The Top 5 Industrial Coffee Tables and How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

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Industrial style decor has become increasingly popular over the last decade. The rugged, vintage aesthetic of exposed beams, weathered wood, and metal accents brings an urban edge to modern spaces. Industrial coffee tables in particular have emerged as a must-have centerpiece for living rooms and dens. With their mix of natural and industrial materials, these tables create an inviting focal point perfect for entertaining guests or casually lounging at home.

If you’re considering an industrial coffee table, there are many options on the market to match your style and budget. In this blog, we’ll cover the top 5 best-selling industrial coffee tables that span a range of materials and price points. We’ll also give you tips on how to choose the right industrial coffee table for your space and existing decor. Let’s dive in!

The Top 5 Industrial Coffee Tables

1. Urban 36″ Faux Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

This rectangular coffee table masters the industrial aesthetic on a budget. Its wood planked tabletop and lower shelf are crafted from manufactured wood with a convincing grain and gray washed finish that mimics the look of salvaged lumber. Black powder coated metal legs add to the aged factory vibe.

Pros: The distressed gray wood finish gives the Urban coffee table the rustic appeal of a weathered antique. The size – 36” long and 18” high – makes it versatile to fit in front of larger sofas or in cozy living rooms. It’s also quite affordable compared to similar real reclaimed wood tables.

Cons: The wood materials are laminates, not solid wood, so they won’t withstand abuse as well over time. The gray wash coloring also shows scratches more than natural wood.

Price Range: $180 – $250

Where to buy: Wayfair, Overstock, Hayneedle

2. Modern Rustic Pine Wood and Blackened Steel Coffee Table

If you love the imperfect beauty of real reclaimed wood, this table is crafted from 100% solid pine wood salvaged from old buildings and barns. Each piece features a completely unique slab top with natural cracks, knots, and nail holes that reflect the wood’s previous life. The hand-built metal base gives an ultra modern contrast in matte black steel.

Pros: Made from real reclaimed pine wood, you can feel the history in each solid slab top. The chunky base provides bold industrial edge that allows the wood’s natural beauty to shine. It’s handmade quality through and through.

Cons: The reclaimed slab tops vary dramatically in look, shape and size so you don’t get the consistency of manufactured furnishings. It’s also quite heavy, so not easily movable. The price reflects the specialized materials and craftsmanship.

Price Range: $950 – $1,200

Where to buy: Etsy, custom furniture stores

3. Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table

The Gridiron table has an ultra sleek, contemporary vibe thanks to its polished stainless steel frame and clear tempered glass top. The crisscross frame gives it an elevated, lightweight feel while providing plenty of legroom underneath. A matching stained mango wood shelf underneath adds warmth.

Pros: The glass top enables the shelf’s wood grain to show through while also making the table a breeze to clean. The stainless steel looks modern and sophisticated without the hassle of smudges and fingerprints on the frame. It comes in both square and rectangular sizes to fit your space.

Cons: The polished metal and glass give an almost laboratory aesthetic that some may find too cold and impersonal for a living room. The materials are also on the higher end of cost.

Price Range: $460 – $520

Where to buy: AllModern, Wayfair, Overstock

4. Darby Home Marble and Iron Coffee Table

For a touch of marble elegance, this table pairs a rich slab of white marble with thick dark bronze metal supports. The smooth marble has subtle gray veining that catches the light beautifully. The lower shelf provides storage space that’s often lacking in glamorous marble coffee tables.

Pros: The marble top gives you the look of luxury for less cost than a solid marble table. The metal base and shelf have a dark antiqued iron finish that feels pleasingly substantial and warm against the marble.

Cons: Natural marble is extremely heavy and can break, stain or etch if not cared for properly. The metal shelf doesn’t have a protective coating so could potentially rust over time.

Price range: $230 – $300

Where to buy: Target, Wayfair, Home Depot

5. Interior Urban Loft Iron Pipe Coffee Table

If you want the full exposed piping and wood of a true urban loft aesthetic, this table delivers with its bold black iron pipe frame and genuine mango wood shelf. The crossbar feet and twin layer shelving provide an incredibly sturdy, architectural foundation.

Pros: The unique leg design creates a floating effect that modernizes the industrial pipe look. The authentic live-edge slab wood on top and black iron materials give you the quality and look of high-end loft furniture for less.

Cons: Assembly is required given the large pipe base, so you’ll need some DIY skills. Over time, the mango wood may split or warp due to natural expansion and contraction.

Price Range: $350 – $500

Where to buy: Amazon, Overstock, Houzz

How to Choose the Right Industrial Coffee Table

Now that you’re familiar with some of the most popular industrial coffee tables on the market, let’s go over what to consider when choosing the right industrial table for your space:

Match Your Existing Decor Style

Industrial furniture adds grit and edge, so it tends to pair best with modern, urban, or rustic decor rather than super sleek or ornate styles. If you have more of an earthy, farmhouse style, look for wood tables with metal accents. In modern lofts and condos, clean metal and concrete tables fit right in. Don’t be afraid to mix and match though – an industrial coffee table can provide nice contrast to velvet tufted sofas or patterned rugs for an eclectic vibe.

