Shopping for Realistic Fake Flowers at Michaels

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A Guide to Finding the Perfect Artificial Blooms

As a crafty, creative person, I love having beautiful flowers and floral arrangements in my home to brighten up my space. But as much as I enjoy the look of fresh cut flowers, keeping them alive and maintaining floral arrangements can be a hassle. That’s why I often turn to fake flowers to get the beauty of blooms without any of the maintenance. In my experience, Michaels offers an amazing selection of realistic artificial flowers that allow you to have gorgeous “flowers” in your home all year round!

Michaels has so many options when it comes to fake flowers. They carry stems, bushes, garlands, picks, wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements using artificial blooms. Some of the types of flowers available include roses, peonies, dahlias, daisies, lilies, sunflowers, tulips, orchids, and hydrangeas just to name a few. The selection is quite expansive and covers many popular flower varieties. I’ve even found more unique options like protea and calla lilies. There are flowers suited for every season – gorgeous tulips and daffodils for spring, sunny sunflowers and daisies for summer, fall chrysanthemums and wildflowers, and poinsettias and pine picks for the winter holidays. No matter what time of year it is, Michaels has beautiful, high-quality fake flowers to fit that season.

The realism of the fake flowers at Michaels is really astonishing. The flowers are intricately detailed down to the tiny veins in the petals and the flecks of color variations. When I’ve used Michaels flowers to create arrangements and my guests look closely at them, they’re genuinely shocked that the blooms are artificial. The stems have the fuzzy texture of real plant stems and the leaves are shaped and detailed perfectly like the real thing. The flowers truly look so realistic that unless you touch them, you’d have no idea they were fake!

Price-wise, Michaels offers an extensive range to meet any budget. I’ve seen single stems for under $5, small floral bunches and pots starting around $10, and more elaborate wreaths and arrangements going up in price from there. Given the very high quality, even some of Michaels’ more expensive floral pieces feel like a great value to me for their realism. For cheaper options, they have more simple wildflowers and solid-color stems that provide a pop of color without as much detail. And I’m often able to find 50% off coupons for even the highest quality flowers which makes them very affordable. With such a broad range of prices, Michaels really does have fake flowers to fit every price point and project.

One of the things I love most about Michaels is that they offer seasonal varieties of fake flowers. This means I can find flowers that reflect the season I’m decorating for or celebrating. For fall, they have sunflowers, wildflowers, and colored maple leaves. For Christmas, there are poinsettias, pine stems and holiday wreaths. In spring, I can shop for tulips, hydrangeas, daffodils, and lilies. And summer has bright daisies, roses, and Gerbera daisies. The options are really endless! No matter the time of year, I love being able to find flowers and floral picks that are appropriate for the season from Michaels’ expansive artificial flower inventory.

In addition to loose stems and small bunches, Michaels also sells stunning pre-made fake flower arrangements and bouquets. I’ve gotten several of their potted artificial arrangements like hydrangeas and orchids that look just like the real thing planted in a decorative pot. For hosting parties or special events, I’ve purchased large statement bouquets of all different flower varieties from Michaels. The pre-made options take the guesswork out of arranging flowers and allow me to have beautiful blooms on display immediately. The arrangements are perfectly shaped and the flower colors coordinated so I know I’m getting a polished, professional look without having to do it myself. If you want the look of a professionally designed bouquet or arrangement, Michaels has plenty of artificial options that achieve that elevated style.

When shopping the fake flower selection at Michaels, I’ve found the materials and textures to mimic real flowers perfectly. The petals are typically made from high-quality plastics, some blended with fabrics like silk to get the drape and texture just right. The flower centers contain subtle details like pollen and pistils made from materials like faux moss, fine fibers, and even actual dried plant materials. The stems are plastic or wire wrapped in fabric or rubber sleeves to replicate a real plant stem. For leaves and filler plants like ferns or grasses, the most common materials are plastic, fabric, or preserved and dyed natural plant materials. The skill of the flower designers is clear in how they blend these materials so naturally!

For anyone with allergies or looking for more eco-friendly fake flower options, Michaels does offer some great choices. I’ve found flowers and greens made of natural dried and preserved materials which have the look and texture of real foliage without irritating any allergies. There are also more blooms made with fabric petals which tend to be softer and more a porous than the standard plastic. And Michaels has started offering faux floral stems made with recycled plastics which is great for reducing waste. While most of their selection is still traditional artificial flowers, it’s nice to see some greener options available.

My favorite thing about Michaels is that they offer fake flowers stems in bulk packs. For big events like weddings or parties, I’m able to purchase dozens of flowers like roses, ranunculus, or hydrangeas in bulk quantities. This allows me to create the grand floral displays I envision while saving some money buying flowers in larger packs. Whether crafting centerpieces, ceremonial wreaths, or reception table garlands, the bulk fake flowers from Michaels provide all the volume I need at more affordable pricing. For small DIY projects a few stems will do, but for big decorative undertakings, the bulk fake flowers give me all the lushness I want.

Caring for fake flowers is so much easier than real flowers, but Michaels does provide some care recommendations to keep artificial flowers looking their best. Gently wipe leaves and petals with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Use cool, mild soapy water if needed but avoid submerging flowers. Let flowers air dry completely before displaying to prevent any mildew. Store flowers lying flat or hanging to help maintain their shape. Avoid crushing stems and blooms to prevent permanent damage. With these simple tips, the fake flowers from Michaels will maintain their beauty and realism for many years to come!

