sources for inspiration. Here are some of my go-to places to spark creativity:

  • Michaels app – Tons of project tutorials, templates, and trending designs
  • In-store idea boards – Displayed shirts and signage showcase the latest trends
  • Michaels magazine – Special tee issues with various techniques and trends
  • Michaels YouTube channel – Helpful how-to videos for t-shirt diys
  • Michaels website – Check the projects section and blog for tutorials
  • Michaels employees – Ask for their suggestions for popular tee projects
  • Social media – Follow #MichaelsMake and check Michaels accounts for inspiration
  • Pinterest – Search DIY t-shirt projects and Michaels for creative examples to replicate

Between the apps, websites, and in-store displays, I never run out of exciting new Michaels t-shirt projects to try. It makes picking my next crafty tee endeavor so much fun.

Buying T-Shirts in Bulk From Michaels

For group projects, parties, or just stocking up my craft closet, I love buying t-shirts at Michaels in bulk. Here are some of the benefits of buying multiples:

  • Bulk value packs offer cost savings – usually the more you buy, the lower the per-shirt price.
  • Volume discounts may apply at the register if you ask nicely for a deal on large purchases!
  • Buying multiples of the same shirt ensures color consistency across a big project.
  • No need to take precious time restocking if you have shirts on hand.
  • Great for planning ahead when gifting handmade tees or for craft fairs and selling shirts.
  • Allow friends and family to get in on group projects like tie-dye parties.
  • Vacation bible schools, sports teams, Girl Scout troops – bulk tees are ideal for big groups.

Stacking sales, coupons, and bulk value packs at Michaels allows me to stock up on budget-friendly shirts for all my DIY needs.

Returning Wrong Size/Color Michaels Tees

Michaels offers a very generous return policy for any unsatisfactory shirts. Here’s how you can exchange tees if needed:

  • Returns allowed within 90 days of purchase as long as you have the receipt.
  • Original tags must still be attached – do not remove until you’re sure it’s a keeper!
  • Take the garment back to any Michaels store for a full refund or exchange.
  • Exchanges can be made for a different size, color or completely different shirt.
  • No need to return to the original purchasing location – any US Michaels store can process.
  • Returns/exchanges permitted on value bulk packs of shirts as well.
  • Always ask for gift receipts when purchasing shirts as gifts!

Knowing Michaels will take back any unworn shirts with tags makes me confident trying out new styles and buying colors I’m unsure of. Returns are fast and easy for the perfect hassle-free fit.

Can I Use Michaels Coupons on Tees?

As an avid crafter and bargain hunter, I’m thrilled that Michaels frequently allows coupons on t-shirt purchases. Here are some tips to save:

  • Check for up to date printable coupons and online codes. I find 40-50% off coupons regularly!
  • The Michaels app often offers exclusive coupons just for app users. Sign up and check frequently.
  • Browse the weekly ads online or in the store flyers for coupons on apparel essentials or sitewide savings.
  • Be on their email list for access to members only coupons sent right to your inbox.
  • Sign up for text alerts – I get mobile coupons for % off my entire purchase that can be used on tees.
  • Coupons can be combined with sale prices for maximum savings! Stack a 50% off tee sale with a 20% off coupon and you’re set.

With some strategic couponing, I’ve scored basic tees from Michaels for as little as $3-$4. Their flexible coupons make stocking up on shirts a budget-friendly endeavor.

Does Michaels Have Their Own T-Shirt Brand?

In addition to major apparel brands, Michaels does offer a line of high-quality t-shirts under their exclusive ArtMinds label. Here’s an overview:

  • ArtMinds tees are made from soft ringspun cotton or cotton/polyester blends.
  • Crew neck and v-neck styles are available along with long sleeve and thermal options.
  • ArtMinds shirts can be purchased individually or in value bulk packs.
  • Sizes range from toddler through adult 4XL so the whole family can match!
  • They are very affordably priced – starting at just a few dollars per tee.
  • The brand offers extended sizes not carried under other labels.
  • The kids shirts feature brightly colored prints, animals, and fun graphics.

For big projects on a budget, I stock up on ArtMinds value packs. And they offer cute graphics you can’t find on the name brand tees. The exclusive brand is perfect for frequent Michaels shoppers’ DIY needs.

Are Michaels Tees Pre-Shrunk?

