Party On! Everything You Need to Know About Michaels’ Balloons

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Party planning can be stressful, but one of the most fun parts is picking out decorations like balloons! As one of the largest arts and crafts retailers in North America, Michaels offers an incredible selection of high-quality balloons and accessories that are perfect for any event.

I recently visited my local Michaels to learn everything I could about their balloon products and services. Whether you’re hosting a 1st birthday party, graduation celebration, or wedding, Michaels has you covered when it comes to balloons! Read on for a complete overview of the types of balloons they sell, pricing, customization options, delivery, and more.

Balloon Options at Michaels

Michaels sells latex and mylar (foil) balloons in a huge range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of the categories include:

  • Standard latex balloons – These round 9” and 12” balloons are available in single colors or multicolored mixes perfect for filling up large amounts of space. Michaels has every color imaginable!
  • Jumbo latex balloons – For a big impact, choose from 16”, 18”, 24” and even 40” balloons in vibrant solids or designs like polka dots.
  • Foil balloons – Add shine with foil balloons in fun shapes like stars, hearts, numbers, and letters. Their reflective surface catches the light.
  • Air-filled balloons – Skip the helium and opt for air-filled latex balloons clustered on poles or arches. Michaels has balloon towers up to 6 feet tall!
  • Balloon garlands – Choose from curling, honeycomb, and starburst balloon garlands that come pre-assembled. Just add balloons of your choice.
  • Mylar balloons – Celebrate birthdays and other special milestones with tons of themed foil balloons, from princesses to superheroes.
  • Bouquets – Select classic balloon bouquets, centerpiece weights, columns, and arches for coordinated decor.

Whether you need a single “Happy Birthday” balloon or hundreds of balloons for wedding reception decor, Michaels has the right balloons for your unique occasion.

Balloon Prices and Budgeting

Michaels offers affordable balloons without sacrificing quality. Here are some typical prices for their balloons:

  • 9” latex balloons – $0.59 each
  • 12” latex balloons – $0.79 each
  • 16” latex balloons – $1.49 each
  • Jumbo latex balloons – $3.49 – $7.99 each
  • 18” foil balloons – $2.49 – $4.99 each
  • Garlands – $16.99 – $24.99
  • Bouquets – $12.99 – $19.99

Helium tank rental is $24.99 for a 3-day rental, which fills approximately 50-75 balloons depending on size. Pre-filled helium balloons cost just a little more per balloon. It’s more affordable to fill them yourself!

For my daughter’s birthday party, I spent $50 on balloons and that was more than enough for decorating, games, and gifts. Michaels regularly offers custom coupon codes and sales that can be applied to balloons for additional savings.

Helium Balloons

Yes, you can certainly buy helium-filled balloons at Michaels! They sell 9″, 12″, 16″ and 18″ latex balloons pre-filled with helium for convenience, typically charging $1 – $3 more per balloon versus unfilled.

Pre-filled helium balloons are great if you need just a few, while helium tank rentals are the budget-friendly choice for filling 50+ balloons yourself. Michaels’ 9″ pre-filled balloons are just $3.99 each and last approximately 5-7 days.

You can reserve helium tank rentals ahead of time and pick them up in-store before your event. Each tank fills 50-75 balloons depending on balloon size. Michaels staff will provide instructions on proper inflation and tying techniques to get the most use from your helium tank.

Having fun filled up dozens of helium balloons for my son’s superhero birthday party! The bonus was we got to suck the helium and talk in funny voices afterwards.

Balloon Accessories

Beyond balloons themselves, Michaels stocks all the supplies you need for decorating, filling, and displaying balloons:

  • Balloon pumps & inflators – Electric and manual pumps make it easy to fill dozens of balloons quickly.
  • Ribbon & string – Choose curling ribbon, bakers twine, raffia, or solid ribbon to tie balloons in bunches for decor.
  • Weights – Plastic and metal weights keep balloon bouquets and columns anchored.
  • Balloon arches & garlands – Select affordable arch kits and garlands to decorate without DIY time.
  • Balloon sticks – Group balloons on long, thin balloon sticks clustered like bouquets.
  • Adhesives – Plain and patterned double-sided tapes help attach balloons to surfaces for free-form cluster walls.
  • Helium tanks – Rent helium tanks from Michaels for affordable filling of 50+ balloons.

Don’t forget essentials like ribbon scissors, wire cutters, and sealable twist ties to create professional looking balloon decor and displays.

Custom Balloons

Want to level up your party with fully customized balloons? Michaels offers affordable one-color logo printing and full-color digital printing on their 9″, 12″ and 16″ latex balloons.

The starting minimum order is just 25 balloons and prices start at around $1 per logo-printed balloon, depending on size. You can also choose tinted balloons like ivory, pink, blue, etc for colored logos. Customize with your photos, event details, names, company logo, and more!

