The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Hot Glue Gun at Michaels

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Adhesive Artistry Awaits with the Right Tool

As an avid crafter, I can’t live without my trusty hot glue gun. It’s one of the most versatile tools for quick and easy DIY crafts. But with so many brands, sizes and styles of hot glue guns out there, it can be tricky to find the right one.

Luckily, Michaels offers an amazing selection of high-quality hot glue guns to meet any crafter’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a general use glue gun for basic projects or a more heavy-duty model for more advanced work, they’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about shopping for a hot glue gun at Michaels. I’ll cover the different types, features, and brands so you can find your perfect glue gunning companion.

The Glue Crew: Types of Hot Glue Guns

Hot glue guns use a solid adhesive stick that melts when heated. When you pull the trigger, the heated glue flows out of the tip and solidifies shortly after. There are a few varieties to consider:

Mini glue guns – These are compact and lightweight making them easy to handle for small projects. However, the glue volume is limited.

Low-temp glue guns – They melt glue at around 250°F. Lower heat makes them safer for kids and heat-sensitive materials. But the bond may be less durable.

High-temp glue guns – Around 380°F melt temp creates a stronger bond. Great for wood, metal, glass and heavy materials. Get the pro grade for extended use.

Cordless glue guns – These offer great portability and ease of use anywhere. No power cord hassle. Just charge and go!

Dual-temp glue guns – Feature a setting for low or high-temp glue. Ideal flexibility!

Comparison Shopping: Brand Breakdown

Michaels stocks a wide range of top hot glue gun brands including:

Surebonder – This brand offers both full-size and mini options. They have ergonomic comfort-grip handles and are very affordably priced. Great for casual users.

Aleene’s – Known for quick heating and consistent glue flow. Many fun colors available too! I especially love their mini cordless designs.

Gorilla – You can always count on Gorilla for high bonding power. Their heavy-duty and high-temp guns are workhorses!

AdTech – Precision performance with programmable temperatures and interchangeable tips. Worth the price for professionals.

Elmer’s – A classic brand, Elmer’s delivers reliability and versatility for basic DIY projects. Affordable too.

Surebonder Pro – From the same company, these pro-level guns have enhanced features for dedicated crafters. Higher capacity and extended use.

Glue Gun Buyer’s Guide: Key Features and Considerations

Here are some key factors to help select the right hot glue gun for your creative vision:

Size – Consider compact mini guns for portable use or full-size for higher glue volume. Also check the comfort and control.

Temperature – Low-temp is safer for kids while high-temp works best for heavy duty use. Dual-temp is the best of both worlds.

Adhesive Strength – This varies by glue gun temperature. High-temp provides the strongest hold and longest lasting bonds.

Heat-up Time – Faster heat-up is more convenient so you can get gluing faster. Shorter wait times improve workflow.

Ongoing Use – For extended use look for high-capacity glue guns with metal housing to prevent overheating.

Tip Design – Interchangeable tips allow you to choose different sizes and shapes for precision gluing control.

Comfort Features – Ergonomic rubberized grips reduce hand fatigue for comfortable handling, even on big projects.

Cordless Capability – Cordless guns offer unlimited range of motion and portability between projects and locations.

Safety – Look for safety stands, protective finger guards and non-drip nozzles to prevent accidental burns.

Get Equipped: Helpful Hot Glue Gun Accessories

To maximize your glue gun’s potential, consider these add-ons available at Michaels:

Extra glue sticks – It’s smart to stock up on extra glue sticks in various formulas and sizes to suit your needs.

Glue gun holder – This keeps your glue gun safely upright when not in use to prevent tip damage.

Precision tips – For detailed work, try specialty tips like extra fine point, angled and tapered.

Silicone mat – Protects work surfaces from drips and blobs. Bonus – peeled glue pops right off!

Stand/holder – Hands-free operation allows you to easily grip items to glue. Reduces burn risk.

Cleaning kit – Removes charred glue from the nozzle to maintain optimal melt flow.

Crafty Considerations: Using Hot Glue Guns Safely

While hot glue guns are quite handy, it’s important to use caution:

– Use in a well-ventilated area – fumes can be strong.

– Allow adequate cooling time before handling glued items.

– Avoid direct contact with hot glue and nozzle tips.

– Keep out of reach of children – adult supervision required.

– Unplug when not in use for safety.

– Take care handling recently heated guns – they stay hot!

– Let solidified glue cool completely before attempting removal.

– Don’t forcefully pull glued items apart – reheat to loosen bond.

– Avoid burns by not sealing skin with hot glue. Seek medical help for serious burns.

– Work on a protected surface and wear eye protection.

Get Creative: DIY Projects to Try with a Hot Glue Gun

Here are just a few crafty ideas to spark your imagination using a hot glue gun:

– Dress up vases, pots and bins with glued on gems, beads and baubles.

– Assemble jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and rings with colorful stones.

– Adhere ribbons and fabrics to create flower shapes and rosettes.

– Affix mirrors or sequins to make dazzling candle holders and luminary lights.

– Attach knobs and handles to drawers, cabinets and furniture for an instant upgrade.

– Laminate paper for waterproof tags, cards, coasters, and bookmarks.

– Fix broken ceramic items like mugs, figurines, and plates with clear drying glue.

– Construct seasonal decorations like wreaths, garlands, and tree ornaments.

– Join pieces of wood to build decorative boxes, frames and household items.

The creative possibilities are endless with a good hot glue gun in your DIY arsenal!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some burning questions? Here are answers to some common hot glue gun queries:

What temperature glue gun should I get?

For most general crafts and home use, a dual-temp gun offers the versatility to work well on various materials. High-temp is best for heavy duty use.

Which brand of glue sticks works with Michaels hot glue guns?

Michaels’ ArtMinds brand glue sticks ensure compatibility. But many standard sized sticks like Surebonder, Gorilla and Aleene’s will also fit most guns.

How long do hot glue guns last?

With proper care, occasional cleaning, and avoiding overheating, a quality hot glue gun should provide several years of service.

Can I return a defective hot glue gun to Michaels?

Yes, Michaels has a generous return policy if a glue gun is defective, damaged or you’re unsatisfied with it. Simply return it with the receipt within 60 days.

Are low-temp glue guns really safer for kids?

Definitely! The lower 250°F temperature significantly reduces the risk of burns for children’s sensitive skin. Still supervise closely.

Do I need a fancy expensive glue gun for big projects?

Not necessarily. Many affordable models work great if you match the temp and features to your needs. Higher volume capacity helps for ongoing use.

The Right Hot Glue Gun Awaits!

With this detailed guide to selecting the ideal hot glue gun, you now have the know-how to choose the perfect model for your creative vision at Michaels.

So head down to your local store or shop online and get ready to start tackling tons of crafty DIY projects made easier with the right adhesive tool. Happy gluing!

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