To ensure proper fit through endless wear and washes, pre-shrinking t-shirts is an important first step. Here is what I’ve learned about pre-treating Michaels shirts:

  • Most Michaels adult t-shirt brands are preshrunk to maintain size.
  • If the label doesn’t indicate “preshrunk”, I always wash in hot water and dry on high heat to maximize any shrinking before crafting.
  • For cotton/polyester blends, shrinkage will be minimal since synthetics don’t shrink.
  • Make sure to check kids’ shirts. Lower-priced value packs may not be pre-shrunk.
  • If concerned about shrinkage, I will buy one size up. It’s easier to shrink a big shirt than stretch a small one.
  • Don’t assume performance fabrics or technical shirts are preshrunk – still check the labels.

Taking a moment to prep my tees ensures I don’t end up with a too-small shirt after that first hot water wash. Starting with preshrunk Michaels tees gives me peace of mind.

Can You Order Michaels T-Shirts Online?

As much as I love leisurely browsing the aisles at my local Michaels, sometimes it’s just easier to shop online from home. I’m thrilled they offer t-shirt shipping options:

  • Browse for their full t-shirt selection – filters make it easy to find just what you need.
  • Search by brand, color, size, sleeve type, fit, and fabric to zero in on the perfect tees.
  • Add shirts to your online cart just as you would in store. No need to wait for restocks – buy now!
  • Input your zip code to check real time in-store pick up availability at nearby stores.
  • Select free in-store pickup and retrieve shirts within a few days. Easy and contactless!
  • Or choose home shipping. Expect 2-7 business day delivery for just a few dollars.

Online shopping allows me to curate my cart over time as inspiration strikes. And skipping the trip to the store saves energy for my projects!

Best Michaels Tees for Screen Printing

When it comes to screen printing my original designs, I rely on Michaels for blank tee perfection. For the ideal surfaces, I recommend:

  • 100% cotton – Natural fibers absorb ink better than synthetics. A cotton/poly or triblend tee may work but test first.
  • White or light grey – These neutrals really make colors pop but will require an underbase layer.
  • Medium weight – Avoid super heavy or super thin shirts. Medium provides stability on the platen and great ink absorption.
  • Well-fitting – Go for a tailored fit versus oversized. Oversized tee areas may sag while printing.
  • Crew or shallow v-necks – High crew necks keep ink off the shoulder and neck area. Deep v’s can puddle ink and bleed.
  • Smooth, uniform knit – No thermal/slub knits or super soft tees – ink adheres best on smoother tees.

Taking the time to find the right Michaels tee gives me flawless results every time I press a new design.

Most Popular Michaels T-Shirt for Tie-Dye

Out of all the tee options at Michaels, I find that 100% heavyweight white cotton crew necks yield the most vivid and professional tie-dye results. Here’s why:

  • The thicker cotton holds up well to twisting, scrunching, and binding without warping.
  • White cotton absorbs dye colors most vibrantly for bold hues.
  • Crew necks give full access for multi-color designs and won’t blend or bleed messy dye.
  • The boxy shape and lack of side seams make it easy to fold and bind into patterns.
  • 100% cotton allows the dye to bond directly instead of pooling up on synthetic fibers.

While more expensive than value packs, investing a few extra dollars in high-quality tee blanks is crucial for tie-dye. It makes a world of difference in achieving bold, lasting results you’ll love wearing.

Final Michaels T-Shirt Shopping Tips

After extensive exploring through aisles of tees, here are my top Michaels shirt shopping hacks:

  • Sign up for the rewards program – earn points with every purchase for discounts on future craft supplies.
  • Compare prices of different brands and styles to find the best deal. Don’t assume more expensive means better quality.
  • Feel the fabric – test thickness, softness, and stretch to determine if it will work for your project needs.
  • Inspect seams and stitching to ensure they are sturdy with no holes or gaps.
  • Look at size charts and cut labels when trying something new – brands vary.
  • Set a budget and only buy what you realistically need for upcoming projects. It’s tempting to overshop all the options!
  • Store shirts flat or on hangers to avoid stretch and distortion before crafting your designs.

Using these tips ensures I get the highest quality tees for the lowest prices. With the wide variety at Michaels, I never run out of blank shirts to fuel my DIY creativity.

So after hours thoroughly exploring every t-shirt nook and cranny, I successfully found the perfect tees for my upcoming tie-dye party. Now it’s time to gather my supplies and let my imagination run wild bring these blank Michaels canvases to life! Let the creativity commence!

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