One of my favorite things about shopping at Michaels are the frequent sales, coupons, and deals on floral picks and arrangements. I almost always shop with a coupon to get 40-50% off any regular priced items which includes their artificial flowers. Around major holidays they also offer special pricing on seasonal picks and arrangements. I once saved over 60% on a gorgeous poinsettia wreath around Christmas! By always looking for sales and coupons codes online and in ads, I’m able to get Michaels’ high quality fake flowers at huge discounts which feels like a steal. The deals are definitely out there at Michaels for savvy shoppers on a budget!

For convenience, Michaels offers the option to order artificial flowers online for delivery or easy pick-up in store. I love being able to peruse options on their website to see detailed photos and read reviews before purchasing. Michaels has standardized shipping rates for orders under $59 or free shipping on orders above $59 which makes online ordering very affordable. If I need the flowers quickly, I utilize the “Buy Online, Pick Up In Store” option to grab my order. This allows me to shop from the comfort of home but without waiting for delivery. Between online shopping and in-store coupons, it’s so simple to get the perfect fake flowers from Michaels!

One aspect that gives me peace of mind when shopping at Michaels is their generous return policy on floral picks and arrangements. Artificial plants and flowers can be returned in original condition within 90 days with the receipt. So if I get a bouquet or stem home and it doesn’t look right in the space, I can easily exchange or return it. Michaels also guarantees all products, so if a flower arrives damaged or less vibrant than the photo, they will replace it. Knowing I have room for error takes the stress out of purchasing big floral pieces sight unseen online or in store.

Beyond just stems, Michaels has a great selection of vases, pots, wreath forms, and other elements to complement faux floral designs. I’ve found pretty ceramic pots perfect for holding small artificial bushes along with talavera pots great for mini cacti and succulents. For bouquets, there are inexpensive glass vases in standard flower shapes or more ornate decorative vessels. Wreath forms come in every size from mini door hangers to oversized Christmas designs. With these finishing touches, it’s easy to create a complete floral look. I appreciate that Michaels offers the decorative elements I need for my fake flower arrangements.

Based on the constantly evolving selection, it’s clear Michaels frequently updates inventory and introduces new artificial flowers. Each season and holiday, I notice familiar stems get replaced with improved realism as well as brand new floral varieties I’ve never seen before. The garden rose collection added different rose colors with more detailed petals. The spring bulbs have gotten more realistic with detailed electronics and fibers. Michaels definitely keeps up with floral trends and innovations in the artificial flower industry based on the new styles I spot each visit.

In addition to all the standards, Michaels does offer several more exotic and unique flower options as artificial stems. Sometimes these are only available seasonally like the orchid trees and Italian ruscus I’ve found around the holidays. But other more unusual picks like fiddle leaf fig leaves, monster leaves, and tropicals can be purchased year round. While limited, these non-traditional artificial floral varieties allow me to create arrangements beyond the norm. For anyone looking for fake flowers that are more cutting edge or on trend, Michaels does deliver.

Comparing Michaels’ artificial blooms with real flowers, I find the fake flowers almost indistinguishable except for scent. As I mentioned, the materials, colors, detailing, stem texture, and flower structure is impossibly lifelike. I’ve had guests bury their noses in arrangements trying to smell the flowers only to be surprised they’re fake! The visual beauty and interest of natural flowers is entirely mimicked in Michaels’ artificial ranges. The only detectable difference is the lack of scent which is certainly the biggest giveaway that the flowers are faux. Still, the realism is incredible given normal vision and handling of the artificial stems and arrangements.

If I had to predict the top sellers in fake flowers at Michaels, based on what I spot most frequently in newly restocked shelves, I would guess roses, peonies, daisies, and carnations are likely their most popular. I see these classics frequently reappear in the freshly filled flower walls. Baby’s breath and eucalyptus stems are also best-sellers based on the depleted racks. Seasonally, I’d assume poinsettias, sunflowers, tulips, and hydrangeas are likely big when they’re available. These all feel like safe, versatile floral options that both novice DIYers and seasoned pros gravitate towards.

One aspect of Michaels’ website that I find super helpful are the customer reviews on specific flowers. On each floral stem or bouquet, people share thoughts on the quality, color accuracy, longevity and more. I always scan reviews before I purchase pricier arrangements to ensure the quality has been consistent for other buyers. This has tipped me off before to stay away from certain flowers that had low ratings. So I appreciate Michaels customers taking the time to share their experiences – both good and bad! – to guide my purchases.

Something notable about Michaels’ fake flower selection that I appreciate is the wide color variety available even within specific flower types. There are not only different shades of popular blooms like roses, dahlias, and tulips, but also more unique color options. I’ve found artificial lavender and blush peonies, light yellow rhododendrons, and even black, blue, and green hydrangeas which would be impossible to find in nature. Especially for DIY projects, having access to these fun color options allows me to get really creative with designing statement arrangements.

Overall, for any crafter, event planner, or home decorator in need of artificial flowers, I could not recommend Michaels more highly. The unbeatable realism, extensive selection, seasonal stems, diverse pricing, pre-made arrangements, bulk packs, natural materials, frequent sales, online ordering, and generous return policy make Michaels my go-to. Their ever-growing inventory provides me with new inspirational options every time I shop. For fake flowers that truly fool even the best trained eye, Michaels delivers quality blooms to meet crafting and decor needs for any budget. I will continue relying on Michaels for artificial flowers to create stunning arrangements all year long!

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