Ordering custom balloons from Michaels is easy:

  1. Browse their design templates and edit with your own text/images.
  2. Choose balloon colors, sizes, printing style, and quantities.
  3. Add to cart, checkout, and your order ships straight to you within 5-7 business days.
  4. Bonus: use their online design tool from any device to create your own graphics.

We ordered 50 balloons with a cute photo of my daughter for her first birthday and they were a huge hit! Custom balloons from Michaels are affordable, unique, and so easy to order online.

Eco-Friendly Balloon Options

With sustainability more important than ever before, Michaels now offers biodegradable latex balloons that are better for the environment versus standard latex. They degrade naturally overtime without leaving harmful balloon waste behind.

These eco-friendly balloons cost a couple dollars more per pack versus Michaels regular balloons but are great for earth-conscious events and kid parties. They have less float time than normal latex balloons, about 3-5 hours when filled with helium.

It’s wonderful to see big retailers like Michaels making an effort to sell more sustainable party supplies! Ask their balloon experts for recommendations on biodegradable balloons for your upcoming celebrations.

Online Ordering & Delivery

Can’t make it to the store? You can order balloons and supplies from for delivery directly to your door!

Choose same-day pickup at your local store or pay a small fee to have your balloons shipped. Delivery fees start at $5.99 and orders over $59 ship free.

I like to order online then pick up my balloons in-store so they are ready to inflate and use right away. Make sure to choose “Pick Up in Store” during online checkout.

Michaels also offers convenient nationwide balloon delivery through partnerships with 1-800-Flowers and Teleflora. You can surprise loved ones by having a gorgeous bouquet or balloon arrangement delivered right to their home or office.

Celebrating someone out of town? No need to visit a Michaels. Simply order balloons on and add nationwide delivery to send your party anywhere across the country!

A Rainbow of Color Options

With hundreds of balloon colors and multi-colored mixes to pick from, the hardest part is narrowing down your choices! Here are some of the most popular balloon colors available at Michaels:

  • Primary colors – Red, blue, yellow, green
  • Tropical brights – Lemon, lime, tangerine
  • Jewel tones – Sapphire, emerald, magenta
  • Metallics – Gold, silver, rose gold
  • Pastels – Lavender, blush, seafoam
  • Neons – Electric pink, orange, yellow
  • Solids – Essentials like white, black, pink, purple
  • Multicolor – Color blends, confetti mixes, ombre gradients

You really can’t go wrong with any of Michaels’ colorful balloons! If planning a themed event, match your balloons to the party colors. Their massive selection guarantees you’ll find the perfect hues.

Helium Longevity for Foil & Latex

Wondering how long Michaels balloons stay floating? With proper filling and tying, here’s the average helium longevity you can expect:

  • Foil balloons – 5-7 days inflated
  • 9” latex – 5-7 hours inflated
  • 12” latex – 12-15 hours inflated
  • 16”-24” latex – 15-24 hours inflated

Outdoors, sunlight and weather cause balloons to deflate faster. Indoors they’ll stay looking festive longer!

For best results, carefully follow Michaels team instructions when inflating and tying balloons. Their experts know the tricks to maximize float time.

On average, Michaels’ standard latex balloons last about 1-2 days while foil balloons float for almost a full week. Definitely utilize those helium tanks to the max for your event!

Stunning Balloon Bouquets

Yes, Michaels sells fabulous balloon bouquets that make giving gifts, decorating, and celebrating extra fun. Choose from:

  • Everyday bouquets – starting at $12.99 for smaller mixed bouquets on sticks or in vase fillers.
  • Premium bouquets – over-the-top arrangements from $29.99 – $69.99, like huge heart-shaped bouquets.
  • Centerpiece bouquets – weighted cylinder vases with balloons starting at $16.99.
  • Special occasion – gender reveal, milestone, holiday, and theme bouquets.
  • Deliverable bouquets – opt for nationwide delivery to send bouquets anywhere.

Make it easy on yourself by grabbing one of Michaels’ professionally arranged bouquets for fast, festive decor. Or buy individual balloons to create your own bouquet arrangements.

Their everyday bouquets also work beautifully as table centerpieces. We used a balloon bouquet on each guest table at my sister’s wedding reception!

Discounts, Coupons & Promos

Heading to Michaels for party balloons? Here are some tips for saving:

  • Always check RetailMeNot for active Michaels coupon codes to apply online for % or $ off your balloon purchase.
  • The Michaels app offers exclusive mobile coupons and daily discounts just by signing up.
  • Buy discounted balloon supplies during sales like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends.
  • Teacher discounts offer 15% off your entire purchase, including balloons. Just show your school ID.
  • Sign up for Michaels rewards to earn points and receive monthly coupons in your email inbox.
  • Check the weekly ad digitally or in your local paper for specials, like 5 for $5 on latex balloons.
  • Buy balloons right after major holidays for clearance sales – stock up for next year’s parties!