Mind the Dimensions

When choosing any coffee table, you want to make sure it fits the furniture and traffic flow of the surrounding space. A good rule of thumb is to leave 14-18 inches of clearance between the edge of the coffee table and the front of sofas/chairs so you can easily walk past. The coffee table should also be proportional to your seating – a tiny table will look odd in front of an oversized sectional. Measure carefully to find the right size.

Consider the Materials

Industrial tables showcase both natural and man-made materials from weathered wood to sleek metal. While wood brings natural warmth and texture, it does require occasional polishing and protection from water damage. On the other hand, metal and stone materials like stainless steel, concrete, or marble are virtually indestructible and easy to clean with just a wipe. If you love the look of wood but want less maintenance, laminates like manufactured wood offer a good compromise.

Choose the Right Shape

Coffee tables come in a range of shapes beyond just rectangles and squares. A large round table can soften the edge of a sectional or room. Oval and elliptical shapes work well with curved sofas. Squares work nicely for small spaces, while rectangles can suit long sofas or large seating groups. Just be sure there’s enough clearance around the shape you choose. The shape of the table base is also key – tapered legs give a lighter, more modern appearance than chunky blocks.

Don’t Forget Hidden Storage

One advantage of industrial tables is they often incorporate clever hidden storage within the base or shelves, keeping remotes, blankets and clutter out of sight but close at hand. Lift-top coffee tables add storage while retaining a streamlined top surface. Open bottom shelves are great for stacking books and baskets. If concealed storage isn’t needed, opt for an airy, floating design.

Mix Materials

The most eye-catching industrial tables combine natural and man-made materials for ultimate contrast. A solid reclaimed wood slab adds organic texture balanced by sleek tubular metal legs. The pairing of marble or concrete with black pipe legs also embodies industrial chic. Don’t limit yourself to all metal, all wood or other single notes – experiment with striking blends.

Play With Live Edge Wood

One look that perfectly complements industrial bases is a live edge slab top made from a full cross section of a felled tree. The naturally uneven bark edge and organic shape display wood’s inner beauty better than milled planks. Fusing the raw asymmetry of live edge with an iron base magnifies the interplay of natural and manmade.

Pick a Distressed or Sleek Finish

Industrial finishes range from intentionally weathered and rustic to polished like new. Wire brushed wood has appealing texture while gray washed or whitewashed finishes mute variation. Metals also come in a spectrum from distressed antique brass to gleaming stainless steel and glossy black powder coating. The finish makes a big impact on the overall vintage or modern vibe.

Seek Out Quality Materials

You don’t want major furniture pieces to fall apart after a couple years. With industrial tables, opt for real reclaimed wood, marble, concrete, or metal over lower cost particle board, laminates or plastic. Solid salvaged maple or pine woods develop patina over time versus cracking. However, the real deal costs more which is reflected in the price tag.

Compare Online Before Buying In-Store

It’s tempting to browse coffee tables in person at big box stores. However, you’ll typically find the most selection and best pricing by comparing industrial coffee tables online first. Search a range of furniture sites for top brands and custom designs. Just be sure to vet the retailer and read shipping policies before purchasing.

Schedule Delivery For Large Items

Speaking of shipping, ordering bulky, heavy tables like those made of wood or marble online comes with concerns around delivery. Thankfully, many retailers offer affordable “white glove” services to bring large items directly into your home and assemble if needed. Shop around for the best delivery options to simplify acquiring these statement pieces.

Style Your Tabletop

A bare coffee table easily gets cluttered with odds and ends. To complete the look, artfully style your industrial table with decor that reflects your personality and brings visual interest. Try pairing natural elements like trays, plants and flowers with books, candles and decorative boxes. Rotate sculptures, ceramics or other 3D pieces on and below the table to keep the aesthetic fresh.


Industrial coffee tables instantly become the centerpiece of a living room with their bold mix of materials and urban edge. Now that you know the top industrial coffee table options and how to select the ideal one for your space, you’re ready to create an inviting focal point that makes a design statement.

Some final tips: carefully measure so you choose the proper size table for your sofa and traffic flow. Select quality materials built to last like solid wood, marble and metal. Buy from reputable brands known for furniture craftsmanship. Read retailer shipping policies closely for heavy items. And finally, finish the look with some styling touches that reflect your personal tastes.

Your new industrial coffee table is sure to become the furniture anchor you’ve been looking for, no matter your decor style. Just find the perfect blend of natural and industrial elements that complements your space. Then artfully display some cherished decorative pieces to enjoy for years to come. Let your new industrial coffee table become the gathering place for family, friends and life’s memories.

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