With a little strategic planning, you can easily save 10-20% off their already affordable balloon prices. Enjoy!

Ordering Timeline & Planning Tips

Wondering when to buy balloons from Michaels for your big event? Here’s my recommended timeline:

  • 1-2 weeks before – Order custom balloons to allow time for printing and shipping.
  • 4-5 days before – Reserve helium tank rentals so you get the dates you need.
  • 2-3 days before – Buy latex balloons so they are fresh, along with disposable supplies.
  • Day before or day-of – Grab foil balloons, as they will still float for a week after.

I recommend buying most supplies at least a couple days in advance so you’re not stressed before your event! But foil balloons can be purchased last-minute if needed.

Michaels stores can get busy with balloon orders for weekend parties. Avoid the rush by shopping on weekday mornings for the best service.

Theme Ideas & Planning

Michaels makes themed parties super simple with their huge selection of printable and foil balloons to match popular kids party themes like:

  • Superheroes – Superman, Batman, Avengers, Wonder Woman
  • Princesses – Disney princesses, Frozen characters
  • Animals – Jungle animals, unicorns, puppy dog themes
  • Sports – Soccer, basketball, footballs
  • Birthday themes – Cake, presents, candles, and age foils

They also have great milestone celebration balloons for sweet 16s, quinceañeras, graduations, baby showers, bachelorette parties and more. Adults love balloons too!

Browse their party supplies by theme online or in store and you’ll find loads of inspiration. Then coordinate solid color balloons to match the rest of your decor.

Bulk Balloon Orders

Planning a major event, grand opening, convention or wedding? Michaels can fulfill your needs with bulk balloon orders!

Online and in stores, save 10% when you buy balloons by the dozen versus individually. Buy even more for additional bulk discounts:

  • 25-50 balloons – 15% off
  • 50-100 balloons – 20% off
  • 100+ balloons – 25% off

Notify your local store ahead of large balloon orders and they can accommodate your needs. Michaels offers delivery for huge orders that won’t fit in your car.

My friend ordered 200 balloons for her wedding reception and got a great 25% discount. Michaels made the entire process easy and affordable.

For giant orders, you may want to also rent a helium tank so their team can fill balloons for you in-store, avoiding the need to transport filled balloons yourself.

Returns, Exchanges & Guarantee

Michaels offers a “Love it or Return It” policy on merchandise including balloons.

  • Unused balloons can be returned or exchanged with receipt within 60 days.
  • Defective balloons will be replaced at any time. Bring in popped or deflated balloons for a free replacement.
  • Helium tanks can only be exchanged, not returned, and unused helium credit remains on your account.

Always keep your Michaels receipt to return or exchange balloons worry-free. Pre-filled helium balloons cannot be returned or exchanged once filled.

In my experience, Michaels stands behind their balloon quality and wants you to be 100% happy with your purchase. They allow fair exchanges and returns.

Age-Specific & Milestone Balloons

From first birthdays to retirement, Michaels has milestone and age-appropriate balloons for all of life’s special moments.

  • Baby shower – Rattle and diaper foil balloons
  • First Birthday – “Baby’s 1st” balloons and age number one foil
  • Kids parties – Princess, superhero printed latex and exciting foil designs
  • 16th Birthday – Sweet 16 foil and bright colored latex balloons
  • Graduation – Cap and gown,Congratulations foil designs
  • Retirement – Golf, retirement foil designs for milestone parties

Visit Michaels or browse online to explore their huge range of themed balloons for every celebration! They make it easy and affordable to decorate for any age or milestone event.

Decorating Inspiration

Stuck on party decorating ideas? Michaels can inspire you with creative ways to use balloons:

  • balloon arches – Instantly transform doorways, fireplaces, walls
  • balloon backdrops – Create photo walls or stage backdrops
  • balloon columns – Flank entryways, staircases, head tables
  • balloon walls – Use tape to cluster balloons to ceilings, walls, poles
  • balloon centerpieces – Fill cylinder vases or garlands for tables
  • balloon trees – Attach balloons to branches for whimsical trees
  • balloon games – Use balloons for breaks, garlands for limbo contests!

There are so many possibilities! Visit a Michaels store or check their website for tutorials on balloon garlands, arches, and more. Their inspiration gallery will spark lots of fun ideas for your next event.

Wrap Up

As you can see, Michaels really does offer absolutely everything you need when it comes to finding the perfect balloons and supplies for your unique celebration.

Convenient online ordering, customization, eco-friendly options, and affordable pricing make Michaels my go-to for party balloons big and small. Spend some time exploring their enormous selection in stores or online – you’re sure to find amazing balloons for your next birthday bash, graduation, wedding, or any occasion worth celebrating!

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